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Big Tits

Sean and Tracy Wilson were brother and sister. Sean 17, Tracy 21, they had always shared a close relationship helping each other out greatly since their farther had died suddenly when they were 14 and 18.

Sean had always been close to his farther and took it much worse then Tracy did when he was killed by a drunk driver walking home from a shopping trip for his son’s birthday present. Tracy took it upon herself to look after both Sean and their mother, Stephanie which put a huge strain on her social life, especially with her boyfriend Billy.

Sean could never understand what his sister saw in Billy. Billy was 34 years old (13 older then Tracy) and was not the most faithful type of person. Sean had tried to make Tracy see sense and dump the creep but she always said she loved him and he her. Sean knew differently though, Billy had been with at least 3 other teenagers since first going out with Tracy when she was only 14 and he was 27.

The two were completely different, not just the age difference but in all aspects.

Tracy was kind and considerate to others, doing all she could to help – Billy was all for himself, never caring who got hurt as long as he got his own way.

Tracy was gorgeous, she had long blond hair, a beautiful face, a perfect body, massive sized breasts (E cup!), slim waist and slender legs – Billy was no oil painting and not exactly an athlete. He could usually be found sat watching TV and drinking beer (if he wasn’t out with some other young woman) what these teens saw in him, Sean never knew.

Since the death of their father, Tracy had been looking after her mother and brother. They had taken it really bad, much more then she had, and she felt they needed to be looked after and decided it had to be her to do it.

Billy didn’t take the news too well. When Tracy said she was going to have to see less of him and be with her mother and brother more, he practically hit the roof. Screaming that her place was with him, he’d been with her for so many years that she owed it to him and how Sean and her mother should cope on their own. This was a side of Billy, Tracy had seen before. The controlling person who wanted everything for himself, normally she would have just given in to him, but she couldn’t leave her family and decided to go to them.

That was all just after her father had died and a few days later Billy was back begging her to not leave him for good. Saying how he was just drunk and how he loved her. Much to Sean’s disappointment she went back to him.

Now here they were 3 years later Tracy, her mother and brother all living together. Tracy looking after the other two and still trying to see her boyfriend on the side (not an easy task).

“Sean time to get up” Tracy shouted up the stairs to a half asleep Sean, who groaned as he stirred from beneath his bed covers “Sean!”

“I’m awake, OK Tracy OK” Sean shouted back, sleepily he looked over to his bedside clock 10 : 00 am on the 13th of May, exactly 3 days to his 18th birthday.

“OK then, I’ll start your breakfast then” his sister shouted walking over to the oven to put on some breakfast for her little brother.

Their mother was at work, she had gone back to work only recently, saying she would go mad if she was couped up in the house all day. This left Tracy alone with Sean and since she had promised her mother she would look after him when she was at work, Tracy had to cut back severally on seeing Billy, who was not best pleased since she was at home with Sean most of the day and he worked night’s.

Tracy regretted not seeing more of Billy, but no matter how much Sean told her to go out if she wanted to, she always refused, saying she would only when he was 18 and she would feel he was OK to be alone.

Secretly Sean was happy his sister continued to stay with him, not just because he was lonely when alone with just his memories of his farther, which was a big reason he was happy, but because it meant she didn’t see Billy.

Sean came walking down the stairs 5 minutes later and walked into the kitchen. He was met by the beautiful sight of his sister, stood at the cooker across the room, her long hair flowing loosely down her back, her excellent body covered by a thin baby blue t-shirt that hugged her tightly and stopped practically at her mid-rift, showing off her massive breasts (many people had commented she was awfully young to have had breast implants but the truth was she was completely natural, just really blessed), her well toned legs were covered by a pair of tight black leggings her favorite clothes when around the house. This could be really annoying at times for Sean, especially when he was a younger teenager (13-16) and his hormones were going haywire.

His sister was 4 years older then him and was very, very well developed for her age (a D cup at 16 and an E cup at 20). Meaning every time he saw her, his cock would instantly become hard and cause him to dive for somewhere to hide. Tracy had, for her part noticed Sean always diving for cover when he saw her and made it into a bit of a game, Pendik Escort how much could she turn him on without him cumming in his pants, of course she could never be sure if she had or not, but sometimes she had a good inkling he had.

As the years went on Tracy had stopped playing the games with her brother. The older he got the more she thought it wasn’t healthy for him to be played with in a sexual way by his older sister, so she stopped to the relief, but also disappointment of Sean.

