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Description: Homophobe Rob, suspects his friend Shawn is hiding the fact that he’s gay. So he has decided to test him with the help of two female friends.

Can Shawn pass Rob’s cruel test?

Rob’s Test

I slammed the door shut, and took a deep calming breath, trying to recover from the insane evening I had just had to endure, all for the sake of keeping my sexuality hidden.

I had been invited over to have a few drinks and watch the game with a friend of mine from college. And despite being extremely attracted to his straight ass, I knew that was all we’d ever be.

At twenty-two, Rob had just come into his full height at a little over 6’1. His body was hard and lean from the countless hours he spent working out. His hair was the color of fresh corn, and his eyes were the color of deep sienna, with a mischievous glint that seemed to reflect the corners of his mouth.

I considered him as the better looking guy out of the two of us. Although I was no slouch myself, at least I like to think so. I’m blond, like him, but not quite as well built, although I am a little taller at 6’3. I didn’t work out, but I fell lucky in the genetics department, like my father and two brothers, we Harpen men had naturally broad, muscular frames. My father’s just turned fifty and he’s still in a pretty good shape.

Rob was a good friend, most of the time, and was a good laugh to be around. But he’s my eye candy, and that’s all he’d ever be. Unfortunately, he’s also pretty homophobic. It’s difficult sometimes to just be around him, when he’s in a certain mood.

Whenever he sees a guy he suspects of being a ‘fag’ on campus, or passing us by on the street, at a club, or on a TV show, he always has to say something mean and judgmental about them. He hasn’t actually attacked anyone yet, that I know about, and I don’t really think he would, but he’s not shy about expressing his ignorant views.

He even suspects me. I guess I’m partly at fault for that. I never date, and I don’t bring home chicks every weekend just to fuck, like he and a lot of the other guys usually did.

I also like to read a lot (although I keep some of the more obvious material hidden away from everyone else). I enjoy watching old Disney movies and shows. And because of this, Rob has made a few ‘faggy’ comments about me. It’s never overtly aggressive or anything, but it still hurts to hear my friend speak that way about me.

And I’ve denied them every single time because I can’t come out. I really can’t. My family’s even worse than Rob is, which might not sound possible, and I don’t have anyone else in my social circle who I could turn to for support, if I did ever decide to come out. Some people in my life probably wouldn’t care about it, but many others would outright disown me. Rob would probably kick my ass first and then disown me too.

So my life’s just a façade. I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do and live my life the way I would like to. A least not without cutting everyone out of it and start afresh.

I sometimes fantasize about doing just that, before getting cold feet. I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I had to start all over. I’m not the most confident person around, and I get nervous and anxious at the thought of being all alone.

Anyway, back to this evening. Rob and I were watching the game, we were currently working on our third beers, when the door bell buzzed.

“Get the door, will you, Shawn?” Rob asked me.

I left the couch, threw my empty can in the trash, and opened the door to Rob’s apartment.

Standing at the door were two girls I’d seen around college once or twice, speaking to Rob before. But I didn’t know them well enough to remember their names.

However, they seemed to know mine when the girl on the left said, “hi Shawn!” and both girls giggled a little. I had to fight against rolling my eyes at them. I found this sort of thing most annoying about some girls. I thought it was just high school girls who behaved this way, but apparently not.

Before I had the chance to say anything back, Rob stuck his head around the corner and told me to let the girls in.

The two girls were acting a little playful and silly as they made their way into the room. It looked like they’d been drinking a little, too.

“Jane, Bre,” Rob began, “I think you’ve already met him, but this ugly mutt right here is Shawn.”

I aimed to throw a punch at Rob’s shoulder but missed when he dodged me.

“And this is Bre, and Jane,” said Rob, smirking at me. He had a peculiar look on his face, I had no idea what it meant, but I soon would.

Jane was a short, curvy brunette with a killer smile. Bre was a tall, lean and attractive red head, with a small button nose and full lips

The girls had brought with them some drinks of their own, and Rob and I continued working on the new ones we’d just popped open.

As the evening went on, we were paying less attention to the game, and more attention to the girls. Bre struck up a conversation with me while Jane and Rob were getting cozy at the side of gaziantep escort us.

A little too cozy if you asked me.

