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Alright boys and girls, I finished my second attempt at writing. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave feedback. Any constructive criticism is definitely welcome.

This one isn’t family, but still taboo.


I’ve had the same boyfriend for the last 2 years. Heath was hot and played football, pretty much what every girl is looking for when she becomes a cheerleader. We spent a lot of time together during the season and traveled together when they had away games. The only thing was, I was still a virgin so we only ever had oral sex. I thought he was ok with it. He said he’d be fine with oral, as long as he got to cum he didn’t really care where. Guys are pigs sometimes, especially in high school, that’s probably not news.

The day after our graduation I thought I’d finally go all the way with him, but he ended up getting drunk at his friends graduation party so that didn’t happen. We both started college the next year and we had been making it work because they were only 3 hours apart. I stayed close to home because my dad was sick. Heath went to the college 3 hours away because it was far enough that he could live in the dorms and still be close enough to visit me and his family on weekends.

I should clarify that I didn’t think Heath was some fairytale prince and we’d stay together forever. I wasn’t that sort of mushy girl. He was fun to hang out with, he was funny, and did I mention hot? I really didn’t think I was in love with him though. That’s why the fact that he cheated on me wasn’t a huge surprise. Honestly I was more surprised it took him 2 years to do it. He was 19, hot, and wasn’t getting laid. What an explosive combination right. Yeah, I wasn’t even mad when I went to visit him one weekend and managed to be an hour early, only to find him balls deep in another girl. I actually just rolled my eyes and was turning to walk out when he noticed me and jumped up holding his sheet around himself. My eyes stopped rolling when I saw who was laying in his bed pulling the pillow from behind her head to try and cover herself.

Jessica Bradly, my best friend since she moved to my neighborhood in 4th grade. The girl I spent the first 2 weeks after she moved in, holding while she cried because she had to move schools when her parents divorced. The girl that became my rock when my parents found out that my dad had a heart defect. He wasn’t going to die right that second, but it took about a week of on and off crying on Jessica’s shoulder for me to get out of my funk and start learning what I could do to help. Oh, and she was also the girl that told me about my last boyfriend cheating on me with one of my cheer friends during our junior prom. Now she was the one screwing my boyfriend.

That was the only reason I was holding back tears. I couldn’t care less that Heath was a douche bag that couldn’t keep it in his pants. The fact that Jessica was able to fuck my boyfriend behind my back was the true heartbreak here.

“Why?” It was really all I was capable of at the moment. Unfortunately Heath thought I was asking him.

“I’m so sorry Rach, please, just let me explain. I wasn’t thinking, I’m sorry baby, please.” He reached out his hand like he was going to touch me but I took a step back.

“Don’t even think about touching me with that hand. I can see where you’ve been sticking it and I don’t want that nasty slut’s vagina anywhere near me.”

Jessica was crying now, like she was some damsel in distress. “Oh god Rachel, I’m sorry. I don’t know why I didn’t tell you, but I love him.”

“That’s great. You love him and he wasn’t thinking. Sounds like you two have some things to figure out. I’m just going to go and let you guys talk. While you’re discussing it, both of you delete my number from your phones. I don’t want to hear from either of you again.”

I turned around again to leave but Heath managed to grab me by the elbow. “Please Rachel, you know I love you. I don’t think there’s anything for Jessica and I to discuss. I just want to make this right with you. I’m sorry. Please, can we talk?”

“No, and I told you to keep your hands off me.” I looked back at Jessica and sneered, “Guess he doesn’t love you back. Not that I can blame him. Anyone who can fuck her best friends boyfriend isn’t trustworthy enough to have any kind of relationship with. Good luck to both of you. I hope you knocked her up so you’re stuck together for the next 20 years.” This time I did manage to get away and ran to my car. I was crying like a baby by the time I got there. Thankfully I didn’t go to school here or I’d have to transfer after the little show I just gave the campus. I’d just lost my best friend.

