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I should start with a little background. My name is Sandy and I’m 51 years old. I’m on my second marriage to a wonderful man (Michael) who is ten years older than me. We both have kids from previous marriages. I have my daughter Katie, who is now 18 and my son Trevor who is now 21. Michael has two sons, David and Daniel who are now 27 and 29, respectively. Michael and I have a very open relationship with each other — we are swingers. Fortunately, he and I are on the same wavelength and enjoy many of the same things, sexually and non-sexually, after all, some of the most non-sexual things can often be very sensual things. In addition to swinging with other couples, Michael and I both play with other individuals from time to time. I must admit that I get more of an opportunity to do so because he works very hard full-time, but I only work part-time. So I get to go shopping and spend his rather large salary and generally have fun. It’s even easier to do that now that none of our kids are living at home anymore. Katie was the last to leave and now she’s in college full-time — she’s a freshman. All of the kids come home to visit from time to time of course, and Katie will probably come home for the summer after she’s done with her first year. As it is, she lives about 2 hours from home, so we see her some on weekends. This story is about one of those weekends.

Katie is a very attractive young woman. She’s tall and slender, and a natural blonde with long, straight hair. She didn’t get that from me, though, because my hair is naturally curly and my blonde comes from a bottle. She has legs that I or any other woman would kill to have and small breasts — barely a B cup, and I know she often wears an A cup, depending on the brand of bra. Despite her wonderful looks, she didn’t have that many boyfriends in high school. She dated occasionally, but never had a long-term relationship. I’m sure that a large reason for that is that she is quite shy. In addition to not being very outgoing, it’s fair to say she is a bit of a prude. She definitely wore more conservative clothes than her mom, because anyone who knows me knows that I love to find a style that is sexy, classy, and somewhat revealing, all at the same time. Katie and I did talk about sex some too, and she was pretty open about telling me that she was still a virgin when she left for college. Even so, I made sure to send her off with a box of condoms, just in case. Her virginity, and plan to remain a virgin while in high school at least, was probably another reason she didn’t date much in high school. Most high school boys seem to fall into one of two categories, either they are so scared of girls or getting someone pregnant that they swear off sex until marriage or they are so horny that they will have sex with anything with a heartbeat. Because of Katie’s good looks, most of the boys who hit on her fell into the latter category, and she did not. In some ways I was a bit jealous because the boys I knew who did hit on her were really good-looking, but I had to satisfy myself with merely fantasizing about what I could teach them if I ever got the chance.

Katie and I talked on the phone on a regular basis after she left for college and I was happy for her when she told me that she had met a really great guy and started dating him. After about 3 months of dating him she called me to say that she was planning on coming home for a weekend and that her boyfriend Rick was coming with her. I asked her when she planned to get home and she said they’d be home Thursday evening. I had to work on Friday, but told them that I would love to take them out to dinner Thursday night and then decide what to do on the weekend after they got home. Like a good mom who doesn’t know exactly what Katie would want, I made sure to put fresh sheets on the bed in her room and the one in the guest room. It would not have bothered me if they had wanted to stay in the same room, but given Katie’s history, I wanted to give her the option of them staying in separate rooms anyway.

I was already home from work on Thursday night when they got home. Katie introduced me to Rick as they set their bags down in the living room and our puppy ran around excited to meet someone new. Rick was very polite and friendly, and after he called me Mrs. Taylor, I politely corrected him and told him to call me Sandy. But more than being a nice guy, he was quite the looker. I’m not ashamed to admit that I did feel some blood rush to my head and certain other body parts when I first saw him and shook his hand. Rick was tall, probably 6’2″, with dark hair, a chiseled jawbone, slender body that I suspected was pretty muscular underneath, and a slightly darker complexion that made me think he had some Mediterranean heritage in him. As I found out later, he was roughly half Italian and half Irish. My husband Michael wasn’t home because he was out of town on business until Saturday morning, so until then it was just the three of us. After a little bit of small talk Rick asked where the bathroom was and I pointed him down the hall. That was perfect because I could mention to Katie that I had made both beds but if they wanted to share Bayan Eskort a room, I would understand and it wouldn’t bother me. I felt more comfortable leaving that decision to Katie than making it for them or telling her in front of Rick. She told me that he slept over at her dorm room when her roommate was gone, but that it might feel weird to sleep together at home, so they would probably opt for separate rooms. I got the distinct feeling that she was no longer a virgin, but Rick returned before we could have any long conversations about it.

