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Sexy Teacher
By Suphilyne
A young boy walked into his teacher’s classroom he had black hair, blue eyes, and tannish skin. He saw
his teacher, Mrs. Ashley sitting down in her chair and could not help but glance at her chest a few times. Mrs. Ashley had huge tits, but they were not saggy either like his moms they were nice and firm. She had zig-zagged blondish hair, deep yet shocking green eyes, and the best body the young boy had ever seen. Mrs. Ashley broke his train of thought when she asked why he was there. Embarrassed that she might have seen him looking he stuttered his first words.
Um-m-m-m, t-t-teacher, I-I need some help with your class, can you help me?
The teacher, Mrs. Ashley, turned and looked at the boy, it was her free period so there were no other students in the room and there were only papers that needed grading and her lunch on the desk. She had taken off her black suit top leaving only the white blouse beneath it. The day was hot and the AC wasn’t working as it should. She turned the chair revealing her short black skirt from beneath the desk. With the angle the boy was standing he could easily see the lacy panties she was wearing between her legs.
“What do you need help with dear?”
U-u-u-ummm, now he was really stuttering his teacher’s panties were invading his thoughts and the poor boy couldn’t think straight. Hi-pa-HI-HISTORY.
“Lately, I have had alot of trouble doing the homework, and my grades have been going down. Everyone knows if I fail one more class I’ll be kicked out of school, I will be a failure in my house, because all of my older sisters have never failed and all got into Harvard. Please Mrs. Ashley, I, Mike Sullivan, beg for you to help me.”
The way the boy presented his case left Mrs. Ashley feeling a bit guilty, she hadn’t been as attentive as she could have been with her students and it was apparent in the way this boy asked for help,
“Alright, Mike come in and close the door.”
She pulled the black overcoat back over her blouse and went to close the blinds so that no one could see into the classroom from the outside.
“Mike do you think I am attractive?”
Mike looked down his face was burning maybe he had heard wrong.
“Ex-ex-excuse me?”
Mrs. Ashley saw that he knew exactly what she asked by his now rosy complexion.
I said, ““Mike do you think I am attractive?”
Mike blushed even harder, but then he started to gain some confidence. Here was this beautiful teacher right in front of him looking guilty and vulnerable; he wasn’t going to waste this chance, like he had with almost every girl he had been with, he had a plan.
“Of course you are attractive Mrs. Ashley, everyone says it my friends, boys and~ girls.”
The boy moved closer, shuffling his feet waiting for the perfect time to purposely trip and rip off her. He fell and came crashing down while snatching off Mrs. Ashley’s top.

Ashley rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her breasts to hide the white lace bra that now was the only thing that covered them.
“Mike this isn’t a very good start, you know part of your problem is that you try to rush things,” she said as she walked over to her desk where she kept her gym bag for after school.
She reached in with one hand to pull out her pink workout top and slid it over her head.
“Now sit down.”
She waited until he did this then said, “we are going to play a little game, every right answer I take something off, every wrong answer I put something on. First question who is the first president of the United States?”
Mike was shocked, he knew he totally did the worse thing possible and Mrs. Ashley wasn’t even angry and what’s more she was willing to take off her clothes if he got the right answers. He racked his brain George Bush George Clinton, no no George Washing something. He couldn’t remember but he had an idea. He put on his confident act.
“President George,” he said projecting his voice.
“George what?” she asked putting her hand on the bottom of her top playfully.
“Aww man,” he thought, I must remember for the sake mankind please remember this one thing, I’d do anything even a ton of pushups or or or a Sex hikayeleri ton of the wash. Wait WASHINGTON! He jumped up triumphantly don’t worry mankind I have saved you! President George Washington Mike yelled in jubilation.
The teacher smiled, “correct,” she kicked off her shoes, knowing that it wasn’t what he expected, “Question two, what year did Columbus Set sail to discover America?”
Disappointment filled Mike and then shame.
“How could I have thought she would take off her top like that,” he thought? Of course she wouldn’t. That would be way better than he deserved. He thought well might as well learn, he remembered the old rhyme in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
He halfheartedly said, “1492.”
“Correct again,” she said this time pulling down her panty hose and setting them on the desk. Now her legs were bare from her knees down, they were perfectly hairless as one would expect and shined in the classroom’s lights.
“Next question, who discovered electricity?”
“Maybe she is just going bottom up,” thought the sexually charged teen. In that case maybe she will take off her panties soon continued the boy’s lustrous thoughts. The very thought of seeing a bare vagina let alone his beloved teacher’s, gave him such a hard woody it hurt.
He looked in her shocking green eyes and said, “Benjamin Franklin,” he smiled and thought, “now what will she take off?”