I spent the next 4 months just going through the motions. I was helping my dad get back to a healthy weight by making him exercise with me every morning. Summer was just working, then I started my second year so I went to school and did my work, and I worked evenings at a hotel nearby as a desk clerk. I also decided that battery operated boyfriends escort kızılay were the best thing anyone had ever invented. Once I was no longer getting even oral sex anymore I bought myself a present. I started out with just a little clit stimulator. It was good, but I figured that the next boyfriend I had should be one that could fuck me and then be put in a drawer where he couldn’t even see another pussy, so I went back to the sex shop and upgraded to a jack rabbit. I didn’t turn the vibrations on until after I’d used it the first 2 times just because it honestly scared me a little. Once I let the little guy loose and had my first orgasm with a rubber dick inside me and the clit stimulator vibrating I vowed I’d never look at another guy again. Who needed a man when JR can lick it and stick it at the same time. Best boyfriend Ever!

That’s what I had decided until I ran into Will. I hadn’t seen him in a while and I happed to be pumping gas when he pulled up to the pump behind me.

“Hey Rachel, I haven’t seen you around in long while. How have you been?”

“I’ve been hanging in there, just the usual college antics. Nothing major.”

“So drunk nights at a frat house with your sorority sisters taking turns holding each other’s hair back?”

“Hardly, I didn’t go away to school remember, I’m still living at home so I can help my mom with my dad’s new lifestyle adjustments.”

“Oh yes, I did hear your dad was ill, is he ok?”

“Yeah, he didn’t have to have surgery yet. They’re hopeful that diet and exercise with a daily med will keep him from needing it for a while.”

“That’s good news Rachel. Are you doing anything gossip worthy? I can’t believe I haven’t heard a word about you in months.”

Man he was a good looking guy. Why hadn’t I paid more attention to that before?

“No, nothing gossip worthy. I’m just trying to keep my grades up and my head down. I’ll have to come by one day so we can catch up. I haven’t heard anything about you lately either.”

“That sounds great, why don’t you give me a call one day and we’ll set something up. Maybe I’ll even take you for a coffee.”

I smiled and told him I’d give him a call tomorrow and headed off to work. I called Will the next day and we did have that coffee. We actually ended up sitting in the coffee shop for over 4 hours talking. He was pretty interesting to just sit and chat with. Our one coffee visit turned into 2, then I was visiting him at home and we’d sit and talk while we had dinner. The dinners turned into going out to movies, and soon enough I had to admit that it wasn’t just platonic, friendly visits anymore. I had a major crush on him. I know that sounds like a childish word, but I couldn’t think of any other way to describe it. I was hot for Will.

I wanted to find out if he had any sort of feelings about me in the same way, or if he thought we were just catching up and hanging out. I didn’t want to just stick my tongue in his mouth if he wasn’t interested. That would seriously be embarrassing. So I kicked up my wardrobe a bit.

I went shopping for sexy clothes and a few new matching bra and panty sets. It was so much easier to get a guy’s attention when I was a cheerleader in high school. I’d never had to try any real seduction when I could simply walk around in a cheerleading uniform and a smile. That was really all it took. Now though, now I had to try and seduce a man, or figure out some way to make it look normal to wear the uniform. Too bad Halloween was still a month away.

Friday evening I got to Will’s house at 7. When he answered the door it was clear I had his attention. He started his perusal at my chest of course. That seems to be a good starting point for most men. Since I was a 36C it was impressive without being too much to carry. I’d worn the deep royal blue halter top tonight so there was no bra. I’m sure my nipples were pretty evident. I’d paired it with a black skirt that dropped just above my knees and 4″ black fuck me heels, just in case he didn’t get it from the clothes. I’ve had a fairly active life so I’m not ashamed to say that I’m fit without being too muscular. A nice blend of toned with feminine softness.

It wasn’t long before he caught himself and asked me to come in. After we talked for a bit over the dinner he’d cooked, with many instances of him sneaking peeks at my breasts, we decided to stay in for a movie. That was a big part of my plan, so I was thankful he went with it.

I didn’t start my seduction too quickly, I wasn’t sure what my reception would be so I was a little nervous. We were sitting on opposite ends of the couch but I had my legs tucked under me. My first step was just to move myself around so I was stretched out with my feet on one of Will’s legs. He did the next part by simply putting his hand on the foot closest to him. I waited what felt like forever to see if he’d move it, but since he didn’t I made another move. I bent my knee just a little on one leg. That gave him a view of my panties without it being a full crotch ankara yabancı escort shot.

