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Here is the final chapter to the Quad’s. After many months of figuring out a plot, and deciding on what way to go with the story, this is the final cut. There are some who may not like it, but there are those who kept requesting me to finish this. After reading this, and you enjoyed it, please rate it at a 5.

The girls looked at each other, and in unison they said, “We’re pregnant.”

Three beers quickly hit the deck.

“Pregnant … how … I mean when?” I managed to stammer.

Laughing, Stephanie answered. “All three of us are about eight weeks along.”

“All three of you?” Jack asked.

“Yes, all three of us,” Brenda answered. “By our calculations it happened during the cruise.”

“Do mom and dad know?” Shane asked.

“Yes they do,” Stacy answered this time. “It was mom who set us up with a doctor, and it was dad who recommended marriage.”

“Marriage!” We shouted in unison this time.

“Yes marriage,” they shouted back.

All six of us looked at each other in silence for what seemed like long minutes, but it was only a few seconds.

“Okay,” I finally said. “I guess we can start planning out a wedding then.”

“No need to do that,” Stephanie replied as the girls finally found seats. “Our mothers are getting together as we speak to figure one out. This is not going to be any ordinary wedding.”

“Could you imagine the looks on some faces when other family members find out about us?” Brenda asked.

“When is all this going to take place?” I asked.

“Within the next two months.” Stacy answered.

Jack, Shane and I were going to have to learn how to keep hold of our drinks, because we weren’t doing very well that day.

The next few weeks flew by like it was nothing. Our parents figured out a way to fix our marriage licenses so that it wouldn’t show that we were directly related. They also had it fixed so that the ceremony would be at our grandparents place. The only people who were going to be there were our grandparents, Jack and Brenda’s parents, and our parents. This small group was the only one’s who knew our secret.

The wedding was nothing fancy. Among the six of us, we served as each others brides’ maids and grooms. We also had to laugh at the clergyman who was performing the service. His eyes continuously roamed over the girls low cut, hip hugging, gowns. If he had the chance to jump between the massive amounts of cleavage showing, he would have.

We also made sure the service went quickly without a hitch, and then changed before someone walked in on us. All we needed was someone to question on what was going on.

Later that evening as I was lying in bed, Stephanie called out from the bathroom where she was getting ready.

“Shawn, I have a question, and I want a serious answer.”

“Sure Steph, go ahead.”

“Did we do the right thing?”

“What do you mean; did we do the right thing?” I replied.

Brushing her hair, Stephanie walked out of the bathroom totally naked. She was just starting to show her pregnancy, but I still lost my breath at her beauty.

“Did we do the right thing by getting married?” Stephanie asked as she pinned her hair back.

“Of course we did the right thing. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I don’t know what somebody will think if it got out that we are brother and sister, and I also worry about this baby.”

I could tell that she was upset, but wasn’t sure on what to say.

“If someone hasn’t figured out yet about us, I don’t think they will. We will have to continue with being careful, and when someone asks about the pregnancy, we will figure something out.”

With Stephanie standing there with no clothes, I could feel myself starting to get excited. When she saw me in my aroused state, the previous thoughts quickly disappeared, and a sly smile slowly spread across her angelic face.

“Oh me. You haven’t properly accepted me as your wife yet, have you?” Stephanie purred as she crawled catlike toward me.

When she got close enough, Stephanie grabbed my cock, stroked it a few gaziantep yavuzeli escort times, and then engulfed me down to the hilt.

Ever so slowly, Stephanie rose and fell several times, applying suction the whole time. If she kept up the slow pace, I would be shooting my cum straight down her throat. Stephanie must have felt me tighten up, because she let my cock go with an audible pop and then straddled me with my cock pointing at her vagina.

After Stephanie lowered herself onto me, she didn’t move for a few seconds until she got use to me inside of her. When she did move, she leaned forward, placed her hands on my chest and started to rock back and forth.

At first Stephanie slowly moved, and after a few minutes, she sped up. I managed to move my arms between our bodies and started to knead her breasts. Stephanie moaned and started to move faster.

I then moved to her nipples and started to roll them between my fingers. Stephanie was moving in a blur, and I knew that neither one of us would be able to last much longer. When I felt myself, tighten up for the last time, I pinched her nipples.

Stephanie let out a scream, and our orgasms exploded in sync with each other. The last thing I remembered was Steph collapsing onto my chest.

The dream felt like it was real, but I didn’t know how. It felt as if I was having a wet dream. My cock would build up to a climax, and then subside. A few times I would look down and not see anything. Other times I would see someone giving me a blowjob, but they didn’t have a face. When the pressure built up again, my eyes popped open at the moment of climax, and Stacey had my cock down her throat swallowing every drop of cum.