“Bacon OK for you?” Tracy asked her newly awakened brother, who nodded that it was “Good Cuz thats what your getting” she joked motherly.

“You going out today?” Sean asked as he sat at the table rubbing his eyes.

“Err no I’m not” Tracy said thinking if she had anything planned for the day ahead.

“Well I’m going for a run soon, I’ll be gone for a bit so if you want to go out feel free to, OK” Sean said as his bacon sandwich was placed in front of him.

“Yeah OK” Tracy said rolling her eyes. It was the same everyday.

“Well I know you have a life too, not just me, so if you want to see him then you can you know, you don’t need to be with me all the time” Sean said as he tucked into his sandwich.

“No I made a promise to mum and theres only three days to your big one eight, so I think we can last until then, then I’ll leave you alone” Tracy said as she sat next to her brother smiling as she watched him eat his sandwich hungrily.

Sean finished his breakfast and put his plate in the sink. Thanking his sister for the breakfast he went into the living room to sit down and watch some TV before his morning run. Tracy stood in the doorway looking at her brother, leaning against the door frame just watching him.

‘He was such a good lad before dad died, now he’s so closed to everyone’ she thought as she stared at him on the sofa. ‘All he seems to do is run in the morning and afternoon and spend the rest of the day in the house, it would be so nice to see him out with someone once in a while’.

Sean stood up, off the sofa and prepared to go for his morning run. He saw Tracy in the door way smiling as she looked at him. He had been watching TV for nearly an hour and while not realizing it, Tracy had been watching him all that time.

“Going for your run?” Tracy asked her brother.

“Yep, I’ll be back in an hour or so” he informed his sister who got out of the way for him to get his trainers. “OK see you in a bit then”.

“Yeah, see you when you get back” Tracy said as she watched her brother close the door behind him, leaving her alone in the house.

After about an hour Tracy picked up the phone and rang Billy.

“Hi sweetie, its me just thought I’d call” Tracy said as Billy picked up the phone.

“Oh, Tracy nice of you to think of me, for once” Billy said rather spitefully.

“Yeah, just thought I’d say hi to my fave guy” Tracy said sweetly to her boyfriend.

“Oh I’m your fave am I, you could have fooled me” Billy said sharply.

“What does that mean?” Tracy asked annoyed by the snipe in his voice.

“Well you never seem to come over and take care of me do you, your always with your brother the little..”.

“What?, Billy what?!” Billy was cut off by Tracy’s angry voice.

“Nothing, I just never see you” He calmed down slightly.

“I know but Sean needs me here, besides he’s eighteen in three days then I’m all yours again, that’ll be OK won’t it?” Tracy said sexily.

“Three days, god!” Billy said as though he wasn’t prepared to wait that long.

“Come on Billy, three days thats it” Tracy said her sexy voice becoming a plead.

“Well I guess, but your gonna make this up to me Tracy” Billy didn’t say it as a friend might joke he was being perfectly serious, he was going to make her make it up to him.

“Of course I will Billy, I’ve got to go now, I love you” Tracy heard the door shut as Sean came back.

“Yeah you better” was Billy’s reply as he slammed down the phone.

Tracy looked upset at the phone as she replaced it and tried to cheer up for Sean who was rapidly coming up to her.

“Hi Tracy you OK?” Sean asked as he saw his sister a bit upset.

“Yeah I’m fine, err how was your run?” she asked holding back a sob, trying to act normal but failing miserably.

“Fine, but your not are you?” Sean said as he tried to get his sister to tell him.

“No” Tracy sob as the tears started to flow. Sean quickly hugged his sister. Tracy put her head on his shoulder and began having a good cry as Sean rubbed the back of her head and whispered reassuringly into her ear.

Tracy started to calm down after several minutes of heavy crying.

“Want to tell me about it?” Sean asked as Tracy rubbed her tears away and sat down with her younger brother on the sofa.

“Its Billy” Tracy said trying to compose herself more.

“Oh, I should have know it was him” Sean said to his sister.

“Well its not just him, well it is sort of” Tracy was confused, she didn’t know what to say.

“Just tell Kurtköy Escort me everything, you’ll feel better” Sean said as he put his arm around his sisters shoulder and brought her close to him.

