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I couldn’t stop the tears from forming in my eyes as I stood among a large crowd of friends and family, watching a car festooned with colorful ribbons and trailing a string of clanging cans drive away with my only child in the arms of another man. Even though I knew they would be back in three weeks from their Hawaiian honeymoon, living not far away, I was feeling the loss and sadness every father feels when he sees his daughter suddenly choose another man to live with and love.

As the crowd thinned, eager to get back to the bar and the dancing, I still stood watching the now bare driveway, happy for my darling Samantha but also wishing she’d never left.

“Earth to Mister Ross, Earth to Mister Ross, helloooo!”

Coming aware suddenly, brought out of my introspective musings by a familiar voice, I turned, and then smiled when I saw the two dazzling, pink clad creatures in front of me.

“Barbara, Naomi,” I almost sang, delighted to see my Sam’s two best friends, such good friends of my daughters that she had insisted that they both act as her maids-of-honor, not willing to choose one over the other. “Why aren’t you two inside dancing up a storm, making every other woman in the room jealous,” I asked mischievously as I draped an arm over each of their shoulders.

“What, and leave the most handsome man at the party out on the sidewalk sobbing,” answered Barbara slyly, winking suggestively at me and then giving me a light kiss on the lips, an almost chaste kiss, but a kiss with just a touch of tongue and moisture in it, enough to hint at some other possibility.

“Now, now Babs, only married nine months and you’re already calling other men handsome. Where is your Don anyway?”

“I think old Dons had a little too much to drink Mr. R,” Naomi, the tall, auburn haired beauty interjected laughing.

“God, I can’t believe any man would get drunk while he was out with you Barbara. Who’d you come with tonight Naomi; I didn’t see any of your usual beaus at the wedding?”

Still laughing, the vixen answered, “I figured you might need a date tonight, poor Mr. R, all alone for once.”

I had to chuckle at Naomi’s comment, as we all knew that Samantha had suggested to me rather forcefully that I wasn’t to bring one of my strumpets (as she called all my occasional girlfriends) to her wedding. “Well then,” I said as I hugged the two to me, and giving them both a friendly squeeze, turned with them towards the doors and added, “I hope you two brought your dancing shoes –we’re going to daaaance tonight. And I must say the two of you look simply deeevine in pink.”

Blushing and obviously happy at my remarks, the two girls both wore dazzling smiles as we entered the hall arm in arm. It surprised me momentarily how comfortable these two girls felt on my arms, how these two who had spent the last fifteen years playing around the house with Samantha, who even in their teenage years had never sexually excited me, now seemed like the most alluring of attractions, their pure femaleness a beacon to my already twitching organ.

As I escorted them to their table I thought it was strange to not only realize how sexy they were, but to somehow know that I would bed both of these beauties in the days ahead, that their curvaceous bodies would soon writhe under my hardness, and be finally bathed with my seed.

Barbara’s husband, Don, a neighbor’s boy, now 25 years old and a recent graduate of the Law School, was as Naomi had warned, almost blotto. He was actually a nice boy, and even if not a real go getter, he was friendly and kind and he would probably make Babs a good husband in most ways.

But I didn’t feel bad as I contemplated sleeping with his wife because I knew he’d never satisfy her carnal desires, that he’d never fill her or fuck her like she needed. After talking to Don for a couple of minutes I led Naomi to the dance floor, promising Barbara I’d be back for her soon.

“Well sweetie,” I said to Naomi as we danced across the floor, “Two down, one to go. When are you going to get married? You look so pretty tonight that if you play your cards right you just might find a husband before dawn.”

“Oh Mr. R, I’m still pretty young, I think I’ll try a few more men before I settle down. I don’t want to rush into it and miss something, do I? Someone like you, maybe,” she whispered huskily in my ear, letting me feel her firm breasts as she moved against me.

As we danced through the crowd, I smiled and talked to friends as we passed, but although appearing nonchalant to others, I finally let her feel my size against her groin, let her contemplate my penetration of her already moist pussy. “I know you won’t want to miss this Naomi,” I whispered back, “In fact I think I’m going to help you take off that pink gown tonight young lady. Yes, and then I’m going to lick you from head to toe before I fill you up.”

