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So after a quick deliberation, Paul and I jumped into the SUV and hit the road. Both of us looking like a couple of sappy-eyed smiling clowns that got their hands caught in the cookie jar. I don’t think either of us was too concerned with finding the elusive lake.

We spent the next four hours playing grabass in the front seat when I told Paul to take the next exit. The sign read, “Something something something… Historic Route 66.” Paul had no reservations to checking it out as well. The road for anyone that has never seen it will wind with curves that defy reasoning and straighten out long enough so you are caught off guard and die on the next set of curves. Not to mention the free range cattle.

So after about a half hour of this Paul finally threw in the towel, “You want to drive a while Jim?”

“Me? No thanks. You’re doing great.” I replied.

Paul grimaced, “I’m going to find a place to turn around up ahead. This is just too crazy.” It would be another half hour when we came across a straight away with solid-looking ground and no ditch. It even had an abandoned gas station for that extra irony… post-apocalypse vibe.

So we began to set up camp and get the grub that was on ice from this morning. The place had a cool esthetic I must admit. It had all the dilapidated pumps, the plaster building in two-tone red and white, the graffiti, and the mechanic’s shop.

So soon after we ate and a healthy round of beers had been partaken, the sun began to set, and one thigh slap was returned for another. I told Paul, “Take your clothes off Bitch.”

To which he replied with a slur to his tone, “Who you callin’ Bitch… Bitch?”

I backhanded him across the chest, “I’m talkin’ to the bitch in front of me and I’m tellin’ you to take those clothes off… NOW!!

Paul was taken back, “What if someone drives by? What if they stop?”

I already knew he would question it and told him, “I have the fob. If someone actually drove by, which I highly doubt since no one has driven by yet, I just bump the panic button and beep the horn so they know someone is there, okay. They will see the camping gear and go on their merry way.”

He was still hesitating when I reached over and stripped him of his shirt. Waving it in his face, I gave him a go ahead nod. He chugged the last of his beer and tossed the bottle over his shoulder.

With a big shit eating grin, he looked from kars escort one horizon to the other. There were no headlights that could save him now. He stood in front of me as he unbuttoned his jeans. Grabbing his crotch he unzipped them and his monster cock lunged out. I remember him waving his hips, and almost slapping me with his member.

As I stood up I made sure to caress his erection. I gave his balls a playful tug before undressing as well. Up till now, it had almost been a bromance encounter. Two guys that were just horny helping each other get off. But I wanted more than that. I touched my lips to his, but only for a moment. He returned with a peck of a kiss to test the waters. Here we are, my arms around his neck, his arms around me. Standing stark naked with our cocks hard pressed. The humid desert air lofting over our bodies in a subtle musk. With everything, I had welled up within me!! I grasped the nap of his neck and I kissed him. His smooth warm lips pressed firmly to mine as we moved in a choreographed bliss. The world spun. The moon leaped. The fireworks filled my eyes as I thought I was falling. I’m not sure which of us took the initiative when I found his tongue caressing mine, our saliva intermingled. Touching places in ways that I think neither of us had experienced. His arms tightened around me and mine around him. To feel another man’s cock against me at this moment was almost more than I could handle. I gently started humping my cock to his as we remained locked together.

We pecked away at each other as we made our way to the blankets. Paul rolled me to my back and ran his nails down my thighs. My cock throbbed in the breeze with anticipation. His hand cupped my sack. He pushed my balls to their limit before running his fingers back down the length of my cock. It created a feeling that was so immense my whole body twitched. My hard-on was standing straight up when I felt Paul’s lips around my head. The lips I was kissing just moments ago glided down my shaft. He didn’t stop until he had my entire length inside his mouth… and what had to be partway down his throat. Sure he gagged and coughed up phlegm, but he never lifted off. The feeling of his throat crushing my helmet was absolutely incredible. I watched as he turned his head from side to side as if screwing it down further, just before he popped me free. My shaft glistened in what light kars escort bayan was left. I continued watching as his tongue circled my cock. I bowed my legs and thrust my hips upward, fucking his lips without mercy. He pressed his tongue firmly as I continued my wild fury beneath the star-lit sky. I felt the muscles of my ass as they tightened. I felt Paul’s mouth now thrusting toward me. The humidity engulfed the two of us. All with no regard or care in the world that someone could possibly hear us, I groaned loudly. My cock finally, taking all the stimulation I could suppress, erupted in wave after wave of pure rapture. I watched as Paul continued to go down on me. The cum flowed from the corners of his mouth and coated my shaft as the sensation continued to increase. I grasped the back of Paul’s head and thrust with everything in my being. His throat clasped tightly as I subsided. His head turning side to side as he did before. The stars fading from sight as I slumped back to Earth.