“Well I just miss dad and Billy doesn’t help. I just rang him and he was horrible to me, I just wanted to say hello and he was really mean to me, I thought he really loved me” Tracy began to cry again.

“Its OK Tracy, don’t cry, I miss dad too and well Billy he isn’t right for you, he never was” Sean hugged his sister closer to himself feeling her massive breasts squash against his skin and her long hair tickle his neck.

“But I love him so much, I’ve been with him for 7 years, he’s all I know, I just can’t be without him, the past few years have been so hard” Tracy cried as she wrapped her arms around her brother and buried her head in his shoulder crying.

“Hey, hey come on now sis calm down, calm down, you’ll be OK, I’m sure it’ll all work out between you two” Sean tried to reassure her, even though he wanted her to brake it off with the jerk, but he could see how much she wanted to be with him and went along with it for her.

“Really?” Tracy said as she stopped crying for a second.

“Yeah, I’m sure it will” Sean said smiling at his sister who tried to smile back threw her tears.

“Thanks little brother, I just needed to get it off my chest” Tracy said as she stopped crying and got a tissue to dry her eyes with.

“No problem I’m here all the time, feel free to talk to me I’m not a little kid anymore you know, I’m more of a big kid” Sean joked getting a little laugh from Tracy.

“I know, well thanks again” Tracy said as she hugged Sean again “I love you”.

“Love you too Tracy” Sean said softly.

Tracy gave her brother a kiss on the cheek before looking deep into his eyes. Before Sean knew what was happening she grabbed his head in both hands and planted her full red lips on his kissing him deeply.

Sean’s eyes opened wide as his sister lips pressed into his she pulled back and looked at him before quickly getting up and running off out the front door leaving her shocked brother sat on the sofa, with a shocked expression and an erection.

It was only 1 day until Sean’s birthday but the memory of his sisters kiss was still in his mind. Tracy had not acted strangely since the kiss she just acted as if it never happened. Sean couldn’t just forget so easily. To him it was probably the biggest shock to his system since his dad died and he was having a hard time dealing with it.

“Who could I talk to?” Sean asked himself out loud as he sat alone in his bedroom.

Knock Knock Knock.

“Hello, Sean you in there?” Tracy asked through the door of Sean’s room.

“Yeah, come in if you want” Sean said as he sat on his bed and looked at the door.

“Hi Sean, just came to tell you tomorrow your having a party for your eighteenth, so mum says you can invite anyone you want” Tracy said as she poked her head around the door.

“Oh great but there’s not many people I know who can make it” Sean said back.

“Oh come on Sean there must be some people you can think of” Tracy said as she came in and sat next to Sean, who moved away slightly.

“No not really but you can invite some people, if you want to, I don’t mind” Sean said as he looked out of the window into the bright sunlight.

“Thats really nice, but its your party not mine and being eighteen is a big thing, so this is supposed to be about you, not me and my friends” Tracy said putting her hand on Sean’s, but he quickly pulled away.

“Well it really doesn’t bother me, its just another year to me without…” Sean stopped and lowered his head.

“Dad” Tracy finished her brothers sentence.

Sean nodded and bit his lower lip.

“I know its hard, but dad would have wanted you to have a good time, to do all the things you wanted to, wouldn’t he?” Tracy said moving closer to her brother and putting her arm around him. He nodded.

“So you’ll have the party and enjoy yourself then?” Tracy asked. Sean nodded again. “Good” she said as she got up and went to the door.

“Tracy invite anyone you want I don’t really know anyone and it would be nice to see some people at a party who aren’t family” Sean joked.

Tracy nodded and smiled as she went out the door and to her room to get a list of people to invite.

The next day soon came and it was Sean’s birthday. He woke up to the sight of his sister stood looking over him dressed in her normal way, a tight red top that exaggerated her massive assets and tight black leggings. She had a small, wrapped present in her hands.

“Happy eighteenth birthday Sean!” she said as she leaned forwards and extended her arms to present him with more then just the present. As Tracy leaned forwards the neck of her top fell from her and Sean was presented with a clear view down the top and at her massive breasts that were covered by a deep red bra just visible over the front of her breasts. “Sean”.

“Oh sorry, thanks Tracy” Sean Maltepe Escort said as he blushed at being caught looking. He took the present from Tracy and pulled his knee’s up to try to cover his growing erection from his sister who had continued leaning forwards arching her back slightly pressing her firm breasts further out.

