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Big Tits

Hello again, this is Sue. If you have read Parts 1 to 3 you will know of the secret masturbation sessions I had with my step-brother Richard, and ending our sexual relationship with a surprise blowjob. But years later, jilted and, just a little horny, Richard had returned, and I was two years into celibacy. Something had to give…

Chapter 4: Brotherly love

It was nearly seven when I arrived back home from the parent/teachers meeting, my longing for some sexual action had increased steadily by the hour. In the car I calculated that it had been 2 years 2 months and 9 days since I had experienced a man, indeed my late husband, inside me. I knew in my heart this state of affairs could not continue much longer. I was hoping that, from my brother’s attitude earlier today, we might at least refresh that long ago memory of masturbating together. Also, I hadn’t cum in weeks.

Richard had fallen asleep on the sofa watching Sunday afternoon football. I didn’t blame him, but I was not a supporter of the sport. He roused when he saw me, yawned and smiled, my big eyes lingering for a moment on his crotch. He wasn’t hard but, as you will know by now, he was big enough when soft to create an interesting bulge. I resisted the temptation to reach down and touch it. Instead, I kissed his forehead.

“Hi darling! Coffee, tea or me?”

He laughed, “Same old Sis! I think coffee first please, maybe with a drop of something in it?”

“Tell you what, you make it while I go change.”

The ‘first’ bit had not gone unnoticed and as he set the coffee maker going I darted upstairs with twinkle in my heart, or was it my pussy?

While it was brewing (the coffee too!) I slipped upstairs for a quick shower and, being a warm evening, plumped for a beige midi-skirt and my favourite pink Top Shop tee shirt. I looked in the mirror with satisfaction at what I saw. The tight cotton displayed my little tits perfectly, my nipples prominent through the lacy half-cup bra, the loose skirt showed off my tanned thighs. Finally I hitched on a black thong, some fuck-me heels and touched up my eyes and lips. I was dressed to kill, and my brother was the target! His eyebrows hit the ceiling when he saw the transformation; he had already made the coffee and added some brandy.

“Wow Sis! Who’s the lucky guy?”

I grinned, “You darling, if you play your cards right!”

As ever, he blushed at any suggestion of sex between us, and hastily changed the subject.

“Sue, I passed a rather cute little pub this morning, fancy a drink?”

I took a sip of the hot beverage and put it down in disgust, why is it that men cannot make a decent cup of coffee? The Goose and Feather suddenly seemed a very good idea.

I had intended to seduce my brother on the sofa in front of a romantic film, but the thought of a few drinks in my tatty local refuge seemed a reasonable alternative. Anyway, I was anxious to hear more of his virginal seduction by cousin Frances.

Where Richard was tall, over six feet two, the daughter of my mother’s elder sister was quite the opposite, barely five feet in heels and her body not an ounce out of proportion, except that her breasts were enviously larger than mine. Fuck, everyone’s were larger than mine! Fran had thick curly auburn hair and the men simply fell at her feet, and on most occasions she fell with them, and the women too, even after she was married. But for some amazingly unaccountable reason she was never tagged as the village slut, possibly because she always fucked in someone else’s village!

She first fancied Richard when he was nineteen and at the time he chickened out, but as he did seem keen on her I tried on several occasions to discreetly to fix them up. About that time I was called away to college and assumed nothing had happened between them. How wrong I was! Sat in a secluded corner of the Goose I wanted to know more. Richard however decided to finish our conversation about his ex-fiancée Clare, it was almost as though he wanted closure from her.

He plonked down two tankards of Hoegarten.

“A fine couple we make Sis, first you and Jim, and now me and Clare.”

“Yes, but I did have the advantage of having a good time while I had Jim in my life, despite our ups and downs. Just the last two years have been a bit drab. But that was my choice. A bit different from you with Fran and Helen, and not forgetting your black hooker of course.”

“I keep telling you Loren was not on the game.”

“Yeah whatever. Seriously though, didn’t you and Clare make love very much then?”

He smiled at the recollection. “To start with she was insatiable, I could hardly get her out of my bed. And we both know what she was attracted to.”

I grinned at the memory of his lovely stiff cock in my mouth, and rolled my eyes, “I can’t possibly imagine what you are talking about!”

“Yes you can, miss. Anyway, this last two months or so she said we should wait until our wedding so we could enjoy the sex even more on our honeymoon.”

