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Sarah and I were enjoying a mild afternoon on my living room couch. She started off in a rather frisky motion opening my zipper by pulling my cock out and sucking on my cock.

After I got nice and hard, she took off her top and pull down her shorts and then just slid her already molten hot pussy onto my cock cowgirl style, and started fucking me while I laid back on the couch.

Sarah just loved fucking. Ever since our introduction up in the Sierras on our ski trip, she has fallen in love with sex, and she’s just insatiable. I love making love to my war amputee.

Sarah lost the lower part of her left leg and IED explosion in Iraq while she was in the military. She has gotten very adept at hopping around on 1 leg, or with a set of strategically placed crutches, or if need be, she’ll pop on her prosthetic leg, strap it on and then continue on with her business. Anyways, she’s riding me with her stump leg on one side and her full leg on the other side.

Her beautiful tits were hanging down like beautiful succulent fruit. Her beautiful dark reddish brown areoles and pencil eraser size nipples were in my hands and she’s kissing me and I’m playing with her tits as she rides my cock up and down.

After a few minutes, she started her orgasm, cumming on my cock and then after a short respite after pulling out of me, she whispered, “Honey I want you to fuck me in the ass. I just love it in my ass now. Please fuck my ass!”

Anal sex is all the rage now, especially DP’s. She did all the work herself. She just adjusted by one inch and slid my cock which had not cum yet, right into her ass and she rode herself and paced herself fucking herself in her ass while I am laying on my back watching her. It was just a vision of beauty.

I was close, so I pulled my cock out of her ass, and I laid her on her back and immediately threw her legs up over my shoulders, and I assume my favorite power position, and again slammed my cock back into her ass and started pounding her ass hard. She starts screaming, “Oh my God yes, fuck my ass hard!” as she started fingering her pussy and playing with her clit.

I had my left hand on her breasts, playing with her tits back-and-forth and holding myself up with my right arm.

“Honey, I’m about ready to blow in your ass,” as I started to cum in her and she started screaming again. “Oh God yes, keep fucking my ass. Yes pour the cum in me. Oh my God I’m cumming too!”, as she started quickly finger fucking her pussy.

We had gotten so good at cumming together over the short year that we’ve been together.

Our sex was just incredible. We could write manuals and teach people, and actually we have been, about how to make love, and how to bring each other to climax at the same time.

I grabbed a towel that was close by and I was about ready to wipe the goo from her, when she said, “Oh no you don’t…” and she scooted over the top of me, flipped in to a 69 with her ass at my mouth inviting me to snowball the cum out of her ass into my mouth while she sucked and cleaned my cock off.

I did.

Her asshole was always really clean. She got really good with douching and enemas and her rectum was always spotless clean so we had no risk of any nasty stuff in there.

We finished cleaning each other off and licking each other, giggling and snuggling naked on the couch when the phone rang. Sarah jumped up quickly to grab the phone.

“Hello, this is Sarah”

“Hello Sarah, this is Jill Anderson. Remember me? I’m the veteran with the amputee hand and I came in to veterans services to talk to you about that and another personal situation? “

“Oh my God, Jill! Yes, of course I remember you. How are you doing? Haven’t seen or heard of you in about four months. How are things with you?”

“Well, to be honest with you, our last get together for months ago was so memorable and I cannot stop thinking about it. In the course of my volunteering at this one assisted living center, I met a another young woman that’s about my age who is blind and her and I hit it off.”

“She’s really cute and got a real nice figure and, well to be honest with you, with the things that you taught me the first time we were together, um, I did have some experiences.”

“We made out and I played with her tits, and I fingered her to completion… but we never went all the way. “

“The subject of her inexperience came up and she basically revealed that she is a virgin and has never had sex with a man and I immediately thought of you Sarah, and Jules, and our play from four months ago, so I was wondering if you might be interested in helping bring my friend Colleen, into woman?”

Sarah mentioned the scenario to me while covering the phone, and of course I relish the chance of exploring with another virgin, and I immediately nodded my head up and down.

Sarah replied, “Jules and I would be happy to entertain you and your friend Colleen, so let’s set up a date and we’ll have some dinner, and then some dessert afterwards.” Elvankent Escort as she giggled.

The following Saturday was the date.

