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A grey station wagon pulls up and parks very carefully between a sports car and an SUV. The doors open simultaneously and a variety of people spew out. Several more people exit from the beach house to greet them.

“Hey everyone. It’s wonderful to see you all. We thought you’d never get here.” Exclaimed Glenda, leading the welcoming committee. She tottered down the wooden steps in her heels wearing a tight dress, with her fake bosoms protruding, her botox smile beaming and her short red hair bobbed. A very well maintained 44 year old, if not a little over dressed.

“We would have been here hours ago if Mike hadn’t decided to take the I40.” Cursed Elizabeth. She was less curvy than her cosmetically enhanced sister but had the same colour hair, although hers was much longer and free flowing. She was prettier too. And three years younger. She was wearing a short lime green skirt and as she walked towards Glenda, she ran her hands across her pert backside to smooth out the wrinkles she had accumulated during the trip. They hugged.

“No not the I40.” Corrected Glenda. “Always the I95. Brings you most of the way in. Doesn’t it Bryce?” She turned to her young husband for confirmation.

“Always the I95 dearest.” Replied her preppily dressed lover.

“I think Mike was trying to be smart.” Said Elizabeth. Her tone suggested this had been a topic of conversation long before they had arrived.

“If I was being smart I would have stayed at home.” Mike muttered. He was standing by the trunk removing copious amounts of luggage and hoped nobody would hear. He was wrong.

“Oh come on Mike. Let’s be nice.” Glenda tried to encourage him. “It’s Tracey’s big day tomorrow, let’s all be upbeat. Now come inside everyone, I’ve got some mimosas ready.”

“What’s a mimosa?” Inquired Lucy.

“It’s Aunt Glenda’s favourite drink.” Mike replied, making sure he was not overheard this time.

“Oh good,” Lucy enthused. “I’ll have two.”

“No you won’t. You’re fourteen and it’s alcoholic.” Elizabeth explained to her daughter, who then pouted up the steps into the house.

Most of the welcoming committee had gone inside, leaving Mike and Greg to bring in the cases, bags and other assorted accoutrements required for a wedding. Only one person remained. That person was Lorelai. She stood on the porch and watched the two men heave everything up the steps. She appeared to have been texting on her phone most of the time and oblivious to all that was happening. Until now. She raised her phone and snapped a photo of Greg which startled him. Lorelai was dressed so much differently to her mother. She was wearing baggy sweatpants and a short t-shirt which enabled her to display her pierced navel. Her hair was just longer than shoulder length but she chose to wear it in pigtails. The epitome of casual. She smiled at Greg.

“I’m glad you could make it.” She told him in a subdued tone. She was leaning against a wooden pillar, her feet in a brand new pair of Nike’s and looked about fifteen. Greg knew that was impossible because she was about fifteen when they last met and that was two years ago. He smiled at her and she followed them inside, her attention now regained by her phone.


After everything had been reposited in their allocated rooms, the Matthews retired to the expansive lounge where the Mulgrew family awaited them with Mimosas, a variety of soft drinks and an array of prepared fruit.

“Well isn’t this just fabulous? Here we are all together as one family.” Onwin Glenda raised her substantially full glass and proposed a toast. “To family. And to Tracey and Tony. Hoping their wedding day is as special as ours.” She smiled and turned to Bryce, who smiled and downed his drink in one.

“To family.” Said Elizabeth and Mike in unison, their earlier spat now forgotten. Greg took a sip of his drink and screwed up his face. Alcohol was not his thing. He could drink a few beers but really nothing else. And particularly not wine. He looked across at Lorelai who had seen his reaction and was trying to supress a giggle. He blushed.

“What’s funny, Lolo” Asked Anne, her younger sister, who was sitting next to her like she always did. She called her ‘Lolo’ because when she was younger she found it difficult pronouncing Lorelai and it kind of stuck.