“She actually refused sex for that reason? That’s bollocks! Did you honestly believe that shit?”

“Well, İstanbul Escort it has dawned on me now that she was probably sleeping with her ex all the time, so I guess it does seem rather far-fetched.”

“I could never do that Rich, that’s so cruel. What a fucking rotten bitch. I hope the cow rots in hell.”

He took a gulp of his lager and sighed deeply, “You are talking about the woman I loved, Sue. Or did. And anyway, I distinctly remember you sleeping with someone else’s fiancée.”

“That was different, Chris had every intention of marrying her, and I stopped seeing him as soon as they tied the knot. He had already got her pregnant and I guess he felt he was being pressurised into marriage without time to think. For him it was just a final fling before settling down, for me it was an eye opener, I thought I knew all there was to know about sex until I met him. The same sort of thing with you and Fran I would imagine?” Slowly steering him on to the subject.

My brother wouldn’t be side-tracked, and nodded, “I guess if it hadn’t been you, then it would have been some other girl, someone who might have got her claws in to him for other reasons, and wrecked his relationship.”

“Exactly, my excuse entirely, and I stick to it!”

Rich suddenly put his hand to his mouth. “Oh God!”


“The holiday, I haven’t cancelled it. Whatever is Norman going to think?”

“I’m sure your uncle won’t mind.” His father’s brother lived in the Caribbean and had set up the honeymoon holiday for them, the deposit being their wedding present. “You can sort it out tomorrow.”

We were on our fourth round of drinks when Rich looked at me with a strange smile.

“What?” I questioned his silence.

“You don’t seem all that surprised at me and Clare breaking up, Sue.”

“To be honest, I’m not. I thought all along it was a poor match, Rich, but it wasn’t for me to say anything. After all look at my record.”

He smiled. “I wished you had. Helen did.”


“Yeah, I bumped into her just after the engagement.”

“Bumped as in horizontally on a mattress?”

He grinned sheepishly, “Well, we did end up there eventually, and it was only once, a sort of farewell shag if you like.”

I grabbed his arm and whispered conspiratorially, “I much prefer the hello type of shag myself!”

Richard ignored me and carried on, “She warned me I was doing the wrong thing marrying Clare, but I assumed that it was Helen wanted me for herself, although she is still married. But getting divorced soon,” he added quickly, as if making excuses for her infidelity.

“In which case you should wait, she is a much better match for you darling and, from what you have told me, far better in bed.”

“I know you are both right, but that’s enough about my sad woes Sue, What about your life nowadays? Any nice men to help keep that little cottage bed warm?”

I shook my head sadly, “I told you there’s been no-one since Jim, although I’ve had many offers. Sex has seemed meaningless since then.”

He laughed, “I never thought I would hear you say that. Don’t you even…you know?”

I grinned sheepishly. “Don’t be silly, I’m not that shut off.”

He clapped his hands, “That’s more like the sister I know!”

The alcohol was making me bold. “Rich, do you remember the fun we used to have together?”

He grinned, no sign of the old embarrassed brother any longer, “You mean the day you caught me wanking?”

“Yes, and all the times after that. I still play with myself when I remember the last time.”

“Me too, I always go hard when I remember you sucking my dick.”

I smiled, “It made my day doing that for you. Tell me, why didn’t you cum in my mouth instead of over my tits? I really wanted you to do that, all my boyfriends always did.”

“You know why, you’re my sister, and for the same reason we didn’t fuck, although it was obvious you wanted to.” You don’t know the half of it, I thought.

“And I know you needed to Rich. For fuck’s sake you were nearly twenty. That’s why I tried to set you up with Fran.”

He grinned, “Well, you did, in a way.”

He held up an empty glass, it was my turn to buy a round and I was beginning to feel a little light-headed, but happier than I had been in ages, I was sure this was going in the right direction. As I passed the opposite dark corner on the way to the bar I spotted a couple of my students snogging and groping each other, oblivious to everybody. With a little envy I reckoned they would be fucking before the night was out. This little scenario, plus the drinks I had already consumed, was giving me the need to do so too, and it appeared that my brother was the only candidate available. God, if only he knew how much I wanted his big cock inside me right now, I was steadily getting hornier by the minute.

I sat down with the drinks and boldly rested my hand high on his thigh, just below the outline of his cock, leaving it there waiting for the effect. Baby steps! I felt a twitch from higher up.

“So, tell me what happened with Fran.”