As I walked her back towards her table, she was blushing from the tops of her breasts to her ears, and clearly excited and nervous, mumbling asked, “Really?……. You promise, ………you’re şehitkamil escort not joking with me are you?” Seeing my smile and feeling me gently squeeze her trembling arm, she beamed radiantly, and added, her lips just caressing my ear as she spoke, “Oh gosh yes, I’m soooooo happy Mr. R.”

Donny had almost passed out and two of his buddies were helping him up as we got to the table. “Oh Barbara, are you leaving? Darn, I didn’t get my dance. Do you have time for a quick one before you two leave?”

“It’s okay Mr. Ross,” Donny slurred, “I’m going with Pete and Joe here. They’ll get me home. Barb can stay and get a ride later.”

“But Donny,” his young bride complained.

“No, no honey, you stay and have some fun. I’m sure Naomi or Mr. R will get you home,” he finished as his buddies half carried him from the room.

“Well Babs, I guess you have no excuses left now,” I said. “The beautiful, tall, sexy blond will finally have to dance with this decrepit old man,” I added chuckling.

Grabbing my hand, an evil grin on her lips, she led me towards the centre of the dance floor, and then added, “Well Mr. R, maybe we’ll just have to see how decrepit you really are.” Within seconds her body was plastered against mine, and although she didn’t talk at first, her every movement screamed to me of her desire for sex, for me.

Finally she said, “I love Donny you know…….. Maybe it doesn’t show but I’ll never leave him…… It’s just that I need something else,….. something maybe I think…. God, maybe something big…….something you can give me. I know I’m not talking clearly but….”

“I understand honey, promise.”

“It’s just we’ve always wanted you Mr. R, Naomi and I, I mean. Cripes, even Sam wanted you. We used to talk about you around your pool, God, like when we were sixteen we used to joke about what a good body you had. When you used to stand next to our boyfriends, they looked like geeks; you were so much bigger, stronger than them.” The words were now gushing from Barbara’s mouth, her inhibitions gone in her rush to confess. “Oh shit, you’re so big there too,” she murmured huskily, her lower body grinding against my cock.

“I’m sleeping with Naomi tonight,” I whispered regretfully in her ear, “I promised her before.”

“What! ….What about me?…….Please Mr. R,” she pled, “I want you too. It’s not fair,” she added pouting. “Why Naomi and not me,” she finished, a plea in her eyes, as we returned to the table

Back at the table I watched the two girls franticly converse, and sensed that they would share me this night, that both their mouths would envelop my hardness, and that they would both take a barebacked ride on my long shaft before dawn.

As I watched them talk I thought back to the years I had known them, to the last exciting weeks leading up to the wedding……………………..

…………………………..…The three girls had always been friends, meeting their first day of kindergarten and becoming inseparable ever since. One blond, one red headed and my daughter Sam with her long, rich black tresses, they had all been tall, gawky teenagers, more interested in sports and studying than boys, and it was only when they went to the University together that they blossomed as women.

They had gone to the University at seventeen and the other two girl’s parents and I had insisted the girls live in residence first year, all of us recognizing that it would be good for the girls development to live independently, to start to learn how to live as adults.

Their sophomore year the girls had taken an apartment together minutes from their downtown campus and it was during that year that they had metamorphosed from frisky teens into gorgeous women. All of a sudden they were surrounded by hordes of eager, panting young men.

Their tall bodies had exploded, sprouting high, firm breasts, taut full bums and wide deep hips. All three were 5′ 9+” tall and looked like Parisian runway models except they carried five pounds of extra weight spread seductively over their frames. It was during the summer of 2003, after their second year, a summer during which the three spent most of their free time in my backyard by the pool, that I realized how beautiful, how incredibly erotic they were.

Most weekends the girls lounged around the pool, the latest micro bikinis their only covering, the small pieces of cloth no match for their ripe fullness. Usually they were surrounded by boys, men really, and it was that summer that Don and Barbara fell in love, and although Samantha’s future husband hadn’t yet arrived on the scene, she and Naomi were never alone.

It was also that summer that they took the first steps towards attracting ‘Daddy’ as the three referred to me. Up until then they had regarded me as all teens regard their parents – a complete lack of interest combined with a certain disdain that someone so old could tell them what to do.

