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I guess I should start at the beginning. My name’s Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam. I’m from a small town in rural Wisconsin, and had a pretty normal life. I was born in the 80s, so I was a true 90s child, not like these fake 90’s kids I see. You’d think growing up in rural Wisconsin that I was some type of country girl, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. My style was always darker, some call it goth, some call it emo. I guess when you grow up with nothing around you and your life seems bleak and depressing you fall into that group, wearing dark clothes, chronically depressed, listening to emo rock bands of the early 2000s.

I never really fit in at school, since most of the people were either preppy bitches trying to be the blond valley girls from Cali or the athletes. And on the other side were the country people who just didn’t get any other type of lifestyle. In between was me, geeky little Sam. Luckily I had a couple of close friends who shared my style and outlook on life. Despite what both of those groups thought, just because we were emo, didn’t mean we went home and cut ourselves. We just wanted to live a different life than the one we had and we looked for ways to escape our reality.

One of the things my friends and I always enjoyed doing was going into the city for concerts and underground raves. I didn’t have my license through highschool so I always had to hitch a ride with my friend Rachel. She came from a well off family, and had her own car since she turned 16. So all throughout highschool, she was the chauffeur, and most days you could find us driving around the country roads shouting along to our favorite bands, smoking cigarettes or the occasional joint if Rachel could get any from her older brother.

Anyways, I’m getting side tracked, concerts! We went to so many concerts. Despite having to drive over an hour away to get to the city, it was always worth it. My parents were so strict, and I often had to lie that I was staying at Rachel’s. But the fact that one of our favorite groups was playing a Friday show was a real treat. Normally the smaller no-named bands played during the week, which made it harder to see them on school nights. And when the head liner didn’t start until 10pm, you knew you weren’t going to make it home until 2 or 3am. But being a weekend show, it was much easier to convince my parents that I would spend the weekend at Rachel’s.

We drove into the city first thing after school let out, leaving behind all of the hicks, who gave us weird looks, wondering why we were so happy. Rachel and I did our typical concert routine and smoked a celebratory bowl on the way down, trading off playing songs, making sure not to play any from the band we were seeing that night! When we finally got into the city we had to park in the sketchy part of town because there wasn’t much parking near the concert venue. We didn’t mind as long as we were together, but I don’t know if I could have done much to protect Rachel, or her much to protect me. I was barely 5’2″ and weighed less than 100 pounds, Rachel was a little taller at 5’6″ but somehow I suspected we wouldn’t do much to any would be attackers.

As we approached the venue, we saw other concert goers, mostly highschool and college aged boys and girls, wearing various band shirts, dyed hair, dark makeup, piercings, tattoos, you know the lot. I was wearing black vans, my favorite pair of low riding skinny jeans and a black ‘Underoath’ band shirt that was a little too small and hugged my chest and exposed my midriff slightly. Normally I don’t wear that tight of shirts, but it was the last shirt the merch counter had at their last show, so I had to get it. Other girls would probably say it fit just right.

We lingered around and checked out what merch was available at this show, and what we would have to come back to buy at the end of the night. The first two opening bands were ok, we listened and got in the mood, but we really were there to see the headliner, The Devil Wears Prada.

Rachel pulled me aside, “OMG Sam, I see Dylan over there.” Dylan was Rachel’s ex. Just as I looked over where she was motioning, I saw Dylan look my way and acknowledge us, he smirked and gestured to a guy standing next to him.

“Rachel he’s coming over here!”

“Ughhhh… ok act like we didn’t notice him.” It was never clear to me if she broke up with him or if he broke up with her. Dylan worked his way through the crowd with the other guy in tow.

Dylan came up behind Rachel, wrapping an arm around her stomach and pulling her back against him. “Hey babe.”

“Omg, Dylan, you didn’t tell me you were going to be at this show.” Rachel turned around acknowledging him, talking directly to him, as he slid his hands around her hips pulling her to him. Dylan leaned down and kissed her neck, in a more than friendly way. I guess they worked things out?

“You know that The Devil Wears Prada is my favorite Band, you got me into them.”

