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The preacher had driven all the way out here, just to see if the stories were true. And if they were, I guess to preach at us.

I had him sit in the living room, and I called for Alicia. The preacher sat on the edge of his chair, nervous and fidgety, not wanting to touch anything. He kept looking around the room, waiting, his lips moving. Tall scrawny man in a black suit, white shirt, and a narrow black tie. He looked like a crow.

Alicia came in, and the preacher shot up out of his chair, pointing and shaking his finger. He was red in the face and so mad or shocked he couldn’t speak.

“Well, preacher,” I said, “I reckon you come to see if the rumors were right.” I laughed.

My niece is 19, almost 20. She’s had a year of college. We’ve talked. She knows her own mind. We aren’t hurting nobody.

The preacher was apoplectic. I told him to sit down and listen to our side, then we’d listen to his.

He sat but boy was he steamed!

Alicia is really pretty. Nice and slender. Got long wavy blonde hair. Blue eyes.

Nice full breasts.

Doesn’t like to wear clothes. Likes heels, though, which was all she was wearing.

I grinned at the preacher, pulling Alicia backwards towards me until she had a leg on each side of mine.

I put my hands on her waist. “This what you wanted to see, preacher man?” I slid my hands tighter around her little waist.

“This is evil! Sinful! This young woman is your niece!” He had jumped up again and was waving his Bible at us.

“Yeah, I know that. But she’s of age. She made her decision.”

“You have twisted her mind!”

I moved my hands to her hips. “Preacher, the only thing of hers I’ve twisted is her clit.”

I moved my hands down to her crotch, and Alicia opened her legs a little wider. I rubbed her crotch with one hand, and grabbed her clit with my other, pulling it, rolling it, twisting it. Alicia whimpered.

“See? Just her clit. She seks hikayeleri likes it, don’t you, honey?” I pinched her clit hard, and she nodded.

“Yes, Uncle Albert.”

I kept my hands between her legs, pushing and rubbing her crotch.

“See, preacher man? She wants it.”

The preacher got madder, yelling at us, calling us sinners. I kept smiling.

Alicia was beginning to press against my hands now.

“Hey preacher,” I said. “She’s really wanting it right now. Why don’t you unzip and take her?”

The preacher couldn’t even speak. He just shook and stared, then stormed out. I shrugged.

“Come on, honey,” I crooned. “Lay back over the sofa arm for me.”

She turned, facing me, and sat on the armrest, then lay back on the seat of the sofa. “Reckon he’ll be back, Uncle Albert?” She asked, pulling her mass of hair from under her head, then leaving her arms over her head on the sofa. She lifted her right leg, hooking it over the back of the sofa. I picked up the other one, pulling it out more. I’d already pulled my pants down.

“I’m sure of it,” and I plunged my cock into her, fast, backing almost out, then shoving in again. Her hips began to move and push up to me.

“That’s it. That’s good,” I said.

I heard the boys drive up in the truck, but I knew they wouldn’t interrupt. I kept on pushing in, twisting a little, and felt her quiver. I felt myself hold for a second, almost painful, then I gushed out, relaxing, spent. I heard steps and looked up, my dick still in her.

“What ya need, boy?” My voice rough, panting a little.

My oldest, Nicky, was standing there. “We finished at Mr. Henderson’s.”


Nicky’s a good boy. 25 now. Needs to find him a wife. I looked between her legs at Alicia. “You good, honey?”

“No, Uncle Albert, I need more.” She scooted her hips further up the armrest, lifting them more. “Nicky?”

He gaziantep şişman escort shook his head. “Naw, but thanks.”

Second set of steps then, and my youngest son Adam came in the room. He finished college last spring.

Nicky waved at Alicia. “You want a go, Adam?”

“Sure!” Adam walked over and took my place. I stepped back, pulling up my pants.

“Let’s go talk about the cabinets you installed at Henderson’s,” I told Nicky, and we walked off.

Adam unzipped. “You wanting a quick one, Alicia?” he asked.

“No. I need it rough, Adam. I need it real bad.”

“Ok, Cuz.”

Adam grabbed her bottom with his big calloused hands, his fingers pulling apart her cheeks. “I need to fuck your tight little ass one of these days,” he said briefly, squeezing harder until she moaned. His thumbs rubbed on each side of her clit, suddenly pressing hard, then pinching the skin together. She gasped, writhing.

“Please, Adam.”

“Huh uh. You don’t want it bad enough yet.”

“Yes I do, please!”

“You gonna come to my room tonight and suck me?”

She moaned, lifting her hips to him, eager.

“No!” It was a game they played, teasing.

He pressed harder, dipping his thumbs just to the insides of her opening. He stroked, pressing, up and down, around the opening, then massaged and dug at her bottom with his fingers. She gasped, begging “Please! Adam please,” but he asked her again, “You gonna come to my room tonight? Pull down my pants? Put your pretty mouth on my penis? Get me all swelled up and hot?” His thumbs went inside her a little, and he suddenly lifted her hips higher, and bent, lowering his mouth onto her. His tongue was slow. His thumbs dug and pressed, pushing. She cried out, her head going back, her breasts jutting. His tongue went inside her, rolling, flicking, his teeth biting on her clit. She yelled out, arching gaziantep sınırsız escort her back, and he lifted his head.

“Alicia. Come to my room tonight.”


“And suck me.”

“Yes, anything, anything, only please, please, take me, use me, do it now please,” and she cried out again when his mouth went to her clit, sucking hard, rolling it in his mouth, his teeth nibbling the end of it, hurting and arousing her.

“Tonight,” she whispered, and he lowered her back to the sofa. She could hear the zipper.

“Look at what you’ve done,” he said, his voice low and excited. “Look!”

She opened her eyes, looking at her cousin, then down, him holding his penis in one hand, it fat and jumping, eager. She smiled, and touched the tip with one finger.

He shoved into her, moving her further into the sofa, thrusting. She yelled, wrapping her legs around his waist. He picked her up, inside her, then settled them to the floor, pulling her hips down into him hard. He rammed up inside as hard as he could, and reached up, taking her full breasts in his hands, squeezing, then slapping one breast, then the other. She screamed, moving faster, and he urged her on.

“Come on, ride me, you little whore,” and he slapped her beautiful heavy breasts again. He could feel her trembling.

“No you don’t. You don’t come before me,” and he pinched her nipples hard, then twisted them. “You come before I do, we’re having some special time in my shop tomorrow,” he warned, but it was too late, as he knew it would be, and she held still, clutching her body closer to his penis, quivering, feeling wonderful, coming.

He came inside her, then rubbed her clit with his thumb, knowing she would have a second orgasm. He stayed inside her for a little while, then smacked her bottom and told her to get ready for dinner. She came off him slowly, smiling, and he lay there for a time, thinking. Then he got a shower, ate dinner, and watched tv, thinking about the night, and his room.

The preacher was horrified. An uncle! With his niece! A grown woman yes, but incest!

He felt sickened. His determination to save them grew.

Yet his last thought was of her beautiful bare breasts, large, with the dark rose color around each nipple, each plump, deliciously wicked nipple…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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