But like all young girls, once the boys had started to be attracted to their new sexual personas, they couldn’t get şehitkamil escort bayan enough of the compliments and attention they received, and even demanded that an old man like I pay obeisance to their allure. Like frisky young colts they couldn’t help themselves, teasing me almost unconsciously with their bodies, and of course were even more intrigued when the old man didn’t bow down before them like just about every other male they met.

And as they paraded in front of me, brushing against me, or lying topless by the pool, or making out with their young boyfriends in front of me, I could see they were watching me in a new light, all of a sudden curious about what lay hidden beneath my surfing shorts.

I was forty that summer, twenty-one years older than the three girls, and still carried much the same body that had allowed me to play safety in the Big Twelve and got me a five minute stop in the pros. At 6′ 2″, 215 pounds, and with blue eyes and blond hair, I knew I cut a certain figure, and had had no problem attracting the ladies since my wife had walked out 12 years ago.

I had teased the girls a bit myself that summer, often bringing a good looking date over for the lazy afternoons by the pool, women who I knew would attract the young men surrounding Samantha and her friends. Invariably I heard that night or the next morning from Sam that my latest was ‘too old or too young’, ‘too fat or too thin’, or ‘not smart enough’ etc., etc, etc.

“But Sam,” I’d protest, “Don’t you want your Dad to have a girlfriend? Don’t you think,” and I’d mention whoever that days date had been, “would make a good mother for you?”

This always provoked groans and puking gestures from Sam (and her friends if they were around), but she’d always add the proviso that “Of course I want you to be happy Daddy, but her?”

I’d also, but only when it was just the girls and I who were around the pool, pick one of them while she was lounging in the sun and easily lift her, screaming and protesting but also giggling, and toss her into the pool. I knew they all liked being picked, they loved how effortlessly I could handle them, and they loved the feel of my strong hands on their developing bodies.

In response they would often sneak attack me while I swam, thinking three strong girls could handle me in the water. Often as we wrestled in the churning water, with their bodies rubbing against me, I’d feel a hand probing, darting in to touch my ass or penis and then retreating quickly. I’d reciprocate of course, often innocently grabbing a handful of firm ass and at least one of the girls tops would invariably come off in the water whenever we played, and hard nipples would be pressed against me before they’d retreat shrieking.

My Samantha was often the most aggressive, proud of her new sexuality and eager to show her Daddy what a big girl she had become. She loved to rub against me, pushing herself into my penis as she hung onto me. It was still play of course, and neither I nor the girls were really interested in going any farther, all of us respecting some invisible line that we wouldn’t cross.

When the summer ended and the following school year started I saw much less of the three, Barbara was now seriously dating Don and they had set a wedding date for the following summer, and the other two were busy most of the time at the University, their summer of games with the old man almost forgotten. The summer of 2004 was quiet, as both Naomi and Samantha had gone to New York to work for the summer and it was only on the Labor Day weekend when Barbara married Don that I saw them all together again.

Sam had brought a date to the wedding, Jimmy Brown, a man who had graduated in Medicine from the University and was now interning at the local Medical Centre. He had been over quite often that summer and I could see that the two were becoming serious and I knew and feared that I would lose her far too soon.

I hadn’t liked him at first, at 5’8″ and 135 pounds; he was both shorter and lighter than Sam and I had the big, athletic man’s aversion to small men who were cute rather than handsome. I had wondered how he would ever satisfy my girl but slowly he had won me over, first tolerating him and then actually liking the bright guy whose bubbling personality clearly had won over Sam.

I danced with all three girls that night and arrived home incredibly sad, knowing I had missed a sexual opportunity the likes of which I had never before enjoyed. I slept fitfully that night, the visions of myself making love to all three awakening me again and again with throbbing erections.

The insistent calls of “Daddy, daddy, wake up, hurry wake up,” roused me at what seemed like dawn the morning after the wedding.

Rolling over to face Samantha, and rubbing my eyes to clear my vision, I asked “What is it honey, Christ what time is it anyway?”

“Aaaahhhhhhh Daaaaaddddy,” I heard, almost shrieked in response.

“What is it baby? Are you all right?” I blurted, my escort şehitkamil groggy mind now clearing, the worry I detected in Sam’s voice catching my attention.

“Daddy!” she said, her arm almost involuntarily raising and pointing at me.

“What Sam?” I started, but then saw she was staring almost transfixed at my groin, my morning erection pointing proudly at her.

