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When Lauren arrived back in the house Renee was dressed and ready to go to work. She asked about the trouble at the restaurant but Lauren wouldn’t talk about it. All she said was that it was a conflict and it’s been resolved. Renee let it drop as she prepared their lunch.

Lauren noticed Renee seemed to be a bit quieter than normal. She thought it must have been the yoga since it was her first time. It took some prodding from Lauren to get Renee to actually sustain a conversation as they ate. There were quite a few lulls which wasn’t the usual Renee or at least the Renee that Lauren had come to know over the past few weeks.

As they were washing and putting the dishes away Lauren asked Renee, “Do you like baseball?”

Renee thought for a moment, “I do. I played softball in high school and on a traveling team. It can get boring on television but I do like watching the games live. Why?”

Lauren smiled as she produced two tickets from her purse, “I have two seats along the first base side for today’s game with the Braves. Wanna go?”

Renee’s eyes widened, “Who are they playing? Oh, it doesn’t matter. Sure! Wait, we aren’t going to work?”

“No, I’ve talked with some of the staff and since you’re doing so well I figured we could take some time off. We can talk about how you’re progressing while we sit and watch the boys play. The game starts a little after seven so we have the afternoon to explore Atlanta. How does that sound?”

“You are the best Lauren! I’d love that.” Renee hugged her mentor tightly, her melancholy mood vanished with the news.

“So, go get changed. We’ll do some shopping then eat dinner downtown, nothing too fancy so wear comfortable shoes.”

Renee beamed, “Not to worry, I have some in my bag upstairs.”

She kissed Lauren’s cheek before heading off to get ready. Lauren smiled then made her way upstairs to change. She’d thought about altering Renee’s routine at work and this would be a good time to discuss how things were going and if her intern was getting what she needed from the experience.

They slipped into Lauren’s car, top down and headed to town. Their conversation was light; Renee asked about the places they were going. Lauren only hinted at some of the shops and boutiques. The first stop was at Lenox Square, a high end mall in the Northern part of Atlanta. Renee was in designer heaven, stores like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and various others.

As they strolled Lauren asked about the internship and how Renee was feeling about it. Renee confessed she’d discovered it was hard work and that all Lauren’s employees had been very helpful. She needed to sit down and incorporate what she’d learned into some lesson plans for the kids. She also thought about starting a garden with the help of some of the other teachers so the kids could grow their own food to use in the recipes. It would be a way of having them see how it was all connected rather than just buying things at the grocery store. She’d read that kids eat better when they help out and that in turn would help their families do the same.

Lauren thought that was a great idea, she volunteered to help out as best she could to make it all happen. As they cruised the various shops the topic slowly turned to clothes and shoes. Renee couldn’t afford such luxuries on her salary so most of their time was wishful thinking. Lauren had other plans, despite Renee’s reluctance to try on five hundred dollar shoes Lauren insisted she do it anyway.

Renee felt completely out of place trying on the various clothes, lingerie and shoes Lauren suggested to her. After a few outfits and some whining she finally got into the mood. Lauren helped with that by donning some of the same outfits as Renee. They would both disappear into the fitting rooms and see who would be the first one out. They giggled and laughed as they each took turns modeling and showing off to each other.

Lauren enjoyed the expressions on Renee’s face as she donned designer boots, heels and various dresses, tops, skirts matching them with handbags and jewelry. She talked her into lingerie to go with everything despite Renee’s embarrassment and objections. Lauren tried some on just to make Renee feel more at ease. She even took pictures of Renee modeling them with her cell phone.

At a couple of stores Lauren secretly purchased complete outfits Renee had modeled and looked especially good in. She made arrangements with the sales clerks to pick them up at a later date to surprise Renee.

From Lenox Square they headed off to Phipps Plaza doing much the same thing as Lenox Square. Renee was into the swing of things this time, trying on outfits without Lauren prodding her. She was having the time of her life even though they didn’t buy anything. Lauren told her it’s why they call it shopping and not buying.

They ate dinner at Davios. Renee delighted in figuring out how each course was made since she’d been a ‘sous chef’ for a month. Lauren thought it was funny how she picked things apart, describing them bursa eskort to her as she ate.