Jane was sitting on Rob’s lap, currently trying to map the insides of his mouth with her tongue. And Rob was pinching and gripping her ass under the bottom her denim skirt, which was hitched a little above her hips.

I could see a bulge protruding between the two bodies, belonging to something very large and happy inside Rob’s pants.

I gulped and looked up, and realized that Rob was staring back at me. I looked away quickly. And as I did so, something soft and warm connected with my mouth.

Bre had moved in to kiss me and I pulled away from her, out of instinct.

“Hmmhm, what’s wrong, honey?” Bre asked me.

“N-nothing, I just wasn’t expecting it,” I replied.

Bre laughed and leaned back in to kiss me again and I turned away. “sorry, I’m just not up for it,” I told her. “Not tonight.”

Then I heard a snide voice to the side of me, the one belonging to Rob. “What’s the matter, Harpen, not enough cock for you?”

“Fuck off, Rob, I’m not gay,” I lied. I had little choice but to deny his accusation.

But he continued to taunt me regardless. “Bullshit Shawn. I never see you with a chick, and I’ve seen you checking out other guys while we’ve been out, hitting the clubs. I know you’re a fucking fag, Harpen. Just admit it.”

I replied through gritted teeth. “Fuck off, Rob, just because I’m not bringing a new skank home with me every night of the week, it doesn’t mean I’m queer,” I bit back.

“Then prove it!” He told me. “Go on! You have a beautiful woman sitting right there next to you, dying to have you all to herself, and yet you keep pushing her away like some homo.”

“I told you, I’m not like that, I need to get to know someone first, bef–“

“You’re such a fucking liar!” Rob said, interrupting me. “That’s fairy talk! I wonder what your folks would say if they knew their son was a queer. And what Barry and Paul would say, when they find out that their little brother is an ass bandit.”


I could feel my heart thumping hard inside my chest. I wouldn’t put it past Rob to have set this whole thing up just to see how I’d react. And I had no idea what I was going to do. I could just get up and leave, and then I’d lose my best friend, and once word had got around from these three, I’d probably lose the rest of my friends too.

And if it ever got back to my family, I’d be really screwed. And it would find its way back to them soon enough. Rob and Barry met up, occasionally, and went out drinking.

No one would understand me, the way I feel, they wouldn’t even try to. I’d be disowned by almost everyone.

Part of me knows deep down that something is going to have to give eventually. I couldn’t continue to hide myself away inside the closet for the rest of my life without people realizing the truth. if I’m still a bachelor at forty, never bringing any girlfriends home to meet the parents, they’d know, they’d have to.

And I just couldn’t imagine spending my adult life with a woman that I didn’t, and couldn’t love back. I didn’t want to be miserable all my life, and I didn’t want to inflict the same thing on some poor unsuspecting woman, either.

Why did life have to be so difficult? Why do people have to be so prejudiced, judgmental, and interfere in the lives of others, when my sexuality and romantic life has nothing at all to do with them?

I was left with little choice but to kiss Bre back. And so I did. I’d go through with this fucking stupid test, if that’s what it was, to protect my closeted identity for another day. It wouldn’t be easy, I knew it, I’d never had a sexy thought about a girl in my entire life.

I glanced over at Jane and Rob again, as I continued to kiss Bre’s lips, to see if he was still watching us.

Rob must have been satisfied with what he had seen, because his attention was back solely on the young pretty thing sitting in his lap. She was running her hands under his top and over his chest, while he was squeezing her breasts through her top, voraciously.

Bre moved into a similar position above me and began running her cool hands under my shirt. I closed my eyes and tried to think of a hot, firm naked male body while she did whatever she had to do to me for me to get through this trial.

But before I could lose myself completely to the fantasy, Bre brought me back to reality when she grabbed my hands and placed them on her chest. the only thing separating my hands from her boobs, was a thin, light pink top, and the bra hidden beneath it.

Her hands had warmed up a little now, and no longer felt quite so cold against my skin. She was tickling and stroking the skin around my belly button while I continued to massage her breasts through the blouse and bra.

Bre pulled away a little and lifted her blouse up over her head, I saw a flash of her stacked blue bra as I turned away from her to look at Rob. He was looking back at me while Jane was doing the same thing as Bre, unbuttoning her shirt. It was like they were in sync with each other.

