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My daughter Megan’s face, though breathtakingly pretty, was almost always a mask of stern indifference. It was not only her countenance, but her entire personality that was one of silent stolidity. And when she fixed those deep black eyes on you, you were sure to think twice or thrice if you were about to do or say anything that would raise her ire. She was also resolute in her beliefs and opinions; nobody could persuade her to do anything she didn’t want to, or go anywhere she didn’t feel like. I’ve heard family and close friends say one look at Megan’s face and you knew she was not one to mess with.

What Megan wanted she went after; what she felt like doing she did, what she felt like saying she said. And what she said, wanted or did was more often than not, unconventional and seemed calculated to shock or annoy. She annoyed her mother, my wife Patti, on a regular basis by the way she carried herself around the house since she returned home after studying abroad for five years. She was almost always in shorts — the type folks called booty riders. They looked more like boy-shorts panties than anything else and were usually of a fabric more intended to highlight than hide. Above them she mostly wore tube or tank tops.

Megan was five seven and thick with a capital T. She had stiff boobs with upward tilting ends that were a nice handful, but when compared with the rest of her lush body they appeared misleadingly small. Though super thick, her hips, belly and thighs did not carry the cellulite and stretch marks that usually went with that kind of fluffiness. Not that there is anything wrong with cellulite or stretch marks, I like to see some of that on a woman, I find it arousing, a little bonus. Megan’s fat ass would dip and bounce without effort, just from making normal footsteps.

I don’t think her soft smoothness had anything to do with her being young, twenty-three, she was just built like that, and would probably still be like that at fifty-three. I’ve seen a handful of women like that in my time.

Megan’s skimpy attire didn’t only annoy my wife, it also annoyed me — or, to be blunt; it annoyed my cock. Recently I’d been feeling inappropriate movement down south sometimes when I look at her. This led to flights of fantasy that were getting harder to curtail as the days went by. I found myself wanting badly to at least run my hands over those thick thighs or buttocks — just a little something, anything — I’m human! Added to this, there was something in the way she looked at me these days — maybe I was imagining things because of my own strange feelings. I had to do something, I had to find out.

I left the kitchen with a beer in my hand, heading upstairs for my bedroom and TV. I had entirely different tastes to my wife and younger daughters as far as TV was concerned. Patti and the two teenage girls were watching Steve Harvey whom I found to be boring. Megan as usual, was away from the pack though viewing the show. She was perched on the arm of a sofa behind and slightly away to the side from the others. It was her favorite chair, but because of where one of the girls was sitting with her spread out frizzy afro just like Megan’s, it meant Megan had to sit higher to have a clear view.

One of Megan’s thick legs was in the chair and the other crossed on the arm as she lay back onto the nearby wall. As always, her thighs gleamed like they had recently been oiled or creamed. For days I’d been waiting for a neutral setting with the right conditions to do something slightly inappropriate without it seeming so. This was it; no one would thing that a guy was simply copping a feel off his daughter with his wife and two younger daughters a few feet away.

As I was passing Megan I reached out with my free hand and softly glided it along a smooth thigh, beginning at the knee and going halfway up and then back down.

“Just like satin,” I said, smiling innocently.

She looked up at me without any hint of how she felt about my risqué touch showing on her face.

“Heathy eating, lots of sleep and regular exercise,” she said in a calm voice.

“What are you two mumbling about behind there?” my wife asked, chuckling.

I felt a chill run through me as I heard Megan begin to speak.

“I was telling dad he had to lay off the beer and do some exercise; he’s starting to put on weight,” Megan said, looking up at me with a slight twitch of lips which, for her, was a smile.

My heartbeat returned to normal. I heard Patti laugh out loud, and I patted Megan’s thigh as I walked off.

In my bedroom I finished the beer and turned off the TV and the lights. I lay in bed with thoughts flying in all directions and a heart pumping wild with excitement as I thought of the implications of Megan’s quick falsification of what had actually transpired between us. My cock filled with blood and I began to wank it to images in my head of Megan’s thick thighs and crotch. When I felt myself approaching a climax, I abruptly stopped and switched my thoughts czech casting porno away from Megan to Patti. I found myself hoping she would come upstairs soon so I could fuck her.