It was getting close to game time so they made their way to Fulton County Stadium. The Braves would be moving next year so Renee took a bunch of pictures prior to going in so she could say she’d been there. Their seats were two rows back from the field, just ten seats from the dugout. Renee took more pictures as the players appeared during the pre-game.

The Braves were playing the San Francisco Giants who were leading the Western Division of the National League. The Braves had fallen on hard times over the past few years and weren’t doing so well.

As they sat and watched the game Renee’s mood slowly changed. She’d been very happy and carefree while they were at the mall and for most of the game. Lauren noticed she seemed quieter than normal as if she were thinking about something.

She asked questions, but all she received back were short responses. Even when a foul ball landed near them Renee failed to get excited. Lauren shrugged it off thinking that Renee was just tired or on her period. Lauren almost felt alone during the ride home. Renee stared out at the scenery despite the darkness as if she were looking for something.

When they arrived home Renee thanked Lauren for such a great day then went up to bed. Lauren thought about asking her what was going on but decided not to. She was just beginning to really get to know Renee and figured if her intern wanted to talk she would.

The next day Renee was still in a somber mood. They worked out barely speaking to each other the entire time. The entire week went by and Renee hardly said a word to Lauren. It was if a switch had been turned off in her. Lauren began to worry. She called Devina a couple of times but all she got was voice mail and no return calls.

Lauren decided to head back to Lenox Square on Thursday and buy a couple of the outfits Renee had tried on. She thought maybe that would get her out of the funk she was in. On Friday, they went in to work during the morning and took off just after lunch. She figured Renee would love the clothes and be more than willing to go out clubbing wearing them. When they got home Lauren made Renee wait in the kitchen while she got her surprise together.

Lauren called down to Renee from her room, “Okay come on up.”

Lauren sat on the edge of her bed as Renee cautiously walked in wondering what was going on. The two outfits were wrapped in boxes at the foot of the bed.

Renee looked at them then back at Lauren, “What’s this?”

“Well, you’ve been a little quiet this past week so I thought we’d go out tonight and I got these for you. You looked so yummy in them when we were shopping and you’ve been such a delight to work with I thought I’d reward you. Don’t say you can’t take them; I know you said you can’t afford that sort of thing. Consider them a birthday and Christmas gift. I don’t care, they are yours and I’ll not take them back.”

Renee was floored, “Seriously? I really don’t deserve this. I don’t know what to say, Lauren.”

“Just say ‘thank you’ and continue doing what you’ve been doing. I’m enjoying your internship and I know your students for years to come will enjoy the things you’re going to teach them. Now, try them on just to be sure. I noted your sizes while we were shopping and the pictures I took guaranteed I got the right ones.”

“Really Lauren, you shouldn’t have. I really don’t deserve these. That must be over two thousand dollars, I can’t really.”

“Don’t argue with me, young lady. Try them on and we’re going out tonight and that’s the end of the discussion.”

Renee opened the boxes, inside each were the dresses she’d fallen in love with while they were out shopping. One was a Navy blue satin that was cut just above her knees. It emphasized her slim waist and her legs. The other dress was white, it hinted at her cleavage, exposing her back, and was also cut just above her knees; she loved them both. Lauren also bought all the matching accessories they’d looked at when they tried the dresses on. She had no clue as to their plans for the evening but if Lauren wanted her to wear either of the dresses it must be someplace or places special.

Examining each piece she lamented, “I still don’t really feel I deserve this. You’ve been so nice to me already, Lauren. I feel like I owe you more than I can repay.”

Lauren sighed, “Renee, what did I tell you?

“I know, I’ll go try them on. I’m sure they’ll fit,” she replied as she picked up one dress to hold against her body.

“Good, I have a few places I think you’ll enjoy, so wipe that frown off your face and let’s go have some fun.”

Renee reluctantly took the two dresses to her room to try on. Lauren had hoped for a better reaction regarding the gifts. Renee’s lackluster mood made Lauren more concerned something major was wrong. She’d have to figure out some way to get Renee to tell her, obviously her first try didn’t work.

Renee took both dresses bursa bayan escort to her room. She laid them on the bed and looked each one over. She recalled them both when she and Lauren had tried them at the shopping center. She loved both of them and all the accessories Lauren had bought to go with them. The gnawing feeling of guilt she had inside her kept her from accepting them. The tryst with Devina had felt so wonderful at the time but now it was eating her up. She knew she’d have to tell Lauren at some point about the shower, she couldn’t go on for the next month moping about. Maybe Lauren suspected something already and this was her way of getting a confession by making her feel guilty.

