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It was still early when Brad left that morning. He had fallen asleep on the couch, as had Mike, and the discomfort only allowed him to sleep for so long. Seven in the morning was later than he expected, but it was not a restful night.

He left then, knowing that staying would only lead to more uncomfortable sleep, and inevitably, Mike may convince him to abandon and plans he might have had to be productive that day and to instead stay and play games. He drove home, happy to face so little traffic on a Saturday morning.

Pulling into the double garage of his parent’s home, he thought about moving as quietly as he could so as not to wake anyone. He went into the kitchen to make himself some breakfast. He ate quietly, thinking about the night before, about the great time he had with Jennifer, of her petite body, happy to learn and explore how best to feel pleasure.

The sudden interruption towards the end was unwelcome, but at least it came at a time when they had already done a good amount. Brad looked into the backyard, it was quite sunny and the forecast called for warm weather all day long.

Despite the poor night of rest, Brad decided to make the most of the day, getting right to work on some homework due in one of his university classes later that week. The rest of the morning was a blur of homework and coffee, until he finally finished and set aside his work for the day. He glanced over at his phone, seeing that it was now a few minutes after noon.

Just then, Brad heard a knock at the door. He turned to see that it was his father.

“Hey champ,” he said, always referring to Brad with some old nickname, “Up for a run?”

Brad considered it, and thought it might be a good idea to tire out the body and simply have a relaxing evening afterwards.

“Sure thing,” he said. “Where did you want to go?”

They threw around some ideas, rejecting the stairs by the old golf club, and the trails near the park, settling instead on a loop circuit they sometimes did not too far from the university campus. They had gone there together, and often with Brad’s sister, since they were young. It was a short decline followed by a loop to a short, steep incline. It was the perfect place for hill training, and Brad both loved and hated going there.

The pair took a few minutes to change into their workout gear and lace up their shoes before driving down to the usual spot. As they left the car, Brad received a text message, but it would have to wait until later.

The run began simply enough, with the practiced pacing to avoid early exhaustion. They decided on doing ten laps, not for speed, but again for endurance. Each lap came and went, and Brad was glad they had not decided on speed, until that dreaded moment when they were going to start their last lap. As he sometimes did, Brad’s father asked as they reached the bottom of the hill before looping back up, “Friendly wager?”

Brad nodded and replied, “Friendly wager.”

This was the most common way Brad’s father had of slipping his children extra money while they were in university. The wager was always the same, the winner being the first back to the car. This was no longer about pacing, but an uphill sprint. Brad and his sister usually beat their father without too much effort, but now Brad felt the effects of the wine and beer from last night. He pushed hard, accepting his punishment for the drinks, feeling his insides scream and curse at him in anguish. He made it to the car first, but only barely, with his father right behind him and hardly winded, laughing to himself.

“Tired today, son?”

Brad nodded, holding his side as a cramp set in, choosing to lie down in as undignified a position possible. Brad’s father roared with laughter now, patting his son gently acıbadem escort on the back, “Well, you beat me fair and square, so that’s twenty dollars for you.”

“Woooo…” Brad said, breathing hard, but still happy to have won.

His father walked back and forth for a bit, catching his own breath. Eventually Brad found himself able to stand once more, breathing heavily and moving slowly. The pair got back into the car and began the drive home.

While his father drove them both home, Brad checked his phone. A number of text messages from Jennifer popped up on screen. It seems that her parents had come home early as well, and so she and his sister they would be coming over that night. She asked if they could chat later in the evening. He replied that of course, they could chat, but it might be difficult to do so privately with his sister and both parents in the house.

Her reply was simply, “2am, rec room?”

He considered for a moment, and thought it should be fine. When they renovated the basement, years ago now, Brad’s father had installed a good amount of soundproofing, leaving the rec room perfect for watching movies or tv at any time of day without distracting anyone else. Brad and his sister had often spent many evenings studying in their respective rooms while their parents watched television, and they never heard so much as a peep.