“Correct,” she skillfully pulled off her panties next, making sure her skirt still hide what was beneath, and crossed her legs when she finished ensuring he didn’t get any peeks ahead of time.
“What are the first ten amendments of the constitution called?”
He felt his pants were going to break unless he took them off, that was already determined when he saw the wetness on her panties, it was just a little but there was enough to see and that put his poor pants through a lot pain. So he did the reasonable thing and took off his pants. His boner was now stretching even the stretchy boxers to their limit. He now knew for sure that Mrs. Ashley was flirting with him and he was going to go along with it so he made sure his tool was pointing right at where she hid her womanhood.
“The Inalienable Rights,” he answered no longer trying to hide his lustful gaze.
“Wrong, the answer is the bill of rights,” she said and walked forward grabbed his pants. She then grabbed his feet and forced them on him again. “Next question, how many states were in the Yup, that was a boner-killer. He thought that maybe they were close to something but she shoved his pants back on, “well I guess it didn’t really matter my boner had already softened he then optimized in his head.” He looked shamefully up into her eyes he then realized how close they were and he could see her sexy lips. Her lips transformed his once shame into desire once more, those beautiful lips, Mike started feeling pressure once again in his pants. Maybe… should.. He…? “I will, if I get it right, definitely,” he thought. I will steal a kiss if I get the next one right. 13 states/colonies
She answered, “Correct.” she walked back to her seat denying the boy what he clearly wanted and reached behind her to unhook her bra, with a little effort she removed it leaving her top to cover her up.
“Next question, what was written on the tree of the village where its people went missing?”
Damn, I missed my chance, thought the boy. But he knew now that whatever she took off next would be golden. Mike smiled, “I have this one in the bag, maybe if I tell her what was written on the fort as well she will give me a bonus.” Cro was written on the tree and Croatoan was written on the fort Mrs. Ashley.
She smiled brightly as he had guessed both answers she had hoped for. She didn’t tell him he was right she only stood up and removed her top. Then she put on a face like she was deciding something although in reality she already had, then she pushed down the skirt letting it fall to the floor.
The boy stared and stared and stared and stared. Mrs. Ashley’s body was beautiful. It shined in the light, glimmering like an ocean at sunset, golden from Sikiş hikayeleri the few rays of sunlight escaping the blind’s wall. She was shaved just like her legs everywhere. Her pussy liquid dripped down her legs, he wanted her so badly but first he had to ask her what she wanted. Mrs. Ashley how do you like to have sex?
Mrs. Ashley grinned, “Final question, how do YOU want to have sex?”
“Every way possible, everywhere possible, as rough as possible, as much as possible, and only with you,” he answered without delay.
“Let’s start on your desk bend over I want to spread your ass cheeks.”
“Correct,” she smiled and slowly turned to allow him to see everything that he could. When she reached the desk she spread her legs out a little further than usual and slowly leaned forward, but always looking back at him. As she crossed her arms in front of her she popped her ass up showing it was ready for anything.
“Come clam your prize,” she said pure lust thick in her voice.
Mike ran to her beautiful bosom sticking straight up in the air. He threw off his boxers, loosened his shirt, and fingered her pussy. He wanted to open it up a little bit so he wouldn’t hurt her, but boy was she tight she was squeezing his two fingers like a vice clamp. Mike was so excited he was about to impale his teacher with his passion, he took out his fingers aimed his virgin dick and shot into her pussy. Oh it felt sooo good, those were the only things the young boy could think of.
He grabbed her hands and then pulled them behind her back using them as leverage to push deeper into his beautiful teacher. His body and her body looked like they had been embezzled with diamonds glistening with a millions beads of sweat as the happy boy pushed his passion deeper within her.
The teacher let out a moan as she felt her ecstatic student’s cock push through her, forcing her apart. She curled her toes; his penis was working the thousands of nerves in her vagina, the feeling sent her over the edge, she lost herself in the sex.
“Uh-UHHHHHH-UHHHHH,” she wanted to yell to him she wanted to connect to Mike, her student, she wanted to tell him her horniness, she wanted to tell him how turned on she was by the fact of what she was doing was taboo, she wanted to open herself up to him completely, both physically and mentally. She yelled because she couldn’t convey all she wanted, all she could do was go crazy…. Sex crazy.
“OHHHH UHH-UHHH-UHHH baby! Give it to me more harder! HARDER. She writhed in pure lust. She moved her hips a little in effort to help the boy shove his cock into her sensitive pussy further. She was dripping in sweat and her own pussy juice.
