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Joe awoke as usual but this time with a splitting headache! Why the hell that happened he didn’t know! He hadn’t been drinking the night before.

“What the hell!” Joe thought as he looked over at his alarm clock. The piece of junk was dead. He was gonna be late for school.

Racing out of bed he tried to switch on his side lamp but that wasn’t working either. Even his phone was only half charged. God dammit, the electric was out.

Pulling his trousers on he made his way out into the kitchen looking for his mom. Mom was there, but only just!

“Mom?” Joe asked. Something was wrong, his mom wasn’t her usual self. As soon as she saw him she rushed over to her son, grabbed hold of the belt that he just fastened up, undid it and unzipped his trousers and in a matter of seconds she had his cock in her hands jacking him off!

“What the fuck!” Joe shot out, his mom on her knees jerking him off like she was some sex craved succubus! Joe tried to fight her off, but no matter what he did he couldn’t get her to stop. She was obsessed. Worse still his dick didn’t want to play along and within seconds his mom had raised his soft cock up to be a hard as iron, pussy ready, power pumping rocket.

As soon as Joe’s mom saw her sons cock was ready for action she immediately took it into her wet mouth and started giving him a fantastic heavenly blow job. Joe couldn’t help but just enjoy it. But shit! Where was dad!

“Where was dad?” Joe asked his mom. Although he wasn’t sure she would be able to answer. Not because she had her mouth stuffed full with his hard cock but because she just didn’t seem to be czech sharking porno “there” at all!

“Dads dead!” Mom muttered. “All the men are dead.” She told him slurping out words as she slurped on her sons tool.

“What?” Joe asked trying to be as concerned as he could while having his cock engorged by his hot mom who he’d fantasises about and jacked off to hundreds of times before.

As Joe’s mom pleasured him their front door opened up to reveal one of her best friends, Tammy. Just like his mom Tammy seemed to be in some kind of daze or under some kind of spell as she pushed her way past his mom towards Joe’s sloppy cock.

Pushing his mom to the floor Tammy swallowed his cock whole and continued the amazing blow job his own mother had started.

Angry, Joes mother stood up and immediately undid the flimsy shirt she was wearing then reached behind her back to undo the black bra that contained her ample breasts, letting them run free as the day they were born.

Taking a hold of her sons head she pulled his lips to her breasts and let him suck on them watching her nipples harden as she did. Without questions Joe fondled his mother’s beautiful breasts in his hands and moved his tongue and lips over the glorious balloons. His tongue settling for a while occasionally on each one.

All the time Tammy was knelt down sucking him off and priming his pump to blow.

As Joe become lost in the carnal pleasures he was receiving from the two women, yet another girl entered the house! This time it was Sandy, Tammy’s 18 year old daughter. Joe had had the hots czech streets porno for her for a long time, she was the same age as him and they’d shared some classes together at school. Maybe she was the first girl he had ever had a crush on. She was an absolute stunner with a perfect body although not fully developed for a teenager. At 18, she might never actually get there now!

Sandy had knocked his advances back dozens of times and seemed a little too aloof. He knew she thought she could do much better than him, yet now, she pushed her mom away hungry for Joes cock too!

Wow! Joe was ready to blow his cum everywhere and now it was in his school crush’ mouth banging against the back of her tonsils setting his head on fire.

Bam! His cum shot full speed into Sandy’s teenage throat. Maybe this was her first time with a guy! She was pretty standoffish and he hadn’t heard any rumours that she’d done anything with anyone yet.

As Joe came in Sandy’s mouth his hands grabbed onto the his mom’s ass and Tammy’s tits now that she too had loosened them from their entrapping bra.

Seeing that Sandy’s mouth was full of cum and his cock was left hanging for any one of them to have, Joe’s mom lifted herself up on tippy toes and slid her naked pussy onto his hard pole and started fucking him where he stood.

As all this happened Joe tried to figure out what was going on! The only thing he knew was that all these women had turned into mindless sex hungry zombies! Zombies! Joe thought to himself. Mom had said, “all the men were dead!” What did that mean?

Then it hit czech super models porno him, there had been news stories about so many guys just disappearing and their wives turning into prostitutes and sex hungry crazed women.

Is that what happened? Was this some kind of mass psychosis where women everywhere were turning into sex hungry wild women?

As his mom’s fucking made him feel better and better he knew he needed to get her on a flat surface to start power fucking her. Lifting her up he laid her out on the kitchen table and really stared to power fuck her hot pussy as best he could. Whenever he wanted a slight rest he would withdraw and head down to her pussy and slide his tongue deep inside to feel the insides of her hot cunt.

Tammy and her daughter were starting to get hungry too. Both of them joined Joe’s mom on the table one either side almost begging to be included in Joe’s cock hungry power fuck.

Looking over at each of their beautiful bodies Joe knew he had to satisfy both their wild urges too. And hell he wanted to satisfy his own wild urges!

Slipping out of his mother’s snatch he quickly entered Tammy’s next to him and banged her hard for a couple of minutes until the begging face of Sandy was too much for him to ignore any longer.

Her body twitching with desire as his cock slid out of Tammy’s pussy he then slammed it into her daughters tight hole. As he entered her he was pretty sure she was a virgin. Her tight vaginal muscles clutched onto his cock pretty strongly like they’d never done anything like this before.

Looking out his kitchen window Joe saw more women heading towards the house! As they walked closer they stripped off their tops revealing their naked breasts while others were already down to just their panties!

“What was going on?” Joe thought! “Where were all the men? And why had all the women turned into sex starved zombies?”

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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