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** This is the real transcript from a chat yesterday, I hope it makes you feel the way I felt **

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: hi

Stranger: F18

Stranger: Hey

You: f23

Stranger: Hi what’s up

You: nothing much, what about you? 🙂

Stranger: Just laying down you?

You: i’m just chilling in my couch, I should go make some dinner but i’m just not up for it yet

You: plus, my couch is so comfy i don’t want to leave

Stranger: Hmm maybe I should drag you to bed with me 😉 or join you in the couch

You: that sounds tempting of course

Stranger: Mmm goes to you

Stranger: Sits next to you on the couch it is comfy

You: I’m just looking at you, anticipating what you have in mind

You: “hi there” i say hesitantly

Stranger: Mm I slowly kiss you softly

Stranger: Don’t be shy baby

Stranger: Rubs your chest

You: your soft lips feel great against mine, i kiss you back

You: i touch your hair

Stranger: Gets on top of you

Stranger: Puts my hands around you

Stranger: Rubbing your back

Stranger: Kissing you deeper

You: your body feels great around mine, i caress your upper body, along your sides

Stranger: Rubs my hands on your hips

You: along your back

Stranger: Slowly slides your pants off

Stranger: Run my fingers down your body

You: feeling your skin underneath your shirt, slightly lifting it

Stranger: Mmm I take off your panties too slowly

Stranger: Mmm baby

You: i feel your fingers, they feel electric against my skin

Stranger: Rubs your tits as I go lower

You: i start feeling your tits with my hands, kissing your neck

Stranger: Mmm I spread your legs a bit

Stranger: And start licking your wet pussy

Stranger: Sliding my tongue all around it

You: i love the anticipation and the intense pleasure when you start licking me

Stranger: Licks it faster

You: i breathe heavily

Stranger: Mmm baby don’t be so formal licks you harder and faster

Stranger: Spreads it with my fingers

You: i start making sounds

Stranger: Sticks my tongue in you

You: my hands grab the couch to contain myself

Stranger: Just say “Mmm” baby moan for me

Stranger: Licks you more

You: “mmmmh, you feel soo good”

Stranger: Putting my mouth over it

Stranger: Starts fingering you there you go baby

You: I moan louder and louder

Stranger: Get comfy with me mmmmm

Stranger: Fingers you faster

Stranger: And harder

Stranger: Mmm you’re making me so wet

You: I’m getting closer and closer to the edge

You: i can’t control myself

Stranger: With my hands I rub your tits as I lick your pussy

You: “you feel so fucking good”

Stranger: Mmmm baby

Stranger: Licks it more

Stranger: Sliding my tongue up and down

Stranger: Side to side

You: “i’m cuming, im cuming!”

Stranger: Cum on my face

Stranger: Starts sucking your cum

You: i cum on your face, my whole body shaking

Stranger: Licking your cum from your wet pussy

You: panting so hard from the experience

Stranger: Mmmm I hold you down as I keep eating it

You: It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced

Stranger: Sucking your pussy licking it aggressively

You: im exhausted but it still feels so amazing

Stranger: Mmmm fuck I stand up rub my pussy on your face and start cumming on you

Stranger: Mmmmmmm fuck!

You: I lick it the best i can

You: trying to catch every drip of you

Stranger: I sit on your face

Stranger: Rubbing my pussy on it

You: i lick all around and back and forth over your clitoris

Stranger: Mmmm lick it up

Stranger: Mmmm baby you’re so naughty

You: it feels so great having you sitting on top of me

You: i eat you out

Stranger: I dry hump you more

You: i can’t get a word out i just use my tounge

Stranger: Sliding my pussy all over your face

You: i reach for your tits

Stranger: Mmmm I put your hands on my tits

You: try to massage them at the same time

Stranger: Mmm just like that

You: i feel your nipples

You: twist them lightly

Stranger: Mmmm

Stranger: Fuck feels so good

You: while i lick you gently and then more roughly

Stranger: Love you so much baby mmmmm I go down

Stranger: And start kissing you deeply

Stranger: Sliding my tongue with yours

You: I kiss you back, feeling your tounge against mine, our juices mixing together

Stranger: Rubs your sides

You: my hands wander down your body

Stranger: Mmm yes mixing our cum in our mouths

You: feeling that amazing butt, grabbing it

Stranger: Mmmm squeeze it baby

Stranger: Kisses you more

You: i squese it and push it closer

Stranger: Making out with you

You: pushing our hips toghether

Stranger: Mmm

You: slightly humping against you

Stranger: Mmmm baby

You: while kissing you intensely

Stranger: I start humping on you too both of us feeling each other

You: my right hand starts sliding to your front and wander between our bodies

Stranger: I suck on your tongue

You: feeling bursa escort bayanlar your wet pussy against my fingers

Stranger: Mmmm

You: flickering your clitoris, massaging you

Stranger: Mmm yes I’m so wet for you

You: then pushing two fingers inside you while humping you

You: i’m so wet for you too

Stranger: Licks your neck

You: i whisper in your ear “I love fucking you”

Stranger: Baby?