She sighed, realizing she was thinking too much. Lauren didn’t seem like that kind of person. Looking at each dress, holding them up to her, looking at each one in the full length mirror she decided to wear the backless one.

They ate a light dinner, taking their time to get dressed afterwards. When they each stepped from their respective rooms they both froze gazing at each other.

Lauren was first, “Oh my, you look amazing, Renee. I love how that dress fits you! Turn for me.”

Renee blushed, turning as Lauren took her in.

Lauren stepped a bit closer, her finger tracing Renee’s spine as she admired the girl’s dress. “Your back muscles make that dress perfection. You are going to get hit on all night long.”

Renee shivered with Lauren’s touch then sighed, “Oh, maybe I’ll change.”

Lauren countered, “Don’t you dare. I love how you look. We’ll fight them off together. I have to defend my best intern.”

Renee smiled still feeling a bit guilty. “You look fantastic yourself, Lauren. That dress and those shoes, oh my.”

Lauren grinned, “Okay, we both look hot. Let’s go break some hearts, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

So, they headed out to the car and into Atlanta proper. Atlanta nightlife can be very exciting if you know where to go and Lauren did. They didn’t stay long at any of the clubs she picked preferring to show Renee the various venues available. Lauren didn’t drink because she was driving. Renee decided she wouldn’t either because she thought if she did she might accidentally confess her guilt about Devina to Lauren and ruin the evening.

They danced and enjoyed being out on the town; each received various propositions from strangers they encountered at the clubs. Some tempted Lauren but she thought better of it, not wanting to show Renee her wild streak just yet. They stayed out until two then headed back to Lauren’s house. Both were exhausted. Renee’s mood had brightened a bit, laughing and joking with Lauren all the way home, talking about the people they’d encountered. After saying their good nights, each headed off to bed.

It was around six in the morning, the sun had just peeked into the windows when Lauren was gently awakened by movement on the bed. She opened her eyes to see Renee’s hair askew, dressed in her panties and nightshirt sitting on the edge next to her sobbing. She propped herself up, rubbing her eyes, trying to focus. She asked the tearful Renee what was wrong as she looked at her alarm clock.

Between sobs Renee confessed, “I did a bad thing, Lauren.”

“What do you mean? I’ve been with you since you’ve been here. You haven’t done anything bad. Quite the contrary you’ve been excellent.”

“I did, it was when you left Devina and I alone. I thought I could keep it a secret but I can’t.”

“Keep what a secret?”

“Devina and I played around after the yoga lesson, in the shower. She just walked in on me and I couldn’t help myself. I’m so sorry, I should just go back to California. I’ve ruined my internship.”

Lauren sighed opening her arms to comfort her intern, “Come here. I know Devina better than you do, Renee. She is hard to say no to. So, you’re telling me you showered with her?”

Renee sniffed as she fell into Lauren’s arms, “Yes, I didn’t want to say anything but we did more than shower.”

Lauren cocked one eyebrow looking Renee in the eyes, “More than shower? You two had sex, right?”

Renee sobbed, “Yes, we did. I’m bi and I was well, enraptured with her body, the way she touched me during the session. I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Oh, sweetie it’s okay. We all succumb to urges at times. I did with her once also and maybe a few more times. I’m not into men as if you hadn’t figured that out. I don’t care what your sexual orientation is. I gave you this opportunity because you’re a devoted teacher and are doing it for your students. Devina does have a way about her. I have to confess, she is an amazing lover. I am however a bit let down that it wasn’t me, but I can live with that.”

Renee looked up at Lauren, “What, you’re attracted to me?”

Lauren smiled as she held Renee’s face in her palms, then with one finger gently removing the tear soaked strands of hair from Renee’s face she softly whispering to her, “Yes, sweetie bursa ucuz escort I am. I became attracted to you when we first skyped. Having you here the past month has been a real test of will power for me. I’m surprised you haven’t heard rumors or anything from the staff.”

“I haven’t, but some of the customers sort of made insinuations I didn’t really understand what they were talking about. I’m flattered and to be honest I’m attracted to you also. I didn’t want to spoil our relationship by saying or doing anything.”

