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Saved By Deborah – Part 2


Rob McCall4

This is the second part of a multi-part story of an adult love affair and the joys that second love can bring.

All persons depicted in sexual acts are at least 18 years old and consenting adults.

© 2022 RMcCIV mom shouting behind me, “Michael, your language!”

I had Janet on my cell before I hit the living room. “You bitch. You fucking low-life lying bitch. You brought him here?! To my house?! To take my kids?!! You what? Fuck you. It was not your day. I don’t care. Lie all you want. I didn’t give a fuck. And to think I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. What a fucking fool. Don’t you threaten me bitch. Tomorrow I’m going to get an iron-clad restraining order against you and that asshole!”

I stood in the middle of my living room, listening to her screeching until I had enough. “I don’t care what you say. It wasn’t your fucking day. You promised to keep him away from the kids.” I listened until I had enough. “I’ve got news for you. Don’t you ever try to do that again, and if I see him in my house anywhere near the kids, I’ll fucking kill him! Got that, you lying bitch!!’ and slammed my phone into the carpet.

I didn’t know Kenny was there standing behind me, crying. “Dad,d,d,dy,” he said, shaking like a leaf. “We didn’t mean to get into trouble. I swear we didn’t.” He was sobbing so hard and so upset I dropped to my knees and grabbed him to my chest as tight as I could.

“Don’t, don’t, ki-i-i-ll anybody, daddy.” His tears became uncontrollable. Finally, “I don’t wa-a-ant the policemen to put you in jail.

“Oh honey, no one’s going to put me in jail.”

“Bu-u-ut you said…” I was rubbing Kenny’s head, trying to get my act together. “Yes, sweetheart, I said a lot of bad things. Bad things I shouldn’t have said. Some bad words I shouldn’t have used, and I am sorry.” I took Kenny’s shoulders and looked him in the eye. “Kenny, I’m sorry. Daddy was mad at mommy, and I said some words I shouldn’t have said and didn’t mean. You know how sometimes you are mad a Carly, and you say things you don’t mean because you love your sister. Right?” He nodded his head. “I’m not going to kill anyone. Those were stupid, grown-up words. No one is going to put me in jail. I promise escort bursa you.” I stood up and offered my hand. Hey! Let’s get you all cleaned up and find Carly and Pinkie. Sound good?” Kenny nodded, and I swept him into my arms, sticking him out to fly like Superman, and started trotting through the room, bringing a laugh as I carried him to Carly and Pinkie’s bedrooms.

Chapter 2

I had a restless night’s sleep. One of those nights where I kept waking up because I couldn’t turn my mind off thinking about everything I had to get done the next day, which started at 5:45 am in my shower, at least 15 minutes before my alarm was scheduled to ring. It never did because I turned it off at 5.

I remember seeing screen legend Fernando Lamas on one of those late night talk shows when I was young, being questioned by the host as to why he was straightening the crease in his pants as he sat down. To which Mr. Lamas replied, “Because it is better to look good than to feel good.”

As one of Hollywood’s great Latin Lovers who married swimming superstar Esther Williams, maybe he was on to something. In any event, that comment struck me and always stayed with me. I was thinking about Fernando Lamas as I picked my wardrobe for the day, feeling like shit thanks to lack of sleep, unprepared for my first day back after a long weekend, and my anger at Janet and her boy-toy Colt. Colt, yeah, right! I’m sure he gave her many a good ride.

In my favorite slate blue shirt, charcoal gray slacks, and in a nod to “looking good,” slate blue argyle socks that matched my shirt, I put my best face on and woke the kids up with a sunny face and warm good morning hugs. Breakfast and off to school later, I was driving to work and on my phone with Nancy’s Kent office, asking to speak to her.

She was already in court, and her assistant took down my desires and promised a return call as soon as possible.

About 15 minutes from the company parking lot, my phone pinged with a shot of Deborah’s naked pussy, her left leg on the driver’s seat, and her skirt put over her thighs. Her fingers on her left hand were parting her vagina slightly, showing me her clit between the soft lips that unfolded like damp, delicate pink flowers glistening in the morning’s light. The text read, “To start your day bursa merkez eskort off right after a shitty night, xoxo.”