I suggested that we go to a nice little restaurant nearby that I’ve always liked. We’re near a big city, so there are lots of options, but sometimes the best places are small out of the way restaurants, and this was good because it was quiet enough that we could talk easily and I could get to know Rick some. Dinner was nothing special, and when we got home we stayed up and talked some more, but I had to work the next day so I went off to bed around 11. I fantasized a little about Rick before going to sleep because he was such a handsome guy. I was also rather curious to know how much he and Katie had done sexually since they seemed to be pretty close overall.

The next morning I got up at 6 and got ready for work as usual. Both Katie and Rick were still asleep when I left, so I just left them a note saying that there was plenty of food in the fridge for breakfast and that I’d see them after work. Like a fool, I didn’t mention when I’d get home from work.

Normally I work a full day on Fridays, but this particular day was a light day at work and since I wanted to see more of Katie and Rick while they were home, I decided to knock off early — around 2pm. I got home shortly after two o’clock, pulled in the driveway and went in the front door. I didn’t see Katie and Rick at first, so I thought I’d drop my purse in the kitchen then look for them. I must not have made much noise when I came in because on the way to the kitchen I looked into the family room and saw an incredible sight. Katie was dancing in the middle of the room in front of Rick, who was sitting on the sofa. Katie had nothing on but a red bra, and Rick had nothing on except a condom on his hard cock that he was stroking as he watched Katie dance to the music. Before I could say anything Katie saw me and was about as startled as she had ever been in her life, I’m sure. The condom on Rick’s penis answered the question for me about whether they had ever had sex, and rather than feeling any anger, I just became flushed. Katie grabbed for her clothes and Rick, who was scared as all hell, grabbed a nearby blanket to cover up.

Katie half screamed, half-cried, “Mom, I thought you weren’t going to be home until 5!”

“Obviously,” I replied. But I was too turned on to say anything more. As Katie stared at me and clearly wanted me to leave the room, I had no motivation to. I wanted to see more of Rick, and surprisingly I wanted to see more of Katie too. I had seen her naked on numerous occasions, and always admired her great looks, but now it was more than just admiring a beautiful young woman. I was downright turned on!

I had to say something, so I just decided to go for it. Rather than try and play psychological games, I decided to be very straightforward. So I just blurted out, “Katie, don’t go anywhere, just sit down and I want to say something to you and Rick.” Katie sat down next to Rick with a very pained expression on her face, not knowing what to expect or how I felt. I continued. “Now I don’t want either of you to be ashamed of what you were just doing. To be honest, both of you are so sexy that I can’t imagine that either of you would want to ever leave the dorm room. And to be 100 percent honest with you, what I just saw didn’t make me mad, it turned me on.” They both looked totally confused, but at least they knew I wasn’t about to throw a fit. “I’ve had quite a lot of sex with more than my share of men, and women, over the years, and I promise you that it’s tough to find two people as sexy as you two.” Katie knew that I was bisexual, or that I had had numerous bisexual experiences even though she didn’t know to what extent, and I’m certain she never thought I looked at her that way. No matter what, I thought I should say it because Rick didn’t know. “Yes, I’m bisexual, and I don’t want you two to stop what you were doing, I’d just rather participate a little bit. After all, it’s not very often that I get to see such sexy young things in my own home, is it?” By now they were both looking at me like I was crazy, but they were both still speechless. I moved from the chair I was sitting on to kneel nearer to them.

Finally Katie was able to mutter, “But, but, but Mom, this is so weird, and not really right. I mean, Rick’s MY boyfriend, and you’re MY mom.”

Of course that was the toughest thing to explain, but I did my best. “Well, honey, I know it seems strange and all, but when it comes down to it, we’re all just human beings and we like to feel good. We like to feel good physically, emotionally, mentally. Maybe we can just think of this as a chance to feel good physically Anadolu Yakası Escort without worrying about any other baggage that may normally accompany sex.” I couldn’t believe that I was trying to make a rational argument for what I wanted to happen, but I didn’t know how else to do it. That’s how my mind works. “For instance, I know that you two are attracted to each other, and that I’ve spent the last couple minutes lusting after both of you — yes, BOTH of you.” I looked at Katie. “Do you mind if I ask what you two think of me?” I was wearing a lime green tank top and a white and green skirt that went to my knees. I had kicked off my sandals when I got inside, and under my clothes I had a green bra and panties. I need to wear a bra at work because I have C cup — almost D cup — breasts that have a tendency to bounce and be distracting otherwise. I turned to Rick specifically, “You’re a really handsome young man — do you think I’m attractive?”

