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My apologies again guys. I’ve been really busy lately, and decided it was time to give you all another dose of Nik, Felicia, and Xavier’s story. Trust me, its well worth the read and the wait. A quick caution: make sure you’re relaxed and in an atmosphere where you won’t be bothered, because you will definitely get horny and want to touch yourself. Please sit back, get your vibrators or lotion out, and enjoy! -Ciao*

I sent over an invitation to Felicia for drinks tonight. I had been so stressed out lately, due to work. It had been a few months since I first got here, but I was still adjusting to everything. The nightlife was cool out here, but it was hard trying to find a guy. They were all either ugly and single, cute and taken, or cute and trying to cheat. I couldn’t deal with it.

It was about 11:30 pm, and I was sitting on my recliner watching a Project Runway rerun when the doorbell rang. I got up, expecting Felicia.

“Hey boo!” We exchanged hugs and pecks on the cheek, the way the French do.

“What do you have for me?” she sang. I laughed slightly and she followed me, where I headed toward the living room table. I picked up the bottle of Pravda Vodka and showed her.

“I hope you don’t think I’ll be drinking that straight! Hahaha!” I laughed as well and said, “I’m not crazy! I have all types of juice in the fridge. Go and grab one, and get the fruit punch for me please. I already have the glasses out here and they have ice in them.

1:45 am came around and we were both pretty buzzed with lots of small talk and stories in-between glass refills. I pulled out my MacBook Pro and began browsing through my Facebook page.

I asked Felicia, “Random question: do you ever watch porn?” She was in the middle of taking a sip of her drink, so the comment made her choke a bit. She slapped her chest with her hand and began coughing, while I laughed at the site of her trying to catch her breath.

“Damn girl, are you okay?”

“Y-yeah (cough) I’m fine!”

“Sorry about that. I didn’t know sex talk would make you choke!” I laughed some more.

“No, no, beşevler escort it’s cool. You just caught me off guard, is all. I swear, you are so fuckin’ random at times! First, we’ll be talking about animals, then you’ll just switch the conversation to a show you saw about how a person sees a colour versus another person looking at the same colour! I mean, that’s what happened last week. I love how random you are. It makes me laugh! But,” Felicia picked up her glass and took another sip of her drink, “you know what we should do?” Felicia asked me.

“What’s that?”

“We should watch some porno flicks! I’ve been so horny lately. I mean, I know ol’ boy is here and what not, but he’s starting to get on my nerves, so I’ve been holding out. If I’m not getting any action, I need to see some at least!”

We looked at each other, nodded in agreement, and smiled, knowing the familiar situation all too well. I went on my favorite porn site, xhamster, and we both began searching, until we found something we wanted to watch.

It was a lesbian flick, where one girl was trying to show the ropes to a bi-curious girl who never did anything with another female before. We were already half way through the movie, and neither of us were saying anything, but I was getting extremely hot just watching it. The close-ups of the caramel skinned ebony flicking her long tongue against the darker skinned ebony’s pink exposed clit were a sight to see. I felt my pussy lips begin to swell, but I didn’t want Felicia to know, so I just crossed my legs in an attempt to contain my excitement; it wasn’t working very well.

“Girl on girl action!” she responded with a smile. “I’ve never done anything like that before, but it looks so sexy!”

“Well, I have! It’s different when a woman touches you compared to a man’s touch. They’re much softer and gentler.”

Felicia looked me in my eyes and bit the left side of her juicy bottom lip. Her eyes slowly danced down to my lips, and I could tell she was really eager to do something, but was too shy to confess. Slightly cebeci escort intoxicated, we both were feeling heated and horny. I could see Felicia’s nipples peaking through her wife beater tank top, and my mouth began to water. She then began to wriggle her hips in a slow motion, I assumed from the pressure she was feeling in her panties.

“I’ve never felt so horny for a woman before.” She shyly looked down towards the floor. I placed my glass on the table next to hers, closed my MacBook, and placed it on the table as well. I took her chin with my finger, and made her face me. She had a look in her eyes that I never saw before: a mix of uncertainty and yearning. I inched my lips to her right cheek and kissed her. I made a pathway with my lips toward her lips and paused. I looked into her eyes, and she kissed me passionately. I responded back with tongue dances and I heard a moan. I didn’t know if it was from her or me. I used my thumb to tease her left nipple and she threw her head back in pleasure, as it grew harder under my touch.

“Oh Nik! What are you doing to me?”

I laid her back on the couch, and eagerly went for her tits, where I licked in a slow circular motion, one right after the other. I couldn’t it take anymore, teasing myself with the cotton material that separated my mouth from her skin so I lifted her tank top up, just over her large tits. I sat up and watched her with her eyes closed squirming on my couch. Her hard nipples were aching for my hot wet mouth. I cupped her tits in each hand and circled her light brown silver dollar sized areolas with my tongue. My mouth traveled down her breast and under them, in an effort to tease her neglected nipples.

“Nik please suck them! They want your mouth so bad!”

I saw her beautiful long nipples grow harder and longer before my eyes, and I just had to have them. The sight made my pussy throb, so I cupped her tits higher and sucked on them until she almost cried.

“Fuck Nicki, you make me feel so good baby!”

The sound of her sexy voice turned me on even more. kolej escort I flicked, licked and sucked her nipples, as she grinded her warm pussy on my left thigh. My pussy felt like it was going to explode, but I didn’t want to be selfish, so I told her to take off her jean shorts. All attention was on her tonight. It was her first time with a woman, so I wanted it to be an experience she remembered for the rest of her life, and would never regret.

Laying back Felicia had the most beautiful bedroom eyes and she rolled her hips in an up and down motion, calling me to her pussy. I placed gentle kisses on her tits, on her ribs, and down her belly. The smell of her pussy juices filled my nose and made my mouth water. With my index finger, I softly rubbed the sides of her panties were her fat pussy lips protruded out from behind, and she moved her hips in sync. I then put my finger right in the center where her slit was, and rubbed in a gentle up and down motion. The more I rubbed, the wetter her panties became. I pushed her panties to the side, and with my tongue, made one light stroke from her sticky pussy hole up to her clit. An uncontrollable moan escaped her lips. I stood her up and removed her panties, and directed her over my face as I lay on my back upon the couch. She guided her beautiful pussy just above me, where she was just inches from sitting on my face. I looked up and saw her pretty pussy, with brown lips and a dark brown meaty vulva that hung about a half of an inch past her pussy. They were wet and dripping and I wanted to taste all of her. It was so beautiful, I just had to take her in my mouth and suck on her fat meaty pussy. She held her place as I lifted my head took her vulva into my mouth, tugging and sucking at them. She rotated her hips smearing her pussy lips and natural juices all over my tongue and mouth. I parted her ass cheeks and dove my face in and began kissing and licking her ass hole. I went back and forth between her pussy and ass, licking and slurping her as she road my face.

“I’m about to cum all over your face baby!” I tongue fucked her pussy hole as she bounced up and down on it, then I parted her pussy lips and sucked on her clit in a fast motion. She threw her head back and screamed as she exploded on my tongue and I lapped all of her sweet creamy juices up. She got back on the couch, laid down next to me and kissed me deeply. We cuddled next to each other and fell asleep just like that…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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