I experienced a double dose of guilty feelings. I felt I was being disloyal to my wife for wanting to fuck Megan, and likewise, disloyal to Megan for wanting to fuck her mother after I’d just been wanking my cock while thinking about her.

I got up and put on back the lights and TV. I wanted to be able to see my wife’s body as she changed into her sleep wear. At age forty-five, and after twenty-two years of living together I was still turned on watching her dress or undress. She was a slightly thicker version of Megan, with cellulite and stretch marks and much bigger breasts, that I loved to suck and cleavage fuck.

When Patti came into the room an hour later my cock was hard in my boxers. I’d been toying with it to keep it primed and ready for action. Through half closed eyes I watched as she got out of the light house shift and bra and after spending a few minutes creaming her light brown skin, put on a sheer, black, knee length nightie with a split from the waist all the way down. When she came into bed after turning off the lights I immediately rolled toward her side of the bed, before she lowered her body, letting my erection jab her hips.

She giggled and said, “I knew you weren’t sleeping and that you were watching me all the time.”

I grabbed her and threw her onto her back, and as my mouth found hers she wrapped her hands around my back and held me tight. We kissed long and hard before I pulled away and slipping both big bubbies out their nightie harness, began to suck on one while massaging the other one. As I sucked the second bubby I felt her raise her hips and slip off her white panties. She was just as eager to fuck as I was. Her soft hand gripped my hard cock and began to pump it. I slid downward and attacked her pussy with my tongue, causing her to moan loudly.

I licked and probed Patti’s sparsely haired pussy and sucked the hardened clit as she undulated her waist under my face. I felt her tugging at my head and pulling on my shoulder. I moved upward and her hand quickly grabbed my tool and positioned it for work. I slid into her wet pussy and straight away began to bang her vigorously. She wrapped her legs around the backs of mine and began to wind under me while her hands stroked my back. She knew how much I enjoyed her winding under me. She is good at it, one of the best.

I rose up on hands and knees, back arched, knowing from habit and familiar timing what she wanted to do. Her hand snaked between us and she began to rub her clit vigorously as I rammed her cunt with hard cock. Out of the blue an image of Megan’s spread thighs and her plump crotch covered by thin, sheer, white panties came into my head and I gave a hard push and started blasting my body’s juice into Patti. She quickened her hand and within seconds she was cumming along with me just as I was slowing up. I leaned over and we kissed tenderly.

The next night I found Megan sitting in the same position as the night before. She had on a short nightie that had ridden up her thighs, exposing a crotch covered in sheer white just like I had imagined the night before while fucking her mother. It was amazing. As I walked past to go into the kitchen I looked at my baby’s meaty burger and felt my cock swell. I was glad that I was wearing briefs under my khaki shorts. On my way back I smiled at her and leaning over ran my hand along the smooth thigh, going higher than the other time and lingering momentarily before sliding back down.

“Satin or silk?” I asked, quietly.

I lowered my eyes, pretending to look at the thighs but was really eyeing the fat lump between them.

“Maybe neither, maybe velvet,” she whispered, being equally quiet.

I ruffled her soft, springy afro with slightly trembling fingers and she gave me one of her rare half smiles as I walked away, headed for my bedroom to wait for Patti to come up and quench the fire between my legs started by her sweet and juicy daughter — our daughter.

Patti came up sooner than I’d expected, but I was already prepared, lying on my back naked, my erect cock in an angle, hovering above my belly. She looked at me, stood still and smiled brightly.

“Looks like it’s happy season — and both of my boys are happy to see me,” she gushed excitedly.

Patti slowly and seductively got out of the yellow shorts and camisole top she was wearing, her eyes fixed on my bouncing cock. I watched as her nipples became visibly stiff and protuberant. I noticed that her pussy was newly shaved and I licked my lips. She crawled onto the bed from the foot and moved all the way up until she was straddling me with her pussy above my face. She lowered it and the blast of feminine aroma drove me wild.

“This is better than beer,” she whispered.

I licked her slowly as she playfully kept moving czech couples porno the delicious pudding from side to side in a teasing manner until I grabbed the fleshy buttocks with firm fingers and kept her still, in place, as I sent my stiffened tongue upward on an exploration mission.

