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Rebecca slowly began to unzip her sleeping bag. Laurie was looking her right in the eyes, her blue gaze unwavering. All around them, kids were sleeping, snoring lightly in the depths of the morning. But Rebecca hadn’t been able to sleep one wink, not with Laurie lying so close nearby.

Rebecca and Laurie had both agreed to become camp counselors at the kids’ camp near their parents’ resort. While their families, best friends since the beginning of time, were vacationing in the luxury of the beachside hotel across the lake, Laurie and Rebecca had both opted for the adventure of helping run the camp in the woods, away from civilization, so to speak.

Usually, the secret lovers managed to bunk together, to find their way into each other’s arms without anyone noticing. But now, all around them in little pup tents were sleeping campers and very alert counselors.

Rebecca had been watching Laurie all night, once all the talking had died down. They didn’t share their tent with anyone else; they’d at least been able to get that much privacy. But in the silence of the clearing they had chosen to camp out in tonight, voices carried, as did any sound anyone made.

Moving her fingers very slowly, Rebecca pried the fat metal zipper of her sleeping bag down lower. Laurie’s eyes flickered from hers, then, and looked at Rebecca’s chest. Rebecca was wearing the expected T-shirt with the camp logo on it. Now she slowly pulled up the hem, letting it rise over her smooth flat belly. She knew Laurie was drinking in every bit of flesh she was exposing. She pulled it up further, then stopped. The hem was now around the under-curve of Rebecca’s breasts, giving Laurie a teasing glimpse of her mounds.

“Now you,” Rebecca mouthed to Laurie, nodding at the girl.

Laurie raised an eyebrow then turned around, looking towards the flap of the tent. Then she looked back at Rebecca and bit her lip shyly. Rebecca giggled but covered the sound with her hand. Then, trying to look serious, she began to lower the edge of her T-shirt.

Laurie’s eyes went wide and she shook her head, objecting. Rebecca nodded at her again, smiling. And finally Laurie began to undo her sleeping bag. As the zipper slowly slid down, Rebecca’s green eyes went wide. As the quilted material parted, Laurie’s naked chest was slowly exposed to Rebecca.

The little slut was half naked in that bag! Rebecca gulped, looking at Laurie’s busty chest. She’d always been envious of the other girl’s blossoming womanhood, until they had been teens and had realized their mutual attraction for each other. And still, in their twenties now, Laurie’s chest was a feast for the eyes. Her tits were round, golden tanned from nude sun bathing, and topped with dark brown nipples that now stood erect in the chill of the dark morning.

Rebecca licked her lips, thinking of her tongue running around those nipples. bursa escort Then Laurie nodded at her. It was her turn.

She lifted her T-shirt up now, all the way. Then she cupped one of her smaller, perkier breasts, giving it a squeeze. Laurie groaned, and Rebecca shushed her. But she kept her hand on her breast, rubbing it around and around in front of Laurie’s eyes.

She knew how best to turn her partner on.

But Laurie knew all about fair play. Laurie’s hand went to one of her naked breasts now, too. And she moved the heavy tit around and around, like Rebecca had. Then, with ease, she lifted the breast upwards. Soon, her own mouth was wrapped around her nipple, her lips tugging at it viciously.

Rebecca hissed. It was too much. She pushed the zipper of her sleeping bag down and reached over to Laurie, dragging the girl by the arm until she was closer. Then she clamped her mouth over Laurie’s mouth, her hand rubbing that wetted nipple beneath her palm.

Laurie moaned, her mouth pliant against Rebecca’s. And Rebecca squeezed Laurie’s breast hard, as if to say ‘bad girl’. Then she began to lower her hand into Laurie’s sleeping bag. She kept her mouth on her partner’s, sucking her lips and teasing with her tongue. Her fingers ran down the length of Laurie’s side, to her thighs. She was completely naked in her sleeping bag.

Rebecca groaned and Laurie shivered.

Her fingers went between Laurie’s thighs, playing over the downy fur there. Then she was spreading the girl’s legs forcefully with her fingers. Mercilessly, she plunged two digits into Laurie’s tight canal. Laurie’s privacy squeezed around Rebecca’s fingers as she thrust them up inside the girl. She wiggled them, teasing Laurie, then pulling them out. Viciously, Rebecca began to piston her fingers in and out of her lover’s puss.

It was her way of saying, “this is what you get for being so easy for me to have.”

Laurie’s mouth was hot now. Her whole body was fevered. Rebecca grinned, moving her mouth down to the other girl’s chest. She started to suckle on one of the breasts, her teeth biting over the nipple ruthlessly.

Laurie was losing control now. Her back was arching, and she was writhing in her sleeping bag. Rebecca pushed the zipper down more, lapping at the smooth belly that was beneath her mouth.

And where her fingers had been, her mouth now was.

Laurie’s fingers went into Rebecca’s red hair, gripping her almost painfully. But Rebecca had had to watch Laurie bounce around all day in her tight T-shirt and short shorts. She’d had to watch Laurie flirting with the boy camp counselors, and it had driven her insane. She hadn’t thought they’d be able to play together tonight. But when finally in the darkness of the morning, they had given in, Rebecca wasn’t about to let the chance to taste Laurie go.

Her mouth drank from Laurie bursa escort bayan hungrily, slurping up every drop of the other girl’s juices that she could. And Laurie was moaning, writhing, squirming.