I have never mastered texting while driving. I feel very unsafe doing it, and so I rarely do, but I hit a “kissy face” and smiled the rest of the way into my designated space.

“Good morning, Mike,” boomed my boss, Carolyn standing at her office door. It was the two of us and a small smattering so far this morning.

“Will you do us both a favor, grab us a cup of coffee and join me in my office for a moment, and she walked in, leaving the door open in welcome.

“Welcome back. How was the long weekend? Refreshing, I hope.”

“Thanks for asking. I’m telling you, it was just what the doctor ordered. Seriously, Carolyn. Have you ever been up to Hunter Lakes? It’s glorious.”

“Yeah, Steve and I ski there every season or two. It is.” She took a sip of her coffee, one sugar, light creme, trying to look boss-like. “And Deborah, did she enjoy it?”

I smiled, “I guess, considering it’s her family cabin that she grew up in and now inherited.”

“So, she invited you without the kids to her cabin, and you left the kids at home?”



I laughed. “You know Carolyn, you have always sucked at this hardass boss stuff ever since we started working together eight-nine years ago,” and she laughed. We broke into a friendly discussion about the lodge, exploring the lakes, and our activities. Sans the intimate ones, of course.

We had started at the company together. I was a junior wannabe in the department, and Carolyn was a fledgling assistant for one of the department heads. We hit it off immediately, but I was already married to Jan, so no hanky-panky. Instead, we became close friends. She always aspired to do big things in the corporate world, which I hated. Well, hated might be too strong a word. It wasn’t for me being a creative type. Over the years, we both made it up our personal professional ladders supporting each other along the way. We made a good team. She ran the department, and on my side, I ran the show.

“But Mike, we need to talk about this.”

“I know and was going to talk with you today.”

“You know there are no policies against in-house dating as long as it doesn’t interfere bursa sınırsız escort in the workplace and it doesn’t involve someone and their superior. It’s a challenging environment. Everyone is on edge now about the possibility of coercion, and she reports to you.”

“Carolyn, I understand, and you know I respect that. Deb and I became friends first. Come on, the three of us had a couple of lunches together, and this was all her decision. Please ask Deborah. I honestly believe it is what we both need emotionally and spiritually right now. Hell, you nurtured Deb through her own divorce not that long ago. Not everyone can be as lucky as you and Steve,” and I gave her what I hoped was an earnest look.

Carolyn looked at me long and hard. “Promise me you’ll keep this on the down low?”

“Of course!”

“Good. Let’s go get some more coffee.” And we walked down the hall to the kitchen together, talking shop.

“You know you’re not excused from the 3 o’clock business/affairs meeting…

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…”

Chapter 3

There was a constant parade of people and questions at my workstation that morning. A pain in the ass but part of my job, and I’ll admit it’s one of the things I like about our workplace. People talk to one another. It is not all email communication and silence like so many offices nowadays.

Our floor, our department, had a constant buzz of creative activity, brainstorming, and sales. I liked it. We had a Japanese-style workplace with most of us in a large open bullpen ringed by conference rooms that folks could use for privacy as needed.

In between the questions, the projects, and the prep for this afternoon’s meeting, I looked over at Deborah when I could, sitting there working, occasionally throwing her hair back with a casual flip that I had learned was a concentration habit. Sometimes she’d walk her perfect apple butt across the floor swinging the light gray pleated skirt she thankfully wore today, and except for the occasional friendly smile, she showed no indication that three hours ago, she sent me a pussy pic. More than once during the day, I had to shift uncomfortably on my stool to hide my growing hardon as Deb leaned over her desk because the backlight from the offices behind her put her perfect breasts into silhouette with a slight hint of nipple.

It was so crazy being the first day back; when I looked at the time, it was already 2 pm, so I ran to the office commissary, grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich to go with a Coke, and plopped outside with a few files for a quick bite and final review of the numbers.

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