She slid down and took my cock into her sweet, tiny, full lipped mouth, grunting wantonly as she sucked me hard.

She moved up, grabbed my cock, lifted her ass high, centered the nightstick and came down hard, sending it up into her. She gave a little squeal and then she was bent forward, ass pushed back, my hands massaging her huge marshmallows as she rode me furiously for about fifteen minutes until with a mighty shudder I blasted into her.

When I had emptied all my cum-fluid in her she slid off me and placed an arm across my chest, a leg across my abdomen, her head on my shoulders and closed her shiny black eyes.

“Now, let me sleep, happy boys. Remember I have to get up earlier than usual tomorrow,” she said drowsily.

Five days later, it was Saturday morning and I was in the yard applying manure to some flower plants when Patti and the two younger girls got into her car. They were going into town to do some shopping.

I immediately went into the house and headed for the bathroom. Megan was nowhere in sight. After showering I put on boxers with no briefs underneath and went downstairs. Megan was lying on her favourite sofa with a novel in her hands. She had one shapely leg on the floor and the other high on the back rest of the sofa, aggressively and tantalizingly sprawled out in front of my pleased eyes, a vulgar picture of sweet temptation. She was wearing one of her ridiculously short shorts, this one had loose legs which had slipped to one side revealing most of her bump covered by sheer red panties that hugged it tight.

I stood above her admiring her succulent beauty, my cock rapidly throwing up tent. She lowered the book, looked briefly at the forming tent and then fixed watery black eyes on mine.

“It’s hard to decide whether it’s silk, satin or velvet,” I said smiling.

She held my eyes, unblinking, for a few seconds, then spoke.

“Go ahead, check it out,” she whispered, her face a mask of controlled serenity.

I leaned over and slowly passed my hand along a thigh, taking it all the way up, stopping just short of my knuckles making contact with the plump vulva.

“You are so beautiful baby … you’re my satin doll,” I said as I lingered for a moment, looking down at her.

“Thank you daddy … you make me feel beautiful … the way you look at me.”

I sat down on the chair, between the spread legs and immediately started a gentle gliding of my hands over the thigh of the leg on the floor, going all the way up until my knuckles nudged her pussy. She made a little hissing sound and closed her eyes. I moved to the thigh against the back of the sofa and did the same thing, drawing another hiss from her. I returned to the other leg and began kneading the firmly soft, creamy thigh.

“This feels so good — I can sit here all day and do this,” I whispered.

Megan opened her eyes and looked at me.

“I’m not going anywhere soon — you?” she said softly, and reclosed her eyes before I could answer.

I softly rubbed both thick thighs simultaneously, a hand on each. I moved both hands to her belly and ran them up and under the tube top, covering both breasts, letting each hard nipple slip between finger clamps that tightened around them. I then used finger tips to massage as if testing their pliability. I bent and lowered my head and tongue probed her deep navel that looked like an enticing shallow well of pleasure.

I slid lower and buried my face in her crotch, lingering only briefly to inhale deeply before slipping the shorts and panty legs aside to reveal her marvelous, round, clean shaven mound. I slipped my tongue between the neat lips of the slit.

“Oooohh, daddy, daddy! … I’ve been wanting this from you for so long,” she cried.

I probed the hole, enjoying my baby’s taste and smell. She brought her leg down from the back of the chair and clamped my head tight between her sumptuous thighs. She grabbed my clean shaven head, fingers tightly gripping the brown scalp, long nails denting it. Her body bucked and jerked against my teasing tongue and lips. I removed my face reluctantly from the steamy crotch so I could drag the shorts and panties off her. I stood up to get out of mine and she quickly sat up and lifted her tube top over her head letting the springy, long nippled breasts jump out. She immediately took my rampant cock into her mouth and sucked it hard, bobbing her head up and down eagerly.

On an impulse I raised a leg and placed my foot against her pussy, wriggling my toes against the wet snatch. She closed he thighs around it and rolled her hips while she sucked me and gently massaged my balls.

I saw her hand reach between cushions and brought czech estrogenolit porno out a little bottle of coconut oil. She flipped up the top. I realized she had been prepared for this.

“You’re so wet baby, I doubt you need that,” I said, chuckling.

“Believe me, I do, daddy.”

