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    So about a couple months ago I went to a Halloween party in the woods, I was dressed as slutty elf. I was wearing some really tight green spandex that barely covered my big round juicy plump bubble butt, I was wear a black thong that you can kinda see through my spandex, I was wearing a small elf shirt that barely covered my waist, and I was wearing an elf hat. My spandex barely covered my thong! When I got to the party I caught every guys attention. I went to go get a drink and From the corner of my eye I saw a guy in a santa costume, well he just had santa pants, a Santa hat, and No shirt on! Lol He saw that I was looking at him as well and he called me over. When I got to him he had a huge smile on his face and was staring at me up and down. I didn’t know what to say or do, so I just asked him,” do I know you?”. He laughed and said,” no, my name is mike! Would you like to get to know me?”. I said,”sure”.  He then grabbed my ass and told me,” let’s go somewhere we can be alone, I got 10 inches of pure man meat for that big round round juicy plump bubble butt and those juicy lips!”. I couldn’t resist! I was craving some cock! I was about ready to get on my knees on the spot! Lol But instead I responded with a smile,” sure let’s go.” 
      So off we went, we walked Further into the woods. We ended in an open field with a log in the middle. We walked to the log and I wasted no time. I sat him down, sat on him lap and i started rubbing my ass up and down on his cock! A couple minutes go by and I can’t Anadolu Yakası Escort resist any longer. I got down on my knees and I started rubbing his cock over his pants until it was so hard that it basically was about to rip through his pants! As I slowly began to pull his pants down, his cock flew out and slapped me on my face! I grabbed his cock and I began to stroke it a little. My mouth got watery just looking at his big juicy cock and his juicy balls! I looked up at him and asked,” may I?”. He smiled and said,” heck yeah you can!”. So i opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out a little and i slowly began to move my head toward his cock. When my tongue was about to touch his cock, I stopped, looked up at him, smiled, and right when he was gonna say something, I went straight for his balls! He let out a moan and said,” holy shit! So you’re a ball licker huh! I love it it!”. He grabbed his cock and started slapping my face with it as I kissed, licked and suck on his balls.
   Finally I started to slowly lick my way up to his tip. When i got to his tip I started to play with it with my tongue as I had my lips around it. Slowly I started to suck on it. I started moving my head up and down as I sucked on his juicy dick like there was no tomorrow! While I sucked him up, he started to grab my ass and spank it. I moaned a little as he spanked me because I love being spanked! I started to shake my butt as I sucked his dick. He put his hand on the back of my head and began to thrust his hips back and forth. He began Bostancı Escort to pick up pace and started mouth fucking me ferociously! I loved it! His cock was hitting the back off my throat as his balls slapped against my chin! After 20 minutes Of him fucking my mouth, I Grabbed his cock and I started deep throating him. I would go all the way down till my tongue was able to reach his balls and I would stay there for 30 seconds. He loved it and I did too! 
   After another thirty minutes of deep throating him I got up, walked a few feet away from him, arched my back a little and I started shaking my ass for him as I slowly pulled my pants down. I pulled them down just underneath my butt cheeks and I left my thong on. I slowly got down on my hands and knees, I arched my back, slowly started to shake my ass, I turned my head to look at him, spanked my ass nice and hard and In a sexy voice i said,” come get me Santa, make me you bitch”.
   He quickly got up and got behind me. He began to rub my ass, spank it, and kiss it! Then he  moved my thong to the side and started to rub his cock in between my butt cheeks, then he slowly started to push his head in my ass! I let out a low soft moan because it felt so good going in! As soon as he was all the way in, I told him,” let me work it daddy!”. So I started by moving my ass all the way to his tip and i slowly started to shake my ass as i moved it back down! I did that until he couldn’t resist it any more! He grabbed my hips and slowly started thrusting his hips. He started Erenköy Escort to pick up the pace, he started to fuck my big round juicy plump bubble butt nice and hard! He started to spank me as he fucked me, I felt his balls clapping against the back of my thighs, I started to moan and say,” fuck me harder daddy! Uuuh! Fuck me! Make me your bitch Santa! Uuuuuh!”. He fucked me nice and hard for about 45 minutes! I felt his cock swell up inside my ass, he pulled out, got up and started to jack off as I was shaking my ass for him! After a few seconds He exploded all over my butt cheeks! 
   I quickly turned around, got on my knees, grabbed his cock and gobbled it up! I started sucking it like a mad man! I wanted his cum! I sucked his dick for a good 10 minutes! I felt hi cock swell up! I got anxious an started to suck faster and faster until finally he gave me what I wanted! He unloaded a huge load of cum in my mouth and I tried swallowing every bit of it, but he pulled his cock out my mouth and sprayed some more all over my face!  Then he bent me over on all four, made me arch my back and he spanked me nice and soft a few times! I moaned and said,” uuuh! Spank me Santa I been naughty! Uuh! Harder! Uuuh!”. Then he rubbed both my butt cheeks and gave a me nice hard spank, then kissed my ass, smiled and said,” now you are officially SANTAS BIG BOOTY BITCH! When ever Me or my friends need sexual pleasure I’ll call you, got it?”. I said with a huuuge smile,” yes! I got it!”. 
    I hope you enjoyed that story!:) that’s how I became Santas big booty helper:) if u like this story you might like the next one I write. Its about a threesome I had;) let me know if you like this story so then I can post up the other one!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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