About four in the afternoon Jill came by with her friend Colleen. There was a slight knock on the door, and when I open the door, there was the vision of these two beautiful young women approximately the same age, both with long cascading brown hair. Colleen’s breasts were a little fuller. She also wore a light summer dress with sandals. The two could be sisters.

Jill made introductions.

“Hi guys this is my friend Colleen and Colleen. This is Jules and Sarah”

I lightly kissed Jill on the lips and I kissed Colleen on the cheek and gave them both hugs, as well as did Sarah. They came in and we sat down in the living room with a little bit of small talk.

Colleen started to explain about her blindness.

“When I was about two years old I lost my eyesight from an eye infection swimming in some dirty muddy river in Mississippi. We did not have the greatest health care and so I basically became dependent on the help of others.”

“I was admitted to a school for the blind. When I was very young, about seven or eight…I can’t remember, my parents passed away and no other relatives to help and I became a ward of the state and grew up kind of in “the system”.

“Even though I was blind, I always seem to have a sunny disposition, as I really did not remember anything before two years of age, so that was all I knew. I have a sense of light and dark. Everything is very very foggy, but other than that, I don’t really see anything.

So I adapted.

I love to learn. I became an excellent student, of course reading braille, and when I got to high school, I was determined to better myself and become somebody.”

” I had straight A’s in high school and then when I went to college, I had aspirations of becoming a lawyer and I started studying pre-law in hopes of going to law school.”

Colleen continued, “After a short, while my housing situation became very stressed and challenging so I ended up in kind of a group home with some aids helping me and some wonderful nurse practitioners who assisted me and became friends with me.”

“I met Jill at the group home when she came over to volunteer and her and I hit it off immediately. I love the tone of her voice. She was very soft-spoken, with a soft touch, and had a great sense of humor. She told me about her adventures in the military, and losing her hand, and having a prosthetic on the end of her arm.”

“She may have told you that we did get very close and we were somewhat intimate. I’ve never had any intimate relations with anybody and it just seems so natural to be with Jill that her and I clicked immediately but she suggested there’s one part of my intimacy training that I had not achieved, of course being a virgin, and so she suggested that we come over and meet you two, Jules, and Sarah.”

Sarah, interjected, “Well thank you for sharing that with us and sounds like you’ve had an absolutely fascinating life. We have a wonderful dinner planned with some red snapper and fresh vegetables little bit of side salad and we have something special for dessert.” Sarah giggled.

I think all of us got the “red snapper” innuendo, except for Colleen.

We enjoyed our dinner with Jill and Colleen sitting next to each other, and Jill assisting Colleen with her food and drink, etc. Sarah and I sat opposite side of the table and watched the two young beautiful women interact with each other with gentle, graceful touches by each to the other.

After dinner was finished, Sarah cleared the table, putting the dirty dishes in the sink, and then we stood up and held hands as we all walked in nervous anticipation to our master bedroom and the big, king-size bed.

Sarah immediately opened the bed, moving the comforter to one side and exposing the sheets.

Sarah seem to turn more into the alpha shewolf and started taking charge of the situation.

“So Jill, why don’t we start off where you two left off, by showing us how you first share your feeling with Colleen?”

Jill leaned over and gently kissed Colleen on the lips, inserting her tongue a little bit in her mouth and kissing and sucking on her upper lip.

The two of them engaged in beautiful French kissing for a few minutes.

Jill slowly lower the straps of Colleen’s sundress down her shoulders and bent down and started gently grazing, and sucking on her right nipple and her giant puffy pink areoles. Her breasts were absolutely beautiful as a Jill feasted, first time on one breast, and shifting her mouth to the other while pulling the nipple with her left hand.

Colleen was moaning.

Jill now took control and shifted Colleen to the middle of the bed and gently pull down the rest of her sundress past her hips and then gently tugged on her panties and pull them off. She unstrapped Colleen’s sandals and drop them to Beşevler Escort the floor.

Colleen was completely nude. She was moaning and her pussy was already soaking wet.

Sarah and I dropped our clothes, looked at each other and saw the opening and Sarah dove for Colleen’s lips and started gently French kissing her and then feeding one of her big brown nipples into Colleen’s mouth.

Sarah whispered “Hi Colleen, this is Sarah, and this afternoon and evening we are going to love you and teach you the art of the orgasm and you and your friend Jill, and Jules and I will bring you to new sexual heights.”

