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All characters depicted are of consent age.


“No you didn’t.”

“Yes, I did.”

“No you didn’t.”

“I did. I swear I did.”

I was arguing with my best friend, Rose or Rosie, as I liked to call her. She just told me she’d sucked her first cock.

“Okay,” I said. “Whose cock was it?”

“I can’t tell you.”

“Ha! I knew it. You’re lying.”

“No. I swear I did. Ask me anything and I’ll answer, but I can’t tell you whose cock it was.”


“I just can’t,” Rosie answered.

“Okay. Did you keep it?”

“Keep what?”

“Did you swallow?”

Rosie blushed.

“Oh my god! You swallowed his goo.”

“I did.”

“Every drop?”

“Uh-huh. Every delicious drop.”

“You liked it?”

“I loved it.”

I just stared. Rosie was always a bit reluctant to try new things. I figured, if she ever sucked a cock, she’d just spit out the cum. Boy was I wrong.

“All of it huh?”


“Did Billy faint?” “It wasn’t Billy.”

“Oh my god Rosie. You sucked someone else’s cock for your first time?”

“Yes. But don’t you dare tell anyone, especially my boyfriend.”


“Beth, please. I told you I can’t tell you. Just know I did it and I’m going to do it again.”

“You liked it that much?”

“Oh come on. You’re the one who’s been telling me to do it for months now. Of course I liked it. I’d do it again right now if there were a cock in front of me.”

“Any cock?”

“Yeah. Any cock.”

Rosie was always one to act all brave and stuff, until the moment of truth came. Then she’d feign some form of behavior or another to get out of doing what she’d bragged she’d do. I was thinking, I just might call her bluff this time.

“So if I got you a nice fresh cock to suck, right now, you’d do it?”

“Uh, whose cock would it be?”

“Does it matter?”

“Well yeah, I’m not going to suck just any guy’s cock.”

“You just said you would.”

Rosie hesitated for a minute, thinking. So I pushed.

“But, if it was a special cock, you’d suck it?”

“It would have to be special.”

“And you’d swallow?”

“Well yeah. Isn’t that the only reason to suck cock?”

“I think so.”

“Well, so do I, especially now that I’ve sucked one.”

But as it turned out, my dad came home early from his business dinner and Rosie had to go back to her house. Ten minutes later she im’d me.

make it a hot guy

Oh this was gonna be fun. See, I had a very special person in mind. I just had to get the two of them in the same room with no one else around and plenty of time to turn up the heat. CHAPTER II

Two weeks later Rosie came over to study and stay the night. We both had our first exams of the new term, the next day. But, as both of us were straight A students, we really didn’t need much more than a quick review.

My dad made dinner for us. He knew how two college kids needed good food to balance out the pizza and other junk we feed on while classes eat up so much of our time.

“God, Mr. Patterson that was delicious.”

“Thanks Rosie. I want you both to ace your exams tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry Dad. I think we both are gonna’ ace our exams. At least I will.”

“What about me?” Rosie asked with a note of disappointment in her voice.

“Oh lord, Rosie, I’m just teasing. You’ll do fine, especially on the orals.”

Rosie about choked on her dessert. Dad just cocked his head in a questioning gesture. I giggled.

“Rosie had her first oral a couple weeks ago,” I explained.

Rosie turned bright red. Dad got that look in his eye.

“Tell Dad how you did on your oral,” I paused, “exam, that is.”

“Yes, sweetie,” (Dad called Rosie Sweetie), how did you do?”

“Pretty good, I guess,” Rosie answered, not looking up from her plate.

“Yeah, Dad, Rosie said she prefers oral to the other type of, uhh, you know…tastes, I mean tests”

“Well then,” Dad chuckled, “I know you’ll do well no matter what kind of test you take. I know Beth excels at all kinds of tests.”

“But remember, Daddy, orals are my favorite.”

“That’s right dear. Oral is your favorite,” Daddy said with a slight emphasis on is. “Now you two be good and clean up. I need to take care of something in my office.”

“God, you’re really lucky, Mr. Patterson. You don’t have to commute or anything. Working from home must be great.”

“It is.”

“Do you need a hand Daddy? Rosie can do the dishes as there’s not that many”

“Sure thing, sugar cube,” Dad said calling me his pet name, which I hate by the way.

In Dad’s office, he stood behind me rubbing my shoulders.

“You’re really pushing the double entendre,” he admonished.

“It’s okay. I think I’m gonna’ talk her into sucking your dick.”


“Yeah, really. She told me she’d suck any dick on a hot guy, and I’m pretty sure I can trick her into a bet, that I’d be more than willing to lose.”

