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Walking into a room with the two of them inside, an outsider would sense their connection immediately. They shared that particular kind of mutual lust that manages to completely exclude all others, yet keep them entranced in its spell all the same, bestowing a longing to know its depths upon the observer. No matter…these two weren’t going to share their secrets.

The first time it happened was a surprise for both women. Neither had known the true depths of each other’s sexuality at that stage, and their lovemaking was rushed and frenzied at first, both of them desperately craving release, needing to experience everything each other had to offer all at once. The fact that both of them were in serious relationships only added to the clandestine nature of their union, fueling the spark of feeling between them. Over time however, as friendships deepened and developed, the spark didn’t so much as die down or fade, as reach a steadiness, an undercurrent that was always there, but not often explored. Monique had settled into domestic bliss with her partner, Paul, with the acquisition of a comfortable 3 bedroom home in suburbia. Tanya and Marcus had recently become engaged and were also enjoying the day to day joys of cohabitation. Under the veneer of normalcy and respectability, however, the embers of desire still burnt between the two women, and it was only a matter of time before the fire started…

It was a typical girly shopping trip that had led to their latest encounter. With the purchase of new lingerie in mind, something intended for sharing with their boys, they headed together to the lingerie boutique that had recently opened in their local shopping mall. But for weeks beforehand, there had been that burning feeling of sexual need in Tanya’s stomach, and every time she looked at Monique and read the message in her hungry eyes, she knew it was mutual. It was likely that both of them knew, bursa otele gelen eskort or at least had some idea, of what might happen on this particular shopping trip, but neither wanted to stop it from occurring.

In the store, manned only by a bored looking sales assistant who eyed them once as they walked in, then immediately returned to her magazine, Monique selected a black and white pinstripe bra and panty set and looked up at Tanya questionably for approval.

It was at that eye contact that they finally gave in to their desires and the events of the next few moments were sealed. Without a word, Monique grabbed Tanya’s hand and led her to the secluded changing room, swiftly pulling the flimsy curtain shut behind them. For a moment both girls simply stared at each other, breathing slightly heavily, flushes rising on their cheeks as they considered their next moves. “I suppose I should really do what I came for and try this set on then?” questioned Monique, with a cheeky little grin at Tanya’s visible jolt of lust.

“Oh babe…please…” was all she could whisper in reply.

Still holding eye contact with Tanya, Monique began to slowly undress, button by button removing the collared blouse she was wearing to expose a perfect set of d-cup breasts, encased in a lacy, revealing bra, which she then also removed, with a knowing smile. She was enjoying this, the feeling of power she had over Tanya, watching her eyes dilate and swell at the sight of her bare skin, knowing how excited she could make her feel. As she slipped out of her jeans and heard Tanya’s gasp, she grabbed her hand and lowered it to her bare, shaved pussy. “No panties today then?” was all Tanya could manage to say. Monique again grinned, her azure blue eyes glinting mischievously.

“I wanted to feel my pussy rubbing against the seam of my jeans and think bursa eve gelen escort bayan of you…Feel how wet it is for you babe…been thinking of your hand and mouth down there all morning…” She wasn’t kidding, thought Tanya. Her pussy was slick with juices and Tanya’s hand slipped over her clit and swollen lips easily, which were almost leading her fingers into the slippery warmth. Monique moaned ever so softly and tossed her long blonde hair back as Tanya began kiss at her neck and slide her fingers inside and out of her pussy, simultaneously rubbing at her clitoris with the flat of her thumb. Tanya knew she had to taste the unbelievable wetness of her lover and bent to her knees before her.

Up close, her pussy was even more beautiful that she had remembered, all pink and swollen and exuding that hot, sweet scent. Leaning in and dipping her head, she took her first long, slow lick over Monique’s sex, letting her tongue flick briefly back and forth over her clit, then beginning to lick and suck hungrily at her soaking wet slit. As Monique parted her legs wider to allow Tanya’s searching mouth further access to her sex, Tanya surprised her and elicited a gasp of shocked pleasure as she began to work her tongue all the way down to her most secret, private place and prise her open there with the blade of her tongue, flaying her tight, sweet little rosebud with her mouth as Monique wriggled and squirmed with lust. Tanya began licking and tasting her way back up to Monique’s throbbing clit, noting how amazing the taste of her was, sweet, musky and slightly tangy all at once. She suddenly had to bring her fingers to her own pussy, which was growing just as wet and slick in response, just to assuage some of the feelings licking at Monique had generated. Sliding two fingers back inside Monique’s warmth, she sucked and nibbled gently at her clit bayan eskort bursa whilst strumming the fingers of her other hand across her own.

She could hear Monique’s breathing becoming heavier and faster and knew she was close to orgasm. Driving her fingers deeper, faster, in and out of Monique’s pussy she felt it start to tighten and suck at her fingers, felt her own hips moving in unison with Monique’s as she rubbed at herself even harder. Monique’s breathing was now coming in short little gasps, and her pussy was making squelching wet sounds over Tanya’s fingers as she ground herself up and down on them. Tanya could barely breathe herself, trying as she was to maintain control and not squeal and moan too loudly, whilst licking and nibbling away at Monique’s clit at the same time. Suddenly she felt Monique’s body stiffen and her pussy begin to twitch and tighten over her pumping fingers. Tanya looked up at expression of rapture on Monique’s face, saw her open her eyes and look down into her own, and then she was being pulled up into a long and deep kiss, feeling the shuddering power of Monique’s orgasm almost through her own body. Rubbing at her own clit faster she felt herself descend into the depths of her own earth shattering orgasm. They kissed harder, teeth clashing together with the force of it, both needing to suppress the cries that threatened to escape from their mouths. As the shakes and waves finally subsided, Tanya eased her fingers from her friends slippery warmth and licked them clean, savouring the final taste of her. They held each other for a few long moments before finally parting to look at each other once more.

Monique was the first to break the silence. “Ok girl, think I’m definitely going to have to buy this set now, to make up for the shameless use of the facilities!”

“Sweet babe…hope it actually fits, I think we’ve probably spent quite enough time in here, don’t you?” laughed Tanya.

“Our little secret, ok hun?” said Monique with a wink. Dressing quickly and giving Tanya’s hand a final squeeze, she pulled back the curtain and the two girls walked out into the store, where the sales girl, totally oblivious to their flushed faces and guilty looks, was still flicking through her magazine, looking bored as ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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