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I was just 23. I lived in an inexpensive 2 bedroom apartment in the San Fernando Valley with a roommate named Mike.

I went out on a lot of dates with girls and women and was pretty self-confident in that regard. I didn’t have a lot of money so I liked to come up with unusual date ideas that didn’t involve lots of cash. Some of the best dates I had happened when I went out on a limb and approached very beautiful women to do something they’d never been asked to do. One of my favorites was to drive up to Mulholland drive. There was a place you could park and hike down the hill to just behind the Hollywood Bowl. You could hear the music perfectly and you could take a blanket and picnic basket- all for free. Almost no one knew about it would never be crowded. It was a great place for necking and all the feel ups you could squeeze in but a little too public for more. You could do the same thing at the Greek Theatre by parking up at the Griffith Park Observatory but it was usually more crowded in the “cheap, cheap seats”.

This was the late ’70’s and if you didn’t live it- you have no idea. Young women had easy access to birth control and society, if not their parents, had tacitly given them permission to explore their sexuality for the first time in history.

My roommate Mike was not bad looking but he had a complex about women and was painfully shy. Because of this he got stoned a lot- pretty much all the time. Maybe it was the reverse- awkward because he was stoned, but his conversations with women were always strained. He usually just grinned at them and offered them the bong. He ended up with very few second dates.

Mike did have a female friend a couple of years younger than I was. I don’t remember how they met but she had gotten kicked out of her boyfriend’s house and was desperate for a place to crash. Mike asked, “Can she stay for just a couple of nights on the couch? She’s really desperate.”

I said sure, even though I was quite certain that a “couple of nights” was unlikely.

Rhona ended up staying about 6 weeks.

She was pleasant enough and at least she mostly picked up after herself and she even did some of our disgusting dishes. In this she was a net asset, even though we largely lost access to the living room couch. It was clear from the start that Mike had the hots for her but had no idea how to even get to first base. It was painful to watch.

Rhona wasn’t a beauty queen but all young women are attractive in their own way. She was about 5’3″ and 110 pounds with about B sized breasts, slim, boyish hips and a nice full butt. I was dating at the time and was not at all interested- plus Mike would have probably have killed me if I’d made a move on her..

Shortly before she left, she confided that she had to leave because Mike was putting pressure on her. On several occasions- with no preamble at all he had asked, “Do you want to fuck?” Mike really knew how to charm them. I was glad to be rid of her but sorry for the circumstances.

About a year after she left, I ran into Rhona at Trader Joes- I remember we were in the produce section. I was getting one of those big bags of tangerines- she was getting some tomatoes. As one does, we fell in to talking and I asked how she was. She said she was better- she had an apartment and a good job with a future at a real estate office.

We actually hit it off pretty well and I suggested we get a bite to eat at a cute little place down the street. It was a warm breezy evening and we ate outside. We split a large Caesar salad with salmon, a basket of bread sticks and bottle of decent red wine. We still had some wine left so we ordered a chocolate mousse. Red wine and chocolate are soooo good together.

We talked about poor Mike. “He was after me all the time, couldn’t take a hint. He never got aggressive or angry, he was just relentless. I know I stayed at your place longer than I should have but you really helped me out at a tough time. I’ve been meaning to thank you.”

During dinner she laughed easily and played with her hair a lot. After desert, she picked up the check. I complained, like a guy is supposed to do but she insisted, “It’s the least I can do. I live really close. Want to come over for a swim?”

It was still quite warm and I said “Sure,” even though it was obvious to both of us I had no officially sanctioned swimwear with me. I thought that this could end up being interesting. The pool was in an enclosure with a wooden fence which blocked the wind and the view of any causal passersby. sincan escort bayan There were no lights on in the pool area and no other swimmers. The city lights provided enough illumination to see pretty well but it wasn’t brightly lit.

I put down my grocery bag on a chair as did she. Seeing no obvious alternative, I started stripping down to my underwear. She saw me, giggled and began to disrobe as well. I was wearing tight fitting black Jockey type underwear so my semi wasn’t immediately obvious, unless I suppose you were really looking. She looked really good in her lacy low cut red bra and panties. “Interesting that she hadn’t gone inside to put on a bathing suit- this is encouraging,” I thought. The water was very pleasant- cool without being cold. After a minute or so she suggested, “You wanna skinny dip?”

Now, I only knew of one reason a young woman suggests skinny dipping with a guy so I asked, “Rhona, do you want to get naked with me? Do you want to fuck?” She smiled- getting the joke- and swam over near me in the shallow end.

I took her by the hand and led her over to the steps. I encouraged her to kneel on the top step with her ass facing the pool. “What, why?” she asked. I slapped her ass pretty hard, “Ow,” catching her by surprise. She quickly got into position just as I had described. I rubbed her tender cheek for a few seconds, then slapped her again on the other cheek, “OWWW,” she wailed, but did not move.

Again, I rubbed her ass to make it feel better. “Did that hurt?” I asked.