“Does she swallow?”

“She told me she did, and she said she loved it.”

“Well Escort İstanbul then, you certainly have my blessing and encouragement to make this happen.”

“Oh it’s gonna’ happen all right.”

“Okay, but in the meantime, all this talk about orals brought up an interesting matter that needs attending to.”

“Oh, you mean this ol’ thing?” I said, stroking his cock through his pants.

“Yup. That old thing,” he said, turning me around and putting pressure on my shoulders ’til I kneeled before him.

“Are you gonna’ take a long time to cum?” I asked, worried Rosie might wonder why I’m in Daddy’s office with the door closed.

“Not if you remember what I like.”

“Oh, I remember all right. But Daddy, when I do that, you cum a bunch, and remember, I just ate dessert once.”

“I’m sure there’s room for a second helping,” he said, looking in my eyes and smiling all the while, unfastening and dropping his pants (Daddy rarely wears underwear).

“Oh my,” I whispered as I stuck my tongue out and licked his piss-slit. “I’m sure there’s a bit more room in my belly for seconds.”

“Then you better get to it,” Daddy reminded me.


I’d been blowing Daddy for a few months. I’d turned eighteen before my senior prom and asked him if he’d answer some “meaning of life” questions, questions that were weighing heavily on my mind with the big dance approaching. Questions I would have asked my mother if she were still alive.

It’d taken all of Friday night, Saturday, and up until Sunday afternoon, before I got up the nerve to just go for it, so to speak.

I’d asked him about sex, and what he thought my limitations should be. I was a Daddy’s girl, and I didn’t want to have him think of me as a slut, if I started having sex.

We talked through dinner, and I finally asked him should I give over my virginity to my boyfriend at the time.

He told me that kind of decision was totally up to me.

I told him, many of my friends were planning on doing it, but that I didn’t want to do it just because of that reason.

He told me he thought my way of approaching the subject was the correct way, and that if I wanted, I could both give and receive pleasure without having intercourse.

I begged for details.

He explained all the ways humans offer pleasure to each other.

I laughed out loud when he explained titty-fucking. But for the most part, I listened, and as I listened, I realized how very little I knew about human sexuality. It was when he explained about swallowing cum, that my panties started getting soaked. Now you may think that all the previous talk got me excited and that may be. In fact, I’m sure it helped to prime the pump, so to speak. But when he talked about a man’s cum being a gift as well as a source of life, I got a thirst I’ve never been able to slake since that night. When I asked him if Mom used to eat his cum, and he told me she did and appeared to love it, I made up my mind right then and there. I wanted to taste cum. Not just any cum, mind you. I wanted my Daddy’s cum.

As I was now a young woman, and as I was now able to make my own choices, from that day forward, I chose to have all my first sexual experiences with my Daddy.

A week later I talked him into letting me learn about sex with him. I’d already planned to breakup with my boyfriend, so I used his insistence on having sex on prom night as the reason. But the truth was, I didn’t want any distractions as I entered the world of adult pleasure.

For the next few weeks, I learned everything I could from my Daddy. I sucked him off nine times that first week.

In September, just after I started college, I offered, and he accepted my virginity.

Though it hurt like hell, I think it was an epic gesture, one from olden times, when royal families kept their procreative, and probably their recreative sex all in the family. It was on his birthday.

At Christmas, I gave him my ass.

Now don’t start thinkin’ I’m Daddy’s little slave. I’m not. He takes care of me in so many different ways, I’d need a lined sheet of paper just to write ’em all down. And boy, can he eat pussy.

But this is not a recounting of all the ways Daddy and I have had sex in the past few months, it’s a story of offering him a gift, a repayment as it were, a repayment for all the wonderful hours he spent helping me explore the world of sensual love.


While Rosie finished the dishes, I finished Daddy. I stuck my finger up his ass and tickled his prostate like he’d taught me to do. It unleashed a torrent of cum.

It took a bit of getting used to, swallowing his cum, but as I liked the taste and texture right from the start, I experimented with different ways to get the job done.

Sometimes, I would just guzzle it like I’d not had a drink in days. Sometimes, I’d catch it all and swish it around for a bit, looking up into his eyes while I played with his load. Then I’d swallow with my mouth open so he could watch.

But tonight, I needed to get the job done quickly and so I popped the head of his cock into my throat and milked İstanbul Escort Bayan it with my lips, tongue and throat muscles, as hard and as fast as I could. I got it all.

“Do we have time for you?” he asked.

“Not tonight Daddy,” I said, wiping the residue from my lips. “But when Rosie leaves in the morning, you’d better plan on a good helping of bearded clam for lunch.”

