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Howard and I did not get together after he first seduced me into the gay scene. It gave me a chance to reflect on the many sex acts I had performed with him, and in my own time I could come to terms with what I had done, and had done to me. It also gave me the chance to determine whether I wanted to carry on with this new sexual awakening or turn away from it at this early stage of my development. I was very unsure of the whole scene, and whilst I enjoyed being played with and sucked off, and I didn’t mind doing the same in return, I had doubts about the pain that I got when Howard fucked my ass. I know that I had also fucked his ass and enjoyed doing it, but when I was doing it to him he had a very different reaction to mine. All I could do was to absorb the pain, the penetration obviously stirred my prostate and gave me an orgasm, but I couldn’t forget the pain I felt and was afraid of any future encounter.

After about a month had passed Howard made a point of seeking me out to tell me that John (Howard’s seducer) was back from his sea tour and would be home within a few days. I asked him what that had to do with me, he said that he had written to John, told him all about our little adventure and John was very interested in meeting me. I didn’t know what to do, but the first thing I did was to tell Howard that I did not think he would tell the world what we had done. Howard was very conciliatory and pleaded that he wouldn’t tell just anyone, but John was his mentor and he had to tell him everything he had done whilst John was away. He begged me to go around to his house when John would be there, but I told him I didn’t think so, it would be wrong and I didn’t enjoy it that much. So he launched into great detail about what I had done and how much I had sucked him off, swallowed all his cum and fucked his ass. He said that John would see me around anyway so I couldn’t avoid him. That was very true as his mother lived nearby and he always stayed with her for sometime after he had returned from sea.

The conversation was left in the air with me not agreeing to go with them, but with the threat I would be seen anyway, as I lived within the same block of houses as John’s mother. They were very clever about how they got to me, John just happened to meet my mother when she was shopping, and asked after me, how I had grown etc since he’d last seen me, and all the usual compliments a mother would enjoy about her son. Of course she responded by asking him around to meet up with me. That really put me in it and around he came. General chat, always playing up to my mother and then the crunch time when I was asked to go out with him and Howard. I said no I was too busy, mother said I was doing too much study and sport and I should go out with them. What could I do? Tell her the truth about what I had done so far? there was no way out so I had to agree. I thought I would be on fairly safe ground as it was to be during the day not in the evening and we were going to town so I could avoid anything to do with sex.. Came the day and John arrived to pick me up, we were to pick up Howard on our way to the town. I just didn’t expect the next bit, we walked around to Howard’s place and knocked the door, Howard opened the door with a posing pouch and nothing else on.

I couldn’t believe I had been duped so easily, I thought Howard’s mother would be home, she didn’t work so where could she be. It was a total setup; John had driven Howard’s mother to visit his elder brother for the day, and had even arranged the time they would pick her up. So, it was accept or have a blazing row at the door with the whole streets’ attention drawn to us, in I went and let it be known very plainly how I felt. I told them what I didn’t like and how much I felt the pain and I didn’t want to go through that again.

John was full of sympathy and told me there was no need to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with, we’d just sit around and chat. I was put at my ease and felt I had made my point, but of course there was a greater agenda, which I did not see until a great deal later. We started having a coffee and just generally chatting about John’s trips to sea, sights he had seen around the world and the talk slowly got around to sex in all it’s forms that he had either taken part in, seen or been told about. He told us all about his sea daddy as he kept calling his friend. I had to ask him what a sea daddy was, I had never heard of the name before, He explained that a sea daddy was someone who looked after you in every sense of the word as he put it. I said did that mean he had sex with him as well. He confirmed that was the case and said that his sea daddy told him what to do and when to do it, but in return he was looked after and protected from everything or anyone who may threaten him or try to harm him.

