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Alex Tanner

“Everything’s all right? Nobody needs anything?”

“No, Jack, everything is under control here. Everything’s fine, don’t worry about us.” I tried to make my tone sound as reassuring as I could. Poor guy had enough to worry about, and I didn’t want him fretting about the kids or me. He was going to wind up with an ulcer if he wasn’t careful. And everything really was fine; Jack Devlin just worried a lot.

“Good. I’ll be home at eight, then. Thank you again, Jessica.”

“No sweat, Jack.” I hung up and went to check on the kids. They had all finished dinner and had planted themselves in front of the TV to watch cartoons. Thank God for cartoons. I took advantage of the quiet to clear the table and decided to do the dishes while I was at it; that would be one less thing for Jack to worry about when he got home.

By the time I finished cleaning up it was almost seven-thirty. That meant bath time for the twins. They launched into their it’s-not-fair-he-gets-to-stay-up-later routine, but by now it was just done for form’s sake, and they headed for the bathroom without having to be told twice.

I sat and watched cartoons with Johnny until the twins finished, then sent him in for his turn. When I tucked the boys in and checked the clock it was eight-fifteen. I plopped down on the couch and tried to read, but I was too restless to get into my book. Johnny came out of the bathroom and waved at me from the hall. He had hit that age where he was getting more standoffish, wanting hugs less frequently and on his own terms.

I winked at him. “Goodnight, kiddo.”

“Goodnight, ataşehir escort Jess.”

His door closed and the house fell into deep silence. I tried reading again, but I was getting absolutely nowhere, so I dropped the book onto the couch and wandered through the house. A familiar picture in the hallway caught my eye; a family portrait of Jack with his wife Anna and all the kids gathered around them.

Anna had been killed in a plane crash a year ago. Since then Jack had been doing his best to handle everything, but a promotion a couple of months back had eaten up more and more of his time until he was working late practically every weeknight and spending half his weekends at the office. And often it happened without a lot of notice, leaving his babysitter in the lurch.

When their last sitter finally threw up her hands in disgust and walked out, she told Jack to call me. I was in my third year of college now and looking for something where I could make a little extra money and still get all of my homework done. When I heard the situation I was skeptical, but I took pity on the naked desperation in Jack’s voice and agreed to give it a shot.

I didn’t realize just how bad things were until the second time that 8 o’clock turned into midnight. We had a heart-to-heart after that, and Jack explained that it wasn’t a permanent thing, but he was on the hook for the next 3 months of the startup period. In the end I didn’t mind it so much.

Jack’s kids were great, and it was generally a pretty avcılar escort quiet job so I never got behind on my homework and studying. The clock in the hall chimed 9 o’clock. I sighed and plopped back down on the couch, looked at my book and sighed again, and then flip on the TV instead.

Nothing was on, so I just surf the channels mindlessly until I found myself watching a hot little blonde swallowing a guy’s cock. I jerked up right and hit the mute button. The kids doors remained firmly shut, so after a couple of minutes I turn the sound up just loud enough so I could hear it from the couch. It took maybe 10 seconds of that to get me wet.

I had broken up with my boyfriend about a month ago, and I had gotten used to regular sex with him. The dry spell was killing me. I had a vibrator and I knew how to use it, but it wasn’t the same as being stuffed with a nice, hot cock. My clit swelled and throb for attention, so I slowly rub it through the thin material of my yoga pants. On the screen, the guy pulled his cock out of the blinds mouth and bent her over the counter.

She spread wide open for him, and he positioned the purple head of his cock at her opening and rammed it deep inside of her. I imagined myself uttering her frenzied moans and thrusting my ass back against him as he pounded away at me with that thick cock. Damn but I needed to be fucked. Rubbing from the outside just wasn’t getting it done. I slid my hand inside my yoga pants.

They were already damp at the crotch because I never avrupa yakası escort wore panties with them, and I pushed two fingers inside my dripping pussy, sliding them in and out until they were covered with the moisture oozing from my tight little hole. I glided their slickness over my clit and moaned at the burst of pleasure that seared through me and threatened to take my breath away. Faster and faster my fingers flew over my swollen little nub until an electric heat exploded between my legs. I arch my back against the couch, grinding my clit hard against my hand and biting my lip to keep from crying out.

It wasn’t a great orgasm, but it beats sitting around the rest of the evening with a case of blue clit. At least I hoped it would. I still had that yearning ache for a thick, hot cock to stretch me out and fill me. I change the channel to something more innocent and sad thinking about guys I could call after Jack got home who can help me fix my problem.

A little after 10 he’s rattled and the lock and Jack walked in. He saw me in the living room, and taking off his jacket fell into the chair across from me. He look frazzled, tired and frustrated and about at his limit.

“Sorry I’m late, Jess.”

He looked so contrite, his earnest blue eyes pleading for forgiveness from his haggard face, that I didn’t have the heart to be mad.

“It’s all right, Jack. Don’t worry about it.” I got up and walked over to the sideboard and filled a glass tumbler half full of the scotch he liked. “Here,” I handed it to him. “You look like you could use this. How was your day?”


He gulped down about half of the glass in one swallow.

“It was long and badically sucked. How wad yours?”

“Not so bad.”

“Kids give you any trouble?”

I smiled. “No. They never do.”

“I suppose not.”

There was a sad wistfulness in his tone, and I knew he was thinking about Anna. I felt bad for him.

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