“I look forward to it,” he laughed, helping me to my feet.

“Now scoot,” he said, turning me toward the door and smacking my tush to get me moving.

When Rosie and I finished our studies and made ready for bed, I watched her undress and then put on a pair of cotton panties and a wife-beater t-shirt I leant her to sleep in.

It was odd, and maybe it was because I had a belly full of cum, but seeing her naked, kinda’ turned me on just a bit. Now my puss was already wet, but my labia started swelling as I looked at her beautiful body. HMMM. Maybe I’d ask Daddy if I should do her. Rosie came over and sat next to me on the bed.

“You’ve got some nerve girl-friend,” she said. “I almost died when you told your dad I’d had my first oral.”

“Oh, don’t worry. He’s clueless to stuff like that.”

“Give me a break. He’s hot, and I bet he get’s his share of pussy.”

“Ughh. That’s my dad you’re talking about,” I said, pretending disgust.

“Right. How do you think you got here? I bet his cum is yum, yum, yummy.”

“Jesus Rosie, give it a break. I don’t want to even think about my daddy’s cum.”

“You don’t have to, ’cause I’ll do all the thinking for us both. ” “So, a couple weeks back, I shoulda’ had you suck Daddy’s dick.”

“When was that?”

“Back when you told me you sucked Billy’s dick for the first time.”

“Ha, ha. I told you I’d sucked my first dick. I also told you it wasn’t Billy’s.”

“Oh yeah. I remember now. I also remembered you said you’d suck any dick put in front of you that night.”

“I said, as long as it belonged to a hot guy.”

“You just said he’s hot.”

“Yeah, I did. And he is. But…”

“But what?”

“Well, I couldn’t very well suck your father’s dick.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know. It just seems so, damn…you know, I really don’t know why not.”

“Well maybe if you’re up for it, I can set it up.”

“Yeah, right. I can hear it now. Daddy. Rose wants to suck your dick. Are you busy tonight?”

“Oh, don’t be silly. I’d do it in a way, I guarantee you he’d do it.”

“How can you guarantee it?”

“Cause, Rosie, my love. If there’s anything I’ve learned at all from watching porn, it’s that men will let anybody suck their dick. ” “Hey. I’m not just anybody.”

“I didn’t mean it that way,” I recovered.

“Well what did you mean?”

“I meant, I’d bet my father is just like any other man. You put a gorgeous young thing on her knees in front of his crotch and out comes the man-snake.”

“Oh my god. You called it a man-snake.”

“Yeah. With all that tasty venom.”

We giggled like two little school girls and I knew my plan was not only in motion, but that I was certain I could get it to work. Oh, this was going to be great.

“Give me you hand,” I said, reaching out and grasping Rosie’s hand.

I pulled it to my chest and cupped my right breast with her hand, squeezing it as hard as I could.

“Swear you will,” I implored.

“I will what?”

“Swear you’ll do Daddy if I set it up.”

“God Beth, do you really want me to do your dad.”

“Hell yeah,” I squealed, as I squeezed her hand even harder.

“Beth, I’m feeling you boob.”


“You’re making me squeeze your boob.”

“Oh fuck. I thought something felt good.”

“You lez,” Rosie shouted as she wiggled away from me, giggling all the way.

“Tell you what,” I offered. “If I can get my dad in a position where you get to blow him, what will you owe me?”

“I don’t think I should owe you anything.”


“I mean, if I suck you dad’s dick, I think he should owe me.”

“I thought you wanted to do it?”

“I do. But you know what?”


“I think maybe you want me to do it as your surrogate.”

“You mean, you think I really want to do my Daddy?”


“Well nothing. That’s incest.”

“Yeah. Ain’t it cool.”

We rolled around on the bed laughing like crazy. I think the illicit thoughts Rosie was feeling, and the certainty I felt at having set my plan in motion, caused us both to be a bit giddy. Then I remembered we both had tests in the morning.

“Hey, girlfriend. We need to get some sleep. I have to ace this test tomorrow and so do you.”

“Oh year, right. I kinda got lost in the moment. Thanks.”

“Me too. Now come here and give me a good night kiss.”

“You mean like a lez kiss?”

“Like anyway you want to think of it, but we both need some zzzzs.”

Rosie leaned over, puckered her lips, opened her mouth slightly, and dared me with her eyes.

I slowly put my lips up to hers and stuck my tongue just inside her mouth.

Pulling back, I said, “Just Anadolu Yakası Escort think, if that was your pussy I was tonguing.”

“Oh god. My best friends gone lez on me,” Rosie giggled.

“Good night sweet heart,” I said.

“Good night my love,” Rosie whispered. Then she broke out in a giggle fit.