Lauren then kissed her intern. Renee hesitated at first then relaxed letting Lauren console her. She realized Lauren wasn’t going to punish her at least not right now. Lauren could feel Renee relax and enjoy the kiss. She lingered on her soon to be lover’s lips, enjoying the flavor along with the feeling that soon there would be relief for her pent up frustrations.

Wrapping her arms around her lover, Lauren twisted her around then gently shifted her weight encouraging Renee to lay prone on the bed. She laid across Renee kissing and massaging with one hand as her other hand explored the girl’s hair, entwining her fingers in her locks. Sifting through her hair as they kissed she delighted in its softness. Her other hand maneuvered its way under Renee’s nightshirt and over her tummy.

Lauren could feel Renee’s muscles contracting as she massaged the flat tummy she’d been eyeing for the past month. They kissed and cuddled as the sun broke through the bedroom window illuminating the two of them.

Lauren paused, looking into Renee’s eyes, “Let’s get comfy, babydoll. I don’t think we’ll be going to work today or tonight.”

Renee giggled, “Yes, ma’am. You’re the boss.”

Lauren slipped off of Renee, taking the hem of her nightshirt she lifted it over her head, tossing it to the floor.

“Oh, I like that kitten. I am the boss,” as she straddled the bed removing her panties.

Renee shuddered watching Lauren remove her top. Despite having seen Lauren’s breasts before, this time she was going to be able to kiss and suckle them just as she had imagined. Lauren’s proclamation that she was the boss added to Renee’s excitement.

“Let’s turn these sheets down so they don’t get in our way.”

Renee extracted herself from the bed, removing her nightshirt as well, tossing next to Lauren’s.

Massaging her breasts she purred, “I think that’s a wonderful idea, Ms. Lauren.”

“Oh, you are so much more than I had figured kitten. I love this side of you.”

Lauren watched as Renee removed her panties, then grabbed the sheets, turning them down and folding them neatly at the end of the bed.

“Does this suit you, Ms. Lauren?”

“Yes, my sweet kitten. We’re going to have to discuss this new relationship after we make love. Now I know I made the right choice with you. This next month is going to be delicious, baby girl.”

“Oh gawd. I’ve been dreaming of this the entire time I’ve been here.” Renee confessed as she joined Lauren at the head of the bed.

Lauren moved over Renee, her leg slipping between her lover’s. She could feel the warm sweet anticipation of Renee with her thigh. Placing her hands on either side of her lover, she rose up and down Renee’s body making sure their breasts met with each movement. Her thigh slipping easily over the excited young woman’s lips made her smile. She lowered her face to kiss Renee full on the lips. Her body’s motion igniting their passion which had been held in check for the few weeks. Finally, their lust for one another would be satisfied.

Renee closed her eyes, a shiver shot through her as Lauren kissed and massaged her body with her own. The older woman felt so good on top of her. All those nights dreaming of this moment, her fingers bringing her to climax didn’t come close to how Lauren actually felt against her.

Lauren could feel her eagerness, the trembling and could see the goose bumps rise on the girl’s arms when she looked back down their bodies.

“Don’t cum too soon, baby girl. We’re just getting started.”

“I’m trying not to, you just feel so good against me I don’t know if I can help it.”

“We’ll work on that,” Lauren smiled, “there are so many things we can do together my little love, so many things we can explore.”

“Will we ever go back to the restaurant?” Renee managed between moans of delight.

“Of course we will, no more mentioning of work, kitten. You are all mine for the rest of today, understand?”

Whispering, Renee replied, “Yes, ma’am. That feels so good Lauren, I love your body against mine. My pussy has been aching for you over the past few weeks. I didn’t think I could last until the end.”

Lauren smiled, “Oh, I assure you this was going to happen sooner rather than later. I want you on top of me baby. Let’s rub ourselves into sweet oblivion.”

Renee managed to extract herself from Lauren as she rolled over onto her back. Sitting up on the bed while Lauren laid back against the pillows, she managed to slip her legs between her lover’s, lifting one of Lauren’s against her chest. Lauren massaged Renee’s quads as she began rubbing their mounds together. At first it was slow and methodical, Lauren delighting in watching Renee’s ab muscles ripple along with the feeling of their pussies engaging each other.

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