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Riti was an average girl. She was a pretty Indian girl of 5’4″ and fair and petite. Small breasts with big round, dark nipples and a dark haired pussy rounded out the lovely sight.

It was just her and her mother most of Riti’s life. Her father died when she was quite young. Uncle Harem lived with them for a few years.

They were a fun threesome. Many often mistake them as a family and Harem as the father. Riti figured it was due to how her mother and uncle acted. They were so close.

After about five years, Uncle Harem suddenly left. Riti never understood why. She knew her mother was very upset at the abrupt departure. Often crying late night could be heard coming from the master bedroom.

As with all things, her mother seemed to get over Harem not being around. The two women function as a family. They become very close.

Riana, her mother, was promised to Riti’s father before she was born. At the age of eleven she was married to the much older man. At twelve her daughter was born.

The fact she was such a young mother was the main reason the two women were so close. When Riti turned eighteen, Riana was only thirty. They were a very close pair.

As Riti got older, she couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the young parent was. Riana was 5’6, with long raven hair, brown eyes and a body to die for. She had a firm 36C-24-35 body that attracted men by the dozens. Even women seem to be attracted to the young mother.

The teenager was very envious with her parent’s body. The pretty daughter often wished she looked more like her. Riti didn’t dwell on it. She was proud of her body and looks.

Harem re-entered their lives at a wedding of a cousin. He had no place to stay and quickly Riana invited him to say with them. He accepted without a second thought.

The night after they had returned from the wedding and reception, Riti’s life would change forever. She had gotten up to go to the bathroom. Voices were heard coming from the front room.

The unsuspecting girl followed the sounds. The sight seen was something she never suspected. It should have been revolting to most. Instead the curious teenager was fascinated with the erotic scene. She stood in silence and watched.

Harem was dressed only in a robe. The hunky uncle was lying on top of her mother. The parent’s short dress was up to her waist. His hand was cupping the crotch of the dark panties.

“Stop Harem!” She protest in a hush, “Riti’s gonna catch us!” Riana struggles. “Please don’t!” the squirming mother whine underneath the hormone driven brother.

Harem grabs hold of the crouch of the panties. A pair of probing digits slides inside. The forbidden pussy was so wet. The fingers found the target.

Riti watches with growing lust. Her mother was saying no but she really wasn’t trying to fight back so hard. It was as if they had been together before.

Riana felt the searching digits rubbing a swollen clit. It sent a wave of excitement through her body. The sister was surprised at the respond. He could spoil this for them if her daughter was to come in now!

“Oh Gawd,” Riana moans, “Please stop! We can’t!” she groans as her brother rubs the oversensitive clit.

“You know you want it just as much as I do,” Harem whispers kissing the soft neck.

This was hot! Her mother and uncle was more than just siblings. They must have been lovers!

If they were, it made so much sense way her mother was so upset when he left. The handsome uncle must have left fearing Riti would found out. Ironically, the loving daughter wouldn’t have cared.

Uncle Harem had been as much of a father as any could be. Beside, they were so beautiful together. This all seemed so natural.

Riti was now playing a very wet pussy. God! Her uncle was such a sexy creature. The lusting daughter was now noticing what a hottie her mother was. She had such a beautiful body.

Riana tries to resist as Harem plants a hard kiss. The feel of invading fingers toying with a trembling clit brought out memories of the years after the death of her husband. Her lips parts and allow a hot tongue to slip in. They were now locked in a passionate embrace.

Knowing his sister was ready; Harem unties the robe’s belt. He pushes a naked body on Riana. Her breathing increases at the feel.

Harem guides a small hand down to a throbbing cock. Riana sighs as her fingers wrapped around it. The taboo cock had given so much pleasure. She begins to jack it up and down.

Riti could see her mother had stop fighting back. This was so exciting. Riana was so beautiful. She couldn’t blame her uncle for breaking social norms and fucking her. If the hot daughter had a cock, she would fuck the parent!

Harem slid his hand back into the black panties. The brother plays with the forbidden wet pussy. Riana’s hips involuntarily moves with the forceful hand.

“Omi,” she moans softer, “This is so wrong.” The weaken sister says, “If Riti catches us. We’ll have to tell her the truth.” Sighing louder, İstanbul Escort she adds, “Riti isn’t ready for this yet.”

“She’s eighteen an’ going off to college,” Harem huskily states, “She’s more than ripe for this!” A nervous pair of fingers massages the quivering pussy faster. “You know we’ve discussed her sharing our love.”

“Oooooooohhhhh!” was all the hot Riana could respond with.