When they returned home, Brad made his way to the shower, washing away the sweat from the run, and all but collapsing against the wall as the water washed over him. His exhaustion had all but taken over his body. He ate a light dinner with his parents, and around eight o’clock, both his sister and Jennifer arrived. They said hello to everyone, and Jennifer did not give Brad a second glance, for which he was grateful. In the back of his mind, he worried what would happen if his sister found out about the two of them.

By a quarter past eight, Brad found himself physically and mentally spent, so he relaxed in bed, watching a show on his phone. He set an alarm for a quarter to two in the morning, and promptly fell asleep.

His slumber was deep and dreamless. When the alarm when off, Brad found himself groggy and despising the hour with all his being. He silenced the alarm right away, and then stretched in bed. Rising slowly, tip toeing around the room and to his door, he opened it a crack, listening carefully to hear if anyone was still up. Only silence filled the air, and darkness in the hall. He crept down the hall and down the stairs, again working his way down to the rec room. There was a light on at the bottom of the stairs, and Brad moved as silently as he could in case it was his parents or sister down there.

Relieved, he saw only Jennifer, sitting on the couch with her phone. She wore one of her long shirts that went past her hips. She turned to face him as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Hey,” she said, her voice quiet.

“Hey, how are you?” he replied, taking a seat opposite her on the long couch.

They chatted briefly, learning that both she and his sister had shared a bottle of wine, and that his sister was quite happily sleeping in her room upstairs. Brad nodded, not saying anything.

“I had a great time yesterday,” she said.

“Me too.”

“I thought about it most of today, and wanted to know if you would be cool with one more thing?”

Brad smiled, nodding along, “Probably, what did you have in mind?”

Jennifer stood, pulling the bottom of her long shirt up to her hips, revealing that she wore no panties, and continued until the shirt was over her head, and then, a pile on the ground.

She leaned in close to Brad, and said, “I want you to pretend for me, akbatı escort something that you’re not.”

Brad nodded, intoxicated by her smell and the wine on her breath.

She smiled in return, “I want you to pretend like you’ve never had sex, and I’m the one who knows what to do.”

Brad smiled, “Ok, but you’ll have to show me how we do it.”

Jennifer grinned and nodded back, “That’s the spirit!”

She reached down and grabbed hold of his t-shirt from either side, lifting it up over his head. He complied with his arms, and soon was wearing only his shorts. She then moved to his hips, pulling down at them. He lifted his hips to help her along, and a moment later they were both naked, him sitting on the couch, and her now kneeling in front of him.

She began by taking his cock, soft and relaxed, into her hand. She ran her fingers along and then slowly moved to stroke it, gently, while cupping his balls in her other hand. It felt wonderful to Brad, as he said jokingly, “Be gentle, it’s my first time.”

“Alright,” she said, looking from his cock into his eyes, and back again. Gradually, his erection grew and she was happy with the result, placing the tip in front of her mouth and licking gently. She took the head of his cock into her mouth and began moving her head up and down, while matching the strokes gently with her hand.

Her mouth felt wonderful, Brad thought, glancing occasionally at the stairs, rather terrified that, all at once, his parents and sister might hear something strange, and burst through the doors to arrive together, catching them in the act. No one could hear them, of course, but the thought persisted in his mind.

Jennifer adjusted herself, rather than kneeling directly in front of Brad, she moved her knees back, arching her back slightly, and then did her best to maintain eye contact as she took him inside her mouth. Brad almost climaxed right then, lost in the sight before him. He loved her petite frame and her small ass, and he watched closely as she did her best to look up at him and maintain her posture. This was clearly meant to turn him on, and nothing else.

She moved slowly on him, sucking tight on his cock, but not speeding up at any point. Brad loved every second of it, feeling himself becoming rock hard. Every so often she would prop herself up using her elbows on his legs, stroking him with one hand but still working the tip with her mouth to give her neck and shoulders a quick break. Soon she would be back on all fours, taking in as much of the shaft as she could.

Brad moaned softly, doing his best to stay quiet, but largely failing as he was so turned on. When Jennifer was satisfied that he was as hard as he was going to get, she stood up, moving her hips from side to side, one hand squeezing at her nipple, the other hand running through her own hair. Brad watched in awe as this same woman, only one day before, had so shyly greeted him at the door and been hesitant to explore her own sexuality.