“You. You’re funny. Funny looking.” She tweaked Anne’s nose and they laughed together. Greg watched her. He watched her and Anne chat and laugh together. Anne was twelve. He knew that because she was two years younger than Lucy. Both were born in February. Anne was a plain girl with blondish hair. A little slow of thought but Greg had always liked her. He wished Lucy was more like her, more happy-go-lucky. Instead Lucy was a brat. An oafish, self-centred annoying little brat. And right on cue, almost as if she could hear his thoughts, Lucy stumbled off a bar stool knocked over a tray of drinks, sending glass and ice all across the floor. Pandemonium broke out and Lorelai made a dash for the door, grabbing Greg’s hand and pulling him with her. Anne instinctively followed her sister.


Lorelai and Greg found themselves sat together on the Love Swing facing towards the beach. It was growing dark and the last remnants of the sun’s rays danced on the surface of the ocean. Anne bounced along the wooden slatted porch and sat cross-legged on the floor in front of her sister and cousin. They all seemed relieved to be in each other’s company and away from the parents.

“What a fucking relief.” Lorelai exhaled with a deep breath.

“Yep. My sister’s a pain in ass.” He looked down at Anne, who looked knowingly back at him.

“It’s ok. I won’t tell her you said.” He winked at Anne who chuckled.

“How old are you Greg?” She asked, with all the tact a twelve-year old could muster.

“Eighteen and a half.” His reply made Lorelai snigger.

“And a half? Really?” She echoed derisively.

“Yeah. Actually, seven months but I rounded it down.” He threw a glance at her and she was staring right back at him. “And you must be seventeen then?”

“Eighteen. Eighteen and three days. No rounding.” Greg eyes opened wide in astonishment but he turned away to hide it.

“Well happy belated birthday.” He acknowledged.

“Thanks.” She replied. They sat quietly for a few minutes, Greg trying to eye up Lorelai both physically and mentally. Physically was easier. She had definitely grown since he last saw her. A nice pair of medium sized breasts filled her tight t-shirt and, although short in stature, she was quite trim. Greg assumed she must work out or something. Her hair was brunette and still in pigtails. It was a style that he found very attractive. A very pretty girl all round bodily with a face to match. Delicate lips, soft pale skin and the deepest, twinkliest brown eyes he had ever seen. Without staring too closely, he detected a hint of make-up, but it was minimal and discreet. She was wearing perfume too. Light, flowery and a fragrance that Greg would not forget in a hurry. All in all, she was a delight. Mentally however, far more difficult to make out. They had only conversed at basic level before now so not much to go on. But there was something intriguing about her. Different. Dark maybe. She certainly stood out from the rest of the family. That could only be a good thing.

“Lolo’s going to be a bridesmaid tomorrow. Isn’t that right Lolo?” Lorelai hung her head a little.

“Don’t remind me.” She said by way of an admission.

“Oh, you’ll look so beautiful. I wish I was going to be a bridesmaid.”

“Maybe one day. If you have a friend who wants to see you humiliated. Who wants to pay you back for something you said or did years earlier. Then, perhaps you too can be a bridesmaid.” Lorelai showed no enthusiasm for the task.

“Are you wearing a big puffy dress?” Asked Greg, with more than a little mocking in his voice.

“Yes. Yellow. Not just yellow. FUCKING yellow. I look like a cross between a canary and a ballerina.”

“How many bridesmaids are there?”

“Five in total. Crystal, Meghan, one of Tracey’s friend’s and Jenny is the maid of honour.”

“Crystal? Who’s she?”

“I mean Christine. Our cousin. I call her Crystal. Because she reminds me of crystal meth. She fucks my head up.” Anne looked confused. “It’s okay pumpkin it’s our secret.” The young sister smiled again and, contagiously, so did Greg and Lorelai. They sat and gossiped aimlessly for a while about other branches of the family and decided by the end of it, that theirs was the least defective. About an hour had passed now and it was dark. Really dark. They heard loud voices from inside and assumed dinner must be ready. Anne got up and ran off – she mostly ran or skipped everywhere – leaving the two cousins to finish their conversation.

“I’m glad you’re staying with us this weekend. It might be a lot more bearable now.” Lorelai confessed.

“And I am too. It’s been fun getting to know you better. I hope we can get to spend some together over the next few days. Bridesmaid duties aside obviously.”

“Oh, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me. I can guarantee that.” She gave him a look. He had no idea what it meant. She took his hand and lead him back inside.