Colleen gently mumbled, “Oh God yes… Take me. I offer my body to you like a sacrifice to an Aztec god! Take me. Do with me what you wish. I want to experience everything especially with my new friend Jill.”

Jill, now comfortable with her body, dropped her sundress and became completely nude. She dropped her prosthetic arm and crawled onto the bed, positioning herself down by Colleen’s soaking wet pussy.

Jill said, “Sarah, remember I told you that we did not go ‘all the way’, so, um, I want to make love to my friend. I want to taste her essence.”

“Colleen, I’m going to taste you and eat your pussy!”

Jill gently opened Colleen’s pussy lips with the stump of her amputee arm and the fingers from her other hand and gently opened and separating the wet hair from her pussy, and plunged her tongue deep into her pussy which was swelteringly hot and dripping like a faucet.

Sarah continued working on Colleen’s breasts and her lips going back-and-forth between the two, and I position myself doggy style behind Jill as she was eating out her friend Colleen.

I slid my cock into Jill’s hot wet pussy and I started to gently fuck her. I lifted my left knee and position myself nice and snug, so I could really grab her hips and then I started picking up speed and really fucking her pussy hard as she was loving her friend Colleen’s pussy and drinking down her wet gooey womanhood.

Jill started cumming as she mumbled while tonguing Colleen’s pussy and sucking on her juices and I continue to pick up speed and see if I could bring her to a second orgasm while I continue to fuck her hard.

Sarah continued a titty 69 with each woman sucking on the others nipple.

Kissing gently, exchanging tongues and nipples, the two of them were absolutely in heaven with each other with Colleen in the middle and Jill just slurping in the juices from Colleen’s pussy.

Colleen started mumbling “Oh my God oh… God yes… Yes… I’m cumming! YEEEESSSSSSS!

Colleen started to quiver and spasm her hips toward Jill’s mouth and I continued fucking Jill hard and all of a sudden I felt the urge as I played with my nipples and I started pouring my cum inside Jill.

One… Two… Three… Four… Five hard jet spurts of cum inside our new friend Jill.

Sarah was now absolutely bat shit mad with lust.

She looked at me with a wide eyed wanton and dove down toward us, pushing me aside and dove on her back underneath Jill, grabbing her asscheeks and created a vacuum with her mouth to suck my cum out of Jill’s pussy, as she fingered her asshole with her middle finger, and Jill started quivering again, and started a second orgasm as she was syphoning my cum out of her.

We all caught our breath after “Mad Sarah” finished her sucking, and Colleen came down off of her second orgasm. We all laid there for a few minutes giggling.

Colleen, completely blind, of course cannot see anything, but she can sense everything. Senses of smell, taste, touch, and hearing were being aroused by the lovemaking to compensate for the lack of her sight.

Jill scooted up to Colleen and gently kissed her and they were cooing and talking, and Sarah came up to me and whispered something in my ear for the next phase of our lovemaking.

She suggested the same thing to Jill, and Jill nodded up and down and told Colleen.

“OK Colleen for the next phase this is what I want you to do.”

“Jules took my virginity. He was the first man I ever made love with. He was magnificent and what I want him to do is to do the same thing to you that he did to me.”

“Now I want you to listen carefully. Jules is gonna lie on his back in the middle of the bed. You are gonna straddle him over the top, and you are going to place his cock in your vagina and you are gonna slowly sit down on it. There will be a slight twinge of pain as your hymen is broken, but you’ll control everything. You will be in charge.”

Colleen mumbled. “Yes, Jill anything you want I told you I’m in your hands. I am offering my body to you!”

I position myself in the center of the bed with a pillow under my head.

Jill helped assist the blind Colleen by straddling my torso with her right leg over my body, as Jill helped Colleen hold my cock and position it to the lips of her vagina.

She gently bent over as her beautiful Cebeci Escort breasts fell into my hands. Jill was kneeling next to her saying, “OK Colleen I want you to gently slide Jules’ cock inside you. It will feel so good.

Colleen was whimpering sounds of ecstasy, gasping as she slowly slid my cock in her. She finally reached her hymen and she lunged through it with a slight twinge of pain, and slid all the way down my cock base

She bent over, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Oh my God, this is the most incredible feeling. I just cannot believe what I am experiencing. Oh God yes yes please! I want you to fuck me. I want you to make me a woman! Fill me up with your man juice!”

