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Alexa Pearl

Nisha married my brother a year ago is 22 years old with a figure of 34-24-34 and simply looks stunning. From the first time I set eyes on her I have wanted a piece of her. An opportunity arose and I was not going to let it pass me.

It all happened when my cousin and I Samir visited my brother, who lived with us but recently moved to Delhi. We reached their apartment in the early evening and came to know that my brother was out of town and would be returning after a week or so. Naturally we were a bit disappointed as we had some family business to sort with him. We still managed to hang on as we planned to stay for another three to four days.

After refreshing ourselves I slept in my brother’s room and my cousin in the spare room which was small with only single bed. Later on we got up we had dinner and decided to watch TV. I got in bed beside Nisha who was at time wearing a sari and started touching her belly which I used to do very often with her. At first she resisted a bit but then gave in. I started caressing her belly and her naval with my dick pressing in her ass which she never complained of. Occasionally I would sometime get my hands to grab her tits which were tight and firm and she would not mind it.

After some time my cousin got up and said that he is going to sleep in the next room on which Nisha said that we both can sleep in her room as it wouldn’t be a problem. We both agreed to it and said that we are going to change. After changing I went and laid my self down on the bed. Nisha came and lied down beside me in the middle. I moved my hand over her belly and was stroking her naval when my cousin dropped in and lied down beside her. So now she was in centre and we both covered ourselves in one blanket.

I was busy stroking her naval and kept kahramanmaraş escort bayan on pushing my dick in her ass. I was dying to feel her bare belly so I asked her whether she had a petticoat on. She said that if I wanted I could slide her t-shirt up so that I can feel her bare belly. With that she slid her t-shirt up to her belly and my goodness I was stunned as she didn’t even have any panties on.

I started stroking her belly and accidentally moved my hands over to her tits and she didn’t even have her bra on. When I saw she didn’t say anything then I slowly started pressing her boobs and occasionally I would touch her pussy which was wet by that time. Now I was beginning to get hard and wanted her badly so I just slid her t-shirt over her head and started sucking her breasts. She started moaning but then she told me stop as my cousin was also there. I told her not to worry as my Samir also wanted a piece of her flesh to taste.

By this time Samir was up and now he also joined us and started licking her pussy. I removed the blanket and her breasts were hard as rock and her nipple were just like marbles. I immediately took my clothes off and started sucking her breasts as Samir was busy sucking her pussy and she was moaning loudly as he inserted his tongue in and out of her pussy.

Samir moved on until she had an orgasm then he left saying that he is going to find some rope to have fun. I moved over to her pussy and started licking it as she was sucking my dick and giving me a blowjob which was first blowjob of my life. After some time I came in her mouth and, she swallowed my cum down. Meanwhile I was also licking her pussy which was getting wetter and wetter she again started moaning and screaming kapalı gaziantep escort bayan to fuck her.

Listening to this Samir also came in with a rope and told me to help him to tie her up to the bed. We both tied her up in such a way that her legs were spread as much as they could and her hands also spread like feathers of some bird. Samir started to undress and then he showed her his dick which was really big and when she saw it she started telling him not to insert it into her pussy otherwise she will die.

He lowered himself on her and started kissing her on her lips and their tongues inter-mingled. Then he moved down and started eating her breasts and then in one stroke he tried entering his dick into her tight pussy due to which she screamed loudly.

“Steady on, take it easy” I said.

He refused saying “I’m going to tear her pussy apart”.

I asked him why he wanted to do that he told me

“Once I tried to fuck her but she warned me off saying not to do it ever again otherwise she will tell everybody in the house about it. Look at her now she is a whore wanting me to fuck her.”

Listening to this Nisha started apologizing and saying that he can fuck her when ever he wants but to leave her right now otherwise she will die of pain. She even asked me to tell him not to do it but I said to her that she has to pay for what she did.

Listening to this my Samir started laughing and I moved over to her mouth and inserted my dick in her mouth and warned her not to bite it other wise she will have a real tough time. Now Samir was getting hotter and impatient and with his full strength he inserted his dick into Nisha’s pussy and as my dick was in her mouth she couldn’t kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan even make a noise and started writhing in pain. Samir was unable to insert his dick fully into her pussy so he again made an effort to push it into her pussy and he finally got into her. After that he didn’t stop but started riding her like he was on a horse back.

Nisha started to cry due to pain but both of us we were enjoying this. After riding her for about 20 minutes he said that he was going to cum in her pussy and there was no sign of opposition from Nisha.

Samir moved away and asked me to fuck Nisha’s ass. He untied her legs took them over to her shoulders such that it revealed her ass hole. He asked me to slap her ass as hard as I could. I slapped her ass once, then again and again until it was glowing red.

Samir seeing this said “Now tear her ass apart.”

I aimed for her ass hole and shoved my dick into her with my all might as I have seen in some pornographic movies. Again Nisha screamed due to pain but Samir very quickly put his dick into her mouth to stop her screaming. I started riding her. I rode her for about 10 minutes and I unloaded all my cum into her asshole.

I told them to enjoy as I was tired and went off to sleep. When I woke up in the morning I saw that my cousin was lying on top of Nisha with his dick still in her pussy. I woke up Samir up and told him to sleep on the bed.

I woke up Nisha and said I wanted to have fun again. So I got in position 69 and started licking her pussy. She was aroused and started licking my dick. The moment my dick was erect I moved from her pussy and started kissing her whilst gliding my dick in her pussy which was as tight as her ass that I had fucked. She again started screaming and pleaded me to stop, but I fucked her until I releases my cum into her. After that I made her suck my dick which made it erect and this time I again fucked her ass which was a real hell of an experience.

After that we fucked many a times. I also had and an experience with her bhabhi (her brother’s wife who is only 23 and is really really hot) and that was with help of Preeti only that story is some other time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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