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Big Tits

“Oh crap, look at the time!” Sammy said.

“What, you’re not leaving are you?” her girlfriends said in unison.

Sammy stood up, and wobbled a bit. She should have known ‘girls night out’ in the middle of the week was a bad idea. But she had agreed, it had been a long time since her girl squad had seen and talked in person. Fuck it, it had been worth it.

“I gotta get home,” she explained, “Next time, let’s do it on a Friday or Saturday,” she finished.

She was met with a chorus of booing and put down’s.

She gave them a withering look, and that settled them down.

“Maggie, Letty; you two live within minutes of here. Susie, you’re not too much farther! I gotta drive 30 minutes. I gotta go!” She said as she grabbed her light jacket and purse. She left the bar & grill, making her way to her car. She climbed in, locking the doors immediately, and sat there for several minutes, catching her breath. She willed her head to stop spinning.

When she felt comfortable enough, she started the car and made her way to the freeway. As she approached the interchange from one highway to another, she noticed the red lights of the cars ahead of her. She knew an alternate route, and merged to the right, which had lighter traffic, but also led to an exit. She knew the side streets to her house from here. Smiling, she realized the road she would take was several miles of a two lane street that was usually dead.

As she turned onto the road, she passed a curve in the road, heading down a straight stretch of road. Her foot pushed down on the gas, speeding up, trying to make up for lost time.

Then the lights came on behind her. Red and blue lights.

“Fuck! Not tonight!” she cursed.

She lowered her speed and started breaking into a soft transition onto the shoulder of the road. It was pitch black, not a house nor street light in sight. The police car was behind her and seemed to be taking his time. She flipped the handle on the rear view mirror so the light wasn’t blinding her. Then, she adjusted the two mirrors on the door, doing the same thing. She took a big breath and exhaled. All she had to do was say ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir’ and she would be on her way.

Then an idea sprung into her mind, from younger days and more rebellious behavior. Quickly, she opened her blouse up some more, and opened another button. She practiced squeezing her tits together with her upper arms. Maybe she could still get out of this.

She heard the crunch of the officer walking towards her car. Rolling down the window, she looked back over her left shoulder.

“Do Beşiktaş escort you know why I pulled you over ma’am?” his baritone voice asked.

“Hm? No, I don’t officer.” He was now at her window, and she was showing off the girls.

“Really? No idea as to why I pulled you over? At all?” he smirked.

“I was driving home, that’s all!” she looked at him with false innocence, and pouted her lips.

“License and registration then ma’am. I pulled you over for speeding.”

“Naughty me! I promise I’ll never do it again!” she teased seductively.

He looked at her. She squeezed her tits together to make it painfully obvious.

“I need you to step out of the car ma’am.”

Sammy’s mind was still under the influence, and she knew she might be wobbly, but she got out. He had her walk to the trunk of the car. A few missteps and she leaned against her trunk to give her something solid to rest on.

“Ma’am, have you been drinking?” His smile was predatory now.

“No, just one glass of wine. That’s all!”

He was silent, appraising her. She stewed in the silence, afraid she was about to be arrested for D.U.I. He must have made a decision because he put away his ticket book.

“Turn around ma’am,” he instructed. “Place your hands on the car.”

Fuck! She was going to be arrested! She almost started crying, but held it together. She glanced back at him, but couldn’t see if he was reaching for the handcuffs. That’s when she felt his hands on her hips.

“Are you going to pat me down? I don’t have anything on me! I only had one drink!” she claimed.

He was silent as he patted her down, quickly and professionally.

“Geez, at least grope me a little!” she said, before she could bite her tongue. Her sassy and drunken state had her stick her foot in her mouth.

At first, he said and did nothing. Then he leaned into her, his boner rigid and strong rubbed into her crack. The thin material of her summer mini dress let her feel it. His hands were now on her hips, pulling up her dress.

Her body instinctively rubbed back into him.

“Oh geez, what am I doing? I gotta get back to my husband,” she muttered.

“Oh you will,” he answered, “After I get you off.”

His hands had raised her dress, and he dry humped her rear. His hands had come up from behind and were fondling her sizable breasts. She sighed, enjoying the attention. He dropped the top of her dress along with her bra, her dress scrunched up in her midsection. The cool night air made her nipples tighten up.

“You can’t Beşiktaş escort bayan fuck my pussy, my husband likes to fuck after I go out.”

“Okay,” he simply replied.