Sean tried to not look, but that was hard, very hard with such a gorgeous woman before him. She smiled.

Sean pulled off the wrapping paper and was greeted by a long black box.

“Hope you like it” Tracy said before Sean opened the box.

“Oh god Tracy its perfect!” Sean said as he opened the box and saw the brand new sports watch contained in it.

“Glad you like it, now I was told it has everything, stopwatch so you can time yourself running, heartbeat monitor so you can measure you rate” Tracy explained as she watched Sean excitedly put on the watch and start to look at the different functions.

“Tracy this is perfect, thanks so much!” Sean said as he leaned forwards to hug his sister.

“Oh, its my pleasure” Tracy said as she felt Sean’s body press into hers. “The party will be at six tonight, so you have all day to get ready” Tracy said as she gave Sean a kiss again on the lips before walking off out of his room leaving Sean once again stunned.

The morning dragged on for Sean, his mother gave him her present, a new pair of the latest running shoes that must have cost a small fortune. Sean thanked her repeatedly before she headed off to work promising she’d be back before people started to arrive, so she could help out with the food and decorations.

Tracy was in the kitchen most of the day getting snacks ready for the party. Sean came walking in.

“Hi birthday boy” Tracy said as she saw her brother come in to the kitchen.

“Hi Tracy” Sean said a little uneasy.

“Ready for the party then?” she asked.

“Sure” Sean said back.

“Well I invited a few people. Just about eight or nine, didn’t want it too big and to spoil but I can tell some not to come or some more to, if you want me to?” Tracy said to her brother.

“No that’ll be fine, so who did you invite then?” Sean asked as he sat down at the table.

“Well Holly, Tori, Kat, Becky, Billy, Trish, Stacy and Jaqui” Tracy said over her shoulder at Sean.

“Wow plenty of women then, so who am I going to talk to?” Sean asked jokingly.

“Well there’s Billy and I’m sure you’ll get on with Deb and the others they know its your birthday and said they’d be nice to you so don’t worry” Tracy said smiling at him cheekily.

“Billy, great” Sean said rolling his eyes.

“It is OK I invited Billy isn’t it?” Tracy asked concerned.

“Sure he’s your boyfriend” Sean said “Though I wish he wasn’t”

“What was that?” Tracy asked.

“I said sure he’s your boyfriend” Sean replied.

“No after that” Tracy questioned.

“Nothing, just that now its my birthday, stop with the questions slave” Sean joked as he stood up from the table.

“Yes master, I’m sorry master” Tracy said as she curled her bottom lip like a scolded child then smiled.

The time of the party came closer, just 1 hour until it the guests were expected to arrive. The house had been completely changed. Chairs had been brought in so people could sit down and the table had been filled with food and beers, the curtains were closed but were thin enough to let plenty of light through, casting a shadowy shade over all the rooms.

Sean was just finishing getting changed when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” Tracy shouted as she went to the door.

“Hi” the girl outside said.

“Hi Becky nice to see you, come in” Tracy replied as the girl walked in.

“Where’s the birthday boy then?” she asked.

“Right here” Sean said as he came down the stairs, dressed in a black shirt and blue jeans. He looked over the girl she was about 5’7, deep red hair in a pony-tail, a nice body, about C cup breasts and nice legs, she wore a pink top and jeans that hugged her legs nicely.

“Feel free to get what you want” Sean said as he pointed to the table.

“Thanks” Becky said smiling as the doorbell went again.

A steady stream of people came threw the door over the next 30 minutes. Sean was introduced to them one at a time.

There was Holly a tall blond, who had a body much like Becky’s, but a little smaller breasts.

Tori who was quite short about 5’3, with black shoulder length hair and a tight body.

Kat who looked much like Tracy about the same hight as his sister with much smaller breasts but longer legs.

Trish who was about 5’8 with blond hair and a cute face she had that cheerleader sort of body that most men just drool over.

Stacy who was the tallest 5’11, she had blond hair, a very tight body (she obviously worked out) and she had the longest legs Sean had ever seen they just went on forever.

And finally there was Jaqui she was short about 5’4/5’5 dark haired and fit as all Tracy’s friends seemed to be.

The Party had been going on for some time now everyone was having a good time talking and drinking and dancing to the music that had been put on when everyone had arrived well everyone but Billy he was late as usual. The doorbell rang about one and a half hours into the party Sean answered.

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