I looked away again, quickly, pretending to be interested in what was now before me. The bare chested, large breasted, pretty young woman, that was staring back at me. She had removed her bra without me even realizing it.

Bre lifted my hands back to her naked chest and reluctantly I began once again, squeezing and massaging her breasts while she moaned my name encouragingly. Her skin felt warm to touch. Her breasts were silky soft and squishy, and her nipples were much larger and darker than my own were.

Seeing, and feeling the breasts of an attractive woman was doing nothing for me, it was giving me no sexy thoughts, just as I’d expected. Bre moved forward further and pulled my top up over my head, so that we were both naked from the waist up. Then she lowered her hand down to my pants and found that I was still completely flaccid, she gave me a curious look and then smiled. It looked friendly, but I wasn’t sure what it meant until she leaned forward once again, only this time her mouth pressed against my ear as she whispered something to me.

“Are you really gay?” She asked me. “It’s OK if you are. I won’t tell him. I have nothing against gay people.”

She pulled back again to look at me. I said nothing but swallowed the saliva building up in the back of my throat, and looked away, I couldn’t tell her the truth. I barely knew her, let alone had a reason to trust her. A part of me wanted to tell her, but I had no idea if this was part of the plan that Rob had cooked up. So I said nothing. And she leaned back towards me again, stroking my chest to give the impression that we were making out, just in case the other two happened to look in our direction.

“I can help you, if I know the truth. I don’t mind if you need to think of a guy or if you want to have little peaks over at Rob. I’ve seen the way you look at him sometimes, and I’ve wondered if there was some interest there. I think there is.”

I pulled away from her, panicking a little. How could this woman that I barely knew, figure me out so well, when I didn’t even know her name until this evening? If she could, who else had as well?

“It’s OK,” she whispered once again, seeing my anxious expression, your secret is safe with me. I’ll try to help you any way I can. But we can’t end this prematurely without raising some suspicion.”

Then Bre moved back in to kiss me again, and we kissed for a few more minutes. Then she moved to the side of me facing Jane and Rob, with her back to them. She put her hand to the zip of my pants and it pulled down, and I recoiled a little at the unexpected touch. She looked up and smiled at me before she continued, unclipping my belt.

A moment later she’d had my pants down around my ankles. I was facing Rob, thanks to some sly maneuvering on Bre’s part, so I could cast a few careful looks their way while Bre was rubbing my semi hard cock through my boxer-briefs.

No, I wasn’t hard because of her. I was getting hard because I’d finally seen Rob’s exposed cock for the first time. And unlike me he was completely hard, between Jane’s hands. And – good grief! – his cock was the thickest one I’d seen in my life. Thick enough to make a porn star blush.

He wasn’t particularly long, maybe a full inch shorter than I was, and I was a little over seven inches, but he more than made up for the lack of length by the sheer thickness of his cock, which was pale pink, veiny, cut, and looked even thicker than Jane’s wrist.

I threw another cautious look their way, I saw Jane leaning down to take Rob’s chunky cock between her lips, when I felt something soft and wet enveloping my own. I looked down and saw the back of Bre’s head on my lap, bobbing up and down, repetitively, and giving me my first ever blowjob.

I won’t deny that it felt very nice, being inside someone’s warm mouth like that. I just wish it had been Rob’s instead, or it was some other guy that was blowing me, and not a woman.

I turned to look in Rob’s direction again, to focus on something else, and I saw him looking back at me, and grinning. I wasn’t sure what exactly that grin meant, except it looked like it did when he had got something he’d wanted. This is what he had wanted to happen. He’d planned for this to happen. And I had been coerced into doing it.

Sometimes I wondered why I even liked Rob, in the first place, why I wanted him as a friend. But then again, he wasn’t always like this. There was a good side to him too, I just wish he wasn’t so homophobic. He could have been a really good friend to me. Could have been there, supportive. Instead, he was just a jerk.

But there was a silver lining here, and I got something out of this too. I had been dying to see Rob’s cock for ages. I’d heard the gossip that spread between girls on the campus, that Rob was a stallion, and that he had a fantastic cock. And I have to say, Rob, those rumors were all true, buddy.

