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I followed Jan’s advice and started wearing some sexy clothes around the house. Nothing unsubtle.

When I wore stockings I’d make sure the tops were visible only when I sat down and crossed my legs. Short skirts only showed my knickers when I bent right over or reached up to a high shelf. Loose tops would reveal cleavage and a glimpse of lacy bra only by bending forward.

Of course, I couldn’t resist occasionally rubbing my breasts against Dad’s arm or dropping something at his feet so I had to bend down in front of him knowing he had a good view down my top.

Unfortunately the new wardrobe was putting rather a strain on my meagre finances but to see the look on Mum and Dad’s faces was worth it.

After a while of doing this I had started to notice that some of my clothes in my bedroom were being moved. Nothing too drastic but dresses weren’t hung up properly and my underwear drawer was a bit messed up. Also the laundry bin lid was occasionally out of place slightly.

I thought Mum might have been through on her cleaning up sessions. I decided to ask her when I next remembered.

A few days later, it was early evening and we had just had tea. I helped Mum with the washing up while Dad sat at the dinner table. I knew he was watching so I gave him a treat by bending over as I put away. He would have easily seen my sheer honey stocking tops and nice clean white panties. It was then I remember what I was going to ask her.

“Mum, have you been rooting around in my room recently?” I asked casually.

“No, dear. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I’ve noticed my clothes have been moved around and someone’s been through my knicker drawer.”

Mum went white and half turned to look at Dad. I glanced over where she was looking and saw that Dad had gone a deep shade of red.

“Um, oh yes, I wanted to see if you had any washing.” She managed to stammer but the hesitation told me she was lying.

I turned her around to face me firmly clasping her shoulders. I tenderly brushed the hair away from her face then let my fingers trace down her neckline. I let my nails graze her breasts as my hands travelled down to her waist.

“Mum, its me you’re talking to. What’s going on?” I asked her quietly as I pressed myself against her.

She looked a little nervous so I told her there was nothing to worry about. Then I brushed my cheek against hers and whispered conspiratorially, “Just tell me if your tits are feeling nice.”

I leaned back and looked at her and she just nodded.

“Do you mean your big tits, Mum?” And before she could answer I added, “And your big nipples too.”

I heard her barely whisper, “Yes.”

I put my lips back to her ear and whispered, “Tell Daddy about your big tits and nipples.”

I let my tongue flick at her ear lobe then trace along her neck, nuzzling her as I went. For good measure I pressed my hand down and pushed my fingers into her skirt forcing it between her legs. I heard her gasp.

“Go on, Mummy.” I urged.

“John?” Her voice was quivering slightly.

I turned round to look at Dad. He had been watching us whispering and touching. I could see his right arm moving and knew he had his cock out and in his hand, stroking it.

“John, my tits and nipples are feeling heavy and tingly.” Mum told him.

I heard him groan.

“Tell him to sit where we can see his cock, Mum.” Again whispering in her ear and keeping the pressure on her through her skirt.

“John, we need to see your cock. Move to the chair where Sarah can see you.” Mum told him.

Dad looked a bit shocked but did as he was told. His erect cock was sticking out of his trousers. I could already see the head glistening with pre-cum.

“Tell him he can wank but mustn’t cum yet.” bareback studios porno I whispered.

Mum gave a little squeak. She was pushing back against my hand now and wasn’t concentrating.

“Mum, tell him we are not ready for any spunk yet.”

Mum relayed what I had whispered to her and Dad’s hand slowed down as he stroked up and down his hard prick.

While Mum was talking to Dad I undid her top revealing her bra. Then I reached down and hiked her skirt up.

“Mum, you’re wearing tights and knickers.” I giggled.

“Dad, I’m going to pull Mum’s tights down now.”

I knew how much under my control they were. Deep down they wanted to do these naughty things but it was breaking down that taboo barrier I just couldn’t get through.

I could tell Dad was excited and he found it difficult to answer.

“We’ll have her in just her knickers in a minute.” I teased.

“Yes, Sarah.” He managed and I watched as his prick strained against his hand.

I knelt down in front of Mum and buried my face into her knickers. I let my tongue press into the material forcing it into her slit. She was soaking wet and I heard her moaning above me.

I managed to turn enough to watch Dad masturbating. He was trying to control himself but it can’t have been easy watching his daughter tonguing her mother.

I stopped and stood up again and pressed my lips to my mothers. I let my tongue sneak between her lips and felt her reciprocate as I fondled her big floppy breasts, easing one out of her bra cup to squeeze her big nipple.

