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Sally got the call she had been anxiously awaiting for all day. His plane had just landed. He was coming to see her for the first time. Months and months of internet exchanges and phone calls had not really prepared her for facing him face to face. So many things were swirling through her thoughts. Would it go the why she envisioned? Would he love her as much in person as he did online? Would the passion and desires they shared online commute to the actual physical touch they were about to undertake? Would she live up to his expectations and he hers?

She knew this was a big step into the gray area of her mind. This is where all her sexual fantasies exist. It unnerved her as she wondered would those fantasies transcend from a dream state to actual reality. Could the emotions they felt cross the barrier of cyberspace into real human contact? She wasn’t sure. Now there was no turning back, he was almost here and she was about to find out if her fantasy world and reality could exist together. She felt like she had just jumped off a cliff and now it was time to see if the parachute would open or not.

He knew she was nervous. He could hear it in her voice when she answered the phone and was scared she would change her mind before he actually got to her. Three thousand miles was a long way to come to meet a woman who had driven him sexually crazy night after night online. He felt it was going to be well worth it. No woman had ever stirred him to his very core emotionally and physically like she did.

At first, it was just her way with words as she described out her sexual fantasies that had gotten to him. The raw emotions she exposed while weaving her tales of erotic sexual encounters made them seem so real. You just wanted to know this woman inside and out. What made her tick to want the things she gaziantep escort described and how far could you push her into that fantasy world. He had come a long way to find out if the passion she incited in him would play out just as well in person as it did online.

Once their communications had gone from erotic desires, encounters and exploits into more personal discussions emotions started playing into the conversations. Delving into each other’s lives had been dangerous for them both. Once he realized that her fantasy world and her desires for reality were almost the same, he had fallen for her in a way that seemed beyond reason to him. If he had to describe his idea of the perfect woman, she was it. The first time he heard her voice, his fate was sealed. She was the real deal.

Their online discussions were always a playful exchange of words and he teased her relentlessly into revealing her deepest desires. She always came back with just the right answers. Sexually it seemed that they knew everything there was to know about each other and as he thought about some of their conversations he decided to push her into the world of her fantasies again to occupy her mind while he was on his way. He smiled knowing she would make it good.

As he waited for the taxi that would finally take him to her, he sent her a text message. It said, “You’ve got 20 minutes to answer these questions with details. I’ll be awaiting your replies.” He grinned as he thought about what he would like her to say in response to these questions and knew that the next half hour was going to feel like an eternity. If he was correct in his thinking, by the time she replied to his questions and he got to her she would be dripping wet and ready for him.

Sally received his text message and starting laughing right away. He was breaking the ice before he even arrived and putting her at ease by challenging her yet again to another game of word play! She loved it and was more than ready to occupy her mind. She thought 20 minutes was a piece of cake and was sure she would have him arriving ready to burst his pants! Oh, she thought, let the games begin!

He said, “Where do you want it?”

She replied, “Right here over my desk.”

“What do you want?” he asked.

“First, I want it in my pussy because it is so fucking wet right now from playing with you all day THEN in the ass because I WANT it there!”, Sally replied with gusto.

Then he asked, “Why?”

She laughingly replied, “Because you fucking turn me on!”

“How come?” he shot back at her.

Sally rapidly replied, “Because I’m a sexy wanton slut and LOVE the whole play thing and you my dear seem to fit the bill entirely.”

“Now with details, how do want me to do it?” came his last question.

Sally smiled as she began texting quickly. With only 20 minutes to meet his challenge with details, this had to be good so she said, “Drop to your knees and start licking me front to back as you lean me back over my desk. Get me good, wet, and swollen. Suck my clit until I’m begging you to fuck me. Slide your fingers into my pussy teasing my sweet spot as you continue licking me. Then take those fingers that are now soaking wet and slide them into my ass to loosen me up and get me ready for you. Once you’ve done that it is now it is time to fuck me.”

“Lean me over on the desk so that you can see my ass but you’re NOT allowed to have it yet! I want you to work over my pussy first. Can you see my lips are all pink, swollen and soaking wet?”

“Glide your erect cock into my waiting pussy. Push it all the way into me without hesitating. Reach around, grab my tits, and play with my nipples while you stab your cock into me again and again. Bang me hard as I beg you to fuck me!”

“Then just as I know I am about to cum and can feel the head of your cock expanding inside me, I want you to slip yourself out of my pussy and into my waiting ass. Slowly enter me to get over that first hurdle of muscle that will squeeze your cock. You will find that I am more than ready to take it all as you move your cock forward into me.”

“Now, my dear, there is no playing around. I am begging you to ride me and ride me hard as I hold onto the edge of the desk and push my ass into you. Grab my hips and oblige. Burying you cock further and further into the depths of my sublime ass. My orgasm will start rippling through my body, spilling my wet juices onto your balls. The warmth of it will push you over the edge and you will explode the mother of all loads from your loins deep into my bowels and with one finally hard push into each other we will collapse together panting.” As she hit the send button, she added “Only took 15 minutes. Did I pass the test?”

On the receiving end of the text he is now sitting in the back of the taxi rock hard and shaking from desire. It feels like his cock is going to explode and wonders to himself if he’ll make it to her without having to finish what she just started. He asked for it and she gave it to him. Trying to take his mind off of his immediate needs, he replies back to her, “And?”

Oh, he should know better, she thought to herself! She is always ready for a comeback to his questions. She quickly texted back, “And I’m ready for another round, but this time missionary.”

Just as she hit the send button, she heard a knock at the door. Sally smiled as she got up, sweeping everything off her desk, she walked towards the door and sent out one final text message to him, she said, “Perfect timing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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