She squirted oil on my cock and rubbed it all over, then she squirted some into her hand and leaning back applied it between her thighs.

“You a virgin honey?” I asked, disbelievingly.

“Yes and no,” she whispered blandly.

She secured the bottle top and pitched it to the floor, then leaned low against the back of the chair, lifted her legs and spread them wide, pulling them back so her ass was elevated.

“Ride your filly daddy.”

I crouched, gripped my cock and positioned it against the lips of her vulva and gave a tentative shove. Her hand quickly reached down and restrained me.

“Not there daddy, go lower,” she begged.

“You mean …?”

“Put it in my ass … you can fuck my pussy later,” she cried, wriggling her ass impatiently.

I placed my cock head against the oiled little hole and pushed forward. She squealed loudly and her body trembled as I plunged into her dark tightness. I remained still for a moment then I leaned forward, gripped the back of the chair and pushed some more of me into her, drawing another loud squeal out her wide open mouth. I moved my hips and began fucking her ass crisply with short strokes. I stopped, and then suddenly pushed all the way into her booty hole, up to my hairs. She gritted her teeth and showed more emotion on her face than I could remember ever having seen.

I now shifted to long, slow, deep strokes. She appeared to be having cold sweat as perspiration was popping up on her forehead and running down her face and neck all the way to her bouncing breasts as I hammered her deeply. I removed one hand from the chair an began to caress one of the firm, up tilting breasts, the dark brown nipple of which had grown long and hard and the breasts themselves bore a reddish glow.

She moaned incessantly as I pumped her ass and her black eyes were rolled back in her head, showing white. She started making cooing sounds and then moved to hissing sounds and then whistling sounds through pursed lips and half-folded tongue as she tried to wriggle her ass as best she could against the steady pounding.

Suddenly she moved a hand downward and was flickering quick moving fingers across her clit as I worked on the clit. Soon after she exploded and I remained still buried deep as she rode out the orgasm. I felt her as walls squeezing and releasing my cock.

When she was finished cumming, I made her turn around and bend over backing me, her hands on the chair back he legs slightly spread. I pulled the big fleshy cheeks apart and reentered the slackened-up hole. I flailed her wildly, marveling at the way her huge ass bounced with every hard thrust. I whipped her ass with the backs of my fingers, leaving imprints on them.

“Yes daddy, whip your filly and make me run faster.”

And move faster she did, rolling her ass expertly till I could no longer restrain my pushing tide and rushed ashore, sending splashes of sticky water onto her inner beach.

Standing behind her I watched the contracting anal opening spurt out thick creamy cum.

“Now I’m no longer a virgin in any sense,” she said, unbelievably allowing herself a long chuckle.

She added, “I just gave you what a couple of guys had tried to get from me, but I saved it for someone special … I love you daddy.”

“I love you too my sweet baby,” I replied, filled with emotion.

About an hour later, following a shower and a snack we went to her room and lay on her bed. I immediately attacked her lovely breasts with my mouth, sucking them long and passionately as my hands did all kinds of things to her smooth, soft pussy. My satin doll gently stroked her daddy’s shoulder as he munched her lovely bubbies.

She pushed me over onto my back and straddled me. Her hand snatched my cock and held it upright. She placed her pussy on the head and sat down hard.

“Now it’s time for me to ride my stallion,” she cried.

She started her ride by bouncing up and down in the saddle then switched to a crisp jerking as she leaned a good way back, resting her hands on my knees. I gazed in awe at the stiff bubbies lifting up and down tantalizingly as she moved in this backward-riding position. She rode me like that for a long time till her body had become red and glowing with sensual heat.

Next, she leaned over and stretched all the way forward while kicking back her legs till she was stretched out fully, lying on top of me. I held her buttocks tight as she ground her crotch and rolled her hips. She undulated snake-like, grinding her teeth and grimacing hard. Soon she was coming again, signaling its approach with loud hisses and then its arrival with a long uuuuuuuuunnnnnhhhhhh! sound. I gripped her tight as she shook.

I flipped her over, got on my knees, grabbed her legs, spread them wide and high and pounded the fat pussy hard till with a loud wail, I erupted in her. When I was empty I let my mouth find hers and enjoyed a long, wet kiss from the tender lips and flickering tongue of my sweet, sexy daughter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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