I actually wasn’t sure if he’d seen anything until he started rubbing my foot. I looked up and saw him looking between my legs. He couldn’t see a lot though so he kept rubbing my foot. He was far from focused on that, so I moaned a little moved my other foot back down to his leg. He couldn’t see anymore, but he was interested. That much I could tell, so I was ready to kick it up a bit.

“That feels amazing Will. Would you do the other one too?”

“Oh, yeah, sure.” He was definitely not focused. He moved his hands to my other foot and since that one was the one further away from him I took advantage and ‘accidentally’ slid my foot up his leg. He was semi hard, but not a full erection. Guess it was time to see how far I could get him to take this. Once I moved my foot off of his leg I lifted it and rested it on the back of the couch, completely opening them.

Will moved pretty quickly from there, he rubbed up my calf and kept going to my inner thigh. Just before he got to the prize he seemed to remember himself and checked in for consent.

“I shouldn’t be doing this Rachel, you’re only 20. I’m going to tell you the truth here though. I want to. I want this very much. Shouldn’t and won’t are very different. If you want this too I’m going to keep moving my hand. Say stop and I move it away and it’s like it never happened.”

“I don’t care about our age difference Will. I’m here because I want this too. I’ve been having a great time with you the last few weeks and I only stopped to think about it a few days ago, but it’s already as if we’ve been dating. I want it to be dating. Please keep moving your hand.”

He kept moving his hand. He moved it past my thigh, up to my lower stomach, kept going until he brushed over my breast and then lifted himself above me and moved his hand to the arm of the couch so he could hold himself over me and kissed me. Lightly at first, but it heated up very quickly. With my hands in his hair we made out like we were both back in high school for a while. Will slid his hand under my shirt and rubbed his thumb over my nipple. I moaned in his mouth and that was when he moved away from me.

I thought I’d done something wrong so I was ready to start running, but he just held his hand out to me. When I put my hand in his he helped me to stand up in front of him. He kissed me lightly on the lips and then just as lightly on my forehead.

“Come.” Was all he said as he held my hand and started walking me toward his room. Once we were there he shut the door and pulled me to him. We continued to devour each other’s mouths while he untied the halter on my shirt and pulled it down.

As soon as my shirt was off it was like a match dropped in a gas can. We started with a small flame but it quickly blew up. Will was walking me backwards as he sucked on my nipples and kneaded my breasts. It was only about 3 steps to the bed, once I felt it behind my legs I quickly sat down and scooted up a so he could join me.

He pulled my top all the way off along with my skirt. Once he had them off he just stared for a minute. I was wearing thigh high stockings and a garter belt with no panties. It took him a few seconds to move, but when he did it was to slowly rub from my knees all the way to my hips. He kept it on the outside of my body on the first pass, almost like he was worshiping my body. I had never felt that kind of reverence before and I had to admit that it made me fall for him a little more.

“I want you to be sure about this Rachel. You can always say no. I don’t want to take advantage of you.”

“You’re not taking advantage of me. I came here with no bra or panties. I’m pretty sure I knew I wanted you before tonight.”

“Oh thank goodness. I was offering to be a gentleman, if you’d refused I’m pretty sure my dick would have exploded.”

“We wouldn’t want that. At least not yet.” I told him

That was the end of actual talking for a while. He kissed my breasts again but avoided my nipples this time. He licked his way down my stomach until he hit the garter belt. Then he playfully nipped each of my hip bones with his teeth, trailing his tongue along the garter until he got to the other.

He put one of his hands under each knee and pulled them up so my waxed bald pussy was completely spread open for him and then he licked from my cunt hole all the way to my clit. I moaned at the delicious feel of his tongue as he used it to lick my clit for a few strokes and then slid it back down to opening. He started to fuck me with his tongue and brought his hands up from my knees. One went to my clit and started rubbing, the other went to nipple and started pinching. It wasn’t long until I was a quivering mess.

“Oh god Will, yes. I’m about to cum. Oh Fuck, yes, fuck YES!”

I was still feeling high from my orgasm when he started back up my body. This time he did stop to lick and bite my nipples.

When he etlik escortlar came back to my mouth I tasted my own tangy sweetness on his. It was really hot. That’s when I noticed he was still completely dressed. “Here, let’s get you naked.” I helped him out of his clothes, and when I went to reach for his boxer briefs he stopped me. I looked at him a little confused.