“What did he mean ‘we’ve discussed her sharin’ our love?'” the masturbating Riti puzzles. The turned on teenager was completely at loss about this pair’s aims. Could they be to include her in their special love? That was really too erotic. This current scene was wild enough!

Harem could feel the slender legs widen. It gave him full access to the horny pussy. Riana wasn’t struggling as hard as before.

They begin to kiss. Riana initiates a French kiss. The sister’s tongue enters the brother’s mouth. They danced a tango of taboo lust.

“Get her, Uncle Harem,” Riti urges silently from the darkness, “Fuck that beautiful cunt.”

The two lay there kissing more passionately. Their hands roamed the other’s body. Riana pushes off Harem’s robe. The brother was naked.

Harem was at a boiling point of lust. It was unbelievable how hot he was. Knowing his sister, after all these years, was willing to be a piece of ass again was incredibility erotic!

Harem pulls the crotch of the panties forward. The thin material snaps off the firm hips. He moves up till the head of the long cock slipped between the wet pussy lips.

“Ooooooooooh gawdddddddd nooooooooo!” Riana wails feeling the hard cock enter.

“Omigod!” Riti silently amazes, “They’re gonna fuck!”

“That’s it, sis,” Harem pants, “Lay still an’ let it happen,” the sex driven brother moans, “Let me fill your pussy with pleasure just like we did as kids.”

“Oh Gawd, Uncle Harem,” Riti urges stroking a sensitive cunt faster, “Fuck my mother’s pretty pussy.” She then absent-mindedly sighs, “Yes that such a gorgeous cunt.”

Her mother and uncle were about to fuck. It was such a wonderful sight! The lusting daughter wanted to be part of it. But she knew they wouldn’t want her there.

Harem pushes the steel hard cock all the way into the wet love tunnel. The forbidden pussy was a fantastic sensation. A pair of brown legs wraps around his waist.

“If were gonna do it,” Riana concedes, pulling off the blouse, “Lets do everything!” She was braless and the large titties bounced in unison.

She pushes and both fall onto the carpeted floor. Riana was on top. The turned on sister sat up long enough to pull the skirt over her head. Now they both were nude.

“Damn, mother,” Riti admires, “Your body’s awesome!” Watching Riana’s titties jiggle, the hot daughter groans, “Those are very magnificent.”

The sister starts kissing and licking her brother’s chest. She slides down the athletic torso. A forbidden cock is capture by a loving hand. It was so tender and delicious looking.

Riti’s eyes widen as large as they ever been! Her mother was about to cock suck her uncle! The vision was so incredibly hot! A feeling of both awe and pride churned in the teenager’s body.

Riana inhales the taboo cock in a warm mouth. Her tongue works its way up and down stiff shaft. Feathery finger plays with the large balls.

This was always a very exotic experience. The forbidden mouth felt just as wonderful as before. His sexy sibling was as hot as ever. The mature cock hardens even more with the feel of the warm mouth.

Riana was sucking wildly. The now hot sister holds her brother’s cock in a loving mouth willingly. She wants to feel the taboo cum splash into her mouth.

Riti was playing with a hard dark nipple as well. She was so excited seeing her mother suck off her uncle. The sexy parent had swallowed the large rod all the way. It was obvious that she had that dick in her mouth before.

She was so beautiful. An errant thought of how that tongue would feel against her pussy surface. Riti had feelings for her mother raising this was new and different.

Harem could feel his cock enlarged. It seems to grow more as the climax climbs the mature body. Again, the knowledge this long time lover was his sister only increases the ecstasy. A hard cumming cause by a woman was only moments away.

“Oh sis, that feels so good,” he cries out loud enough for Riti to hear, “Make me cum in your mouth!”

Her brother’s words made Riana even hotter. The sexual hazed woman wraps a soft hand around the stiff rod. She starts jacking as fast as possible.

Harem was now at the limit. He felt the hot sperm rise in his balls. It rushes forward.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” he wails. “My sister’s drinkin’ my cum!” he yowls into the room.

Riti was also climaxing. Her beautiful mother was sucking off her hunky uncle. God! She was proud of both of them. Harem was so hot! Her mother was being a gorgeous whore to her sibling.

On her knees, the parent’s cunt was facing Anadolu Yakası Escort Riti. It was such a beautiful pussy. It was so pink and shiny. So delicious looking the forebidden twat was.

The daughter’s forbidden lust was clear now. The desire to love that wonderful pussy was foremost. A young love hole becomes wetter.