Rick didn’t know what to do. He looked over at Katie as if to find out the right answer to my question, but I touched his chin to turn his head back to me. He looked up and down my body. I’m about 5’5″, pretty nice body, especially for someone my age, but not perfect. I would like to lose a little in the hips, and I do have a little bit of a booty. He couldn’t see much of my legs because of how I was kneeling, but he could definitely see the cleavage from my 34C’s, my manicured fingernails, and my long blonde hair and blue eyes. I repeated, “Do you think I’m sexy?” as I ran my finger down the middle of his chest, stopping before I got to his waist.

Rick just started to nod slowly and muttered an “Uh-huh,” as he stared at me and started to get goosebumps. I looked at Katie and started to run a finger up and down her thigh and I said to her, “You see, I’m interested, Rick is interested, and you don’t need to do anything you don’t want. You don’t need to touch me or play with me if you don’t want to, and if you really want all of this to end now, I respect that and I’ll leave and let you two get dressed, but imagine how much fun we could have. Maybe I could teach you some things, even though I know that sounds cheesy. And imagine how much fun we can give Rick with both of us pleasuring him. Do you want to experiment?”

“Ummm, OK, I guess,” came her reply. “But I don’t know what I’m OK with, so if I say stop, we can stop, right?”

“Of course, hon.”

In retrospect, I should have been shocked at how things were happening, but I wasn’t. It all seemed very normal and erotic to me. I slowly pulled the blanket away from Rick’s lap and left him fully exposed. He had become somewhat flaccid, I’m sure from the shock of it all, so I pulled the condom of his penis. I told Katie to give him a kiss on the lips and just let her senses take over. She did as I said, and I leaned forward and kissed Rick’s chest. As Katie kissed Rick, he put his left arm around her, then all of a sudden I felt his other hand slowly rubbing my left shoulder. His touch on my shoulder sent another wave of excitement rushing through me. I instinctively moved my hands to Rick’s legs and started to rub up and down his thighs as I massaged his chest with my lips. He used his free hand to pull the straps to my tank top and bra to the side, revealing my bare shoulders. I looked over to the side and saw Rick’s left hand slide out from behind Katie’s back and make its way in between her legs. They spread apart and I got a perfect view of her pussy. She was completely shaved down there and looked like she had tight little lips. She let out a soft moan as Rick started to rub her clit in circles. By now I couldn’t help myself. I gently grabbed Rick’s cock with my left hand and moved my right hand along the inside of Katie’s thigh. Rick’s penis was quite a handful, and was by now rock hard, with a slight curve upward. I gave it a squeeze and he shuddered. Katie reached down and touched my hand with hers. I was excited to find that rather than pushing my hand away, she started to caress it softly, as I caressed the inside of her thigh, slowly inching upward. At the same time, Rick’s right hand moved further down my body. He slipped it underneath the front of my bra to my left nipple. I couldn’t help but moan quite loudly as he began to roll my nipple between his fingers.

Since I was the only one with any substantial clothing on — Katie still had her bra on — I stood up and pulled the tank top over my head right in front of both Katie and Rick. Then I slipped off my skirt, leaving me in my bra and panties, with one bra strap falling off my shoulder. Knowing the answer I’d get now, I asked them again if they thought I was sexy. They both agreed that I was. There is no feeling like the one at that moment of being told by two sexy 18 year olds that your 51-year-old body is turning them on. And not only that, having one of them be my daughter was enough to drive me crazy.

