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Dripping Wet

Faeona carried the unconscious damsel from the kitchen to the living room, ignoring the screams which followed his transformation. He knew that he was taking a risk by allowing these humans to see him, but as His Majesty’s Helper, it was his duty to protect her. What kind of Helper would he be if he had allowed her to bash her little, white head on the hard tile of the kitchen floor? Once she was neatly placed on the couch, he found a cover to tuck about her body and then he replaced her necklace in the bundle of blankets in the basket.

He could feel everyone’s eyes on him, including Rogue’s mother who had also passed out, came to, and then passed out again. This wasn’t something that humans often witnessed. Those who did littered mental hospitals and were diagnosed as schizophrenic and insane. He perched his toned buns on the armrest closest to Rogue’s head, regarding her human family thoughtfully. He wondered who would speak first. From Lexie, to Leon, to Lisa Raye, and finally to Miles, he took them all in patiently.

When it was apparent that they were too afraid to speak, he decided to break the stifling silence. “No questions?”

Lexie grabbed her pregnant belly, rubbing it frantically as if she was two seconds away from going into premature labor. Leon quickly sat her down in the beige, leather loveseat across from the mauve sectional sofa which Rogue was still occupying. They eyed Rogue with concern, not sure if this demon thing would try to harm her. Faeona seemed to understand their regard and offered up a gentle smile.

“I would never dare to harm our princess,” he informed them. “I was sent to protect her and to bring her back home.” His long silver hair fell into his face which he gracefully pushed back as he waited for anyone to say something.

“Wha-what are you?” Lisa Raye finally ventured.

A large grin danced about Faeona’s face as he turned to give her his full attention. “I am My Majesty’s Helper,” he proudly announced.

Miles frowned, he was wary of this one. His mind was trying to tell him that there was no way a bird could transform into a man, much less one as tall and chiseled as this thing. If he hadn’t witnessed it with his own eyes, he would have thought it impossible. “What is a Helper? What are you helping my daughter with?”

“A Helper is anything you need us to be. A friend, a confidant, a warrior, a protector; the list is endless. I was created uniquely to serve the royal bloodline.”

“Royal bloodline,” Leon gasped as Lexie threw her hands over her mouth in typical drama queen fashion. “What do you mean by royal bloodline?”

Faeona wondered if this is something he should be sharing with the humans. He didn’t want them further implicated in Kingdom affairs, but seeing as how they had helped raise the princess, he figured that they were owed an explanation. “I come from a kingdom—”

“Far far away?” Lexie interjected.

Faeona smiled, shaking his head softly as he continued his explanation. “No, Far Far Away is our neighboring monarchy, My Lady’s monarchy. She was sent at birth to our Kingdom to participate in the prince’s blessings as his betrothed. She was to be safely returned to Far Far Away until her fourteenth summer when she would be reintroduced to our Prince Charming and they would commence their nuptials.”

“Nuptials?” Leon queried. “They would have been married at fourteen?”

Faeona shook his head, “no, it is merely the commencement of their courtship. The wedding would have taken place on their seventeenth summer—sixteenth at the earliest.”

“Ain’t that some stuff? Kids really do get married,” he mumbled to himself.

“Child brides, duh,” Lexie offered, rolling her eyes as if to say that her brother should have known better.

“In our world,” Faeona provided, “one is deemed consenting and of age by as early as fifteen summers, but in royal tradition, wedlock is withheld until full maturity.”

“Which is at sixteen?” Lisa Raye asked just to be certain.

Faeona nodded his head energetically with a big smile. He was happy that they were beginning to understand. “Many past kings and queens have reigned at the tender summer of sixteen. It is a way of life for our people.”

“More like medieval life,” Leon muttered.

“Be nice,” Miles chastised before turning his attention back to Faeona. “We’ve digressed from your story. What about your Far Away Kingdom?”

“Our Kingdom is a destination all in itself. It is not connected in any way to Far Far Away, but with the aforementioned nuptials, they would have been. You humans have long since made our existence folklore, myths, and even fairytales not knowing that we do exist.”

“Who is we?” Lisa Raye asked, moving to sit next to Lexie, then quickly shifting her position when she realized she had nearly sat on her daughter’s pregnant belly.

“Fairies, witches, Kings and Queens, you name it and we are there. We exist.”

“Wait are you telling me that this land of make believe is real and you’re from it?” Miles questioned cynically.