I took some time to catch my breath. My limbs were spread in every direction. “Fuck!” I shouted, “That was amazing!”

Paul snickered as he smeared the cum from his lips and face and wiped it on his tongue. He then wrapped his hand around my still hard dick; jerking me off ever so gently before offering my cum to me. I didn’t resist as he peeled open my mouth and feed me the thick cream. It had a slightly different texture than I remember his having, but the taste was quite similar. I ran my tongue over his fingers as he ran his fingers over my tongue. I watched in a haze as he scooped up the last few traces for himself.

I heard Paul say, “Don’t fall asleep now. We’re just getting started. Besides, you’re still hard my friend.”

I rolled Paul over as he had done to me, forcing his legs out to their limits; his cock stood solid just off his abs. I made my way between his legs on my hands and knees and remembered the image I had in the car. I pulled his cock down toward my open mouth. I stared at it for a moment. Then I stared up at Paul… staring back at me. We stayed that way for the entire time I ran my tongue over the swollen mushroom of his cock. I pulled his dick down further against its will and slid it into my mouth. Still on my knees and my ass in the air, the desert breeze kissed me. His penis pressed hard to my tongue as it went deeper and deeper. He had escort kars nowhere else to go as I forced it into my throat. It was then that Paul sat up. I thought he just wanted a better view to watch me sucking his cock. Boy was I in for a surprise.

He then whispers, “You ready for this?”

And before I knew what I was answering he starts rocking his hips at me in full-length thrusts. Taking his cock nearly out of my mouth and lunging in again. It was very methodical with an intentional pause, all the while he enjoyed the view. Which was all good by me, because the feeling of his hard-on pressed to my tongue was getting me aroused as well. Having his swollen head slide down my tongue and pop into my throat… Knowing full well it was going to rest there and twitch some before it was slowly pulled out of me. I felt the mushroom grow and the taste of his precum filled my mouth.

Paul quickly took his cock from me, “Not so fast Bitch!”

I was desperate for something to fill my mouth. I latched onto his sack and ran my tongue over his balls. Kissing and licking his balls before taking them in. I tugged and pulled at them like a madman possessed. Rubbing them to my face. Pressing my tongue to his recesses. Without hesitation or any comprehension, I was licking his rim. Even after the thought entered me I could not bring myself to stop. In fact, if anything, I reached further with more pressure against his hole. Once again Paul began rocking his hips onto me. The two of us were in mesmerizing synch. I’m not even sure which of us were getting more turned on by it all. Here we are, two men, having mad passionate sex in the desert with three miles or more in each direction… of wide open space.

Paul then pulls back and presses his cock back in my mouth, and if I thought he was going to town before I was in for a shock. With some sort of angle to his thrusting, he starts fucking my mouth with all he had. He even reaches over me and puts a finger up my ass. I began nodding my head each time he pushed his cock in my mouth. I felt his cock swell and my mind returned to the motel. Planting his remaining hand on the back of my head he gave me everything he had. His cock started throbbing profusely as his warm cum filled my throat. He began ramming into me again and again with wave after wave of his thick warm cum filling every pocket of my mouth. I couldn’t contain it. I spilled over his abs and chest in a slippery mess of goo and saliva. But I wanted it with a passion and licked it, tasted it, savored it. I couldn’t believe the bucket load of cum that covered him.

I was out of energy, as was Paul, and I fell upon him. Our cocks caressing one another as our lips met again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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