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Back in the late Seventies a movie starring Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn called “Same Time, Next Year” featured two married people who met and had a fling at a California inn. They then continued their affair for one weekend every year for over twenty-five years. That idea is the basis for this little tale.

This story, like the movie, deals with infidelity and adultery and if you are not inclined to enjoy such a theme, please move on to one of the many, good stories elsewhere on this site.

There are featured here two unpleasant men on bikes. Please don’t attack me for portraying bikers as evil or bad, this is just a literary exercise. I know most bikers are fine people, at least the ones I have had the pleasure of meeting are.

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“Damn rug munchers!”

“No kiddin’. They’re fuckin’ dykes, that’s what they are.”

“There ain’t no reason for them to be here, ruinin’ our town.”

Nicole was facing the two hard-looking bikers and heard them before Jessica was even aware of them behind her. Nicole was in a panic. She and her best friend Jessica were enjoying a real meal in a greasy spoon restaurant in the small town of Buffalo Head near the eastern foothills of the Sierras. They had been camping out for several nights and wanted to eat something beside freeze-dried meals. They had driven down to town and were enjoying decent food when the two rough-looking men came into the diner.

“Jess,” Nicole whispered, “There are two bikers behind you and they seem to think we’re lesbians.”

“So, let ’em think,” replied Jess. “We aren’t, so it should be no big deal, Nikky, so just relax.”

“Look, Jess, these guys look really nasty. I don’t like them at all.”

“Nikky, it’s the Twenty-teens. I think you are being overly dramatic. Let’s just walk over and tell them we’re two moms enjoying a week away from our kids and husbands and they’ll leave us alone.”

“I don’t know. I just don’t like this situation at all.”

The two continued their meal while Nicole watched the two bikers warily. When they finished she and Jess quietly discussed whether they should confront the bikers or not. Once Nicole saw them sneaking drinks from a flask she decided that they would probably not be easy to talk to. They decided to pay and quietly leave the diner. As they walked near the bikers they both heard them mutter and clearly heard one of them say, “This is red country and we shouldn’t have to put up with them San Fran dykes.”

Once outside the diner they hurried to the car and Nicole took the driver’s seat. As quickly as she could she started the car and pulled out from the parking lot. Just as she came to the road she saw the two men stumble out from the diner and head for their bikes. Instead of heading left to the campground, which was several miles up the road, she suddenly turned right and sped quickly out of town.

“Nikky, what the hell are you doing? Our tent is back that way!”

“Yeah, I know,” Nicole replied. “I just don’t want them to know we are in a tent in a fairly remote campsite.” Just about a mile out of town she crested a slight hill and saw an isolated house on the right. She turned out the headlights and coasted down to the driveway and turned quickly using only the emergency brake. Only when she was behind the house did she stop the car completely.

“Shh, stay low,” she said. A minute or so later they heard and then saw the bikers tearing down the road, obviously in pursuit. After another minute Nicole backed down the driveway and turned to head back to the campground.

“Nice work, Nikky. I bet they get miles down the road before they realize that we shook them.”

“I certainly hope so. Let’s get back up to camp right away.” Once there they decided to park their car as far away from the tent as possible and near a couple of RVs. They quickly used the toilet and crawled into the tent, but not before taking two large kitchen knives with them into the tent.

Suddenly the adrenaline rush crashed and Jessica suddenly started shaking uncontrollably and crying. Nicole was also scared, but a bit more in control of her emotions. She reached over and gave Jessica a big, supportive hug and tried to calm her friend. Eventually they both drifted off into a troubled sleep.


The two women had been best of friends for about twelve years. They were both married, Nicole to a businessman and Jessica to an attorney. They had met at a business function that the husbands were attending and immediately bonded, particularly since each was pregnant with her first child. They got to know each other and shared the trials and joys of their pregnancies and motherhood. Later each had a second child, Nicole a year or so before Jessica. They had very understanding husbands and for the past two summers the women would take off for ten or so days and travel around the West camping, hiking and enjoying being kid-free for the entire time. The husbands stayed at home bursa eskort bayan and, with the help of day care and baby sitters, took care of the kids.

This was the first time they had encountered any kind of trouble on their trips. Usually people greeted them with laughter once they realized the two were enjoying freedom from the kids. On one occasion at a campground they talked to some women who were trying to corral their fussy kids to the dinner table. Both of them were clearly envious of Jessica and Nicole’s freedom and said they would love to do the same thing, though neither thought their husbands would agree.