He Anadolu Yakası Escort looked at me with a resigned air, “There’s little to tell really. She was at Dad’s retirement party and we happened to be alone in the kitchen, that’s all.”

I squeezed his thigh, my hand imperceptibly higher, “That’s not all! Go on, tell me.”

He grinned, looking down at my creeping fingers, “This is a bit like old times isn’t it? Tales to tell.”

“Yes,” I replied impatiently, “So fucking get on with it will you?”

“Okay, keep your hair on Sis. We had volunteered to clear up the dishes, I was washing, she was drying and funnily enough we were talking about you. Did you know she knew about our little games together? Did you tell her about that?”

“No way, I wonder how the hell she found that out? Helen knew, I guess she must have told her.”

“Well anyway, she thought it was very out there and said she wished her brother was like that.”

I laughed, “Don’t see how she would have had time, she was too busy fucking her own boyfriends. So, go on.”

“She suddenly put the teacloth down and put her arms around me from behind and grabbed my dick.”

“Nice! I remember she did that to you once before.”

“Yes, but this time she was serious, she hung on to it and rubbed it and kissed my neck.”


“She whispered ‘I want you big boy.'”

“I know how she felt” I replied, the alcohol now talking freely. My fingers were stroking the inside of his thigh, millimetres from his cock-head. I wished his were doing the same to me.

Richard seemed to ignore my comment, “Then she said to me, ‘Your sister tells me you want to fuck me.'”

“Wow! So she did listen to me. What did you say to that?”

“I didn’t, I was shit-scared someone would come in, the house was full of people, and she was married for God’s sake. I sort of moved away, but she wouldn’t give up and kissed me quite hard, and was rubbing my dick quite hard. That was really nice, and I was getting an erection.”

“I’m not surprised! So when did you get it on with her?”

“I already told you. She knew I was off to sea in a couple of days and before she drove off she said to call round to her house, her husband would be away. I knew what she wanted!”

“And obviously you did!”

“Only just. As usual I nearly chickened out, but I had told my friend Simon about her and he said if I don’t go and fuck her he would go instead. And just to make sure he drove me to Fran’s house and rang the bell and almost pushed me through the door. She thought that was very funny.”

“I hope you thanked him afterwards.”

“Bloody right I did, she was amazing. I always knew what I was missing Sue, I just lacked the courage. Until then.”

“Good for you.” I wondered if he would have the courage tonight with me.

“As I said earlier we didn’t have full sex, she wouldn’t do that in her husband’s house, and I was worried he might come home early or something, but I made up for that when I got back on the next shore leave.”

“I hope you were discreet.”

“Oh we were, I would go to the hotel first, it was one of those big ones on the Bayswater Road, and then phone her with the room number.”

I could feel my brother’s cock moving slightly with the memory of his time with my randy cousin, the head was nudging the side of my palm. It was now time for my own boldness. As it happened, it didn’t require much effort, I think he was nearly as ready as I was.

I looked down at his groin, in shadow below the table, “So how is monster dick these days then? Not been getting much exercise recently by the sound of it. Apart from Helen of course.”

To my utter delight he simply looked down at my wandering fingers and gave me the craftiest of replies.

“Move your fingers a little higher and you will find out!”

God! Was this my shy brother talking? I hesitated for a second, checked no one was looking, and slid my hand slowly over his immense cock. I gasped, he was stiff as a board and he seemed even bigger than I remembered it from my teens. I was touching my first cock in two years and I wanted, indeed needed, sex just as much as that very first night with Jim in his car. The night I got pregnant. I knew that I was once again very fertile and randy as hell, thank God my irregular periods had kept me on the pill, I was now certain it was going to be put to good use.

I squeezed the long ridge, feeling its heat through his jeans, “Bloody hell Rich! Doesn’t this fellow ever go soft?”

“I seem to remember that whenever you were around it had little chance!”

I gripped it tightly, imagining it in my mouth again, and cast caution to the wind.

“I want to taste him again Rich, and this time I want you to cum in my mouth.”

For a moment the old starchy Richard returned, startled and apprehensive, but just as quickly he grinned, “Fuck, I thought we had grown out of this. All the same…” His cock pulsed like a miniature heart under my grasp. I sensed that it had been some time since he had any sex.

“I assume Fran did Kartal Escort that for you? But what about Helen? I know she was a bit indifferent about blowjobs, she told me she liked to get straight on with the sex.”