“Let me handle those this time. I’m afraid one touch from your hand and I’ll finish this before either of us wants.”

“Oh.” What can you really say to that.

“You’re gorgeous Rachel, and I haven’t been with anyone in a long time. Probably about 2 years. So I’m having a hard time believing that a 20 year old is in my bed right now.”

“Don’t sell yourself short Will. You may be older, but you’re still sexy. I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

We started making out again and I felt it when his fingers slid back to my pussy. This time he rubbed my clit a couple of times and felt my hole to make sure I was wet enough and then I felt him bring his cock to line up with my cunt. I hadn’t even seen it yet, but he had apparently pushed his boxer briefs down while we were kissing. I couldn’t tell exactly how large he was, but it was bigger than my jack rabbit that’s for sure. He made his way inside me with only 3 or 4 small strokes. Once he was all the way in we both started fucking into each other. It was so much better than the dildo. Oh god it was better.

“Fuck, you feel so good Rachel.”

“Yes Will, fuck me.”

He started fucking into me faster and I was pushing my hips up to meet him.

“Oh shit, you’re so tight. You. Are. Fucking. Incredible.” He practically growled that last part with each stroke into my pussy. My tits were bouncing up and down my chest with each thrust and he leaned his head down to suck on my nipples, tugging each of them with his teeth.

“Oh yeah, bite me baby. Fuck that feels so good.” I was holding on to his back really tight, I’m sure my nails were digging into his back but it was so good. Neither of us seemed to mind the little bit of added pain.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and used my heels on his ass to push him into me harder while also using him for leverage to fuck my pussy up to meet his cock.

“Fuck me hard Will. Give me that cock hard baby.”

“Oh god Rachel.” He grunted as he started hammering his dick into me with thrusts hard enough that I started sliding up the bed with each one. “You’re so fucking tight baby girl. I’m about to cum. Tell me where you want it baby.”

“Fill me with it Will. Fuck it in my pussy. I want your cum inside me. Yes, Oh Yes Will. Fuck Me.”

He had pulled my ass up by the back of my knees so he could get to his knees and was fucking me hard. I came with a loud shout when he started rubbing my clit again.

“Fuck Yes. Will I’m cumming.” I was almost yelling, but fuck I had never cum this hard.

“Yes baby girl, cum on my cock. Fuck I can feel you squeezing my dick. Oh Yeah Rachel. I’m cumming!” And with that he pumped into hard another 5 or 6 times as he shot his load into my still clenching cunt.

Both of our bodies went limp at the same time. Thankfully he thought to roll when he did. Once he was flat on the bed he rolled me too so I was snuggled up to his side and put my head on his chest. We both just lay there catching our breath for a moment.

“That was amazing Rachel.” He told me as he rubbed the back of his hand down my cheek. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt that before. It was beyond words.”

“For me too. Of course I only had a dildo to compare it to, but it was pretty damn amazing for me too.” I felt him stiffen slightly.

“You’ve never had sex?” I just shook my head and didn’t say anything. “But, I thought you had, I didn’t feel your hymen, oh god, are you ok? Did I hurt you?” He was getting ready to sit up but I put my hand on his chest to stop him.

“I’m fine Will, I’ve been using the rubber dick for months. I’d given up on the male gender after Heath and Jessica. I’m glad I ran into you again though. It was perfect. You didn’t hurt me at all. I promise. I can’t wait to do it again.” I told him and smiled up at him from where I was nuzzling his chest. I stuck my tongue out and licked his nipple.

“Hey now, none of that just yet. I want to talk about this before you stir him back to life.”

“I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal. Nothing to discuss really. I was tired of waiting and I bought myself a toy to take care of myself. I honestly thought I’d give up on men completely. Then I ran into you, and like I said I just figured out that we were basically dating without calling it dating. I knew what a good man you are already. So I thought it was time to add the extras onto our dating.”

“But if you made it to 20 without having sex with a man shouldn’t you have waited until you were married? I usually think that’s why someone would wait that long.”

I pinched his nipple this time. “I wasn’t waiting for marriage. Even before Heath I knew I was only waiting until I found someone I could love. I know it was a different kind of love, but I’ve always loved you. It’s definitely different now, but I’m sure we can figure out how to love each other in the biblical sense instead of the platonic way it was before.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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