The next morning they woke to a beautiful, sunny day. Nicole had just returned from the toilet when they both heard the deep rumbling of Harleys. Nicole tore into the tent and listened as the bikes slowly drove around the camp. The bikers seemed to be in no rush and cruised around the loops several times. They even stopped right outside the tent before motoring off and eventually the sounds of the motors faded in the distance.

On one of their trips around the loops Jessica got so frightened that she reached over and clung to Nicole. She started to weep until Nicole hushed her. “We can’t make any noise,” she whispered right into Jessica’s ear. It was only after the bikers had left that Jessica broke down and sobbed, clutching Nicole. After nearly half an hour she calmed down and drifted off to sleep still in her arms.

While Jessica slept Nicole dozed a bit as well. Once she woke she realized that Jessica was still wrapped in her arms. Although the danger seemed to have passed, Nicole realized that there was some sense of security, even strength, from the closeness that they had.

Once Jessica woke up she gave Nicole a bit of a hug. Jessica’s face was right up along Nicole’s neck when she whispered to her,”Nikky, I was so terrified. I’m still scared. We need to get out of here.”

“I know we need to leave, but I’m worried that they may be waiting for us in town. There’s only the one road out.”

“Let’s call 9-1-1.”

“Uh, no cell service here, and the town is not a real town, so no police department. I think the best thing to do is stay right here today and we can leave around 2 or 3 in the morning. I doubt they’ll be awake at that time.”

“OK, so we wait. I don’t want to leave the tent until tonight, though.”

Nicole agreed and continued to hold her friend. Jessica’s tremors had settled down and they just lay there holding each other and talking quietly. At one point, Jessica thanked her friend for being so clever the night before. As she spoke her lips barely grazed Nicole’s neck, sending an odd shiver down her spine. Then suddenly Nicole felt a definite sensation of a slow, soft kiss being planted on her neck. Nicole remained absolutely still, wondering all the while if it truly was a kiss or not. She then realized she liked what she felt. She enjoyed these trips with Jessica but had to admit that a week or two without Joel could leave her quite horny. She missed his hugs and endearments, missed the kisses as well as the hard, sweaty fucking that they would engage in regularly.

“Jess, what are you doing?”

“Mmm, just giving a little kiss to the smart lady who saved us. Just my way of thanking you.”

“Uhh, you know that, uh, it feels kinda good, don’t you?”

“Well, I would hope so. I mean it when I say I really appreciate what you did last night.”

Nicole just wrapped her arms around Jessica a bit tighter and sighed with satisfaction. Jessica kissed once more, just little nibble down on the lower neck. Nicole found herself getting a bit turned on just as she realized that Jessica seemed to have fallen asleep again. A bit later she slipped herself out of Jessica’s arms, slowly opened the zipper and peeked out. The campground seemed to be fairly quiet, no Harleys were to be seen and their car was still over by the two RVs. She snuck out and walked quickly to the toilet, grabbed some snacks and drinks on the way back and crawled back into the tent.

“Where’d you go?” asked a sleepy Jessica.

“I just hit the throne and gabbed some food and drinks. You should go to the toilet now that it appears to be safe. It is a long time until tonight.”

Jessica stumbled out of the tent and was gone for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly Nicole heard the deep throbbing of the Harleys as they cruised once again through the campground. Panic shot through her as she realized they were stopping right in front of the toilet. She peeked out of the tent to see the two men walk to the little building and one went around to the back, presumably to the men’s room, but the other walked up and knocked on the women’s door. Nicole’s heart was beating a thousand times a minute as she watched the man push open the door and look in. Her heart rate barely dropped when he closed the door and went back to his bike. The other biker came from behind the building and they appeared to talk for a bursa otele gelen eskort bayan few minutes before they mounted up and rode away.

Eventually Nicole saw Jessica look out from behind the toilet door and then race back to the tent. She tumbled through the now unzipped door and into Nicole’s arms. She shuddered as she explained what had happened.

“I heard them coming and got scared. I didn’t know if they would come looking for us, but I figured I was stuck there. I opened the stall door and let it swing part way open. Then I sat on the toilet and pulled my legs up. I’d hoped it looked like no one was in there. Did he come in? It sure seemed like it.”