“Yes….a little…..but I kinda liked it too. It feels warm, but don’t get carried away buster,” she replied wiggling her bottom back and forth as if asking for another.

I took hold of the leg opening of her underwear and moved it in toward her crack revealing both slightly rosy cheeks. It now looked like she was wearing a bright red thong. I rubbed her for a little bit, then slapped again- this time getting both cheeks, one after another. She didn’t cry out this time, just inhaled sharply and kept her mouth wide open. “Too much?” I asked- but got no response. In the dim light I could still see the pink marks from my spanks complete with fingerprints against a very pale background.

“That hurts,” she complained, turning her face to me. Her brows were furrowed in what looked like mock disapproval. I leaned in and kissed her right cheek. I kissed again, closer to her crack. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her red panties to the side. Sticking out my tongue, I gently licked her brown labia. Her only response was a soft “Hmmmm.” She tasted fresh and clean and spicy and earthy at the same time- “womanly” in the best sense. Its always amazed me how the scent of a woman seems to lock into a receptor in my brain so perfectly. My mind focused on the task at hand.

I spread her apart and she was bright pink on the inside. I licked her there as well, then I gave her a little spank. “Oooh,” is all she could say as she wiggled her butt some more.

I thought I’d tease her some more so I swam away toward the deep end. She heard me and turned her head, “Wha, where are you going?”.

“Just stay there,” I said. She whined a little but did what I asked. She remained kneeling on the step with her ass jutting out and her pussy exposed- watching me. I swam to the far end of the pool. “What a sight,” I mused out loud.

“Should we go inside?” she asked.

“You’re the one who wanted to skinny dip,” I observed.

“Yeah, but…”

“Take your bra and panties off,” I didn’t ask, I instructed as I started back across the pool. She looked around once then got up on her knees and reached back to unclip her bra pulling it off and tossing it aside. She then pulled her panties down and over her knees without standing. She looked back at me and I said, “Get back in your position.”

I swam up to the steps and sat down next to her. I helped her get the panties off her calves. Staring at her chest, I said, “You have beautiful breasts. I like how they dangle down just right.” I reached up and tweaked one of her nipples, then the other.

“Haaa,” she hissed.

I put my head back, “bring those over here,” I said as I opened my mouth. She did and before I began to suckle on them, I said, “Yes, I like it when my woman follows instructions well.” She dipped her nipples into my mouth and I dutifully licked and sucked on them. She was staring down at my face as I did this. Her mouth was open and her breathing quickened. I really enjoy this so we continued for a couple eryaman escort of minutes.

Still laying there, I said, “Now I want to suck on your ass, bring it to me.” When she stood up I could see that her knees were quite red from kneeling.

She turned around straddled my body, facing away and began to squat toward my face putting her hands on my knees, “like this?” she asked.

I have always been amazed how a sexually aroused woman will do just about anything they’re asked if they feel safe. “You don’t have to do any of this if you don’t want,” I assured her. I reached up and helped support her weight with my hands on her cheeks. When she was in range, I pulled her cheeks apart and dove into her rosebud with my tongue.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go inside my apartment?” she asked.

“No, I want to do this right here.”

As I ate her ass, she had her head tilted backward and moaned quietly. “I don’t want anyone to catch us,” she whispered looking around.

“I don’t care,” I replied. “If they don’t like what we’re doing, they can leave. Maybe someone will want to join us.”

I started licking my way forward toward her pussy. I spent some time sliding between her ass and her fourchette. Then I began dipping my tongue into her pussy just a little bit every time I slid forward. Her breathing was harder now- as was I.

“Lean over more,” I commanded. She put a little more weight on my knees and brought her full pussy within range of my curious tongue. I mixed it up as much as I could by licking with the point of my tongue, with the flat of my tongue, sucking on her clit and biting her lips lightly. She was wiggling her ass back and forth which made it a challenge to keep my busy tongue on target. She was now moaning much more loudly- apparently less afraid of being caught. In the city, traffic noise is the dominant sound and largely masked the sounds of our activities but we had no idea if someone was indeed watching us at this moment.

Rhona began gripping my knees harder and pushing her clit down against my mouth as she neared a climax. I have always been a fan of the squishy sounds made by a truly wet pussy and I had a front row seat..

I was enjoying teasing her so I stopped and moved my head away before she came. Rhona howled in agony and disbelief while rubbing herself with her hand. She was shaking, “Wha, why did you stop?”

“I think it’s time to you suck my cock now,” I said calmly.

“Please finish me first, please, please,” she pleaded.

“Isn’t this fun?” I asked.

“No, I…well yes, but…aaaarghh,” she responded in frustration.

I got up on the top step and waited. She looked mad but she was also highly aroused. Gripping my underwear, she yanked them down around my knees. My considerable boner slapped back against my stomach. She swooped down and attacked my member. Nothing tentative or cautious. I had never had a woman so motivated to suck my cock. She slurped and gagged and used her hands and caressed my testicles- seemingly all at the same time. I was never a big fan of a woman licking or sucking my balls, but she did this and tried to stick her tongue into my ass while rubbing up and down on my member in her savage effort to satisfy me.