“Omigod!” the horny daughter dismays, “I didn’t just think that about mom that way!?”

Riana feels her brother’s cum shooting down her throat. The sister gulps greedily. The salty taste of the forbidden sperm was titillating.

Harem’s legs tremble from the feeling. There were hopes this was the beginning of a new series of love making sessions. She had been so good when they were younger.

The older brother was lying in a trance. He watch his sister lick up the cum that had leaked from a hungry mouth. She was still an outstanding cocksucker.

Riti had bit her bottom lip so hard to control yelling out, it bled slightly. This taboo sight was so wonderful. There was a desire to taste her uncle’s cock. She wanted to kiss her mother’s pussy.

Riana sit up on her brother. She began to scoot up the muscular body. It was time to feel that forbidden tongue. Her cunt was more than ready for it.

He bends forward and nuzzles the face in a fleshy mound. He reaches behind her and cups hands on the soft cheeks of rounded ass. The taste of cunt was always wonderful.

“Oh sis,” Harem moans pressing his face against a moist mound, “Let’s make your pussy very wet tonight.” He kisses the glistening lips saying, “You have the most beautiful cunt ever.”

Riti’s young lust was growing to extremes. This vision, which should be disgusting, was so delightful. To the young daughter’s surprise, she was envying Harem, not Riana. She did want to be his place at this very moment.

Riti could see her mother’s dark haired pussy. It was magnificent. Uncle Harem was right-it was a very desirable cunt. The lusting daughter wishes to touch it.

Riana then rolls sexily onto the floor. A pair of slender legs spread wide. Harem had a view of the taboo pussy. His sister’s cunt was glistening from love juices.

Harem could smell the enticing sweet aroma while lowering down between the long legs. The hot brother kisses the shapely inner thighs and then works up into the taboo pussy lips. It was the aim to drink all of the forbidden juices.

“Oh god!” Riana moans feeling her brother’s tongue, “Lick me, baby!” she hunches into his face groaning.

Now Riti envies Riana at the moment. Uncle Harem was a great pussy licker. There was a speculation of what it would feel like.

Harem slowly licks up and down wet slit. A nervous tongue touches an oversensitive clit. This sibling’s cunt was a tasty as ever.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh,” Riana moans loudly of delight. “Yes! Yes, baby, yes!”

The sex-hazed brother then sticks an anxious tongue in the quivering pussy as deep as possible. It is wiggled around. Riana’s hips move automatically with the probing hot tongue.

“Go, Uncle Harem, go!” Riti cheers breathlessly, “Eat that gorgeous cunt raw!”

The feel of her brother’s tongue had Riana trembling uncontrollably. His nose rubbing an engorged clit was maddening. The sex driven sister pushes back into his face.

“Don’t stop baby,” she wails, “You’re gonna make me cum!” Riana’s body starts to jerk and shake. Ohhhhh, yessss! Ohhhhhhhh, yesssssss!” the hot sister screams, “I’m Cummin’! I’m cummmmmmmmin’!”

The sex driven brother drinks the escaping juices. It’s been so long since relishing this wonderful taste. It was so warm and salty.

Riti then realizes watching her mother climax that lesbian needs were in full-blown want. There had been thoughts of eating cunt before. But wanting her mother’s wasn’t a desire ever thought of before.

“Then why not?” the horny daughter thought, “If I’m willin’ to suck my uncle’s rod—, why not eat my mother’s hole?”

His cock was hard again. All the brother wishes were to stick it in his sister’s pussy. He crawls up the trim sweat covered body. Harem lowers a stiff cock down till the head of it slips between the quivering pussy lips. He enters the forbidden love hole.

“Put it in me, baby!” Riana gasps, “It been too long since you’ve been inside me!” She huskily moans, “God forgive me, but I wanna have my brother’s cum in me!”

Riana’s words had him panting in lust. Harem gives a push. The tight cunt was as fantastic as remembered.

He slides deep inside. The forbidden pussy was so wet and tight. A slow fuck starts.

The feel of the taboo throbbing pussy around his cock was amazing. It had taken the hot brother everything to keep from cumming. The sensation was a reminder of how good of a fuck Riana was.

Riti was watching the forbidden show through sweat-hazed vision. She had a clear view of her uncle’s cock going deep into her mother’s cunt. The lusting daughter watches the big balls slap off the rounded ass. It was so unbelievable Kartal Escort how such a forbidden act could be so breathtaking.

“My wonderful mother an’ uncle,” Riti whispers teary eyed, “They are so beautiful.”