I bent over toward Katie and ran my hands through her hair. She looked up at me and her eyes pierced mine in a way that told me we were all doing ok. I looked back at her and asked, “Katie, have you ever kissed a Pendik Escort woman?” She shook her head no and began to lean forward. That was all I needed. I straddled her legs on the sofa and softly pressed my lips to hers, all while running my fingers through her hair. What started as a soft kiss on the lips, quickly turned into a full on French kiss. I explored the inside of her mouth with my tongue, and she explored mine. After about a minute of making out with her, I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, tossing it to the side. My C-cup breasts were quite the contrast to Katie’s pert little titties. She wrapped her arms around me and rubbed my back as we continued to kiss, ultimately making her way to my butt. Although I often wear thongs, I hadn’t been expecting to come home to this, so I had full panties on. When I felt Katie’s and Rick’s hands almost simultaneously reach into the back of my panties I fell forward onto Katie, practically thrusting my breasts into her face, while I moaned with longing for what was happening and what was going to happen.

Together Katie and Rick slid my panties off of me. I stood up as they slid them down my legs. Both Katie and Rick stared at my full brown bush between my legs. Not sure how playful I should sound for fear of ruining the moment, I looked at Katie and said, “I think we’re doing a good job of giving Rick some variety. I used to shave regularly like you’ve shaved your little pussy, but lately I’ve had a fetish for my full bush.” Then I turned my attention to Rick, “Do you want to taste what you see?” “Oh yes,” came his reply. I told Katie that I wanted to taste her too if she’d let me, so I spread a blanket on the carpeting and had her lie down on her back. She bent her legs slightly, and I kneeled down between them, starting to kiss along the insides of her thighs, alternating sides, and feeling her shiver. Rick knew exactly what I wanted and he laid down under me so that his face was inches from my own pussy. I looked back at him briefly and saw him holding his hard cock in one hand and directing my pussy and ass to his face with the other.

I could no longer resist the temptation before me and I started to lick Katie between her legs. I first put the tip of my tongue near the bottom of her slit, almost to her asshole, and slowly licked upward. I managed to tease her for a couple minutes, sliding my tongue along her lips and periodically sliding it inside of her, while being careful not to touch her clit yet. She kept having little bouts of the shivers, obviously wanting me to get to her most sensitive spot. In the meantime, Rick wasted no time in diving right in to my clit. He wasn’t shy any more. His face was pressed completely against my mound, with his tongue centered on my clit, licking it in circles, then up and down, then side to side. I could tell I was dripping wet when I felt him slide what must have been two fingers deep into my puss. By now I wanted Katie to experience the pleasure that I was already feeling and I pressed my face against her clit, letting my tongue go crazy. She jumped with excitement and she grabbed the back of my head, pressing it harder against her cunt.

After a couple more minutes, I knew I was going to cum. I told Rick to slide more fingers in me, in any hole he wanted. That was all the invitation he needed. He moved both hands between my legs and slid a third finger into my puss while sliding one into my ass. That sent me over the top. I drove a finger into my daughter’s pussy right in front of me. I was convulsing so much that I could hardly lick her anymore. I felt my body go stiff and then all of a sudden I exploded in ecstasy, barely able to control myself. I screamed as I pressed my pussy hard against Rick’s face until I couldn’t cum any longer.

I reached down between my legs and slowly moved Rick’s head away from me because I was so sensitive all of a sudden, as I always am after a huge orgasm. His fingers slid out of me slowly and I told him, “Now let’s give Katie an orgasm like you just gave me.”

Rick didn’t need any more prodding than that. I could now return to the business of licking Katie’s pussy. Rick moved near her face and finally removed her bra. Her small breasts seemed so tiny, with soft pink nipples that clearly needed attention. As I started to lick Katie faster and faster, she became more and more vocal. In fact I think she was really turned on by the whole situation, including the fact that her mom was the one now going down on her. “Oh Mom. Mom. Mommy.” She cried. “Keep going. Keep licking me. Faster. Mommy. Faster.” At that moment Rick took one of her nipples in his mouth and that’s when Katie really began to drip wet on my face. Her nipples were clearly one of the most sensitive parts of her body. “Oh Mom, keep fucking me with your face. I’m almost there. I’m going to explode. Oh yeah.” She pulled my hair and pressed my head harder against her cunt. I licked with everything I had. Rick continued to lick and bite her nipples. “Oh yes Mom. Oh baby. Keep going.” And then it happened. I made my daughter have an orgasm. She screamed. Not just any scream. It sounded more like a squeal. Her body shook, her muscles tightened, then she convulsed, bucking her hips up into my face. Her squealing went on for several minutes. I was so impressed. And happy for my daughter’s pleasure. When she finally calmed down, all she said was “Oh fuck. Oh God yes. That felt so good.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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