At last, she was cumming.

Rebecca moved her fingers inside the girl again, fucking her furiously, quickly, drinking her nectar.

Then there was a sound at the tent flap, a rustling noise. Someone was coming in!

Rebecca threw herself against the far wall, wiping desperately at her mouth.

“Who’s there?” Laurie called out.

One of the male counselors, one of Laurie’s suitors actually, popped his head into the tent, flashlight glaring into the girl’s faces.

“I thought I heard a noise, I uh, wanted to make sure you guys were okay,” he said. His flashlight beam moved from Laurie’s face to Rebecca’s and back.

Grumbling, Rebecca rolled over, facing the back of the tent and muttering soft curses. Laurie giggled and laughed with the boy, assuring him that it was only her having a wet dream about him. That made him blush, but when he asked softly if she wanted to go for a walk, Laurie pointed out that sexual relations between counselors were quite forbidden, and that even though she was in college, she wasn’t allowed to date strange boys. Her voice sounded so honest and innocent, the man left feeling ashamed for ever asking such a thing.

Finally, Laurie was closing the tent flap, and turning over in her sleeping bag. She called out Rebecca’s name. But Rebecca didn’t answer, pretending to be asleep. Then she felt Laurie’s hand shaking her lightly on the shoulder.


“Be quiet. There’s people trying to sleep,” Rebecca grumbled.

Laurie’s hand left her alone, then. Soon, sleep really was about to claim Rebecca. Her eyes were closed, and her mind was drifting at last. She didn’t hear anything anymore.

But when Laurie slipped into Rebecca’s sleeping bag and zipped the zipper back up around her, when she pressed her naked and still moist body against Rebecca’s back, Rebecca woke up completely. She spun around, facing her lover.

“What are you –”

But Laurie’s mouth came over hers tightly, sucking the words from her lips. The girl’s hand went down between Rebecca’s legs, and soon Laurie was rubbing Rebecca’s puss through her shorts. Rebecca moaned, but Laurie’s mouth over hers kept the noise soft.

Laurie rubbed vigorously before finally pushing one leg of the shorts aside. Now her fingers were teasing over Rebecca’s mons, then dipping in to touch against the hardened clitoris. Laurie was gentler than Rebecca, a delicate and tender lover.

Rebecca put a hand out onto one of Laurie’s ample tits, squeezing the breast hard. She loved the feel of Laurie’s body in her hands. Laurie’s fingers finally opened Rebecca’s folds, and one slender bursa merkez escort digit disappeared inside her sheath, stroking slowly there. Laurie knew just how to touch a woman, and especially knew Rebecca’s weaknesses.

Rebecca tried to break from Laurie’s kiss. She wanted to moan, cry out, call Laurie’s name in pleasure. But Laurie didn’t let her mouth go. They were surrounded by people who wouldn’t understand. So Laurie stayed clamped to Rebecca, her hand pressed against Rebecca’s sex, her fingers wriggling madly.

Rebecca was about to cum. But she pushed Laurie’s hand away.

“I hate cumming that way,” she hissed. “It feels childish.”

“But we can’t do more, Rebecca. We’d get caught.”

Rebecca looked into Laurie’s eyes and began to drop kisses against the girl’s cheeks and neck.

“I don’t care. I want to fuck you.”

Rebecca pushed Laurie back onto the ground beneath the tent and pushed the sleeping bags off of them both. The morning air was chilly and wet. And through the thin fabricof the tent the sun was rising.

Rebecca didn’t care that she would be a moving silhouette for anyone who was watching her tent. As the sun began to pour through the material of their abode, she spread Laurie’s legs, then removed her shorts. She pulled her T-shirt off and put a hand on her lover’s mons. She had to make sure the other girl was as wet as she was.

Then slowly, expertly, Rebecca lifted one of her legs and put it around Laurie’s hip. Now her privacy was pressed tightly to Laurie’s. A small slant, and suddenly, they were grinding against each other. Rebecca could feel the hard bud of her clit rubbing over Laurie’s cunny, the two sets of lips mashed to each other. As she writhed like this over her lover, her own clit teased over Laurie’s hole, exciting her.

She clung to Laurie’s thigh, holding it against her as she ground against the other girl.

“Ah, Rebecca! Ah ah ah!” Laurie was squealing softly.

“I want to — fuck — you” Rebecca hissed, bucking harder.

For a moment, she thought about what it would be like to have sex with a man, to have a man pounding into her. Then she thought what it would be like to be a man, to have Laurie writhing beneath her as she thrust deep into the girl’s crevices.

Maybe in another life, she had been a man like that. But for now, she had this body. She fucked Laurie harder, thinking about that. And then her hips moved more viciously, grinding painfully against her lover.

Rebecca thought what it would be like to have a strap-on. To have Laurie crying out lustily beneath her. As she thought about that, she began to cum. Her orgasm was deep, body-shaking, and she was hard pressed to keep herself locked to Laurie.

Finally, exhausted, she let go and collapsed.

Panting, Laurie sat up and tucked Rebecca back into her sleeping bag. And the two didn’t stir from the tent for hours, until everyone else was awake.

When one of their young charges mentioned bears to them, they were curious. But when the child said it sounded like the bears were sick, making all kinds of odd moaning noises, Rebecca just looked at Laurie and winked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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