She straddled him now, his cock hard and sliding up and down her warm lips. She was wet, and her lips already swollen, and Brad guessed that she must have been down here long before he arrived, warming herself up for him. She placed her hands firmly around his neck, before she began moving her hips back and forth, sliding his cock up and down her lips, grinding against her clit. Brad placed his hands tight onto her hips, finding himself gripping hard and helping her slide along his cock, back and forth.

The feeling was incredible, and they both became lost in the sensations. As Jennifer was only slightly shorter than Brad, her face was not far from his, and she pulled him close from the neck, where their lips touched, aksaray escort kissing softly with each push and pull of the hips. Jennifer felt Brad’s tongue, playfully coming out to touch her lips in between kisses, so she met his, and they locked lips in a passionate kiss. Each one explored the other with their tongue. As the kissing became more intense, so too did each grip harder onto the other. Soon Jennifer had found a perfect rhythm, grinding down hard on Brad’s cock, hitting her clit in the perfect spot.

Her orgasm shook her unexpectedly, and she pulled Brad close into her chest. Brad loved having his face in her petite, but perfect breasts, and wrapped his own hands around her back, squeezing tightly while she rode out her orgasm.

Jennifer must have had it on the couch already, as she reached down, and passed Brad the condom in its wrapper, panting, “Put it on, now!”

He did so as Jennifer lifted her hips only slightly, making it awkward for Brad, but as soon as it was on and rolled to the base, Jennifer reached down to guide him into her. She began riding Brad, slowly, rhythmically, doing her best to maintain the tempo, not stopping at any point. Brad held firmly onto her hips, looking up at her beautiful face as they lost themselves in ecstacy.

Jennifer bit her lip as she picked up the pace, slamming herself down onto his cock, still not recovered fully from her orgasm, her breath still short and choppy. He moaned as she rode him, not having cum yesterday after all their fun, nor today. Brad felt himself going to cum much sooner than he wanted, but he did not care, and nor did she. His breathing came more quickly now, as he said, “I’m getting close,” to which Jennifer responded by gripping onto his shoulders and riding him faster, harder. He felt his body and his balls tense up, wrapping his arms around Jennifer and holding her down and in place as he burst deep inside her. He was happy he was wearing a condom, for he was sure he had blown a large load.

As he came down from his high, Jennifer gripped the base of his cock to keep the condom in place and slipped off of him, sitting next to him now and leaning her head against his shoulder. Her own breathing was rapid, and Brad watched as she brought a hand down between her legs, rubbing quickly at her clit. It took almost no time at all before she shuddered once more and placed her face into Brad’s shoulder, her orgasm coming and going.

They sat together for a while, enjoying the silence in the air. Eventually Brad took the condom off, tying it off at the end and correct in the large amount he had left inside.

Jennifer was running her fingers lightly across Brad’s chest, as she said, “Thanks again, that was great.”

“Thanks to you,” he replied, utterly spent and still in total bliss.

“I was thinking about this today,” she began, “and we probably shouldn’t meet again like this.”

Brad nodded, completely in agreement, though glad she was the first to say it.

“I feel confident now, and it was a lot of fun. If your sister finds out about us though, she’ll kill us both.”

Brad nodded once again, “I was thinking the same thing. I had a great time though.”

“Me too,” she said, giving Brad a kiss on the cheek.

And then, neither found themselves in any hurry to leave. A few minutes passed, and a few more, and they had moved into a comfortable embrace. Neither spoke, nor felt the need to do so. It was nice being together like this, and neither wanted it to end just yet. When finally some time had passed, Jennifer said, “I should get back to your sister’s room.” She stood and put her large nightshirt back on, making her way up the stairs. Brad waited a few minutes before heading up as well, reflecting on the events as they had unfolded these past few weeks.

When he found sleep again, he dreamt vividly now. He would not remember the dream come morning, but he would always remember the feeling, of being embraced by a woman whose face he could not make out, with all her might, taking all of him and making him feel safe and secure and like everything was right in the world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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