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Last night… Saturday, I got to sneak out of the house and go to the local Adult Book Store and Theater in Bradenton at about 9:30ish(PM). Three guys were in the theater just watching the movie. I sat down in the back row on the left in the end chair so more people would have to pass right by me.

After a few minutes one of the old trolls got up and left.

The 30ish slim, light skinned black guy on the other end of the back row started playing with his cock. It was beautiful. Not huge, about 8 inches, but it was beautiful, perfectly proportioned, slick with protruding veins and he was REALLY hard!

I got up and walked over to where he sat. He kept jerking off and now even faster. He was really hard. (Did I say that already?)

He didn’t move away from me so I took his cock in my hand. OMG it felt so good to have another man’s cock in my hand after what seemed like forever without one. He let me have my way, so I got on my knees and started sucking him.

He pushed my head down all the way until he was in my throat. He said “is that what you like?”

MMMmmm… It was! I tried to mumble “YES” without letting up on his beautiful cock. This was a very, very good cock to suck. He really liked it. I could tell because he pumped his cock down my throat hard and fast and deep too!

Pretty soon he came in spasm after spasm as I tightened my throat muscles around his throat stabbing cock. While his cock was deep down my throat I kept swallowing trying to get all the juice he could muster up for me. The head felt massive that deep down my Bycasino throat. It was a really nice load and I didn’t miss a drop. He moaned and then zipped up and abruptly left.

One of the guys who had been watching, a white guy, late 40’s balding, a little chubby took the seat next to me and pulled out his cock before I could even get off my knees on the sticky, old cum covered theater floor.

Without a word I went down on him. His cock was smaller but fatter and MAN was it HARD! It was like a brick! This was a good night for HARD cocks!

I sucked him and slobbered all over his cock. He was really mouthwatering! I rubbed his cock all over my face, licked his balls, deep throated him. He made lots of noise too. I LOVED making him moan.

He kept saying “Damn you’re good!!”

I slapped his cock all over my face and sucked it… his cock was soaked with my saliva. He started jerking it off over my face and mouth. I WANTED him to cum on my face! I wanted this one really messy! I licked his balls and cock and deep throated him and then let him jerk it against my face again.

It was a wild BJ! He came all over the side of my face. It was all over my hand and his shirt. I licked up all I could and slammed my head all the way down over his cock and he spasmed a few more times before he said:

“Damn!! oohhhhhhh… stop!!’… GEEZE!! THAT was GREAT!!. FUCK, you’re a hot cocksucker!”

That was a FUN blow job! I was proud of myself and glad that others had been watching.

Two guys who had enjoyed the show were Bycasino giriş standing behind my seat with hard-ons. They had been stroking while watching me perform.

One guy was an Italian. Short, dark hair. He pulled out his cock almost right away. I watched him a few minutes and then he unbuttoned his shirt. He was REALLY hairy! I walked over to him… on the back row, got on my knees and started sucking him without even asking.

His cock was really small and really soft. I thought “This is going nowhere.”

He put my hand on his nipples and said “Lick my balls.”

I did as he commanded and started getting hard. I LOVE feeling a cock getting hard in my mouth!

I deep throated him and his little cock got REALLY FAT! WOW! He ended up being six inches long and really fat.

My mouth was nearly full! He loved the deep throat too. I rubbed his balls and sucked him as I rubbed his nipples.

He was fucking my face. My knees were getting really tired after three BJ’s on my knees. So I got up and sat on the bench against the side wall. He walked over and I bent over and took him in my mouth again.

He was hard now! I took his balls in my hand and rubbed the base of his cock back near the asshole as I sucked hard and fast. I stroked his cock in and out of my mouth with one hand and played with his balls with the other.

He pulled out and said, “I’m not gonna cum… “

He abruptly sat down and I did too… disappointed.

Then he got back up and walked over to me again and stuck his cock Bycasino deneme bonusu back in my mouth again.

I hadn’t really noticed the other guy much until I felt his cock rubbing against my cheek. I opened my eyes and this other man was rubbing his cock against my face while I sucked the Italian guy.

The Italian guy took my head in his hands and forced me to suck the other guy while he jerked his cock across the other side of my face. I alternated between sucking first one then the other.

I decided to try to get them both in my mouth at one time. They were both hard and I had never done that before, but when they saw what I was doing, they put their cocks together and YES!! I got them BOTH in my mouth at once!! I was SO proud!

The second guy said something like “DAMN this is a good cocksucker, he’s good… damn good… he KNOWS what the hell he’s doing”

All the while I was sucking them both. This did not last long before the second guy started cumming and pulled out. His cum splattering over my face and all over the Italian’s cock and hands.

The Italian said once again that he was NOT going to cum!

He tried to pull out, but he was too late! OR My blow job was just too good! LOL! As he pulled out I opened my mouth and caught a lot of it in my mouth and a lot of it covered my face.

He was still trying NOT to cum! HA!! He was way past the point of no return! He finally gave up and let me swallow his cock one more time so he could finish spasming in my mouth.

SO… It was an awesome night and I swallowed 4 really good loads! I REALLY wanted 5! But I had to leave sometime. More guys should go there. I have a really good time almost every time. A couple of times it was just old trolls… but HEY… I’m over 50 myself! DAMN It was fun!

I DO so love pleasuring other men!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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