“Nah, he just looked in. Oh, I was so scared, Jess. Those bastards seem to think we’re here. I’m glad we peed, now we can probably wait them out.”

“OK, but let’s keep the knives right by us. Glad you got some food and sodas. At least we won’t starve.”

As the morning drifted towards noon the two women spent their time in the tent, quietly talking about their situation as well as other topics from their lives. By noon it was getting quite warm in the tent. They were in full sun and there was no breeze. They did not want to open the zippered door so they had to hope that the tiny window on the back of the tent would allow some cooling. The sleeping bags were too warm and uncomfortable to sit on, so they stuffed them in the bags, which were then tossed aside.

Sitting on just the air mattresses was better, but they continued to get too hot. Finally Jessica had enough and reached down and pulled off her T-shirt. She had no bra and her full breasts stood proud on her chest. She fanned herself with her hands as Nicole looked on.

“Well, Jess, I guess we gotta cool off somehow.” With that Nicole pulled her shirt off as well. She, too, had no bra, though she rarely wore one due to her smallish breasts. “And these jeans have gotta go also.” Soon Nicole was wearing nothing but some bikini panties.

“You’re right. If you can do it, so can I,” said Jessica as she pulled off her jeans.

It didn’t take them much time to get used to being practically naked in front of each other. They had seen each other at times, such as at the pool and here in the tent, but neither considered herself an exhibitionist. This had been done simply for comfort.

Jessica was the shorter of the two. She had larger breasts that still held their nice shape even after having two kids and breastfeeding them. Her hair was blonde and straight which she wore often in a ponytail through the back of baseball caps. She sported a curvy figure and about ten pounds more than she wanted.

Nicole was taller, thinner and with perkier, smaller breasts. They had tiny areolae and cute little nipples. Her hair was brunette and cut in a loose shag.

Their talk turned to their husbands and became rather personal. “I think Joel would go crazy in this tent with us,” Nicole laughed. “I know he’d love to see your boobs. He says he likes mine, but I catch him staring at women occasionally, and they all seem to be bigger than me.”

“Well, maybe he would, but who cares? He’ll never see these, not in a million years,” said Jessica as she palmed her breasts as if to hide them. “Now you may be surprised to hear but I think Bob could be interested in you. He’s said a couple of things over the years that tell me he looks at you and likes what he sees,” commented Jessica.

“Like what?”

“Well, for example, when we went to the country club charity auction last May you had on that slinky, sexy dress slit up to your thigh. It really didn’t hide much. You know that, don’t you? And no bra! Anyway, he mentioned you were looking good and his eyes seemed to follow you all night long. Once we got back home we had some of the best sex in years. I kinda think he was fantasizing about you.”

“No way, really? I never woulda thought…”

“Nikky, you’re sexy as hell. Sure, I got bigger boobs, but you ooze sex appeal, and Bob picks up on it,” said Jessica. A few seconds later she went on, “I think you are sexy too. Really.”

“Well, you certainly aren’t bad yourself. Nice boobs, a figure to die for.”

“Ya know, Nikky, I wonder what it would be like to swap husbands for a night…not that I would ever do it. But just think, wouldn’t that be a trip?”

“A limited hall pass,” giggled Nicole.

“Tell me, seriously, have you ever thought about Bob, you know, in that way? I have about Joel, if you want the truth.”

“Well,” said Nicole, blushing deep red, “I guess maybe once, or twice, or…”

“I knew it! But we could never act on it. It could really blow up in our faces, ruin our marriages, their jobs, everything.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” said Nicole. “Dammit!” she snickered.

“Yeah,” said Jessica, “Dammit is right. But it’s fun to fantasize, isn’t it?””

“Tell me,” Jessica went on after a few minutes, “What does Joel do that really turns bursa eve gelen escort you on?”

“That’s easy to answer. He’ll go down on me for what seems like hours. I’ve had to beg him to stop since I get too sensitive after I orgasm several times. What about you?”

“I’m kinda embarrassed to tell you.

“Come on, I told you, now it’s your turn.”

“I really like it when we are doing doggy style and he puts his finger in my ass. Holy shit, it sends me off like nothing else ever does.”

They sat there quietly for a while, each lost in her thoughts about their husbands and sex. Jessica got hornier the more she thought about Bob and his skills in bed.