His meat, nice and hot came out as he unzipped, she felt as he used spit on his cock, then felt his tip at her asshole. His hands squeezed her ass cheeks, then opened them wide. She leaned forward on the car, giving him a better angle. Then she felt the first push against her rim.

“Ugh, that hurts,” she moaned. Her mind couldn’t believe what she was doing, but also was aroused by what she was doing.

He pushed against her backside again, the pain was only slightly less, but still present. Then she felt a ‘pop’ as his tip entered her.

“Ouch!” escaped her lips, but her backside was warming up. She unconsciously pushed back against him.

He started pushing harder and faster into her. Her ass was riled up with the painful yet pleasurable feeling of being filled. Her pussy was getting wet even as he filled her brown channel.

“Slap my ass,” she begged.

He did, harshly. Then he did it again, followed by several more. Then he grabbed her hair in two handfuls and pulled, like a cowboy reigning in a horse.

“Uh uh uh,” she moaned, “hard…harder…” she begged.

His hips were slamming into her, her ass hot and stung from his slaps. She felt his iron hands slapping her ass some more. She closed her eyes as he painfully raped her brown button. Tears ran down her eyes as her asshole suffered and enjoyed the humiliation of being used like a whore.

“Mmmm, yeah…I love how tight you are,” he growled. His turgid cock was pumping into her with anger.

“Uh uh uh,” she continued, “more…” she whispered.

Her anus was exploding with both pain and pleasure. She reached back and felt his waistline. Her hands felt the police baton, and she took it. She placed the handle at the tip of her pussy and shoved it in. Her sopping wet pussy easily took it in, as she self double penetrated herself. She felt the “L” shape of the handle hit her clit, so she rammed it in harder.

Realizing what she was doing, he renewed his brutal assault on her ass. His hands pulled her hair harder, as he rushed towards his touchdown.

His cock spat out his cum, filling her backside with his warm vanilla cream. Her back arched as she took it, even as her cunny squirted out her sympathetic climax. Both were panting and trying to catch their breath. He yanked her hair back painfully, and leaned in.

“Don’t ever let me catch you speeding while drunk Escort beşiktaş driving again, ok?”

“Yes sir,” she said. “But if I do, I’m sucking that cock before you ass fuck me again,” she teased.

He smiled and pulled out. He dropped his fading cock back into his pants and zipped up. She heard as his steps crunched away from her to his squad car. She stood there, her dress slipped back down. Her panting breath had caught up with her experience. Then she realized she still had his baton in her pussy. She took it out.

She walked gingerly to her door and rummaged through her purse and found a pad, placing the wet police baton on the passenger seat. She placed the pad so his cum wouldn’t soak her panties, then brought up her ruffled underwear.

She drove home in a daze, but managed to get home safely. Walking in from her walk-in garage, she went straight to the restroom. After squeezing out as much of his cum as she could, she used wipes to clean out as much as she could. Once she did, she made her way to the bedroom.

“Did you have fun?” her husband asked as she crept in quietly. She flinched unseen by her husband, she had hoped he was asleep.

“Oh yeah,” she said with a false cheerfulness. “It’s always fun catching up.”

He scooted towards her and started fondling her, she knew if he was up he would want to have sex. She typically came home from these ‘girls night out’ tipsy or flat out drunk. So tonight was no different. She thanked her lucky stars he wasn’t watching TV when she arrived and had the chance to empty her anal passage of spunk.

“Mmm, you feel good,” he told her.

“Yeah, I bet you say that to all the girls,” she played along.

The entire time he fucked her, she thought about the cop fucking her ass like an animal. Then she remembered she still had the police baton on her passenger seat. It aroused her and she bucked her body back against her husband. She was cuming in short order and continued to do so. Once he came, he smiled and kissed her face.

“Wow, you were really into it tonight,” he smiled.

“Must’ve been the alcohol,” she answered coyly.

As her husband started snoring within a few minutes, her drunken mind rolled over her sexual encounter. As her husband continued to snore, she snuck down stairs to her car. There it was, the police baton was still wet with her juices. She licked the handle clean and shoved it up her ass. It didn’t hurt as much as his cock, but it still felt sinfully delicious as she fucked her ass, thinking of his iron rod. Her other hand rubbed her pussy until she came again. She wiped it up and licked her pussy juice and cum. She cleaned, then placed the baton in the trunk of her car and made her way back to bed.

She promised herself she would drive that side road next time she was coming home late as she fell into a peaceful slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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