“Mmmm, breakfast. Come on lazy bones, everybody is up.” Stacy replied smiling.

Four months later, the girls looked like they were ready to deliver. We did have one close call with our family. It was when we were out for dinner one night.

“Don’t look now Brenda, but here comes your brother with Uncle George and Aunt Tracey,” Stacy told her.

Brenda’s brother Norman had just gotten done with a force able entry into the Marines. Norman was an insufferable pain in the ass before he went in, and now that he was out, he was worse. Just because he served with the Marines, Norman thought he was this big, tough person. Trouble is he could not find a job that suited him, so he was working with my uncle and aunt in their lawn care business.

“I hope he doesn’t see us,” Brenda replied sarcastically. “I am still mad at him for questioning me about my pregnancy. He wants to know who the father is, and will not let up about it.”

“Too late,” I told her. “Here they come.”

Aunt Tracey, Uncle George and Norman walked up to our table. We were cordial with my aunt and uncle, but Norman was another matter.

“Wow. All six of you are together. I hope that you three aren’t the fathers of the babies, because incest is illegal.” Norman said while looking at Jack, Shane and me.

The tables around us became quiet, and Shane started to stand with murder in his eyes. I put my hand on his shoulder to stop him, and he sat back down.

“For your information, Stephanie, Stacy and Brenda each met someone on the cruise we went on. When these men and I use that term lightly, found out that the girls were pregnant, they left for parts unknown and we have not heard a single word from them. Nor can we find them.”

Norman started to say something, but I held my hand up to show that I wasn’t finished.

“Now seeing that Stephanie and Stacy are my sisters, and Brenda, my cousin. I love them as any brother, or as a family member should, regardless of the circumstances. Now that I am finished, I am ready to finish dinner with my family. Thank you and have a good night.”

No one uttered a word until my aunt, uncle and Norman walked away.

“Wow! What a story,” Stacy replied in a low whisper.

“It’s not a lie, but it’s not the truth either,” Jack said.

A few weeks later, Jack Shane and gaziantep yeni escort I were sitting on the back deck enjoying a drink when the girls returned from a doctor’s appointment. When they joined us with a mischievous smile on their faces, I knew something was up.

“How was the doctor’s?” Jack asked.

“It all depends on how you look at it,” Stacy said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well,” Stephanie began, and then took a deep breath. “They did ultrasounds, and found more than one heart beat. Both Stacy and I are having twins.”

My beer was half way to my mouth, when I stopped and brought it back down. Shane had just taken a big swig, and started choking when it went down the wrong pipe. I had to hit him a few times on the back to help, and when he got his breath back, the three of us looked at Brenda.

Brenda didn’t say a word. She held up a single finger, slowly brought up a second, and didn’t stop until she held four up. Jack’s beer hit the deck.

When the girls were about seven months pregnant, they were put on bed rest by the doctor. All three were huge, and often stated that they would be glad when the babies were finally born.

The six of us shared a single house together, and we were sitting in the living room one evening watching a movie and relaxing.

“Hey! I just felt the baby kick,” Jack blurted out, who had his hand on Brenda’s stomach.

“Babies, as in more than one.” Brenda corrected him as she smacked his arm.

“Ouch. Okay, babies then.” Jack then pinched an erect nipple that was pointing through Brenda’s night shirt. Stacy, who was sitting close to them, pulled the pillow out she was reclining on, and hit Jack with it.

“Leave her alone.” Stacy said while hitting him a second time. While she was distracted, Shane pinched her on the nipple. Stacy swung her pillow back in the opposite direction, and when she made contact, Stephanie hit him at the same time.

While all this was going on, I was laughing at the playful antics. Well, I soon had a few pillows thrown at me. Then, some what of a pillow fight got ensued. Shane, Jack and I had to be careful on how, and where, we hit the girls.

Somehow, in the middle of all this, Brenda’s night shirt was torn. Looking down, she said the hell with it, and pulled what was remaining of it off. Revealing to us a very pregnant, naked body. Not long after that, all or our clothing was discarded. Soon, our little fun turned into something more.

Brenda was by me, and during a back swing, I was hit in the groin. Grimacing with some pain, I covered myself, and Brenda started to apologize.

“Shawn, I’m sorry. Does it hurt?”

“Just a little bit,” I managed to say after catching my breath.

“Let me see it,” Brenda said as she tried to move my hands out of the way.

“No. I’m fine, really.”

“If you don’t move your hands, I will hit you again.”