All the talk of sex had turned me on slightly, but it had driven Howard into a really erect state, his short but very fat prick was straining through his pouch and he kept on pulling it out and flashing it to John. John took the hint and started to get stripped down to his shorts, as he did so he took Howard into his mouth and started to give him a good blowjob. When Bycasino he had stripped completely naked he got into the sixty-nine position and slipped his prick into Howard’s mouth. I was left on my own as a spectator to their sex game. After a few minutes John was fully erect and I would guess he was about seven to eight inches long but not as thick as Howard was. He turned Howard over onto his face and swiftly stuck two fingers straight up Howard’s arse. He then got between Howard’s legs and popped his prick back into his mouth. Howard then started moaning and asking John to fuck him; John immediately responded by stopping his blowjob and positioned his prick at the entrance to Howard’s anus. Howard must have been well lubed as John went almost straight in with the first thrust and the second thrust saw him completely home.

It was interesting for me to see what was being done, as compared to being one of the participants. It was certainly turning me on and John was obviously very experienced in knowing what to do and when to do it. He had Howard moaning and groaning, sighing and pleading for more all in the space of a few moments. John also started to involve me by asking me how much I had fucked Howard, as he was very open I must have a big one if it had stayed open since I last fucked him. I told him I was smaller than he was; it must have been the amount of fingers he had stuck up Howard before he started fucking him. John then told me to pull mine out as he wanted to see it just to prove I wasn’t that big, so I did so and then realized that I was being drawn into the whole scene yet again. After I had dropped my pants and displayed my prick John said there was no difference between him and me so I must have given Howard a good seeing to the last time I fucked him. Whilst he was saying that he speeded up his thrusts into Howard and very quickly pulled out, spraying his cum up Howard’s back and all over Howard’s arse. He immediately came over to me and started to take my tee shirt off my back. As my pants were already down that left me as naked as them. John said what a great body I had and he just loved my pec muscles, putting his hands on my chest and rubbing the muscles very gently. He then started to rub and tweak the area around my nipples and then leaned forward and started sucking my nipples greedily into his mouth. He’d spend about thirty seconds on each nipple and kept it erect with his thumb and forefinger when he switched to the other nipple. I was very surprised that I was so aroused by this, as I had assumed that only girl’s reacted to this form of arousal, but it works equally on men so I was getting very, very aroused. John could see I was getting very excited so he started adjusting his technique to meet my aroused state. He kept his mouth on my nipples but his hands started to move down to my prick and balls. His hand gently cupped my balls and started to massage and squeeze them, his other hand slid onto my prick and started to pull it as if he were trying to milk me.

I could feel the cum starting to rise in my prick, my hips were lifting off the floor, and I knew I was going to shoot my cum very soon. He knew this and immediately moved his hand from my balls around to my anal orifice. He inserted one finger into me and pressed hard on my gland. His other hand squeezed the head of my prick and he held it there until the urge to cum had passed by. He then said to me you’ll only cum when I’m ready and then continued to milk my prick, but this time he kept his probing active finger deep inside my anus, exploring and exciting the glands within me. The cum started to rise again and he controlled it in the same way, keeping the pressure on until the surge had passed. He then slid his head down until it made contact with the throbbing head of my prick. He didn’t take it into his mouth but started to lick the head and push the tip of his tongue into the little hole in the top. As he did this I started to reach the point of no return for a third time, but he again did the same trick and stopped me from cumming. He then took me deep into his mouth and swirled his tongue around my prick, nibbling with his teeth and the wrapping his tongue where the teeth had bitten. This was an experience that was new and exciting; you could not fail to respond to the artistry of an expert in the lovemaking of men.

Another finger was inserted into my anus and it started it’s own dance, independent of the other finger already at work in there. The excitement was now getting to the stage where my body was trembling with anticipation, and each muscle was jerking as they were touched and tickled, stroked and caressed. Very smoothly he rolled me over onto my face and propped me onto my knees. He slid around my body until his prick was against my anus and he slowly inserted himself into me. He was about halfway in when he reached the part that had not been breached before, I had to this point not been in pain as Howard was wider but his four and a half to five inches was his maximum penetration of me. John then started to put both his hands onto my lower stomach and push his fingers deep into the sides, just above the groin. He forced his Bycasino giriş fingers in hard and my sphincter muscle opened up as if it were a flower spreading itself wide open. As it opened so he thrust the rest of the way into me and I felt no pain as he entered me to the hilt. As he had already had one cum with Howard he was capable of lasting a long time, so he started with a steady rhythm, to fuck me, as he wanted to.

