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This story was originally written as a request for a female user. If you’re still out there somewhere ‘Lil Sis, I hope you liked it.

All characters are over 18. Any resemblance to real people is totally intentional.


Since my ‘Lil Sis turned 18 a few weeks ago I had never really thought of her as a sex object. Sure, she was cute, sexy even, but until the night of her birthday I never thought of her that way. That night in her tight shorts, her even tighter tank top and no underwear! My boner stressed the confines of my own shorts to the point I had to excuse myself to the bathroom and jack off TWICE! Ever since I have been plotting a way to get into her pants, and if I’m lucky, take her virginity!

I have been taking advantage of every opportunity to see her in as little clothing as possible. Now that it’s summer break from school, she’s been wearing less and less… almost like she WANTS me to watch! I’m beginning to think that my ‘Lil Sis is thinking similar impure thoughts about me as well.

We shall see…

Tonight maybe I pressed things to far…

I have been sneaking into ‘Lil Sis’s room almost every night for the past two weeks. Now that the weather has turned warm, she only sleeps in a pair of old panties. They are about three sizes too small and really hug her in all the right places.

Tonight i was running my hand up her thighs as she slept on her stomach. I was close enough to her crotch to feel the heat coming off of her.

OK, I admit it, I had one hand on her and my other hand on my cock. I was stroking myself as I fondled my ‘Lil Sis.

I held my hand just below her ass, unsure if I should slip my finger under the edge of her panties when she stirred! I froze for a moment, then she started to roll over…

I moved my hand quickly, nearly accidentally touching her tits as she Anadolu Yakası Escort turned over in bed. She sighed and her breathing seemed to return to normal.

I stood there motionless for a couple of minutes, waiting until her breathing returned to sleep rhythms. As I waited, I saw how erect her nipples were. She must be having a sex dream. Was she dreaming of me I wonder?

Flushed with my new fantasy, I started to jerk my cock even faster, wanting so much to take my ‘Lil Sis as my own. Claim her body not as a brother, but as a lover!

On Friday mom & dad announced a last minute trip to the mountains. I know mom had been feeling a bit of empty nest syndrome lately. With me in my third year of college and ‘Lil Sis about to start, I was thinking that maybe a younger sibling or two might be on the horizon. Especially since mom & dad had been having a massive amount of sex recently, hence how I’ve been able to sneak into ‘Lil Sis room every night.

Thinking back, mom and ‘Lil Sis both should be ovulating this weekend… Oh Gods! Could I be this lucky!

Just after work on Friday mom & dad are out the door and I’m fixing dinner for me & ‘Lil Sis. My red sauce is a family favorite. I add extra wine to it, plus I open a bottle of extra strong red wine to drink with dinner. Our parents never objected to a bit of wine when we ate Italian food at home.

After dinner ‘Lil Sis & I retire to the living room to watch some TV. I continue to ‘freshen’ her glass of wine, it’ll just go bad after all…

By the time the bad movie is winding up up she is sleeping gently against my shoulder. Everything has gone perfectly so far, now it’s time to claim my prize.

Lifting her up, I carry her to our parent’s room. The California King has always been lucky for my folks, both of us being conceived in it. Now I want that luck Bostancı Escort to work for me!

Stripping us both I lay her across the bed. I stand there looking down at her perfect body. Her nipples erect, her shaved pussy glistening with moisture.

I fall to my knees and push my face into that moisture. My tongue finding her clit. My hands rapping around her thighs pulling her towards my ravenous mouth.

Within moments her body begins to twitch, her breathing coming rapidly, her hips thrusting. Her orgasm is only moments away. Will she wake when she cums? What will she say when she finds her big brother between her thighs?

I eat her through three cums. She still appears to be out. My face is damp with her spend.

I stand again, holding her ankles in my hands, my cock like steel, a hint of pre-cum hanging from the tip. I pull her butt to the edge of the bed. I want to be gentle, I want to go slow, but my cock is thinking for me now. Her pussy and womb beyond beckon to me like the red cape to a bull.

I align my cock to her and thrust.

She is tight. Tighter than anything I have experienced before. It takes me three tries just to get the head inside. I pump her 3 or four more times before I stretch her enough to touch her hymen. Pausing for a moment I look down at her. Her mouth hanging open, her breathing now coming in pants.

I rap my arms under her knees and shove with all my might.

‘Lil Sis’s eyes fly open as a scream tears from her throat. I bottom out against her cervix, holding myself inside her. She stares up at me unsure if she is dreaming or awake. I withdraw a bit and thrust again, slamming into her cervix.

She now has no doubt that this is not a dream!

She stares up at me as I stare down at her, both of our hips pumping against each other. She does not fight me. She does Erenköy Escort not yell. She appears to be having the time of her life. Yet, we do not speak. The only sounds the slapping of our crotches against each other, our labored breathing, the odd sigh of pleasure.

I can feel my balls tightening, my cum rising. I begin to thrust fast and deeper. Every thrust filling her completely.

Just before I explode, she does.

Now she screams. “Take me brother! Fill me! Possess me completely!”

“Who is your master?”

“You brother. My master, my god!”

“I’m about to cum in you.”


I stop moving completely. She looks afraid all of a sudden.

“What did you say bitch?”

“Do it please???”

“Please WHAT?”

“Please sir… fill me with your cum???”

I twitch my muscles and cum. Gods, what a cum! It’s like I have never ejaculated before in my life! My balls begin to ache after the 10th spurt. They begin to actually hurt after the 15th. ‘Lil Sis is lost in her own unending orgasm.

Sweaty and spent I collapse on top of her.

We lay together for a long time. We maybe even drifted off to sleep briefly.

I realize I am still hard. She kisses my forehead. Wiping the moisture from my brow, then drinks deep of her own juices from my mouth. I start to thrust again.

By the time mom & dad return late Sunday I have taken her in every way a man can claim a woman. In every room of the house. She never complained. Never tried to resist. She only once asked me to stop, but that was because she had to go to the bathroom badly after I took her ass for the first time.

‘Lil Sis was now my slave. My obedient and dutiful servant. I am her master and lord. A relationship which will only get better as time progresses.

Monday at breakfast mother and daughter sat quietly reflecting on their weekends, which were probably very similar. Father and son sat drinking coffee with quiet, arrogant, smiles.

Come next spring there would be a bit of a population boom in the household.

I wonder if I dare to take mom next?


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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