You: “so much”

You: yeah

Stranger: Rubs your hair

You: feeling your body so close to mine, fingerfucking you harder, faster

You: Our naked bodies feel so great against each other, moving together

Stranger: Rubs your hair

You: my fingers move faster and faster inside you

Stranger: Mmmm

Stranger: We were humping our bodies together baby

You: I kiss you intensely and put another finger inside you

Stranger: Mmmm

Stranger: Fuck yes

You: i use my thumb to massage you from the outside while humping you

Stranger: Mmmm I moan in your ear

You: That makes me so hot, i fuck you even faster

Stranger: Mmmm

You: I start licking your ear gently, biting it slightly

Stranger: Mmmm

Stranger: Oh yea

Stranger: I rub my hands on your body letting you fuck me

You: I try to move around a bit so i get more on top

Stranger: Mmmm I hold your hips

You: I fuck you so good, my other hand reaching for your boob

You: grabbing it

Stranger: Mmmm

Stranger: Ah yes Mmm

You: squeezing it as i fuck you

Stranger: I moan louder

Stranger: Holding you tighter

You: feeling your nipple as i massage your clit back and forht

Stranger: Mmmmm

You: I start sucking your neck

Stranger: Mmm yes baby mmmmm

Stranger: Tilts my head back

You: i go deeper with my fingers

Stranger: Mmmm moaning louder in you ear and face

Stranger: Mmmmmm

You: I whisper “cum for me babe, let me feel you cum”

Stranger: I start squirting

You: Mmmmmm

You: wow

Stranger: Oh fuck I’m cumming so much

You: I move down and start licking you gently

Stranger: Mmmm

You: massaging your boobs

Stranger: I rub your head moaning so loud

You: slowly

Stranger: I squirt more in your face

You: I gently lick all your juices and suck everything up, enjoying the extra squirt

Stranger: Mmmmmm

You: sucking on your pussy

Stranger: I look at you sweating with pleasure

You: resting my head between your thighs

Stranger: Mmmmm I rub your hair

You: I feel so great, licking you

Stranger: Mmmmm

Stranger: You love my pussy baby?

You: i gently start licking around your pussy, sometimes flickering, playing with it a bit

Stranger: Mmm

You: oh i love it

Stranger: Mmmmm

You: you taste so good

Stranger: Mmm

You: i can’t get enough

Stranger: Mmm keep licking

You: I move my hands down as I keep licking, putting my hands on the inside of your thighs

Stranger: Mmmmm

You: caressing them

Stranger: I spread my legs more

You: feeling your soft skin

Stranger: Mmm

Stranger: You’re so good

You: I keep licking you gently, looking up from time to time to see if you are enjoying yourself

Stranger: Mmmm

Stranger: I moan more

Stranger: Cumming more and more in your mouth

You: I start licking you with a little more pressure, feeling your juices coming to me again

Stranger: I rub my pussy feeling you licking it

You: I savor every drop

Stranger: Mmmm baby

Stranger: This feels so good

You: my hands getting closer and closer on your thighs

Stranger: Put you hand in me

Stranger: I can take it

You: I start putting two fingers inside you

Stranger: Mmmm I hold the side of the couch hard

You: I keep looking at you to see your response as i put another one in

Stranger: Other hand rubs your head don’t stop

Stranger: Mmmmmm

You: you are so amazing and wet

Stranger: Mmmmmm baby of fuck I want all of it

You: i feel your insides and slip the fourth finger inside

Stranger: Mmmmmmmm

You: it’s getting tight but i love the way you react

Stranger: I start moaning really loud

You: i lick you a bit

Stranger: I move up to the edge

Stranger: Mmmmmm

You: pushing in and out of you

Stranger: Mmmmmmm other finger I want all of it

You: ” are you ready for this?”

Stranger: Your whole fucking hand

You: i look deeply into your eyes

You: as i put the last finger inside you

Stranger: OMG mmmmmmm oh fuck oh fuck

Stranger: I scream

You: feeling my whole fucking hand inside of you

You: moving back and fourth

Stranger: Ahhhh mmmmmm

You: slowly

You: back

You: and fourth

Stranger: I squirm harder

Stranger: Like you mean it

You: i lick you as my hand keeps going in and out of you

Stranger: Mmmmmm

You: i fuck you faster

Stranger: Oh fuck yes

You: and a little deeper with every strike

Stranger: I’m so tight and you’re stretching me

Stranger: Go as deep as you can mmmmm

You: i feel bayan sarisin escort bursa your walls so tightly around my hand

You: i push further and further

Stranger: I’m so wet baby

Stranger: Mmmmmmm

Stranger: MMMMMM!!