He leans over and captures a fleshy orb. Harem sucks hungrily on the hard dark nipples. A lusting mouth inhales the perky breasts as a wet pussy starts to move up and down with each stroke.

“Ahhhhhhh!” She gasps.

Riana’s pussy contracts madly around the taboo rod. Harem was being driven wild. He was ready to cum hard into his sister’s forbidden cunt.

Riti was dripping with lust. The girl coveted her mother’s position. She desired her uncle’s position. The hot daughter wanted to know how good that forbidden cock was. She wanted to know how good that cunt was.

“Do it, Harem,” Riana whispers huskily, “Cum in you sissy’s cunny! I wanna feel that cock of yours explode inside my pussy!” She hotly hisses humping against her brother’s plunging cock.

“Oooooooooooh I’m cummmmin’!” Harem screams as the powerful climax rose. “I’m cummin’, Riana!” the sex hazed brother yells in a pitched scream, “Oh fuck this is wonder—, wonderfulllllll!”

“Yes, ohmigod! Yes!” Riti hisses masturbating a wet cunt furiously, “Fuck my mother’s little cunt!” She groans lustfully, “Oh all that’s holy! It’s such a beautiful pussy!”

“Omi gawd yessssss!” Riana wails lifting the curvy legs high and wide, “I feel it!” she screams humping faster against him, “I feel your hot cum splashin’ inside me!” Suddenly, a set of brown eyes widens. A mature tight body taunts. “I’m cummin’ hard, baby!” She squeals, “Keep fuckin’ your sissy! I’m gonna cum all over your cock.”

“Oooooooooo!” Riti moans thorough clinched teeth while fingering almost savagely. “I’m cummin’!” the lusting daughter/niece hisses feeling the climax raising.

Riana’s body taunts and flexes with the waves of pleasure. She grunts and groans loudly. Her legs tighten around her brother’s trim back.

“Oh god you’re one good fuckin’ stud!” Riana makes one final shout as the climax apex.

Riti fell back against the wall. She struggles to control the panting. Warm love juices were running down the daughter’s curvy legs.

Harem collapses on top of his sister. He is cradled in loving arms. A quick series of kisses is given to her right breast.

The older brother couldn’t believe how much of a good fuck his sister still was after all these years. The taboo cunt was so pleasurable. His sibling was a fantastic piece of ass.

Riana couldn’t believe how much of a whore she was to her brother’s need. She was always proud to be his fuck. She was happy to be giving up a piece of ass to him again.

She also knew his next hundred pieces of ass might be coming from her. Smiling, there was a wondered if she could keep serving this taboo, wonderful dick. But Riana confidently knew she had the cunt, ass and mouth to keep him happy for years.

Harem was so content. Not often does a man find a woman who could give up good fucks consistently. Yet it seem that his sibling’s magnificent cunt was that instrument of love.

Tonight the sexy teenager witnessed her mother and uncle as lovers. They were performing an act that most would have been sickened by. Instead it introduced her to passionate desires that had been hidden away.

Harem spots his naked niece in the dark corner. She was sneaking out of out of the room. He could see the inside of the firm thighs glistening.

She had climaxed. The pretty teenager was excited by what had been witnessed. His niece was ready for a fuck. He knew it all the time.

Harem would tell his sister of Riti’s voyager activity. But another hot fuck would be done first. There was hope the sexy niece was as much of a whore as his sister.

The sweating Riti returns to her bedroom. She lay on the sheets still thinking of the erotic scene between her mother and uncle. The girl was getting hotter again. A virgin pussy was quivering for attention again.

There had been the opportunities to have sex. The pretty teenager knew she had the equipment to get the dick. They just weren’t the one she envisioned.

The turned on Indian lass was beginning to think there would never be that fantasy cock to please her. That was until now!

After seeing her mother and uncle, she knew where the first sexual thrill would be coming from. The man, and now the woman, to make her a woman were family members.

It was her hunky uncle that was desired to take her cherry. It was her mother she wanted to teach her about women. The vision them being together ran thorough the lusting girl’s mind while climbing upon the bed.

The pink robe went flying across the room. The dark muff between her legs glistened. The wet lips quivered. It needed to be touch again.

A pair of fingers tweaks an erect nipple on a rounded breast. A right hand begins to play with an engorge clit. The young body twists with lust.

“Oooooooooh, Uncle Harem,” she moans moving hands to satisfy these new desires, “I need your big cock.”

The hot niece jerks the clitoral head furiously with nervous digits. Holding it securely between the restrictive digits, the love button protruded further outward. It forms a define little cap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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