“Hey. I need sleep. So do you.”

“Yeah we do. But first you need mouthwash. Your breath smells like fish.”

Oh yeah…that.


I decided it’d be Valentines Day. I set up a catered lunch at my house telling Rosie only that she was invited for lunch.

I told my Dad to be gone from the house for the first two hours so I could get Rosie ready. Dad looked like a kid going on his first date.

When Rosie got to the house, she couldn’t believe I’d gone through all the trouble just for a lunch. However, when I reminded her it was the holiday of love she smiled and got right into the spirit of things.

I didn’t think she had any idea what I had in mind, so I decided I’d get her all hot and bothered before my Daddy came back home.

I held her hand and led her to the table. I’d laid out fruits and cheeses with a dry white wine to start the day off right. “Wine?”

“Why not? You’ve had drinks before.”

“I know. But, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to seduce me.”

“Still think I’m leaning lez?”


“Well I’m not. But, if you want me to eat your pussy, I guess I could give it a shot.”

“Ha-ha. You’re so funny,” she said, blushing just a bit.

“Maybe later,” I said, pulling out her chair and guiding her to sit down. I poured wine in two glasses and offered one, raising the other in a toast.

“To whatever the highway brings our way, on this day on which we celebrate sensual love.”

“Wow, Beth. You’ve turned into a bit of a romantic.”

“You might say that,” I said still standing over her. I reached for a slice of melon and brought it to Rosie’s lips. “Here, open wide.”

She parted her lips and I first rubbed the melon around her lips and then stuck it in her mouth. She sucked on it for a minute and then chomped down, chewing while looking up in my eyes.

I had a small piece left between my fingers, which I let drop down the front of her blouse.

“Do you want me to get that?” I asked.

Rosie opened her blouse a button so I reached down, grabbed the piece of melon, squeezed it and rubbed it all over the swell of her breasts. She didn’t flinch.

And that’s how it went. For the next two hours we teased each other mercilessly.

I’d feed her, she’d feed me. We finished one bottle of wine and opened a second.

I’d say, being a bit inexperienced with alcohol, we might have been a bit tipsy, but neither one of us seemed to be the least bit concerned.

By the time Daddy walked through the door, we were half undressed, covered in food, slightly tipsy and ready for whatever could come our way, or should I say, cum our way.

“Hi Daddy,” I gushed, running to greet him at the front door.

“Hi, Mr. Patterson. Beth has been trying to seduce me. Thank god you got here when you did.”

We both burst out laughing while my dad just stood there dumbstruck.

“Come on in handsome. The water’s fine.”

Dad took off his jacket and with a dramatic flourish, threw it on our sofa. He then walked into the dining room, grabbing an empty glass and holding it up for me to fill it.

“Are you old enough?” I asked.

“Sure am, little girl. And big enough too.”

“Where it counts, I bet,” Rosie added.

“Now don’t start something you can’t finish,” I chided.

“Oh don’t you worry ’bout that,” Rosie replied. “I intend to have a generous helping of whatever you dad’s serving, and I intend to have it tonight.”

“Well then, maybe we should up the ante a bit,” I said, unbuttoning Rosie’s blouse all the way down to her skirt.

“Jeez, honey,” Dad said with a bit of concern in his voice. “What’s going on here?”

“Well it’s like this old timer. Rosie needs to prepare for her oral exams a bit more, so I volunteered your services.”

“Rosie, is that true.”

“Well actually, Mr. Patterson, it was mostly a fantasy I had, but if you’re game, I’m game.”

“You sure? You know it’s not nice to tease a man when it comes to something like that.”

“Oh, I’m sure. I think the wine helped me make up my mind.”

“That and me feeling your boobs for the past two hours.”

“Right, that and your naughty little daughter trying to get in my pants since I got here.”

“Beth, is that true? Have you been trying to have your way with your best friend?”

“Sure have Daddy dearest. I think I’m going to have my way with you both before this evening’s over.”

“Oh my god. You’re gonna’ do your dad?”

“I didn’t say that. I said I was gonna’ have my way with you both. I’m gonna’ watch you do Daddy, and then I’m gonna let Daddy do you, and then I’m gonna’ let Daddy watch you and I do each other.”

“Holy fuck,” Rosie gasped. “It’s gonna’ be another Saint Valentine’s Day massacre.”

And so that’s exactly what happened.

Rosie blew Daddy. Twice.

Daddy ate Rosie’s pussy.

Rosie and I gave each other head and to ice the cake, I let Rosie watch while I sucked a third load out of Daddy’s balls.

Rosie had to call her date and tell him to pick her up at my house.

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