Finally she asked, “Do you ever get horny as hell? I mean, so much so that you can’t think about anything else?”

“Occasionally, sure. Joel got me a vibrator for Christmas a few years ago and I find that helps me a lot.”

“Yeah, I have one also. Bob loves to watch me use it on myself but I really like to use it when the kids are in school and I have the whole place to myself. Wow, I can get a really big ‘O’ from that.”

“Tell me,” asked Nicole after a few minutes, “What’s the most exotic or strange place you ever had sex?”

“Oh, that’s easy. Before I met Bob I had a boyfriend in college who was really outdoorsy. One time we rented a canoe on Tomahawk Lake and paddled up to the far end, in the shallows, you know? Then he kept paddling us into the reeds and suddenly we were out of sight of everybody. He crawled up and pulled my bikini bottoms down and went down on me…Wow, I still get excited thinking about it. I did him later. We never did fuck, too wobbly in the canoe, ya know, but the oral sex, outdoors, just out of view of everybody…Wow!”

“Sounds nice.”

“What about you? Where was the craziest place you ever did it?”

“Hmm, let me think, there have been so many places,” laughed Nicole. “No, really, it had to have been that time out in the desert. Joel and I were just starting to date, oh, maybe we’d been together four months or so. We were hiking out in the desert east of Central City. It wasn’t on a trail, just going across country in March or April. We’d been going about two hours and the sun was finally getting warm when he turned to me all the sudden and started to kiss me, then he was pulling off my clothes. Just like that I was wearing only my shoes; the shirt, shorts and undies were on the ground. Well, anyway, I got really excited and grabbed his clothes and before you knew it we were both naked and I was in his arms. He was holding me up and I dropped right onto him and he stood there holding me, going at it, buck-naked all alone in the desert. I was so excited that I practically came immediately and I ended up coming twice.

“Good thing I was on the pill by then,” Nicole laughed.

Thinking about that episode in the desert brought back fond and racy memories to Nicole. She was beginning to wish she’d brought her vibrator with her on this trip. “Now that would be a trick trying to use that while camping,” she thought.

Then Nicole asked, “So, changing the subject, tell me, what famous actor would you most like to do it with?”

“Oh, that’s easy. Johnny Depp, but before he started to go all weird. I think he was so ungodly sexy in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. A close second would be Brad Pitt. What about you?”

“I wouldn’t kick Brad outta my bed, that’s for sure,” Nicole laughed. “But I thought every woman wanted George Clooney, that’s who I’d want. I am so pissed at that woman he married. She ruined my fantasy,” groused Nicole.

“Yeah, he’s pretty nice, that’s for sure. I wonder if he’s any good in bed or not.”

“Jess, this is fantasy we’re talking about. Of course, he’s good, he’s gotta be great. You know, he can last an hour, drive me into six orgasms, has a tongue that knows every crevice of my pussy. You can’t be doubting a fantasy figure, now can you?”

“Yeah, you’re right. As long as we’re fantasizing, let’s make ’em be fantastic.”

“So we’ve talked about our fantasy guy, what about our fantasy sex act? If you had your choice, what sex adventure would you most like to do?” asked Nicole.

“Anything, uh, everything on the table?”

“Yeah, everything.”

“Well,” said Jessica, “I’d like to have an anonymous fuck, but I’d want it to be safe, you know? So, I’d need someone to approve the guy, then I’d need to be blindfolded, maybe even have my hands tied, and then someone I don’t know would come in, go down on me, then when my motor’s going he’d crawl on top and just pound me. I’d not be able to stop. He’d have to have endurance to do me for a long time, I don’t know, maybe three or four orgasms.

“The problem is,” Jessica went on, I’d want someone I trust, like Bob, to set it up and so I’d know it was safe, but at the same time I wouldn’t want Bob to know about it. Kinda weird, I know, but we’re talking fantasy here.”

“Wow, I’d never know you might be into bondage.”

“Light bondage, just so I couldn’t stop him, but I’m not into pain.”

“Umm hmm, I see. I got some rope in the car,” Nicole joked.

“Oh, just make jokes. I’m honest with you and now you tease me. So, Nikky, what about you? What’s your biggest fantasy?

“That’s easy, four guys at once.”

“Four? You slut!” laughed Jessica.

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