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Chapter 1: Just divorced

Sarah put down the letter from her solicitor with a sigh; well it was over after Eighteen Years of marriage her now ex-husband Stuart had divorced her. So now at thirty six she was alone, the terms of the divorce left her with a considerable income from the money that Stu had invested from his position as head of a head-hunter agency, but as she had never been able to have kids and her parents were dead she was truly all alone in the world.

Sarah realised very soon after Stu had announced the divorce that she did not have any real friends just the current partners of Stu’s business associates. She had lost contact with her school and college friends years ago as Stu hinted all the time that they were not suitable contacts for the wife of an up and coming executive.

Sarah went to the bedroom and took off her robe, looking at herself in the mirror she was quite pleased with what she saw. She had kept herself trim over the years and her slender build held a well developed set of muscles, at 5’11” her slender legs led up to her tight buttocks with no sign of the dreaded cellulite. Her dark brown bush was trimmed to mere stubble so that it would not show through the tight training outfits she wore at the gym. Her pussy lips hung down a little these days, as she liked to pull on them and stretch the sensitive tissue as far as she could when she masturbated. It was a good four years since her husband had any interest in sex with her, so playing with herself had been her only release for her pent up lust.

Sarah found in the last few years she was almost constantly horny so she had got into the habit of masturbating several times a day. She decided that this was probably as she wasn’t getting any sex these days and playing with herself just didn’t satisfy her fully.

Her breasts were very large and sagged under their weight but that was to be expected at her age and as her large nipples were quite high on her breasts they still faced outwards when she stood without her bra. Her dark brown hair framed her face softly and she knew she was considered pretty, many of Stu’s business associates had tried to make a pass at her over the years, but she had turned them all down. Now Sarah wondered if maybe she should have taken a few up on their offers.”

As she looked at her reflection Sarah began to feel her pussy moisten so she gently began to caress her breasts teasing the nipples to reach their full hard length. Sarah opened the top drawer of her dresser and lifted out some pegs she had modified by wiring some four ounce weights to them, lifting her left breast Sarah let the peg snap closed on her nipple causing her to release a sharp hiss as a jolt of pleasure and pain shot through the breast.

Sarah released the breast and looked in the mirror as her nipple was elongated by the weight attached to it, the stretching sensation was working her up quite quickly. Sarah repeated the action with her right breast and shifted her shoulders from side to side to set her stretched tits swinging as she enjoyed the pulling on her nipples.

Sarah picked up four more of the pegs and quickly snapped them onto her already hanging labia, moving around set all six weights swinging pulling and stretching her nipples and labia.

Sarah’s breath came in gasps as she began to briskly rub her sensitive clit and when it was as big as it was likely to get Sarah quickly snapped a smaller weighted peg onto her clit.

Tears came to Sarah’s eyes as the tender tissue was abused but her pussy was leaking its thick cream so that drips were running down the weights to drop onto the floor. Stuffing three fingers into her hot cunt Sarah brought herself to a shuddering orgasm.

As she sat down on the bed to recover Sarah carefully liked her juices off her own fingers before delving them back into her hole for more. After she had gathered up as much of her come as she could get Sarah removed the weights and wiping them off returned them to her drawer Sarah made her way to the shower.

Dressing in a simple loose summer frock Sarah decided that she needed some retail therapy. Then maybe work out how to start dating after all these years. After all these years of having to settle for masturbation, she really needed Ankara bayan escort a good fuck. Sarah grinned at herself Stu hated her to use foul language and saying aloud “I need a good hard fuck, my cunt is desperate for a hard cock” caused her to burst into laughter and feel free from the restrictions of being a career wife.

After a short drive to the city centre Sarah decided to start with some new sexy lingerie to boost her confidence, Sarah liked the look of a small shop called Maria’s just off the high street, she had seen it before but had never felt the need for anything other than her basic underwear from high street names. Entering the shop Sarah looked over the racks of delicate lacy garments and to her surprise some bra and panty sets in rubber and Pvc. Sarah had to look at these, as she had never seen anything quite so kinky on open display in a shop.

As Sarah was holding a red Pvc bra with cut outs for the nipples she heard a voice behind her.

“You would find the black would suit your colour better.”

Turning quickly and flushing a bright red Sarah saw the shop assistant standing a few feet away from her, Sarah was speechless looking at the young woman facing her, the woman was shorter than Sarah at only about 5’6″ her pretty face had several piercings. Small silver rings were piercing each eyebrows, a silver bar stuck out from the chin, a larger ring hung from the base of her nose and each ear had six rings getting larger as they reached the base of the ear. Sarah had always thought of people who had piercings other than there ears as weird but this girls face was strangely attractive to the older woman

“I think your hair colour has too many red highlights for you to get away with the red”

“S-S-Sorry I was just looking at them” Stammered Sarah embarrassed and at the same time fascinated with what had been done to the young woman’s face.