I cleared my throat, Avcılar Escort a little disappointed that Rachel so quickly forgot she came here with me. “Oh hey Sam, how you doing?” Dylan nodded to me. “This is my friend Zach, he lives here with a bunch of dudes and is having a house party after the show. You girls should come by.”

Just now I remembered that there was another person here, Zach. As my eyes caught his, I was a little embarrassed. He was clearly a little older than us, he had a short solid scruff of facial hair and I could see a sleeve of tattoos peeking out from his shirt. His shirt was a simple black T, but I could see he was fairly muscular underneath. He must have been in college at the university here. As I was lost in thought, I snapped back to reality, and the three of them were staring at me. Apparently Zach had reached out his hand and was introducing himself, and I was just standing there staring at him.

“Oh, sorry, I’m Sam, Rachel’s friend.”

“Pleasure, I’m Zach. You girls enjoying the show so far?”

“I will once TDWP comes on.”

I looked over to Rachel and Dylan who had moved a few steps away, and appeared to be talking, but their bodies were still pressed together. Which you’d expect at a concert, but we were near the back and there was plenty of room for them not to be that close, so I assumed that’s what she wanted. I all of a sudden realized Zach was still talking to me but I hadn’t heard a word he said and I didn’t want to be rude, “Uh yeah?” He laughed and I could see that he was clearly eyeing me over. We made a little more small talk before the lights went low and The Devil Wears Prada made their entrance. The small basement venue went wild with screams as people rushed towards the stage to get as close as possible. In the stampede of people, I could see Rachel and Dylan work their way into the crowd. Damn, I guess I’m on my own for this show. Totally forgetting about Zach.

The concert was absolutely what you’d expect. There was tons of moshing, crowd surfing, etc. As a small girl it was easy to get knocked around when the crowd pushed in one direct, that was the direction I was going. At some point Zach must have come up behind me and placed his hands on my hips to steady me from getting pushed around. I didn’t think of it as anything more than that, I’d just met him and didn’t really know the guy. Over the course of the show, I got pushed in every direction, my butt inadvertently grinding back against him. I guess it was his lucky day. I had always gone to concerts with Rachel or my other friends, and never had dated anyone. It was a nice feeling knowing you have a guy watching out for you, it felt comfortable. I guess I couldn’t be that mad at Rachel.

Two hours later the show was over, and let out. We were all so hot and sweaty from jumping around and head banging to the music, so it was nice relief to step outside the venue and feel the cool October air. Rachel and Dylan were already outside sitting near the entrance and caught us as we left.

“That was such a good show!”

“OMG right? I’m so happy we got to see them, they were just as good as the other two times I’ve seen them live.”

“Do you have my lighter?” I asked of Rachel who had brought in her bag, so was the designated person to hold all of our things. She fished out my lighter and we shared a quick cigarette outside. Zach reunited with Dylan, and they were talking about the concert and other bro things.

“So you girls want to come over to Zach’s and keep this party going?”

“Only if you guys have booze.” Rachel quickly replied before I had a chance to let her know I was tired and probably would have bailed. But she was the driver, and I didn’t really have a way of getting home if not with her. I definitely wasn’t going to be calling my parents to pick me up an hour away when I was supposed to be at Rachel’s.

“Definitely, I think Josh and Mark picked up a bottle of Malibu and some other mixers before the show.” Zach chimed in, presumably talking about his other housemates.

Rachel turned to me, finally looking for my input. She clasped her hands together and had a huge smile. We were 18, but not 21. We couldn’t get our own alcohol, so it was a rare treat for us. Even though Rachel gets a little bit crazy when she drinks, I gave in “I had fun the last time we drank, but you need to make sure I don’t pass out outside again.”

“Awesome.” Dylan and Zach high fived and we followed them back to their car.

“Do you guys want to just follow us over to Zach’s?” Sounded good to us, we didn’t want to leave our car in this part of town overnight.

As suspected Zach’s house was a few blocks away from the university. We could see lights on, and the door was open. Inside you could see about a dozen people, there was music playing and people had red cups in their hands dancing.

Rachel and I followed Zach and Dylan in, who introduced us to their friend Mark who Avcılar Escort bayan also lived there. There was a couple of other girls there, so we didn’t feel out of place. However they were definitely more college party girls than emo highschool girls. They were playing cards around a dining room table, and a few people had less than all of their clothes on so, I deduced that they were playing strip poker.