The beach house was of generous size. Generous enough to afford Greg an en-suite double bedroom to himself. He feared having to share with Lucy but it was poor Anne who had that misfortune. He had a comfy big bed and a large screen television which was currently showing some chat show that he had no interest in. It was background noise. His mind was firmly fixed on his encounters with the delightful Lorelai. He was very surprised at how mature she was. He could no longer think of her as a little girl. His young cousin. No, she was about as grown up as they come. He had developed a new way of thinking about her. A way which involved him firmly grasping his penis and stroking it. His eyes were closed and his mind on her firm young breasts and adorably cute belly button. These were such pleasant thoughts. Maybe wrong, wrong in many ways but delicious. Annoyingly though, they were interrupted by a gentle tapping at his door. He quickly covered himself up as best he could and switched the tv off.

“Come in.” The door opened slowly and his heart skipped a beat when Lorelai popped her head inside.

“Am I disturbing you?”

“Oh no. Come in please.” He sat upright.

“Watching porn were you?” She asked with a straight face.

“Not at all. No. Just not really watching anything.”

“Shame. Bryce subscribes to all the porn channels but I suspect mom watches them just as much. I just watched a lesbian movie on channel 402. Not my thing normally but got me aroused.” Greg was speechless. “How about you? What gets you aroused?” He had to think for a while. His first reaction was not to answer at all but that might not look good. So he hemmed and hawed a little. Lorelai stood there in a short silk kimono, tied at the waist. She had let her hair down now and it draped gently across her shoulders. She licked her lips provocatively.

“Blow jobs.” He blurted out. “Big messy blow jobs. Watching girls give them.” It was partially a lie but he had to say something and this was the least pervy thing he could think of.

“Oh.” She paused. “A man after my own heart.” She moved slowly towards him and sat on the edge of the bed. “I like to watch that too. I like the slow build up.” She slid her hand under his bedcover and pulled it back revealing his half erect cock. It was becoming more erect by the second. She looked him in the eye as her hand slipped down and gently cupped his balls. “Watching a young girl as she takes a man’s flaccid member and coaxes it into readiness.” She ran her fingers up his shaft and watched his sharp intake of breath. “Feeling the tension as the blood rushes through his throbbing member.” She ran her finger across the head and then back down to the base. Slowly and sensually. He was almost breathless. “Then, when his cock is completely rock hard, she lowers her lips onto the head.”

She released the belt to her kimono, allowing it to open slightly. Very slightly but enough for Greg to catch a side glimpse of one breast and a nipple. She lowered her head towards his cock. Her tongue flickered around his slit causing some pre-cum to dribble out. She then licked the underside of the head. Repeatedly. Slowly. It was delicious agony to him. Finally she took the tip of his cock between her lips and gave a little suck. He groaned, not unexpectedly. “Then once she has tasted his dick, she wants more.” And with that she lowered her head and took the majority of his nicely sized dick into the back of throat. But only for a second and as she raised her head again, she trailed her tongue along the whole of the shaft. She then resumed slowly licking the head, looking up at him as she did so. “Such a slow, intense build up. You can almost feel the pressure. The excitement. His ejaculate readying itself to be propelled across her face”. The head of his penis was now purple. He thought he may explode.

Her hand was firmly gripped around his shaft and her tongue never lost contact with at least some part of his cock at any time. She stared up at him.

“You’re not uncomfortable with any of this are you?” She asked.

“No. Nothing. Not anything.” He muttered incoherently. She held the bell-shaped head between her soft lips for a second and sucked ever so gently.

“I mean with us being cousins and all?” She continued. He shook his head.

“No. I don’t care. I don’t care at all.”

“Good.” She said. “I’m glad to hear it. That bodes well for the future.” She stood up abruptly, re-tied her kimono and started to walk out.

“Is that it?” Greg’s frustration was intense.

“For now.” She pointed at the tv. “Channel 402. Have fun.” She turned and softly closed the door behind her.

“I’ll get her. I’ll fuck her so hard. Bitch.” He muttered to himself, before reaching for the remote and grabbing a tight hold of his dick. But his anger subsided quickly. Around the same time that his copious amounts of cum hit the bed sheets. He thought of her again. Continuously until he fell asleep with a smile on his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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