My hands abruptly moved, Brenda took hold of my cock and moved it around to look.

“Hmmm. Two testicles, one scrotum and one penis. All the parts are here, let me check for operation.”

Brenda started to slowly pump her hand up and down my cock. Even though she was seven months pregnant, Brenda still looked as beautiful as she did prior to her pregnancy. With her touch, my cock was soon very erect.

“Looks like the operation checks out. Now for the taste test.”

Somehow, Brenda managed to get herself on the floor to kneel in front of me. Before I could even blink, she took my cock into her mouth, up to the hilt. Placing one hand on my hip, Brenda started to massage my scrotum with her other hand, and slowly sucked me in and out of her mouth.

With the soft kneading of my testicles, and the suction of my cock, I could feel myself building up to a climax. Brenda felt me tighten up, so she took her speed up a notch. When I couldn’t hold it back anymore, she took me to the hilt again, and then I felt my sperm pulsate through my cock and into her mouth with each shot.

When I was done, gaziantep zayıf escort I could feel my cock soften, but not all the way. Brenda let me slide from her mouth, and licked her lips. Knowing that I hadn’t totally lost my erection, she started to slowly pump me again.

When Brenda was satisfied with my erection, she turned around and got down her hands and knees, with her ass up in the air. Turning her head, Brenda looked back at me.

“Fuck me Shawn.”

Getting behind her, I hesitated for the slightest second. “Will the hurt the babies?” I asked.

“No, it won’t. The doctor’s said that this would actually be good for both of us.”

I didn’t need a second invitation. I slammed straight into her, and she softly replies, “Yes.”

I had heard nothing from the other’s since we started, so I looked around as I slammed into Brenda from behind.

Stephanie had Shane lying on the floor while she rode him. Her hands were on his chest, and as I watched, Shane squeezed her oversized breasts and a stream of a milk shot out.

Looking over at Stacy and Jack, I saw that she was kneeling between his legs as he sat on the couch. Jack must have been enjoying it because he had his head back and eyes closed.

My attention swung back to Brenda when she broke our connection and rolled onto her back. I knew there was no way that we could do it the missionary style.

“Brenda. There is no way we can do it this way. I will hurt you and the babies.”

“Put your hands under me and pick my ass up.”

I did as she told me, and when she got high enough, she put her legs around my waist.

“Put yourself back in me now.”

I put my cock back into her, and when I did, she locked her feet behind me. The only part of Brenda that was on the floor was her shoulders and head. She put her arms out to the side to brace herself. Brenda then loosened her legs up enough so that I could easily slide in and out of her.

It didn’t take long before I felt another climax building. I picked up what speed I could in this position, because this was somewhat of an awkward position. A split second before I let loose with my second climax, Brenda clamped her legs tight so I couldn’t move, and arched her back slightly as she started her orgasm. When I felt Brenda’s muscles tighten around me, I let my own orgasm shoot forth.

When both of us were done, I laid down next to Brenda to catch my breath. A minute or two later, I heard the others and turned to watch.

Stephanie had gotten off Shane, and was giving him a hand job. When he exploded, Steph aimed his cock at her stomach so the sperm would cover her. When he was done, she massaged the sperm into her skin as much as she could.

When I heard Jack yell out, I looked his way and saw Stacy’s head buried between his legs. He had both hands full of her hair, holding her head to his crotch as he exploded down her throat.

After everybody was done, and we caught our breath, we resumed our night of relaxing.

Roughly a month later, Stephanie woke me in the middle of the night.

“Shawn. Wake up, hurry.”

“What …. What is it? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, but we need to get to the hospital. My water just broke.”

“Damn.” I jumped out of bed and dressed as fast as I could. Stephanie was in her nightgown, and threw a robe on. I grabbed her hospital bag, and hurried out of the room.

Shane and Jack were also up, and both Stacy and Brenda were also on the way to the hospital. Through all the confusion, we managed to load the girls and head out.

During the next twelve to fifteen hours, the doctors and nurses were very busy. Although the girls were early, they gave birth to very beautiful and healthy babies. Stephanie had two girls, Stacy two boys and Brenda two boys and two girls. They were the talk of the hospital, taking up approximately a quarter of the beds in the nursery. Needless to say, we were very happy that none of the babies had any deformities, or side effects from the six of us being directly related.

Everything in our past raced through my mind as I sat there watching our children prepare for their senior prom. What would their future hold for them? All of them grew up together, always together, and we kept close tabs on them. Hoping, in a way, they would have a much different life then what we had. Only time would tell.

Thank you to all who followed the Quad’s from the beginning to the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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