“Not only I, but also our kilis escort princess,” Faeona replied, waving a hand in Rogue’s direction. His blue eyes landed upon Lisa and in an instant he was crouched before her holding onto her trembling hands. “What you and your late husband found that day in the woods was no ordinary baby. In my kingdom, almost thirty years ago, we had a civil war. A wicked witch named Genevieve led an army of witches and minions to overthrow the royal family upon the day of our prince’s blessing.”


“It’s true what you see in fairytales like Sleeping Beauty, each child born of royal blood is blessed with a fairy godmother, sometimes two or even three of them. These godmothers come to the newborn with gifts and benedictions which they bestow upon them. The day Prince Charming was born was a great blessing. He is our Grand Prince, the ruler predestined to reign over the Kingdom for all eternity. There was great unrest in the Kingdom because the Dark Witches were no longer satisfied with their lot. Genevieve, the daughter of a Dark Witch and a Light Fairy, was able to use her anger and hatred for the Kingdom to rouse up internal conflict. She fought to increase the Dark Lands and when His Majesty refused to break the previous treaty created by the former queen of the Dark Witches, Genevieve claimed her mother’s throne, slew her father the king of the Light Fairies, and sent our Kingdom into turmoil.”

“Wh-what happened to Prince Charming?” Lexie asked with great concern.

“Well, a royal has an extended lifeline. It is impossible for them to die of natural causes unless they are cursed or worse—brutally murdered. Because Prince Charming is the Grand Prince, his blood is melded with the Kingdom. If he is cursed or heartbroken or if any soul attempts to harm him or cause his demise, it would mark the ruin of our kingdom. Everything would die with him. Genevieve couldn’t have that, so she banished the prince and her half-sister the Grand Fairy in the realm of the mortals. This way she can rule the kingdom for all eternity without interference.”

“Faeona, is it?” Miles asked. Faeona nodded his head accordingly. “Faeona, what does this have to do with our Rogue?”

“Because she is the prince’s Grand Princess,” he stated simply as if everyone should know this by now. “Somehow, when the prince was banished, she too was sent away in a safety measure to protect her from the Wicked Witch. Prince Charming’s blood keeps the Kingdom alive, but without his queen, he would die from the agony of heartbreak thus bringing the Kingdom to ruin. Rogue is the prince’s predestined. Once they are wed, the blood ties will be complete and it will usher our Kingdom and our people into endless light and prosperity. Genevieve wants to spread utter darkness and in darkness, we cannot survive. Everything would be frozen, drained of life, and dwindle away.”

“Then why is everything coming to a head now? How did you find Rogue?”

Faeona shrugged, “For a very long time our worlds were blocked. Every portal that led to the human realm was either hexed or heavily guarded and we were left frozen in Genevieve’s darkness,” Faeona explained, turning to Rogue. He smiled when she sighed in her slumber, tucking the blanket tighter about her. “Something must have happened to awaken her abilities. Whatever it was, it has freed me and reunited me with my princess.”

He caressed her cheek gently, smiling with love and adoration. “I didn’t realize it until you were recounting your tale,” he said to Lisa. “But I was there the day you found her. I was only a little older than a hatchling. When you took hold of her, we were separated. I was sent back to our world while she remained. I have spent my life anticipating our reunion. I will protect her with my life. It is my very purpose and reason for breathing.”

“Are you in love with my sister?” Leon dead panned. He saw the way this thing was eyeing Rogue and wasn’t too sure how to feel about it.

Faeona took it all in good stride, laughing as he shook his head. “No, in our world we all have a predestined. Though I do possess deep sentiments towards my princess, she is not my one true love. What I feel for her very well rivals that of a father watching his daughter take her very first steps and eventually growing into a woman.”

“Ow! Ma, why’d you hit me?”

“For being so darn over protective. Can’t the man-bird-thing have platonic feelings too?” Lisa Raye replied, quirking her eyebrows at her son.


“Your mother is right, son. This bird-man-thing has feelings too.”

“I’m a Helper,” Faeona reminded them, “but in my species of Helper a bird is my natural form,” he further clarified.

Rogue finally began to stir from her slumber, rocking her head from side to side as she gradually awoke. She sat up with a stretch and a yawn feeling better after her sleep. “What?”

“You’re here acting like you’re Sleeping Beauty while we were all worried about you,” Leon chastised.

“But I needed that nap,” she whined before doing a kırıkkale escort double take. Her eyes bulged as she regarded Faeona in his human form. She thought quickly in an effort to play off his presence. “So, Mom, Dad, who is your little friend over here?”

