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“Oh shit, I shouldn’t drink so much,” Sarah giggled as she stumbled through the front door of her apartment, dropping her keys on the table and kicking her shoes under it. The short drive from the bar had made her thankful that she lived so close to the downtown, but had done little to sober her up. Thank God all the cops were too busy busting transients and tweakers to pay any attention to her black Honda weaving slightly down rainy side streets. She took off her jacket and threw it on the couch, and soon her blouse and slacks followed, creating a wrinkled pile that would necessitate later ironing.

Definitely not something to worry about tonight, Sarah thought as she made a wobbly beeline to her recently purchased memory foam mattress. Sarah had been spending a lot of time in bed lately so she hardly regretted the exorbitant $2,000 price tag. Her boyfriend Isaac had left her for the big city and the promise of an exciting new life a few months ago and she hadn’t quite adjusted to his absence yet, to say the least. She wasted a couple nights a week out drinking with her girlfriends, bad-mouthing her ex, but ignoring the numerous comes-on of the local guys, who never missed opportunities to escort şişli fall all over themselves commenting on her flowing red hair and pale white skin. A few brave souls even praised her ample breasts, which Sarah freed from the constraints of the bra that she tossed on the floor next to the panties she had just peeled off. Sarah cued her CD alarm clock to her favorite Pixies track (the original version of “Gigantic”) for the next morning and sourly thought of how awful work was going to be in her undoubtedly hung over state. After a gulp of day-old water from the bedside stand, she curled up in the fetal position for a short night of sleep.

A half hour later and Sarah still had not descended into restfulness. She had tossed and turned, trying every conceivable position and trick to fall asleep with absolutely no luck. She was getting desperate and realized that cumming was maybe going to the be the only thing that would knock her out. Sarah fumbled in the bedside stand for her faithful slim-line vibrator and turned it onto the lowest setting. As the vibrator hummed quietly on her clit, Sarah’s mind wandered lazily, finally settling on the last sex she and Isaac had. They had been taksim escort bayan fighting over all his recent unexplained late nights out without her. Then they were drinking beers like one would frantically guzzle water on a hot summer day. The next thing she knew they were in bed having some of the best sex of their two year relationship. Isaac was much more aggressive than he usually was and quickly turned Sarah around. She didn’t usually like doggy style, but something about their level of intoxication, the urgent way Isaac kneaded her full breasts, and the overwhelming sensations she felt as his lengthy, thick cock pounded her soaking wet insides sent her over the edge repeatedly.

Of the many thing Sarah missed about Isaac, near the top of the list was how full he made her feel during sex. As she masturbated, Sarah slipped a couple fingers into her pussy. Then a couple more. While it felt great, it just wasn’t enough. Sarah’s mind raced as she tried to come up with a suitable substitute for all the sex toys she’d regrettably thrown out after Isaac’s departure. Then she remembered the organic cucumber she’d bought for a salad that, like her bed recently, never got made. escort beşiktaş Sarah quickly padded out to the kitchen and shivered as she rifled through the fridge until she produced the desired vegetable. And what a monster it was, she thought in awe as she soaped it up under hot water. The green behemoth was at least eight inches long and bigger around than her wrist.

Back in bed, Sarah adjusted the vibrator to a slightly higher setting, tracing patterns around her pussy lips with one end of the cucumber. She was so wet and worked up that it didn’t take her long to gradually begin feeding the oversized cucumber into her hungry pussy. “Ohmigod,” she moaned as she slowly eased the vegetable into her wetness. By the time she worked the green giant halfway in she was beginning to question her sanity in choosing such a large penis replacement. But she now had the fullness she so badly craved, and then some. Sarah was quickly become accustomed to the enormity of the cucumber as an orgasm rapidly approached. “Unnnh,” Sarah yelled as she came hard, full breasts shaking and soaked pussy clenching around her king-size veggie lover.

As the last spasms of her orgasm subsided, Sarah realized she was no longer so uptight about getting to sleep. And suddenly calling in to work the next day seemed like a feasible option, if only to spend more time enjoying getting better acquainted with / stretched to the absolute limit by her newly discovered green friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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