A few minutes later and both women got to their feet and lowered their panties, and now all four of us were completely naked. Bre had moved back into the same spot as before and then she brought my fingers to her mouth where she began to suck on them. A moment later when my fingers were covered thickly in her saliva, she placed my hand on top of her vagina and then whispered into my ear, and told me to rub her ‘here’ in a circle.

As I followed her instructions, she leaned back and arched her neck, and began moaning softly to my ministrations. I could hear Jane doing the same thing and looked over to find Rob going to town on her. Rubbing her pussy eagerly. I watched as Rob slipped one, then a moment later, two fingers inside her slit and begin finger fucking her in a rapid fashion. He was in his element.

I saw him begin to look my way and I looked away again as quickly as I could, pretending to be paying attention to what I was doing to Bre. I copied what Rob had been doing to Jane, on Bre, by slipping my index finger inside her tight hole. Sliding my digit inside her was an very interesting experience, to say the least.

She was really wet inside. All moist and soft. the inside of her pussy seemed to shape itself tightly against my finger, and I could feel her walls twitching around me.

“Hmmf! Use your mouth on me!” Bre urged, when she grabbed a fistful of my hair with one of her hands and pushed my head down until my chin was pressed against her pussy.

She didn’t smell fishy like I’d expect her to, but instead all I could clearly smell was her sweat, while I felt her wet hot heat against my nose and chin..

I opened my mouth reluctantly, and probed her bright pink lady lips with the tip of my tongue. She didn’t really taste of anything, either. Just loose skin, and maybe there was a slightly bitter taste to it, but it wasn’t overwhelming. Although the slimy texture of her wet folds against my tongue did make me want to gag a little.

She tapped the painted pink tip of her fingernail just above her slit on something that looked a little bit like a small wrinkly foreskin, I assumed she wanted me to focus my attention on that spot in especially.

So I did as she motioned and she began to moan softly in response. After a couple of minutes of doing this she really began to writhe and moan quite loudly. Jane was doing the same thing at the side of us.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see Rob from the position I was in, I was stuck with my head deep between Bre’s smooth thighs. I can’t say I was enjoying this experience. Although it wasn’t particularly unpleasant either.

However, what did surprise me was just how responsive Bre was to my mouth lapping on her sex. I was enjoying myself watching her react to the pleasure my tongue was giving her. The fact that I was making her squirm beneath me was pleasing to me in a way I couldn’t explain.

Just as my jaw began to ache a little, Bre told me to stop. She told me to sit up again, in the same position I was in before. She sat to the side of me once again, and now I had the chance to see Rob, to see what he was doing now.

Rob was looking back at me, and he was smirking too. His face was drenched in Jane’s excitement. I wondered if I looked just the same as he did. Then Bre leaned forward and kissed me, and began stroking my dick. Jane was doing the same thing to Rob’s cock and that magnificent beast was once again thickening to its full effect.

I watched as Jane struggled to masturbate him with one hand. She gave up a moment or so later and began using them both. Rob, unlike me, was still fingering his girl, with three of his fingers buried to the knuckles, inside her snatch.

He brought them to his mouth to taste her when Jane stood up to get something from her handbag. It was a couple of small foil packets. Condoms, I realized, as she passed one of the packets to Bre. I guess we were really going to do this then, and sighed mentally, resigned to my fate.

Bre tore the packet open with her teeth, and then rolled the thin orange piece of latex down over my shaft. I watched as Jane did the same thing to Rob, struggling to get the condom to roll down his very broad shaft.

Then, as if moving as unison, the pair of girls straddled our waists and placed the tips of our cocks against the entrance to their pussies, and then they sank all the way down onto our laps until we were buried to the hilt inside them, and all of us together, myself included, let out audible moans and gasps, as four had just become two.

Even I couldn’t deny that it felt very good to buried inside a warm, tight body. Even if that body belonged to a woman. I maintain that I am not attracted to women, and so far tonight this experience hasn’t changed that fact. But I also couldn’t ignore the wonderful feeling I was experiencing in the moment as she bounced herself up and down on my naked lap, my shaft sliding almost effortlessly, deeply, in and out of her warm, smooth tunnel. I could feel her wetness through the thin material separating our bodies. I could feel her muscles contracting all around me, trying to readjust to fit around my dimensions, each time she sank down onto my lap, and then loosen ever so slightly, as she lifted her body up again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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