“You can cut the act, we know who he is. Faeona told us everything,” Lexie informed her.


“Well, you were having a spell. I couldn’t very well allow you to injure yourself, could I? What sort of Helper would I be? I was merely thinking on my feet,” he quipped, instantly reverting back into a robin. He perched on her right shoulder as usual, snuggling into the crook of her neck before downright falling asleep.

“He’s such a brat,” she commented to herself. “So, anyone hungry? I sure could eat.”

Lisa Raye sat next to her daughter, her gentle hand touched Rogue’s unoccupied shoulder as she regarded her child. “Don’t you want to talk about this?”

Rogue’s mouth twitched as she thought about her mother’s question. She remembered when she had asked Faeona to tell her everything and how he had recommended that she learn as she went along. She liked his idea more and more after having fainted earlier. She needed time to process everything or she would overthink it and probably put herself in a coma the next time.

“I really am hungry though,” she mumbled, feeling her stomach begin to grumble.

“Dinner should be ready by now,” Lisa Raye replied, gently patting her daughter’s knees before standing to her feet. She carefully regarded her baby once more and then sat back down to hold her tightly. “Everything is going to be all right. I’m here for you. We all are.”

Rogue nodded her head in appreciation as her eyes clouded over from her mother’s warm embrace. Before she knew it she was sobbing into her mother’s breasts like a child. She allowed herself to release her fears and anxiety. She was a scared little girl who needed her mommy. “I’m so in over my head.”

Lisa Raye smiled, hugging her little baby even tighter than before. It’s been quite some time since she had seen her daughter so distraught. Rogue wasn’t a complainer. She often bottled up her feelings for the sake of others or put on a strong face to lift everyone’s morale. But moments like right now were her favorites because it reminded her that her baby still needs her. “It’s okay, baby.”

Faeona was startled awake from his brief slumber, fluttering about in panic until he noticed her tears. He hovered gently above her, assured that Rogue would be all right because she was here with her family. “It seems our princess is still a little under the weather.”

“And hungry,” Rogue hiccupped.

Lisa regarded her husband and he knowingly left to the kitchen to check on their meal. The food was indeed ready for consumption and everyone was beginning to feel hunger pangs. Miles set the table, plating the meal and wondering if the bird-man-thing ate food. “Dinner is ready,” he called. A bright idea popped into his head and Miles hurriedly sought to get it done before everyone was seated at the table. Making an extra spot at the table, he placed the bowl down with a grin as he clapped his hand at his awesomeness.

“Wow, Daddy, you didn’t have to dish out our food,” Lexie gushed. She sat at the first plate she spotted with what appeared to be more vegetables and less meat than the others.

Leon rolled his eyes as he sat across from her. He always told her that her baby needed more protein, but other than sweets Lexie only respected vegetables when it came to food. “The baby needs more protein, Lex. That’s why he’s playing drums with your insides.”

“Don’t nag your sister,” Lisa Raye chastised.

“Here Faeona,” Miles offered, pushing the bowl before him.

Faeona gracefully landed on the edge of the table and regarded the contents of the bowl. He twisted his head to the left and finally to the right before eyeing Miles. “What, pray tell, are theses?” He sifted through the bowl, the scent hitting his nostrils causing him to snort.

“It’s sunflower seeds,” Miles explained. “I didn’t know if you ate and I figured you’d like seeds, but I don’t have birdseeds.”

“Bird seeds?!” Faeona squawked, flapping his wings away from what he thought to be a rancid smell. He landed beside Rogue’s plate, regarding it with lustful hunger in his eyes.

“Yo-you eat human food?” Leon asked curiously. His eyes bulged when he watched the bird devour Rogue’s meal in one bite, porcelain and all.

“Bad bird-man-thing!” Rogue slapped his head causing him to cough and nearly choke on the food. He flew away with what sounded like a chortle as he settled on the loveseat with a belch.

“Here.” Lisa Raye handed her daughter another plate as she fought to hide her laughter. She knew that Faeona was a nice match for her daughter. They had a great, odd friendship which she really needed.

“Thanks Mom.” Rogue smiled appreciatively as she accepted the new plate of food. “Don’t feel bad, Dad, Faeona is weird. But he absolutely loves pancakes. kırklareli escort He might die from a pancake overdose…”

“Did someone say pancakes?” Faeona eagerly hovered above their heads, waiting for the pancakes to appear.