Mike put his arms around his teacher’s waist and picked her up enabling himself to push even further into his beautiful teacher. He could feel her muscle contractions deep within her vagina and pushed even further. He then sat down with her on top in reverse cowgirl. He nudged her so she would go up and down. Every time she came slamming down onto his cock he would meet her body with an equally powerful thrust. Mike could see her boobs squishing out to the side every time their pelvis’s met and her perfect ass would fall onto his stomach. And every time she went up and her ass cheeks spread he saw a glimpse of her puckered little asshole. The boy made a decision; he stuck his pinky into her mouth thoroughly wetting it. He then took his pinky and put it into her cute little bum hole. It was warm and her anus squeezed his pinky. He asked her if she would like to try some anal.
“Ah! Yes! She said as the finger slid into her ass along with his dick. She was now moving her hips to and fro rubbing her ass back and forth his lap making his cock push in and pull out a little as she moved. The feeling sent the boy nearly over the edge. Her anus was warm as freshly baked pie and tight as a virgin.
Her hip gyrations were perfectly timed with his own making their bodies become one as no other pair has. He wanted to make her feel just as good as he did so he took his hands and put them to work. First he took his left hand and massaged her left boob and every so often lightly pinched Erotik hikaye her nipple. And with his right hand he furiously fingered her clit with the intention to make her cum soon as he was about to.
Her hips sped up as her pleasure increased she wanted more and more…. she was Cumming, her muscle contracted around his finger tightly and released before tightening again soon after.
“Ah! I’m! Cumming!” She says letting him know what is happening.
He smiled his beautiful teacher the very one he had known only as the untouchable beauty was cumming right on top of him. He couldn’t hold it any longer her professional skill with her ass was catching up to me, he was about to cum. He fingered her even harder his hand a blur in hopes to continue this woman’s orgasm that was so powerful the vibrations rattled his teeth. Then he broke, he was cumming completely, rope after rope deep into the bowels of his teacher. He smiled as he felt her juice leak onto the inside of his thighs.
“ah!ah! mmm!” she kept repeating as the boy continued to work a special magic on her, when the cum finally began to flow from him the feeling was intense, the warm liquid filled her insides and made her only thirst for more.
“Don’t stop, I want more of you” she begged.
I am not done yet he thought to himself there is a damsel in need of more sex I shall not fail her! He pushed her forward into the doggy style pulled his dick out of her heavenly ass and thrust it into her soaked pussy. He grabbed her boobs from behind and thrust with the power of a crazed man deep into her uterus. His balls with each thrust slammed into the sexy woman’s clit.
“harder, come-on baby, more!” she knew that like her he would be feeling things much more intensely than before since the reproductive areas became much more sensitive after you cum once. Her hips continued to move on their own craving more and more.
Mike felt her and his own need for rougher sex. He nudged her arms so her face would be in the ground her body in downward doggy. He stood up using his calves and used the vantage point to thrust his sensitive dick even further into the sweaty writhing woman. His heart was racing, he started calling her dirty things, his mind was gone everything was pure instincts and they told he to drive his dick as hard as possible into this crazy beautiful woman.
The joy was intense to the point of no return now she was screaming for more and moaning loudly as her student seemed to be becoming the master of this game. She simply stopped trying to help and only enjoyed his movements. It wasn’t long, especially in this new position he had her in that she felt it again she was cumming and this time it would be harder than before for both of them, as his body would use this as a way of dumping all the built up seamen into her. She didn’t care she wanted it inside her, she screamed to him, “Whatever you do don’t pull out.” Mike yelled back never in a million years would I. He pushed harder into her making the very classroom shake; he was ready to go again even though he just came. Mike wanted this woman, his teacher, his goddess forever. He yelled soon his legs were wobbling his body humming with sex, Mrs. Ashley are you almost ready? “Do it but when you cum call me by my first name Alice” was all she could say or do. She wanted nothing more that for this boy to get everything he wanted from her and more.
He thrust once more putting his very essence into it, “ALICE!!! I”M CuMMMMMMING MY SEXY ALICE!!!!!”
His cum didn’t even come in sections it was just a blast, a firehouse of cum shooting itself deep into his lovely teacher.
“Yes, I am yours,” was all the teacher could say for she was panting to heavily. The teacher could feel it filling her up the warm goo was making its way through her entire uterus, there was so much that it quickly filled the entire thing and began oozing out the hole and down her still diagonal body. It flowed unrelentingly up her chest and over her breasts making them tingle with delight, onwards it flowed up her neck and into her mouth. It was sweet, sweeter than her husband’s, sweeter than anyone’s she had ever tasted. She liked his taste so much; she just kept swallowing whatever flowed in. The rest oozed up her face and into her hair which absorbed the rest. Mrs. Ashley was one sticky mess. And Mike thought she was beautiful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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