She was gasping as I broke away.

“I love watching Daddy stroke his big prick, Mum.” I whispered to her.

She could tell where this was heading and it was turning her on hugely. Her mouth was slightly open as she waited for me to say it.

“Do you think Daddy wants to fuck me again, Mum?” I teased.

She paused and looked at me with utter lust welling up inside her.

“Yes, Sarah. He wants to fuck you.”

My hand slipped between her legs and I let my fingers dance very lightly over her sex through her silky knickers.

“What was Dad doing in my room, Mum?”

Mum looked shocked.

“How did you know it was him?” She asked.

“I didn’t, but now you’ve confirmed it you better fess up, Mum.” I fought down a giggle and stepped up my teasing of her pussy. I could tell she was torn: Loyalty or stopping me torturing her hot slit. I looked over at Dad who looked mortified.

“Oh, Sarah. Your Dad likes to, um. He likes to play with your dirty knickers.”

I really giggled this time.

“He likes to play with them?” I scoffed.

“Yes. He’ll sniff a pair so he can smell you and use another pair to wank with.” Mum blurted out. Her hips were moving trying to get firmer contact with my fingers. I wasn’t finished with her questioning yet.

“How do you know all this, Mum?” I asked again flicking a nail momentarily against her clit.

“Ahh, Sarah, please. I like to watch him. I like to watch him spunk off into your knickers.” She wailed.

“Wow, that’s kinky.” I smiled. “And what about the clean ones?”

“He likes to wear them. Wear your underwear. He likes to fuck me while he’s wearing it.”

Looking at Dad he was seriously embarrassed. But his erection hadn’t diminished and he was still stroking himself: He was very turned on by this too.

“And my dresses?” I finally asked as I was getting fidgety too.

“Those too, Sarah. He likes to dress up as a little girl.”

“Ooh, Mum, that’s so naughty. Does that turn you on too, Mum?”

“Yes, god yes. Now, Sarah, please let me cum, pleeease.” She begged.

I gave in. Feeling my own juices seep into my knickers I was desperate to see czech amatör porno her cum too.

I pressed my fingers deep into her slit through her knickers and sawed them up and down. My knuckle ground into her clit as she pressed hard up against me.

Her arm wrapped around me like a vice and I felt her flood against my hand, moaning into my ear. Her hips jerked against me hard, twice as her spasms took her body. I twisted my fingers into the gusset of her knickers and let my fingers slip through her juiciness.

“Mmm, Mum, you’ve had a big cum in your knickers. They’re all wet and slippery. I think they’re ruined Mum. Tell Dad.” I whispered to her.

We both looked over at Dad who was still pumping his stiff prick and watching us.

“John, Sarah has made my knickers very wet. She made me cum in my knickers.” Mum told him.

Dad just groaned and looked at us. I had to admire his fortitude and self-control. Most men I knew would have spunked by now. The sight of him stroking his cock and the thought of him dressed up in my clothes had me very jittery now and I needed some relief.

I turned back to Mum and slipped her knickers down to her knees. I took her hand and pulled it up my skirt and forced her to push it down the front of my own knickers and into my sodden slit. I gasped out loud at the contact. I turned around to Dad making sure he could see we were fingering each other.

“See, Dad.” I showed him as I pushed two fingers into Mum’s pussy, “This is how real girls can fuck each other. Do you think you can do this dressed up as a little girl in one of my dresses, my bra and my pants?”

It didn’t take much to make Mum cum again. My fingers were running with her juices. I nastily raised them to my mouth and made a show of licking them before running my finger tips over her lips. I gasped a little as she opened her mouth and sucked my fingers inside. It was so sexy.

“Now, Mum, I’m going to take Daddy away for a few minutes so you’ll have to keep yourself going for a while.” I told her as I pulled her hand out of my knickers and guided it to her sopping pussy.

“There, Mum. Stroke yourself until Dad and I get back. We won’t be long.”

I went over to Dad and smiled at him.

“Come along. Let’s see what we can find.” I told him.

He got up and I took him by the hand. He followed me like a little boy, looking down, embarrassed but subservient. His erection bobbed in front of him and it was all I could do not to touch it.

I took him to my room and told him to get undressed while I set out some suitable clothes for him. Fortunately my Dad isn’t a big man and keeps himself quite trim. Although the clothes weren’t a perfect fit, with a bit of stretching I managed to get him dressed up.

He wore a nice lacy white bra and matching knickers, my stockings and a nice short skirt and blouse. I convinced him to put on some makeup and a touch of lipstick.