Finally coming to her senses, she mumbled, “Sorry Daddy, sorry,” and turned to leave.

“Sam stop! What the hell is going on anyway? Come back here!”

Turning toward me, clearly embarrassed, she finally said stuttering, “I sorry Daddy,……. Gosh, I should have knocked…… I didn’t think… I…”

“Honey, what are you babbling about?”

Drawing a deep breath, her eyes continually moving downwards and back, she said, “I was excited Daddy, I wanted to tell you something wonderful but gosh… surprised me, I’ve never seen one like that…its different from….”

Patting the edge of my bed I told her, “C’mon here and sit down and tell me your news. I didn’t know a sophisticated young lady like you would be so upset at seeing her Daddy’s penis. What’s so different about it anyway?” I asked, putting one hand on it and pretending to examine it closely.

“Dadddy,” she started to protest, but then said, “Its just…..well…..I don’t know,” she started, blushing a deep red, “But it seems pretty big….I mean I’m no expert but……Geeeze….. Why is it hard in the morning anyway?” she finally demanded, “You don’t have a woman in here do you?” she finished, her eyes reluctantly leaving my penis to examine the room in more detail.

“Sweetie, it’s pretty normal for men to wake up with hard-ons, it’s just the way we’re made.”

“But isn’t it bigger than most men’s?” she struggled to ask as her skin turned even brighter.

“We come in all sizes Sam, I’m a big man so maybe I’m a little bigger than most. By the way honey, how many erect penises have you seen anyway?” I asked, a small grin on my face.

“Daddeee!” she exclaimed, and at last back getting back in control of her emotions, held her hand up and proclaimed, “Look!”

“My God,” I exclaimed, and although I had been expecting it, I was still stunned to see the diamonds shining on her finger. Struggling to smile, I sat up and hugged her to me, and as I held her finally said, “I’m so happy for you sweetie,” as tears started to flow over my cheeks.

“Daddy, you’re crying”

“I know, I don’t know if it’s because I’m happy for you or because I’m going to be losing my beautiful princess,” I blubbered.

“You’ll never lose me Daddy, never, never, never…….. I love you so much,” she finished, and as the tears started to fall from her eyes, hugging me even tighter, she gave me a kiss on the lips. An innocent father-daughter kiss yes, but it lasted second after second, and even after we broke apart I could taste her sweetness on my tongue and feel her hard nipples against my chest.

We both backed away from each other, almost jumping apart, and then started to talk, trying with our words to fill the awkward gap between us. With any other woman I would simply have pushed her back and then filled her trembling, moist cunt with my hardness but… my daughter….. on the morning of her engagement…it just seemed impossible, and fortunately the manic urge soon passed.

I could see the same thoughts, the same emotions pass across Sam’s face, knew she had felt my hard cock as we kissed, but I also noticed the regret she felt that we didn’t consummate our love, and knew she saw the same regret in my eyes. We spent the next twenty minutes discussing Jimmy’s proposal and her plans for a late June wedding, promising me “Daddy, we’re not moving from the city, I’m marrying him but he’s going to have to understand I’m never going to leave you.”

As she got up to go, to show me that she had completely regained her composure, she asked, giggling and pointing at my still rampant prick, “Daddy, does that mean I’ll see one of those every morning when I’m married?”

“I hope so sweetie,” I answered chuckling, but even then I was pretty sure Jimmy wouldn’t be wielding anything like what I had pointing upwards from my groin, and from the rueful grin on Sam’s face I think she knew the same thing.

The year passed in a blur and before I knew it we were in early June, just three weeks before the big date. Barbara and Naomi had taken the month off and the three were spending all their days at our house planning for every possible eventuality. I loved to see the three of them together again, but a little sad, knowing they’d probably never again have this opportunity to be together.

Owning my own company I was able to schedule myself as I wanted and soon found myself spending most afternoons with them by the pool. They had changed since the summer of their sophomore year and I was surprised at how open they were as they talked, discussing the most intimate of subjects with each other. They were also much more confident women now and with only me around were always topless as they lounged.

They seemed to have come to some secret pact among themselves, a pact that allowed me into their inner circle, a circle I soon found often embarrassing. It amazed me what women would share; Barbara seemed to start every conversation with a description of her last night’s lovemaking and would then insist Naomi and Sam cough up with similar details.

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