We followed into the kitchen where there were a couple of bottles on the counter and some cups and mixers. Rachel made two cups for us. It definitely seemed like there was no mixer, and that she had poured straight rum for us, whatever, I didn’t care at this point. The boys cracked open a few beers and we toasted the evening.

The boom box playing in the house definitely wasn’t the type of music we had listened to at the concert. It was more rap and hip hop, but in this atmosphere, seemed to be just right. We all went down to the basement, where surprisingly there were another dozen or so people, this group was playing beer pong though. Dylan and Rachel teamed up and played a game of beer pong against the reigning table winners. I stood by sipping on my cup of rum cheering on my friend.

Rachel was getting pretty into it, she had drank at least her one cup, and a couple of beers. And Dylan was pretty tipsy as well. He was getting more handsy with Rachel, but she played into it. She smacked his ass and kissed him when he made good shots. Dylan too was sliding his hand up under Rachel’s shirt and rubbing her back, which she enjoyed and would wiggle back, grinding her butt against his crotch. After about an hour of this foreplay Rachel led Dylan upstairs to go to the bathroom.

“You want to go upstairs too?” I nearly jumped as Zach spoke, again forgetting he was there, but he had been next to me more or less the whole night. I guess that’s who kept getting us refills on our drinks.

“Uh sure.” I followed him up the stairs and it hit me how drunk I was. The stairs seemed to move from under me, and I had to catch my balance against the wall a few times. Luckily Zach was behind me and caught me, I fell back against him, his strong arms quickly wrapping around me, and his hands fell into place on my breasts, I just started laughing. He was a gentleman and helped me to my feet, brushing off the dust on my pants. He held my hand and led me the rest of the way up the stairs.

By now most of the people in the basement had moved up stairs and it was pretty packed on the first floor. Zach sensed my discomfort as I looked around for Rachel and Dylan. My head was pounding from all of the alcohol, and the noise and crowd didn’t help. “Here, we can go up here and you can sit down.” Zach led me upstairs, opening a door to an empty bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and Zach leaned against the door staring at me. My head was spinning and I felt like I was losing my balance just by keeping my eyes open, so I layed back on the bed. There, that felt so good. Exactly what I needed. I felt the bed bounce as Zach sat down next to me.

“You going to be alright?”

I opened my eyes and looked at him. The first time I had really looked at him all night. He was gorgeous. He leaned over and was watching over me. Just like at the concert, it felt good to have somebody caring for me. In the dim light of the room, his muscles made him look like a greek god. All of a sudden my hand was on his chest and I was feeling how hard his muscles were. He must have found this amusing since he just cracked a smile at me, staring into my eyes.

“You smell good.” My drunk brain was unfiltered, but it was still working.

“You smell pretty good yourself.” He leaned over me, his face so close to mine as his nose brushed against the side of my neck, to my jaw, and then up my cheek. I could smell his cologne even stronger now that he was hovering over me this close. I don’t know what came over me but I turned my head and my lips met his. He didn’t act surprised, he kissed me back. His hand slid under my back, as he pulled me up against him. His lips parted as the kiss went on. I grabbed his chest, pulling him down on top of me. My heart raced and my breath grew short. I broke the kiss, but stayed exactly where we had been. Both of us breathing heavily into the other’s mouth.

Now he kissed me, his mouth pushed forwards and I felt his hand cup my ass as he went. I slipped my tongue inside his mouth, exploring as his tongue met mine. Everything felt so perfect. We went on kissing like this for a while, and then a couple of people noisily walked by the open door, shocking us back to reality. We both stopped and laughed at the circumstance. Zach got off me, and went over to the door, and closed it. We were alone, just me and this masterpiece of a man.

I guess it’s probably as good of a time as any to mention that I hadn’t really ever had a boyfriend before, and that I was a complete virgin. Perhaps it was going through life this Escort avcılar long without, but I was so god damn horny. I could feel my pussy starting to get hot.

