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Becky behaved perfectly while I shaved her. I could not have asked for more.

“Do you understand why I’m doing this?” I said, drawing the razor across the top of her pubic ‘V’ for the first time. Her silken hairs felt like damp moss on a hillside in spring, now softened further by the soap and water. They came away easily and cleanly and I watched the honey-brown fibres swirl away from the razor-head when I dipped it in the water after each harvest.

“Yes, I think so.”

“What do you understand it to mean, Becky? Can you explain to me?”

She sniffed and nodded, wiping a stray tear from her eye. “Is it because I am to belong to you and you alone, and this is a kind of symbolic initiation where I give myself over to you completely?”

“Very good, Becky, excellent! I could not have put it better myself. You have understood perfectly your new status. This important procedure will confirm your position in relation to your mistress. It will help consolidate our special relationship.”

When I had finished shaving her I bathed the red rawness around her vagina with cotton wool infused with a mild disinfectant. I held her against me with an arm locked around her waist and the cotton wad pressed firm against the newly shorn flesh of her pubic mound. The sting took her breath away. She gave a small inward cry, almost a sigh. I held her tight until she adjusted to the pain and until I felt the defensive tension leave her body. Then I relaxed my hold and lovingly soothed her tender pubis with butterfly-light dabs until all was reasonably sanitised.

When I had finished her vaginal ablutions and after-care Maltepe Escort I kissed her tenderly, feeling the small bruise on her bottom lip with the tip of my tongue where I had bitten her earlier. There was no taste of blood now, although I considered re-opening the wound, but that would have been too cruel. I then took her by the hand and led her through to the bedroom where everything was ready.

“Stand beside the bed, Becky.”

She looked around her. The curtains were drawn closed and a small lamp glowed on a bedside table either side of the double bed. I allowed her to take in the subdued but gently threatening atmosphere of the room. I had managed to create a dark but sensual feel with my improvised props and I silently congratulated myself on the success of my efforts.

She gazed at the bed, her eyes alighting on the flesh-coloured satin bedcover embossed with a floral pattern, and the four black satin ribbons tied loosely at each corner of the bed. I stroked the back of her neck and she shivered at my touch. But it was not cold in that room. I feasted my eyes over her virginal, unmarked flesh, noting the jutting attitude of her impudent bottom in sharp contrast to the valley that was the small of her tanned back. My hands trembled with a pent-up energy, the like of which I had never known before. It was indeed a very special moment.

All was ready for the major part of Becky’s conversion, and it was high time I executed my salacious plan to the full.

“Turn around.” I said, rather brusquely helping her to do so with a firm hand on her shoulder. My tone had become İstanbul Escort distinctly cooler. Any future endearments would be saved for afterwards, when I would have to soothe and placate her following her conversion.

I drew her to me so that my breasts (which were still enclosed) pressed into her bare back. I could feel the warmth of her splendid bottom against my crotch. We were the same height and perfectly contoured to each other. I played with her breasts, fairly roughly, squeezing, pulling at her nipples, pinching, rolling. I heard her sharp intake of breath and felt her back arch away in natural reflex. But I held on and drew her close again.

“Do you like it?” I said, twisting her nipples as if tuning an old radio set.

“I think so, Aunt Kate. It hurts a little.”

“Good. I want you to come to terms with any pain you feel. I want you to embrace it, to love it.”

“I’ll try.”

“I know you will. You won’t let me down.” And here I pinched both nipples, with varying degrees of pressure. They felt plump between my forefinger and thumb. She made a subdued little squeal, followed by a sigh of what sounded like pleasure. “Good girl, see how much you can take for me.”

Then I led her over to the full-length mirror. I was still behind her, still playing with her breasts, kneading, teasing, pinching. Her eyes were closed, her breathing now ragged.

“Open your eyes, Becky. Watch what I’m doing to you. See the marks appearing, observe how dark your nipples have become.”

Her eyes fluttered open. My chin was on her shoulder, our faces side by side, looking Anadolu Yakası Escort into the mirror. I could smell her sweet breath. “You are very beautiful, Becky. Perfect! Almost too perfect in fact. And that’s what makes it such a pleasure to mark you for my own, and then to steal from you, to deprive you of such supreme innocence and beauty that is at the moment yours alone. Your beauty, your innocence, your pureness will empower me. I will drink it in, devour it in the way that a vampire feeds on the blood of its victim do draw new life and strength.”

I gave her a peck on the cheek. “I want you to understand how it is, that’s all. Do you love me Becky?”

“Of course, Aunt Kate… more than anything in the world.”

“You will have to prove it. I require you to demonstrate your love to me by your willingness to accept pain.”

“I will if I can, of course I will.”

“Let me hear you say it first.” I began menacing her nipples again, which by now must have been getting rather tender. “Say, I love you more than anything in the world, Aunt Kate. And will do anything to prove it.”

This she did, word for word and with perfect diction. I kissed her again.

“Do you love me too, Aunt Kate?”

“You will have to earn my love and respect first, Becky, but I’m sure you’ll succeed. You’re doing just fine.”

“I want to, I really want to. But I’m afraid of being hurt, of not being able to take what you require of me.”

“There’s no need, Becky. The pain I bring upon you will never be more than you can stand, I promise you.”

“Why do you have to hurt me at all? Why isn’t it enough to just kiss, make-out and stuff?”

“I have to know that you are worthy, worthy of your mistress’s love.”

“I understand.”

“Good. All you have to do is accept everything I do to you as good.”

“Yes, I do accept it.”

(to be continued in Chapter Four)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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