You: I’m incredibly wet for you

Stranger: Omg mmmmm

You: i fuck you faster as i lick you intensly

Stranger: Mmmmmmmm baby holy fuck

You: my whole hand thrusting inside you

Stranger: I bet you love your hand in me

You: i love the way i get to fuck you

Stranger: Wiggle your fingers inside

You: the way i can be inside of you

Stranger: Mmmm

You: i stretch my fingers, wiggle them

You: and bend them towards me

Stranger: Oh yes mmmmmm

You: massaging your wall as i pressure it from the outside too

Stranger: I lay back getting fucked and screaming your name

You: i keep pushing against your wall with my fingers

Stranger: Mmmmmmm

You: bending them back and forth

You: moving them up and down

Stranger: Mmmm yes fuck me

You: i fuck you with my hand and lick you roughly

Stranger: What do you feel in me baby

Stranger: Rub your finger in my right little hole

You: i feel your amazing body, it feels so unreal

Stranger: With your hand in me

You: i rum my hand inside you

You: my fingers inside of you

You: rubbing you every way possible

Stranger: Mmmm you feel it baby my little tight hole?

Stranger: Moans

You: I feel you so tight around me

You: squeezing my finger

Stranger: Mmmmmm

You: i fuck you faster

Stranger: Looks at you I bet you don’t want to stop baby

You: pushing myself inside you

Stranger: Mmmmmm

You: i really don’t want to stop

You: you’re making me soo wet

Stranger: Mmmmmm yes

You: i fuck you relentlessly

Stranger: Mmmmmmmm

Stranger: Push deeper part of your arm a little in me

You: my fingers know what they are doing they fit so well with your pussy

Stranger: Mmmmm

You: i push further even though it doesn’t feel possible

Stranger: Feels so fucking good

You: it feels like your pussy swallows my hand

Stranger: I roll my eyes in pleasure

You: i go further and further

You: i move back and forth

Stranger: I scream!!

You: wiggling my fingers so deep inside you

Stranger: Mmmmmmmmm

Stranger: You like that

You: i fuck you like never before

Stranger: Mmmmmmmmm

You: I’m so deep, fucking you

Stranger: Mmmmmmm baby

You: i start licking you while my hand goes in and out of you from time to time

Stranger: How’s it feel fucking me

You: I’ve never experienced anything like this, i feel so aroused

Stranger: Cums on your hand

You: i feel on the verge of cuming myself as i feel your orgasm

Stranger: Mmmmmmm cum baby with me

You: i feel you cuming

You: the contractions inside of you is so surreal

You: i lick you further and start cumin myself

You: i slowly stretch out my fingers as i ever so slowly start dragging out my hand

Stranger: Mmmmmm

You: i wiggle them just the little bit to feel how you feel from the inside

Stranger: As you slowly take it out I squirt so much cum on you dripping

You: i love the way you squirt on me, your juices covering more and more of my body

You: i slowly move out my hand

You: one finger at a time

Stranger: I cum all over you making you wet with my body

You: i love your cum all over me

You: its evidence of me doing something good

Stranger: I lay back mmmmmmm breathes hard knowing I got fucked like never before

You: as i remove my last finger from you

You: i look at you with awe

You: i lick each and every finger, one at a time to feel you in my mouth again

Stranger: I moan softly

Stranger: I slowly hold your face looking into your gorgeous eyes

You: i still breathe heavily and love the way you look, all spread out over my couch

Stranger: Mmmm

Stranger: All spread out dripping with cum

You: i let my hands explore your wonderful skin, moving my fingers across your beautiful stomach, up to your boobs, feeling the outline of your nipples

Stranger: Mmmm baby

Stranger: Mmmmmm

You: i move closer, my legs between your open thighs

Stranger: Did you enjoy fucking me baby? Rubs your tits

You: my arms around you, feeling your neck

Stranger: Mmm

You: “it was the most amazing thing, you are a fucking miracle”

Stranger: I love you m, slowly humps your pussy with mine

Stranger: Mmm

You: I’ve never fucked like that with anyone

You: i love the way your humps feel

You: mmmm

Stranger: Sliding my pussy with yours

Stranger: Looking at you sweating and moaning

You: i feel so relaxed, and the sensation of our pussies sliding agains each other