“No Fae.”

“We’ll have some pancakes for you in the morning,” Miles informed him. Faeona chirped happily before flying away once more.

“Lard ass,” Rogue snickered under her breath. “Ow! Why’d you pinch me, Mommy?” She fake pouted, batting her brown eyes at her mother.

“Be good, you cute little brat,” her mother replied, pinching her cheek before grabbing her napkin to dab at Leon’s mouth although he was frowning and gently pushing her away. “I’m so glad that all of my babies are here with me tonight. I’ve missed you all so much.”

“I missed you guys too, Momma.”

Genevieve hummed eerily as she added a dash of crow’s foot to her bubbling concoction. She multitasked, stirring as she turned to her looking glass to keep a watchful eye on her sister. That damn good, light fairy was still lazing about in bed. She snorted, maybe years of being in the human world had truly weakened Priscilla. Shame. After her ascension, Priscilla became the Grand Fairy of the Kingdom, deeming her the most powerful fairy of all.

She was the equivalent of Camelot’s Merlin. It’s a disgrace that she never used her powers for her own personal ventures. She could have easily ruled the Kingdom and perhaps they could have divided the spoils together. Genevieve sneered at her sister who was currently coughing in bed. So weak. Who would have known? Before her exile, Genevieve confessed that Priscilla had been her greatest challenge.

However, now that her sister was more or less of a moot point, she could fearlessly send Igor into enemy territory and get the results she needed. If she could do it herself, she would but when she banished her sister, Priscilla had casted an enchantment upon her which left her trapped in the castle. “Bitch,” Genevieve muttered.

Every time she thought about what her sister had done to her, she was engulfed with rage. Some might think it was her just desserts for throwing the Kingdom into utter chaos, but it was pure bullshit. Even to this day with her sister casted into exile and growing weaker every moment, her blood enchantment had yet to wear off. Perhaps she could find a way for Igor to break the curse. She decided to play it by ear.

Speaking of Igor…Genevieve turned about, practically prancing with excitement as she made her way across her dungeon to her Helper. “Beautiful,” she whispered as she regarded his fluid like capsule aiding in his transformation process. His blond hair was now black, his stature was diminishing from his normal giant like height, his muscle mass reducing to accommodate his new look.

Genevieve could feel her emerald eyes glowing in delight the longer she gazed upon him. He was becoming the man of the chosen girl’s dreams. There was no way this human wouldn’t fall under his spell and betray the Grand Fairy. Everyone has a price, and Igor would gladly pay for the human’s loyalty. “My little Igor, you are truly magnificent.”

She could hear the low, nasal whine of several approaching vultures as they one by one entered her dungeon. Vying for her attention, they pecked and hissed at each other, their necks snapping like whips as they cautiously leered about the room as if they were suspicious of her cauldron and enchantment paraphernalia. A large vulture, she had deemed the leader of the flock, awkwardly hopped/ran in her direction.

He hissed violently in her direction and Genevieve giggled like a playful child, ignoring his snapping beak as she reached to rub his small head. “What do you have for me?”

She listened as he continued his hissing, nodding her head every so often as he continued his monologue. Her head jerked in his direction as he uttered something she disliked. “What do you mean the ice seems to be melting? Who is in charge of keeping the sacred territory protected?”

The oversized vulture hissed and whined which reassured Genevieve that the issue would be handled quickly. “Good. I want you to keep the forest creatures in order. Do not allow them to escape from the dark forest. Now that the vines have engulfed their territory, they have nowhere to hide. Once they make a true appearance, send them to the frozen lands to join the rest of the Kingdom. They’re the last of the resistance.”

She rummaged through her cabinets in search of her spell book as the vultures waited for her to finish. “To think that furry critters are my annoying adversaries puts me to shame. At least Priscilla was worth the fight. How one gets defeated by mere berries and pine cones are beyond me.”

The vultures hissed in chorus as if protesting her backhanded statements. Genevieve rolled her eyes, smiling once more when she found the spell she needed. She reached for the closest vulture, quickly plucking a feather from its rump and wickedly laughing when it snapped at her. She marked the page and continued sifting through her book. “Once Igor breaks Priscilla’s enchantment, I will reckon with those damn forest creatures. Their love alone is keeping the light aflame in the enchanted lands. Poppycock. Now, go and do what I have commanded you to do. I need to breathe, and you all smell like a horde of filthy animals.”

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