“Now, almost perfect, Dad. It’s just your hair. What are we going to do about that short crop. It doesn’t look right at all.”

“I have a wig, I use.” He offered. “It’s in our room.”

I was amazed. It was almost like he was coming alive and had swallowed his embarrassment.

We got his wig and went back downstairs to the kitchen. Mum was in a chair now with her legs apart slowly stroking herself with a faraway look in her eyes. When we came in her eyes widened and she sat up to look at us taking in the sight of Dad dressed up in my clothes. I watched as she fingered herself deeply.

“This is my sister Jane, Mum. Do you think she looks pretty?” I asked.

Mum fell in with the play acting right away.

“Yes, Sarah. Your sister looks a very pretty girl.”

I turned to Dad.

“Jane, czech bitch porno lift up your skirt and show Mummy your pretty little knickers.” I commanded.

Dad gave Mum an embarrassed smile as he lifted his skirt up. Both Mum and I could see that he could barely hide the big swelling in his knickers.

Mum was as bad as I was now and asked.

“Does Jane have a cock, Sarah?”

I smiled broadly and answered.

“She has a huge prick, Mum.”

Mum slipped another finger inside and asked. “Can I see her big prick, Sarah?”

I turned to Dad and told him. “Take your prick out, Jane, and show Mummy.”

Dad fiddled with the gusset of his knickers and pulled them aside. He then pulled out his stiff prick and dangling ball sack.

“She has a lovely big prick, Sarah. It must ache rather. Why don’t you touch it for her.” Mum suggested.

I could see Mum was getting off on this just as much as Dad and I were. She had started to take the lead now and I wondered just how far she would go. I reached over and clasped my fist around his firm cock.

“How about you, Sarah.” She continued. “Do you have a nice prick for me to see too?”

“No Mum, Sarah’s got a cunt.” Dad joined in this time which rather surprised me.

Looking back I suppose that ‘in character’ he could get away with it. He was someone else and didn’t need to be embarrassed any more.

“I’d like to see Sarah’s cunt. Jane can you lift up Sarah’s short skirt so we can look at it?”

Mum was getting more and more forward.

Dad reached over and pushed my skirt up. His hands brushed against me as he did so sending a shiver down my spine.

“Oh Sarah,” Complained Dad, “Your knickers are in the way. Mummy can’t see your cunt properly.”

With his spare hand he reached over and hooked his finger inside the leg of my panties and pushed the crotch to one side.

“That’s better. ” Cried Mum, slowly fingering herself. “It’s such a pretty cunt, Sarah. Would you like Jane to play with your pretty cunt?”

“Yes please, Mummy.” I replied, practically gasping. “I’d love to have Jane’s fingers up inside it just like you Mum.”

“Jane. You heard Sarah. Put your fingers up Sarah’s cunt.”

I looked down at Dad’s fingers as he pushed aside my slippery pussy lips and pushed one then a second finger deep up inside me. I groaned loudly at the delightful intrusion.

Mum watched as we masturbated each other until she clearly had had enough of being left out.

“I think Jane’s big prick looks good enough to eat, Sarah.” She said getting off her chair. “Would you like to feed me Jane’s delicious prick?”

Kneeling down in front of Dad in his girl’s clothes I guided his prick into Mum’s waiting mouth. I watched as she ran her tongue around it as she took it between her lips all the while still fingering her pussy.

Dad’s fingers in my pussy became a little more erratic as Mum pleasured him. Mum could tell and I felt her hand slide up my leg and her fingers replace Dad’s squishing about in my sopping hole.

Even in my state of high sexual arousal I could tell that Mum expertly took Dad to the brink and back at least a couple of times before letting it slip from her lips. I continued to stroke his slippery cock as Mum looked up at us both.

“You know,” She said. “I think Jane’s nice stiff prick would fit nicely in your hot, wet cunt, Sarah. Shall we try it?”

I was in such a state I would have agreed to anything. I found myself being guided onto the kitchen table and Mum easing my legs apart.

I knew Dad wouldn’t last very long but it didn’t matter. I was on the brink myself and as Mum guided his stiff pole into my saturated hole I could feel myself slide towards orgasmic bliss.

As Dad fucked me in his girly outfit and Mum squeezed and played with my breasts watching and fingering herself I came and came again.

I was vaguely aware of Dad’s prick pulsing and jerking as he spunked off inside me and just hoped we wouldn’t end with regret and embarrassment.

I wanted more, much more of this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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