He leaned forward conspiratorially, “Put it this way, they both let me cum in their mouths.”

I grinned and whispered back, “Knowing my cousin, I bet she swallowed it too.”

“I’m not sure. I don’t remember her using any tissues or anything. But she did kiss me after that, just like you tried to that time.”


Richard grinned, “It was okay, the taste wasn’t so bad after all.”

“See, I told you. What about Helen?”

“She went to the bathroom so I guess she spat it all out. So tell me, if it’s not too personal, what do you do Sis?”

“Try me,” I laughed, “You might just find out!”

I had only ever swallowed Jim’s cum, but my own brother? Who knows? At that moment I was up for anything with him, even anal sex? I was curious enough to want to try that too one day, but the thought of that weapon up my bum made me shiver. I gave it another squeeze and he wriggled under my touch.

“Fuck, that’s nice, it’s been ages since anyone did that.”

“That would be Clare or Helen?”

“Helen. Clare wasn’t a touchy-feely person.”

I laughed, “It’s been over two years since I touched one, and nothing as big as this.”

His glass was empty and I poured some of my own into it. “I love oral sex, Rich.”

“Me too! I thought about you once when I asked Clare to suck me off, but she was totally against that, and I thought I was the prudish one. But it did remind me of us. I’ll never forget what you did that afternoon Sue. Apart from Frances and Helen, I haven’t had that many blowjobs,” he confessed, “And yours was the very best and, as you probably knew, my first.”

I continued stroking his impossibly long erection, feeling the monster throbbing strongly through his pants. We were totally alone in our corner of the pub, the teenage couple had already left and were no doubt preparing to copulate somewhere in secret. The lad was a student in a higher class at my school and I wondered if his girl would be seduced in the back seat of his little red sports car parked out the back in the dark.

“Mmm, they really were fun times Rich.”

Tom took my chin in his fingers and looked at me seriously, “I’m sorry I ran out on you that time, you caught me off guard with that kissing cum thing.” If you remember, after the blowjob I had asked him to kiss the cum off my face.

I removed his hand and kissed the fingers softly, finally sucking erotically on the largest, “It’s just as well you did run out sweetheart, because I was ready to have sex with you.”

“I know you were.” He took another swig and continued in a serious note, his words however totally lacking conviction, “I really don’t think it’s a good idea if I stay with you tonight.”

In no uncertain fashion his cock was giving me the exact opposite impression and, checking we were still unobserved, I slowly lowered his zip.

“From the feel of you, I think it’s a very good idea that you do stay, you could be dangerous out there alone with this thing.”

Very discreetly I slipped my hand inside his pants and encircled his lovely hot cock and ever so slowly I stroked his impossible length.

“Keep watch Rich.”

He was wet with his excitement and I quickly leaned down and licked off a pearl of clear liquid followed by a gentle kiss, leaving a hint of bright red lipstick on the head. I was in no doubt that I was now ready to release two years of loneliness and frustration. I needed to fuck, and if it was with my brother, so be it. I was determined that this time he would not refuse. I kissed his mouth softly with the faint taste of his love juice on my lips, and thrillingly his tongue responded as mine slid into his mouth.

“I want you to sleep in my bed tonight Rich.”

“I would like that, but I’m still not sure if this is right.”

“Fuck right or wrong, we are both horny, let’s just follow our instincts and have some fun. Feel how ready I am for you Rich.”

With that I took his hand and, parting my thighs, pulled it up under my skirt and onto my sodden panties. In the past when on a promising date I used to leave them off, and tonight I wished I had. For a moment I held his hand there, the first time he had been anywhere near my pussy, apart from that frustrating time years ago when his cock-head had briefly touched my lips. Then without any persuasion from me his fingers started to trace the outline of my lips. I gasped. He was hooked!

Grinning widely, he gulped down the last of his drink and pulled me to my feet.

“Come on then, you can’t stay sat there in that state!”

As we stood I caught him taking a sly sniff of his fingers. In return I licked my own!

Arm in arm we headed back to the cottage, and at a much greater pace then when we had set out two hours before. We ran the last few yards and it was debatable who would reach the front door first. I jokingly remarked that a certain protruding part of his lower anatomy would beat both of us to it, by nine inches! Minutes later we were lying naked together in my little cottage bed, my hand warped around his throbbing cock, his fingers investigating for the first time my very erect nipples. At long last we were about to love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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