You: mmmmm, yeah

Stranger: I love fucking with you

Stranger: Humps faster

You: i love fucking with you, that was fucking great

Stranger: I don’t want to stop mmmmmm

You: i never want to stop

Stranger: I want to be with you all day kiss you leaning in

Stranger: Mmm

You: bayan esmer escort bursa i kiss you deeply

Stranger: I kiss back moans softly in your mouth

You: our tongues feeling each other

Stranger: Our bodies tougher

Stranger: Together

Stranger: Kisses you more feeling your warm body and lips

You: i feel our skins touching, our tits, our bellies, our legs and our pussies

Stranger: Mmmm our bodies togeher

You: we fit so well

Stranger: Mmm

Stranger: You’re so beautiful

Stranger: Rubs your hair

You: You amaze me, you are so beautiful

Stranger: You are too

Stranger: Kisses you sucking your tongue softly

You: my fingers feel your neck and wanders back and forth across your collar bone

Stranger: I hold you

You: i kiss you back and gently bite your lip

Stranger: Mmm

Stranger: I can live forever with you

You: i let myself rest on top of you, moaning gently as a reply

Stranger: Go out for dinner, go places, fuck every night just be together

You: oh yes

Stranger: I put my arms around you

You: feeling you tight around me is so good

You: i just feel at peace with anything

Stranger: Mmm

Stranger: Smiles

Stranger: You’re great

Stranger: Kisses you

Stranger: I might have to go soon baby

You: its okay, i need to go too probably

Stranger: Cries

You: you made me forget my hunger thogh

Stranger: Lol kisses you really

You: that was fucking amazing

Stranger: Holds your body to me

You: kisses you back with passion

Stranger: Cuddles with you

You: all right

You: i start feeling your hair between my fingers

You: i kiss your face

Stranger: Holds you more to me

Stranger: I kiss back

Stranger: Mmm I love your body

Stranger: Rubs my hands all over

You: thank you

You: i can’t get enough of you

Stranger: Me too

Stranger: Slowly licks your tits

Stranger: Sucks in your nipples gently

You: i start breathing heavily

Stranger: Mmm licks you faster

You: i put my hands on your shoulders

You: i start moaning

You: that feels so good, you can’t believe it

Stranger: Take me to the bed baby rubs your pussy

You: i breathe heavily

You: okay, anything you ask babe

Stranger: Smiles holding your hand

You: i lead you through a door to my bedroom

Stranger: Mmm

You: in the middle theres a big bed

You: i turn around before we’re there and start kissing you

Stranger: Mmm

You: feeling all of your body with my hands

You: grabbing your ass as we stand up

Stranger: Mmm I do the same

You: pushing myself against you

Stranger: Mmmm

Stranger: Moans

You: lifting one of my legs to get closer to you

Stranger: Feels you

Stranger: Mmmm baby so hot

You: my hands roam all of your body, your back, the back of your head,

You: slowly sliding up your sides, under your arms

Stranger: I feel your body too

You: and feeling the side of your boobs

Stranger: Mmmm you just love me don’t you

Stranger: Kisses you

You: i simply can’t get enough

Stranger: Mmm

You: your kiss distracts me for a moment

Stranger: Pin me against the wall

Stranger: Mmmm

You: i start walking you backwards

Stranger: Feels so good

You: pushing you towards the wall behind you

Stranger: Mmmm

Stranger: I gasp

Stranger: Looks at you

You: i take your hands in mine and put them over your head

You: i hold them there and kiss you deeply

You: i push my body tightly against yours

Stranger: Mmmm treat me like a bitch baby licks your lips

You: i bite your lip

Stranger: Punish me

You: i release one hand and let it feel all of your body

Stranger: Mmmm

Stranger: Kisses you more

You: i hold your arms in a tight grip

Stranger: Mmm yes

You: my free hand feels your boob

You: grabbing it

Stranger: Mmmm baby

Stranger: Moans

Stranger: Love it

You: i then move down, towards your pussy

Stranger: Mmmmm

You: i push my knee between your legs and push them apart

Stranger: Moans louder

Stranger: Mmmmmm

You: i move my hand to the small of your back

Stranger: Mmmm

You: and push my knee higher

You: its on your pussy now

Stranger: I let you do whatever you want with my body

Stranger: Mmm baby fuck

You: i look into your eyes and ask you how it feels to be out of control

Stranger: Mmmm it feels amazing

You: while i push my knee higher and harder against your pussy

You: good

Stranger: Mmm

You: now you are not allowed to moan until i say so, okay?

Stranger: Ok baby how do you feel?

You: i feel so powerful

Stranger: Mmmm

You: i love having your body to myself

You: was that a moan?

Stranger: I’m sorry

Stranger: Looks at you obeys

You: i slap your ass

Stranger: Ahh…turns red

You: i then move my hand to your pussy, drag a finger across it

You: feels how wet it is and licks it

Stranger: Looks at you feeling pleasure

Stranger: Tilts head back

You: i immediately push three fingers inside you, deep and fast

Stranger: Bites lip

Stranger: And cums

You: i love the way you look

Stranger: Rolls my eyes trying to squirm

You: i feel you cuming already and release your hands while I’m in a hurry to bury my face in your pussy

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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