She held herself up with her beautiful full breasts hanging down as Sarah was on one side, playing with a nipple and Jill was on the other side playing with a nipple. I wanted a nipple in my mouth, but the girls wouldn’t share with me.

Colleen started to slowly ride my cock up and down and fucking me.

The exuberance, and energy of a virgin is always something I cherish, and this beautiful young women, blind, only with the other four senses, is experiencing her first penetration in her vagina.

Within just a few minutes, Colleen had her second orgasm with my cock inside her. She started quivering as both girls were working on her nipples, and her whole body shook as she had a hard cock orgasm.

Sarah whispered something in my ear, and I lit up like a Christmas tree with a giant grin. She came back with a custom-made strap on where she had part of a cock inside her and the other part of the 8 inch cock was sticking out and we were going to DP Colleen.

She’s not only losing her virginity in her vagina, but she’s gonna lose her virginity in her ass all on the same day.

Jill told Colleen, “OK Colleen we have another surprise for you. Get off of Jules and you’re gonna ride Sarah’s strap on cock and she and you are gonna ride her, and I’m gonna help you mount the cock, and Jules is going to come in behind you with another little extra surprise.”

Sarah got on her back with her fancy plugged in L-shaped dildo. Half of the dildo went into her, and the other half came out in 90° angle for her partner to ride.

She lay on her back and gently Colleen straddled the dildo with Jill assisting.

As she got positioned, Jill gently slid down on Sarah’s dildo and bent over, her tits hanging down and Sarah was feasting on her nipples. Jill bent down on the other side and grabbed a nipple, and Sarah was playing with the other nipple and I came over with a dollop of lube on my cock and I gently nudged Colleen’s butt hole.

“Oh… My… God what is happening here?” Jill exclaimed!

I very gently started to push my cock into Colleen’s ass while Sarah was slowly fucking herself and the dildo into Colleen, and within a few seconds I had my cock all the way in Colleen’s ass.

Her body was draped over Sarah and both nipples being loved, and the four of us commence to a hot monkey fuck.

Sarah had worked out, training her vagina muscles to squeeze on the dildo the same time she was thrusting up into Colleen.

She was having a grand old time. Colleen was absolutely beside herself, and started orgasming again for the third time.

Like Janice from Friends…”Oh….. my ….. GAAAAAAWWWWWD!”

Colleen started spasming like a woman possessed.

I started picking up speed in her asshole and really getting full deep strokes in her ass while Sarah was thrusting her strapped dildo in Colleen’s pussy.

Sarah signal for Jill to straddle her face so she can eat her pussy and Jill swung her leg over bracing herself with her stump arm and her good arm and lowered her pussy lips to Sarah’s mouth as Jill’s pussy just dripped into Sarah’s lips and her tongue told her to suck the juices out of Jill. Sarah reached up playing and pulling on Jill’s tits as she rode her mouth, grinding her pussy lips into Sarah’s mouth and tongue.

I really picked up the pace and started jackrabbiting my thrusts into Colleen’s ass and I started cumming.

“Oh my God I’m blowing a load. I’m cumming in your ass, Colleen.”

Colleen screamed out. “Yes… Yes, cum in my ass. I love it. Oh my God I’m such a whore. I’m such a blind ass fucking whore. Fuck me hard! I want it all!”

Jill started cumming in Sarah’s mouth, her hips vibrating. Sarah sucked up the juices and then Jill rolled off the mass of humanity.

I pulled out of Colleen’s ass and I signaled Jill who dove behind and started to suck the cum out of her friend Colleen’s butt hole.

I went over to get a warm cloth to clean off my cock from any nasty stuff that may be clinging on. To prevent infection alway need to be clean if you’re going to ‘double dip’.

Jill is sucking Colleen’s ass. Colleen is screaming! Sarah and Colleen started to cum again with the part of the dildo inside Sarah making her cum, and the other part inside Colleen making her cum, and the two of them came together while riding the double sided dildo.

Pure beauty!

Everybody was catching their breath, and coming down off their orgasms and blind Colleen is lying there delirious from joy and sensual pleasure, partly weeping, partly laughing, partly crying, trembling and babbling just beside herself with the emotions that are going through her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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