He worked his prick in and out of me at various speeds and at many angles; he turned me onto my back and thrust into me very deeply. He pulled right out of me and just inserted the head only into me so that my sphincter muscle closed tightly onto his prepuce. Then he decided it was time to really give it to me so he speeded up, thrusting his whole length into me faster and faster. My prick was as hard as a rock but as it had been held back for so long there was no sign of me cumming, that was until Howard decided to join in and stick his mouth around my throbbing cock. As soon as he started sucking me hard I blew cum down his throat so hard that he gagged and rolled away. I still kept shooting my cum all over the place until John moaned and thrust very deeply into me, shooting his jism deep into my belly. As I felt him cum in me my muscles started to contract milking him of his load whilst he stayed deep within me. After that session I was easily persuaded to go down to the docks and meet his sea daddy, an event that was to change my way of life.

That weekend we left the town and headed for the big city and the dock area. I did not know what to expect, and I still had that nagging doubt about whether I really wanted to completely enter the gay scene. I still had yearnings for girls, and I never got excited or erect seeing a naked man, but I always did when I saw a woman, even if it was only a flash of her panties. I certainly lusted after the ladies, so I remained not really knowing what I was doing hanging around the gay scene. After we got to the docks area we met up with John’s sea daddy Dave, and a couple more of their friends, so three guys became six very quickly. John’s sea daddy was a very commanding man who was both handsome and appeared to control everybody around him. It later emerged that he was the ship’s first mate and was used to command. We were taken to their local bar and our glasses were kept full at all times, Howard and I were not drinkers, so it was not long before we were pretty merry and past the point where you stayed on your guard.

At that stage Dave told John to take us back to the flat and he and the others would be along in a little while. ( I later found out that this was to make sure that John had us all naked and ready for the sex acts they were going to make us perform later.) When we got back John started the usual pre sex play, and as we were the worse for drink (and Howard did what John wanted anyhow) we were soon naked and playing around with each other, but on a very shallow level. John did not attempt to have sex with either of us, it was more grabbing each other’s pricks and squeezing etc, nothing heavy whatsoever. Dave and the other two returned about thirty minutes after we had got back, but did not immediately join in the game. I saw Dave turn to the other two and point to Howard, he then spoke softly to John and then he came across to me. He said, John tells me you are one randy little bastard who wants to keep fucking everybody. Well I am going to give you the fucking of your life when I think you’re ready for it, but first I want you to fuck John the same way as he fucked you at Howard’s house. I was already hard after the playing we had done before they came back, and as it was going to be me doing the fucking, I was quite happy to go along with it. I started sucking his nipples and then mirrored exactly what John had done to me, except I couldn’t last long and was cumming before I had really given him a good seeing to.

I rolled off John and was immediately pinned on my back by Dave, who started to kiss me and put his tongue down my throat. I did not like this; I had never kissed a man and did not like the sensation. I could taste the beer and the cigarettes in his mouth and I found the whole experience a bit sickening. He could sense that I was not responding and became a bit more aggressive toward me. He pulled his mouth away and started telling me I was going to get it harder if I did not respond a bit better to him. He went down onto my nipples and started sucking hard on them, I responded to that so he eased down a little and his hands started to roam all over my body. This was one really experienced dude, he knew where every erogenous zone was and started to play me like a well-worn fiddle. He turned me onto me stomach, raised my ass so that I was in a kneeling position and started to probe my ass with his tongue. At first he stayed on the outer ring, but as I got wetter his tongue probed further into me until he was stabbing his tongue in and out of my hole. At the same time he was wanking me by using a form of milking and pulling action which was painful but was making my prick get longer and longer, I had never had such a long prick!!