“That’s all right look at anything you want too” the young woman replied a smile tugging at her mouth and suggesting to Sarah that she did not just mean the lingerie. After a moments pause Sarah’s eyes pulled away from the woman’s face and looked at the whole figure in front of her.

The woman was shorter than Sarah and was more curvy with a delightful roundness to her full breasts and wide full hips, instead of looking embarrassed at the scrutiny she was under she smiled broadly and said. “Hi my name’s Maria, would you like to try it on.”

Sarah tried to hide her blushing face by looking back at the racks of revealing lace and silk garments. The woman was affecting Sarah in a way she was not used to, Sarah had never been attracted to another woman before but standing in this shop feeling the flush on her face Sarah began to realise her panties were getting moist as her body reacted to Maria’s presence.

“Um…it’s not really what I was looking for I was just looking for a simple set of underwear for a special night out.” Sarah managed to reply

“So you want something special to turn someone on or just make yourself feel good. Cos that’s not always the same thing.” Maria asked.

“Well I figure now I’m divorced I might as well please myself more than anyone else.” Sarah stated. Sarah blushed even more as she added “I want something that makes me feel really sexy, so sexy I might not even mind if I don’t go anywhere.”

“Well we have several lines that can do that for you why don’t you go into the changing room out the back and strip to your underwear and I will bring you a few lines you may like. You are about a G cup aren’t you?” Maria’s smile as she said this made it quite plain to Sarah what she meant.

Whispering a quite “I’m a double G” Sarah walked into the backroom her, heart was pounding.

Sarah looked around her the changing room was obviously also a store room and office there was also a day bed in one corner of the room, to the left of the door there was a curtained off alcove which served as a changing room. Entering the alcove and drawing the curtain Sarah quickly stripped to her bra and panties, she could feel an unmistakable wet patch at the front of her panties. Sarah found that she was more embarrassed by the boring state of her badly fitting bra and high boring pants than of the thought of being seen Escort bayan Ankara almost naked and obviously excited by the sexy Maria.

Just before Sarah gave in to the temptation to touch her excited pussy she heard Maria’s voice from outside the alcove.

“Can I come in and measure you for the bra a moment.”

“Yes, come in” Sarah answered trying to keep the tremble out of her voice.

Maria twitched the curtain aside, stepped in, and stood for a moment staring at Sarah. “Oh, you are beautiful” she breathed as she looked at Sarah standing in front of her. Sarah felt her nipples harden under the admiring gaze of Maria, without saying anymore Maria moved over to Sarah and gently caressed the hard nipples under Sarah’s bra, Sarah moaned and without thinking reached down and held the face of the younger woman as she kissed her passionately. Maria returned the kiss fervently and Sarah could feel the barbell in Maria’s tongue piercing as their tongues entwined.

Maria pulled away after a few minutes and dropped to her knees in front of Sarah, easing down her knickers and helping her step out of them, Maria’s gaze was locked on Sarah’s large stretched labia “god that is so sexy” she breathed as her fingers parted the hanging lips to reveal a stretched clit sticking out from it’s hood. “Please don’t be too gentle with them, pull hard on them.” moans Sarah. Maria grins up at her and gently tugs on one side of the labia.

“No harder pull the fucking things off,” Sarah pleaded the younger woman

Maria’s grin widens and gripping each labia gives a really hard tug causing Sarah’s juices to flow and a long cry to escape the older woman, Maria leant in still keeping the stretch on the pussy lips and rasps her tongue over Sarah’s erect clit. The sensations caused by the hard steel balls of Maria’s pierced tongue on her clit send Sarah over the edge and she screams as she floods Maria’s face with her cum.

Sarah pulled the younger woman to her feet and kissed her deeply tasting the familiar taste of her own love juice in Maria’s mouth.

“Oh god, you don’t know how much I needed that, since my ex took up with his secretary I’ve had to content myself with my fingers, now it’s your turn but I’ve never done this before so tell me if it’s not right for you.”

“Don’t worry about it love just take your time and explore, I’ve not found anything yet I didn’t like and want to try again and again and again. Come with me.” Marie said and led Sarah out of the changing room and over to the bed. “Why don’t you take off your bra and lay down?” she said pushing Sarah onto the bed.

Sarah quickly removed her bra her and stretched out on the bed looking up at Maria, her nipples were hard aching from their lack of attention as her huge breasts spilled either side of her body.

