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Company Attention!

1SG Brian’s voice rings out over the formation as everyone jumps to attention. I know I should pay attention to the information he is putting out but all I can focus on is how sexy his lips are.

I have had a huge crush on 1SG Brian since we started working together eight years ago but he treats me like one of the guys. Hopefully all that will change tonight if my plan works out.

Tonight a group of us are going out to the local salsa club and I plan to show Brian that I am all woman. I shave and put softly scented lotion all over my body. Then I slip into my sexy mini dress that flares out and provides a peak of my lacy black thongs whenever I take a spin.

I don’t wear a bra because my breasts are perky and firm enough without one. Finally, I slip into a pair of six inch stilettos to complete my look.

As we arrive at the club, my stomach is full of butterflies and I pray that Brian finally notices me. The club is cold, making my nipples stand out and feel extra sensitive. From Brian’s reaction when he sees me I can tell he escort bostancı appreciates the view.

We all start out at the bar together but I eventually separate Brian from the group and lead him to an intimate table upstairs. The music changes to a slow beat and I take Brian by the hand and lead him into a slow dance by our table.

His body feels so good pressed up against mine and I shamelessly rub my body on his. Brian slowly lets his hands slide down and cup my bottom then pulls me closer.

Then he kisses my neck and ears until we both are breathing hard. My nipples are hard and aching and my panties are soaked by the time we finish our dance.

We leave the club together without saying a word and head back to my place. As I close the door behind us, Brian grabs me and backs me up against the wall.

He pulls my dress down and takes my nipple into his mouth. I moan as a shaft of pleasure shoots from my nipple straight to my pussy. Brian moans around my nipple, picks me up, and carries me into the livingroom.

He lays me back ümraniye escort on the couch and strips my dress from me leaving on my thongs and stilettos. He places his mouth above my clit blows softly through the lace of my thong while lightly pinching my nipples. My hips rise off the couch and I beg him to stop teasing me and eat my pussy.

My words inflame him and Brian rips off my panties, throws my legs over his shoulder, and starts licking my pussy in earnest. I get so wet that my juices start running down into my crack and Brian follows the trail licking me like a delicious piece of candy.

I beg for more so he fucks my pussy with his tongue and eases a finger into my well lubricated ass. The sensation is too much and I explode into an orgasm.

Brian stands up and quickly undresses. His dick is proudly jutting away from his body with a drop of pre-cum on the tip. I lean forward and eagerly lick it off before wrapping my tongue around the head. As I lick and suck on his dick, he grabs me by the hair and guides my head up and down.

I massage kartal escort bayan his balls and rub my hand up and down his shaft while sucking for all I’m worth until he cums with an explosive yell. I swallow every bit and lick him clean, loving the slightly salty taste.

We move to the bedroom and I kiss him all over until he is hard again. Brian sucks my nipples and rubs my clit until I start writhing on the bed and then he slowly pushes his dick into my pussy.

His dick is so big and hot and I can feel my pussy clenching around it as he slowly fills me up. He pulls out almost completely and rams in all the way to the hilt. I scream from the shock and pleasure and he starts fucking me like a man possessed.

Just before I cum, he pulls out and forces me to my knees facing away from him. He starts fucking me again while spanking my ass. The pain and pleasure combined make me hotter and wetter than ever and I push my pussy back onto his dick begging him to make me cum.

He reaches around my body and rubs my clit pushing me over the edge into another climax. My pussy muscles squeeze his dick until his cum jets into my pussy.

The feel of his cum hitting my womb sends me into another orgasm and we cum together before collapsing onto the bed. I am sure that Brian will never see me as one of the guys again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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