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He picked me up at the terminal, waving to me as I got off the bus. As
we approached one another, arms outstretched, my heart skipped a beat.
We were here – together- finally! We stood face to face and I set my bag
down on the ground, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him
passionately. It felt so good to hold him so close.

“I love you, darling. I’m finally here!” I exclaimed, holding him

“I love you too, baby. I’m so glad to finally hold you in my arms,” he
responded, kissing me again. “Let’s get a taxi and get out of this
madness.” he suggested, grabbing my bag for me.

We walked hand in hand to the taxi and climbed into the back seat, my
bag secured in the trunk. The weather was still a little chilly, so we
both had our coats on. He wrapped one arm around me, pulled me to him
and we kissed again, lightly, then passionately. As we kissed, we opened
our coats to one another to slip our hands inside. I unbuttoned his
shirt and slid my hand into it, curling the hairs around my fingers and
feeling the maleness of his strong body as he held me tighter. His hands
slipped into my coat, unbuttoning my dress, then into my dress to caress
my breast through the lace cup of my bra. He bent to kiss my throat,
gently nipping at the tender skin, and I moaned in delight. As he kissed
my throat and caressed Sex hikayeleri my breast, I unzipped his trousers and searched
for the treasure within, finding it hard, smooth and ready for my
caresses. I slid my fingers down to his testicles, fondling them one at
a time, causing him to moan into the softness of my neck. As we fondled
each other, we began kissing again, our lips probing each other’s
tongues, flicking and sucking and nibbling on each other, caressing
tenderly, until we noticed that the cab had stopped in front of the
apartment building and the cab driver was waiting for us to get out. We
pulled ourselves together and got out of the cab, grabbing my luggage
and heading for the apartment.

The steps were empty to his floor, so we once again found ourselves
groping each other. We opened our coats and his hand slid under my
skirt, pulling my panties aside as I unzipped his trousers once more and
freed his rock hard erection. He lifted my leg and slid into me…such
heaven! I cried. I had needed this for so long. I didn’t care where it
was. This was good. This was dangerous. This was my lover – in the flesh
– inside of me in the stairwell of his apartment building. In the heat
of the moment, the door opens and a woman enters – it’s his next door
neighbor. She can’t see what we’re doing, she just knows that we’re
kissing Sikiş hikayeleri and hugging in the stairwell. After a look of disgust, she goes
up the steps and leaves us alone once more. We resume our loving until I
can’t hold back anymore, my love juices flowing over his manhood in
sweet release. He still hasn’t ejaculated, so we gather ourselves
together, proceed to his apartment and unlock the door.

I’m sweaty and tired from the trip, but I want him to fill me with his
seed. I need this to consummate the union. We enter the apartment,
remove our coats and he takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom. The
curtains are open and there is an apartment directly across from his. I
can see the occupants and know that they can see us if they look this
way. I stand in front of the window and he comes up behind me, reaching
around to unbutton the rest of my dress and slide it down my shoulders
and let it drop to the floor.

His hands cup my breasts through the blue lace and satin my nipples
hardening as he kisses me on the back of my neck and my shoulders ever
so lightly. I shiver as he tickles me with his lips and I feel his
erection poking into me from behind. I reach back and stroke him and
then I turn around to face him. He removes my bra then my panties as I
am undressing him too.

We stand in Erotik hikaye front of the window, embracing in the morning sunlight. I
turn toward the window again and direct him to enter me from behind
doggy style. He reaches through my legs and dips his fingers into my
damp crevice, then rubs the moisture over the tip of his erection. I
grasp the window sill as he holds onto my waist and guides himself into

I cry again. It’s so beautiful, I can’t bear it! He moves into me
slowly, then faster and deeper, finally pumping harder, deeper and
faster as we make love in front of the window, watching the world go by,
until we both reach our climax together, screaming to the each other, “I
love you! I love you!”.

We recover, turn to kiss and hold one another again, then get dressed to
go to breakfast. We go across the street to a little cafe and sit in a
booth together side by side. I reach over into his lap. He’s hard again.
He slips his arm around me and caresses my neck as I fondle him under
the table. He gets hard again. I grasp his hardness and revel in the
power I have over him at this moment. He leans over to kiss me on the
neck and the others in the restaurant casually glance over at us. I
close my eyes. We are alone in a public place, and my hand is in his
private place. Finally the waiter comes over and takes our orders. I
remove my hand and we eat breakfast hurriedly, eager to get back to the
apartment and become more acquainted with each other. It’s just
starting. This is going to be beautiful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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