I reached up between her legs and inserted two fingers into her sopping pussy. It’s always easier to do this with a shorter woman because you don’t have to reach as far. I could feel her response as she moaned with her mouth surrounding my cock. She swung her butt around part way to give me better access. I continued frigging her, occasionally rubbing my palm over her clit enough to get a louder moan, but not at a pace that could bring her off. With her mouth full, she made a high pitched whiney moan over and over in frustration. She continued her vigorous ministrations. I’m sure she thought that if she did a good job, I would release her from her frustrations- which had always been my plan.

After a few minutes I got close to coming and stopped her. I did the cockhead squeeze to end those first small spasms and got back in the pool, swimming to the far end. By the time I got back to her, Rhona’s eyes blazed like a tiger on the hunt. I knew it wouldn’t take much to push her over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm.

She reached over to stroke my cock and I let her. “What now? she asked.

“You’re a very good girl Rhona, waiting for instructions.”

“Make up your mind… pleeease,” she groaned the last word to at least twice its normal duration.

I leaned etimesgut bayan escort over and gave her a kiss. It was our first kiss ever. She sped up stroking my cock as our tongues danced with each other.

“Sit up here,” I said indicating the top edge of the pool away from the steps. She scooted up and over obediently. She held her legs apart invitingly as they dangled into the water. I positioned myself about 2 feet away and said, “Play with yourself a little.”

“You’re kidding, right?” she squealed.

“No, I’d like to see how you like to be touched.” She squinted and pursed her lips in mock disapproval.

Awkwardly at first, she reached down and rubbed up and down her slit, stopping at her clit every other time. Her eyes closed and I couldn’t tell if she was embarrassed to meet my eyes or in the throes of ecstasy. I suspected it was the first but she was being very obedient. Her hand found a rhythm as she slipped 2, then 3 fingers into her pussy and moved them in and out and the wet squishy sounds were quite loud. She reached down with her other hand and began massaging her clit at the same time as she plunged her fingers in and out. It obstructed my view, but I had told her I wanted to see how she touched herself. Every woman does it a little differently and apparently this was hers.

After a minute or so, Rhona’s eyes were still closed but her breathing got much heavier and her pace sped up. When she really got worked up, I moved closer and touched her thighs. Her eyes snapped open as if she had forgotten I was there and stopped her frigging. I took her hands away and I licked her fingers. She whimpered once again. “Not long now,” I promised.

I moved her thighs further apart and reached out with my tongue. I gently licked her copious lubrication. I moved my lips up to her clit and pushed my thumb into her pussy at the same time. I sped up my pace and she began to shake.

This went on for about a minute until a low groan began in the back of her throat. The groan grew in volume until I was certain everyone within a block could hear. She clamped her thighs around my head and held me in place for what seemed like forever. I stopped sucking on her clit but continued slowly pushing my thumb into her until she released the pressure on my head and slumped forward- nearly falling into the pool.

Through half open eyelids she looked at me and whispered, “That was incredible”.

“We’re not quite done yet”, I replied. I pulled her into the pool with me and gave her another kiss. This second kiss was warmer, wetter and softer than the first. She was not in a rush to end it. It was the kiss of a woman who had totally submitted to her man. I took her hand and led her to the steps. I sat down on the edge of the pool with my feet on the second step. I held out my hand to her and she came up to me. I indicated that she straddle my thighs and, without hesitation, did so. She sat down and took hold of my cock.

I leaned back a little, “Now fuck me. Use me to bring yourself to another climax.” Pointing my member at her opening, she shoved backward and down, impaling herself on me.

Her mouth opened in another “Oohh.”

“Use me,” I encouraged. She looked down at me and giggled..

She started at a medium pace and quickened it- getting carried away. My cock slipped out a couple of times but she reached down and quickly reinserted me each time. She pushed me onto my back and rode me faster and faster. Her nipples were hard and crinkled. Her chest was flushed bright pink.

The familiar groan started in her chest and washed over her. “I’m coming,” I panted.

“Give it to me, come inside me, it’s OK, I wanna feel it” Rhona pleaded. My groin started to spasm and pump my little fuck bunny full of jism. This time it was my eyes that were squeezed shut. Five, six, seven intense times- then more smaller ones. If she came during the time I did, I didn’t notice- didn’t care. Nothing could have been further from my thoughts at that moment.

She slumped down over my torso mashing her breasts against my chest and laid there panting for a long time. As I lay on my back, I could see that the upper floors of the apartment complex were easily visible from where we were. I thought that I would have loved to have watched our escapades from up there, but could see no obvious prying eyes. “I thought you were never going to let me cum,” she whispered as my cock slipped out of her.

We then went into her apartment and we made love twice more that night- slower and sweeter than in the pool. We never “went out”, but we did fuck off and on over the next few months until she got a “real boyfriend”. Although she was always very enthusiastic, somehow it was never quite as exciting as my first time with Rhona.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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