As Zach came back over to the bed I slid my hands up under his shirt lifting it up, understanding what I wanted he finished taking off his shirt. He laid down beside me as I felt all over his muscular chest. He went in for another kiss, and I got lost in his lips. His mouth no longer tasted like his own, we had kissed for so long, our mouths tasted the same. Feeling his tongue dancing inside my mouth sent sparks down my body. Zach grabbed my ass and pulled me over on top of him. I don’t know if balancing, straddling a guy is the best thing to do when you’re drunk, it seemed like I was standing on a roof. My head wobbled, and I collapsed back down on top of him. He leaned up and kissed my neck, sucking so sensually as his lips moved up to my ear.

His mouth wasn’t the only thing moving up, his hands moved up my sides over my hips, slipping underneath my shirt he grabbed my boobs. He stopped nibbling on my earlobe for a moment to let out a satisfactory moan as he massaged my breasts. My nipples were so hard, he must have known how horny I was.

I started to rock back and forth, grinding against his straddled lap. There was no doubt now that my pussy was leaking inside my panties. And I felt the occasional twitch of Zach’s hard cock between us as I grinded. I got so lost in the moment, nothing else mattered. I hadn’t planned on hooking up with a guy tonight, but things were moving towards that, and my body didn’t say no. I was going to let this go as far as Zach wanted. I just didn’t care anymore.

I pushed Zach off of me, back against the bed. He looked up at me in somewhat of shock, probably thinking that he had gone too far. I leaned down and playfully kissed his lips, before trailing down his chest, leaving a trail of wet kisses across his hard muscles. My hands reached his belt before my lips did, drunkenly fumbling with the clasp, I pulled down his jeans with his boxers, releasing his hard member. I had never seen a cock this close, much less touched one, but hormones took over and it seemed so natural.

My hand wrapped around the shaft, pulling it taut. I could feel him throbbing as my lips approached. It felt good having this power over somebody so much larger and stronger than me. I looked up at him, he was watching with so much anticipation. I must have let out a devious smile as I took his cock in my mouth, I just tried to do what those women in the porn videos do. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, licking around it. He must be pretty sensitive because his cock was constantly twitching, I had to hold it around the base to keep it still. But I wasn’t the only horny one, he unintentionally was rocking his hips, trying to slide more of his cock in my little mouth.

I don’t know what I was expecting it to taste like, but it wasn’t like anything I had ever put in my mouth before. But I could see the effect that it was having on Zach, so I continued. I bobbed my head up and down, taking about half his cock in my mouth before sliding back up to the head. My tongue glided along the underside of his shaft. I had to constantly wipe away my spit that was accumulating. I moved my hand up at the same time as my head bobbed, stroking his throbbing shaft. My lips closed around the head of his cock sucking like a straw. He was nice enough to push my hair out of the way, but I think it was more for his benefit than mine, it must have been a nice view.

Zach moaned softly and had to throw his head back in pleasure every time I reached the tip of his cock. I kept giving it a little swirl lick with my tongue before kissing it, and then kissing down his hard shaft to his balls.

“Uhhh… Sam that feels so fucking good.” Zach reached down after I finished one of my bobs on his cock and lifted my chin up so that I would look at him. He guided me back up on top of him and embraced me for the most passionate kiss yet. In a haste I pulled off my bra and shirt in one quick movement and tossed them to the side. He stared at my perky breasts and pointed nipples, before diving in. His mouth felt so good closing around my nipple, sucking and flicking his tongue over them as I caught my breath. But I was getting so worked up, I wasn’t really catching my breath before he got me going again.

I reached around his neck, hugging his head into my chest as he alternated between my breasts, kissing and sucking on them. I started to moan as well, feeling this muscular man devouring me like I was the last thing on earth.

He slowly lifted me up, and laid me down on the bed on my back, the whole time never leaving my chest. My legs wrapped around his waist, his pants still partly down, and his hard cock standing up at attention. He awkwardly kicked off his pants and was completely naked now. I guess there’s no turning back, I know where he wants this to go.

Zach’s return to my lips was the most ecstatic feeling. He laid between my legs, kissing me. I don’t know if I felt light headed because of the booze or the edging. Releasing my lips, a bead of our saliva trailed between our tongues. I pouted as he stopped kissing me. But he had other plans.

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