Maria stood in front of her and slowly unbuttoned her blouse before dropping it to the floor. The sight stunned Sarah, before her, Maria’s large heavy breasts were capped with long erect nipples each with two rings piercing the sensitive organs. The first a small ring linked both nipples with a short chain, the nipples were always under a little stretching pressure from this but as Maria swayed her heavy boobs moved around alternately tugging and releasing her nipples. This on its own was fascinating but at the base of each nipple a larger ring held a short chain with a silver ankh symbol dangling from it, this in turn pulled in different directions.

As Maria swayed a low groan escaped her as her nipples were excited by this treatment, Sarah was so turned on by the sight that she grabbed her own nipples tugging hard on them and making herself shudder as the pain-pleasure rolled through her. Maria pulled up from the centre of the chain holding her nipples; her heavy breasts resisted the lift stretching her nipples far from her breasts. Soon both women were moaning from the tugging and teasing they were giving their nipples and after a while of mounting sexual tension Maria dropped her breasts and untied her wraparound skirt letting it slide down her thighs slowly to the ground.

Sarah was glad that Maria was standing level with her head as she got her first close look at another woman’s pussy. Maria’s pussy was clean-shaven and her labia Bayan escort Ankara were even more stretched than Sarah’s. Four holes ran down each side of Maria’s cunt three held heavy rings with short chains attached and the fourth a barbell ran through both lips and Maria’s clit, held in place by the bar her clit could not retract behind the hood and stuck out almost half an inch from the pussy lips it was attached to. Each of the rings had a small silver weight attached to it, this dragged down the labia stretching them until they were even longer than Sarah’s.

Maria turned round and bent forward causing lots of movement on her taught labia. Sarah could see a silver button where Maria’s asshole was and reaching out gently pulled on the silver butt plug, she had heard of these things but had never seen one. Maria’s legs trembled and she sighed as her ass was stretched to almost two inches by the widening plug before it tapered to a point leaving Maria’s asshole gaping open and twitching slightly.

On an impulse, Sarah leant over and ran her tongue around the rim of Maria’s still open anus finding the taste odd but not unpleasant she suddenly thrust her tongue into Maria’s gaping hole. Maria’s legs buckled as Sarah hungrily lapped at the offered hole, guiding Maria to the bed she renewed her assault and lapped and thrust at the but until Maria erupted into orgasm. Gently rolling the sobbing girl over she now set two on the juicy cunt in front of her causing Maria to writhe on the bed in ecstasy, remembering what had brought on her first orgasm Sarah sucked Maria’s clit into her mouth and began to bite and chew on the hard bud. Maria erupted in a powerful orgasm that left her passed out on the bed.

As Maria woke Sarah was gently stroking her body, after a moment to pull herself together Maria responded kissing Sarah and softly fondling her body. A little later the women got up and dressed, sitting at a small table with a cup of tea Sarah could not believe how her day had gone.

“After all these years of being married it’s a shock too find out I’m a lesbian” Sarah said.

Maria Laughed “You aren’t a lesbian but your definitely bi, I mean I prefer girls but now and again you can’t beat a good solid cock, but if you have enjoyed sex with men for years, one morning is not going to change your needs just expand them. When it comes down to it lesbian is just a label, you do what feels right and enjoy the moment, and if it’s not your bag you don’t do it again.”

“I don’t know if enjoy the sex I have had with men is really true, I think when I was younger it was enough that someone was showing me they cared about me, it wasn’t until just before I got married that I realised they were mostly caring about themselves.” Sarah paused.

“I think that I have only ever had one orgasm that wasn’t from my own fingers up until today.” Sarah smiled putting her hand on Maria’s, “thank you for that.”

Maria grinned at Sarah again “You’re welcome I kind of had fun as well as I am sure you noticed. Listen I don’t want to mislead you, I am in a relationship at the moment and I am not looking to leave it, but it’s a very open relationship and we screw who we want to but I would like you to meet Matt. Would you like to come for dinner tomorrow night?”

“I’d love too, and I want to sort of expand my horizons before I think about settling down with one person male or female.” Sarah told her, “I’m not quite sure how to go about it though, and I guess I’m out of practice.”

Sarah Laughed at the thought of what she had just said and still giggling to herself added “I’ve not made a bad start today though have I?”

Maria joined in laughing, ” No I’d say you were a quick learner” and the pair dissolved into fits of laughter.

Sarah pulled herself together eventually and told her friend “well I came in her to buy some lingerie and so far I haven’t, so shall we get on with it?”

The two women went back into the shop still naked at Maria’s insistence. As the door was locked and the display windows had solid backs to give the customers some privacy as they browsed the erotic clothing in the shop.

The pair tried on lots of things in the next two hours but always with time for a quick kiss or caress and by one in the afternoon there was quite a large pile of lingerie on the counter, after it was all rang though the till Sarah gave Maria a last lingering kiss.

Maria unlocked the door and let Sarah out who left with a happy grin and a quick “Until tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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