He Bycasino deneme bonusu then said to me ok, you’re now going to get the fucking of your life, but I’m going to put some lube on you first. He still had his pants on when he walked past me to get the lube, when he got the lube he had his back to me as he dropped his pants and then turned to put the lube on him and to rub it into me. My jaw dropped and I was instantly afraid of what was about to happen to me. I felt like a rabbit caught in the lights of a car, he was absolutely massive, at least twelve inches long and three inches across. I had never seen anything that big in my life, and he was going to try and shove it into me. I started to plead that I couldn’t take that, he brushed me aside and said I had fucked his boyfriend so now it was his turn to fuck me. He pushed my head down into the pillow and squirted the lube up my ass and around the outer edges. He then shoved three fingers into me and worked the lube all around. I was in agony, he just kept thrusting these three fingers in and out, added more lube and thrust them in again, withdrew, and then I felt the massive head of his prick at the entrance to my ass!

I told him not to do it as it would hurt me. He turned me around so that I could see Howard for the first time since we had been paired off. The two guys had tied him up like a turkey at Christmas, he had a leather collar around his neck and his hands tied behind his back. There was a leather thong linking his hands to his neck, so if he moved out of position his hands would choke him as the collar would be moved tighter around his throat. The collar was also fastened at the front to the table they had put him on in a kneeling position. They had tied another thong tightly around his balls, so tightly that they were swollen and blue. His mouth was open and he was in obvious pain but the bigger of the two guys was ramming his prick in and out of his mouth. No sound could escape apart from a constant grunting sound that would escape his throat as the guy pulled out but was silenced as he rammed back into him. Behind him the other guy had a dildo equally as big as the giant prick that was attempting to invade my ass, but he had already buried it to the hilt in Howard and was pistoning it in and out at a remarkable speed. I was then turned away and told to shut up or the same thing would happen to me.

Dave re-positioned himself, squeezed on more lube and started his assault on my ring piece. The head was so wide that I could feel it on the inner sides of my ass cheeks, the pressure that was being exerted caused me to moan very loudly NOOOOOOO!. The head drove forward and I think that about an inch had got into me, I was now struggling and turning to get away. Having established this small bridgehead into my ass, Dave’s hands got into the same position as John had used on me previously and he pressed the pressure points to make my ass flare open. He was so big that even using this trick he only got about six inches into me and I could feel the muscles tear as he attempted to drive himself further into me. He stopped and told John to get closer so that he could stop me screaming when he tried to go further in. He started to pull out slowly and that was as painful as he trying to get in, due to the muscle spasms that he was causing by being impaled upon me was. He had pulled back about an inch when he stopped moving altogether and we stayed that way for about a minute, it was still absolute agony but the muscles had adjusted to the position they had been forced into. Without any warning he launched himself forward and thrust another three inches into me. My mouth opened wide to scream, but no sound came out as I was completely winded by the force of the assault. Then a thin reedy wail came from the back of my throat until John sprang forward and thrust his cock to the back of my throat.

I was now very frightened, I knew that the sudden thrust had caused something to tear deep inside me and I felt warm liquid in my ass. He stayed in the same position holding himself in me without moving for another minute and then he started a slow withdrawal from me. I could feel the muscles start to move back into place but the pain around the sphincter muscle was greater as the giant head of his prick made it open to release him. I could feel something drip from my ass and did not know what it was. Dave just reached for more lube and spread a handful up my ass, he then spread another handful on his prick but put more on the base than the top. He got back into position, put the head in and then used the pressure points to thrust his way back to where he had come from. That left about three to four inches to go, he then said to me that he had got to a point in me that was like a nodule and once he got past that the pain would ease. As he said it, he did it, and the force of him hitting the nodule almost made me pass out. I could feel the head of his prick graze over the nodule and his massive prick slide further up into my bowel. He had stated the truth and the pain deep within me eased, but it was impossible to cope with the pain everywhere else in my ass. Every move, every thrust caused me great pain. He hammered it in and out of me for at least ten minutes until I almost passed out, I had John thrusting himself in and out of my mouth and I could hardly breathe. John shot his wad deep into my mouth and I passed out as I could not breathe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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