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Chapter 1 Dave wanting to get plants in before the hot summer months were upon them. Dave was booked up for at least 6 weeks, but decided to take the job with an early start and hire some extra labor to maintain his current schedule. Plus he planned to personally be on site for this one just so he could get to know Traci better. They agreed upon starting the following Monday.

From day one of the job, Traci was always there first thing to greet Dave and his crew of two. Even at that early hour she was bubbly and beautiful. She always wore a bright flowery sun dress that gave hints to the treasures beneath. Her legs were long, tan and athletic. They were topped by a wonderfully curvaceous behind and gently swaying hips. Although they weren’t flaunted, it looked to Dave like she had nice grapefruit sized breasts. He did his best not to be caught in any lustful stares, but he thought she bagged him a few times. He wasn’t sure but he thought her smile widened on those occasions. But it wasn’t just Traci’s looks that enchanted Dave. She always seemed to be in a joyous mood. At break time she would bring out cold lemonade and snacks for Dave and the crew. Dave and Traci would walk the job and review progress and what plants would go here and there. It also turned out that Traci shared Dave’s passion for sports and they would get into lively discussions (and even livelier arguments) over the merits, or lack thereof, of the local baseball team. It was during those moments that Traci would touch Dave’s arms or back when he said something funny or poignant. Dave began to dread the inevitable end of the project as he doubted he would ever see Traci again. When the day came they parted professionally, although Dave sensed regret on her part as well.

Two weeks later Dave still couldn’t get this woman out of his head. So when she called him out of the blue on his cell phone to ask him if he could come by that afternoon to look at a few plants that didn’t seem to be doing well he stammered out that of course he could be there after lunchtime. The area was in the throws of a 4 day heat wave, with temperatures in the high 90’s and humidity that made you sweat right out of the shower in the morning. No wonder the plants weren’t looking good he thought as he drove down Traci’s street. This was shit luck on his part because he had guaranteed the plants. But since he was going to get to see Traci again, he didn’t care.

Traci answered the door with her typical bright smile. She wore a colorful sundress as usual except that this one was a mini. The bottom came just to her upper thighs and it had a scooped front that afforded Dave a great view of her cleavage. They went through the house out to the back pool area. The heat was tremendous and Dave noticed Traci’s nipples respond to the change in climate turning the flower pattern at her breasts three dimensional. Dave could see right away that the problem with the plants was a lack of water. Traci bent to examine each plant that they looked at and gave Dave a full view of her tits each time. He could see her swollen nipples clearly and it took tremendous self control not to get a hard on. After they had looked at all of the plants, Dave explained that they just needed extra watering to get through the heat escort kartal wave and that they should rebound. Traci accepted this cheerfully and Dave was relieved he didn’t have to shell out for replacements. Traci commented on the heat and asked if Dave wanted some cold lemonade. He told her he missed her daily lemonade treats, and threw in that he missed their chats as well. She indicated the same feelings to him. They sauntered over to the cabana where there was an outdoor pantry with refrigerator and stocked bar. Dave sat down on a lounge chair while Traci took the lemonade out of the frig. As she reached up to the cupboard to get the glasses her dress rode up her ass briefly and Dave saw that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He got a quick peek at her bare ass and he was starting to believe she was purposely teasing him, but his professional side kept his reaction in check. That was until she dropped the ice tray on the floor spilling cubes all over. She bent over at the waist to pick up the cubes and Dave found himself staring at her bare pussy. Dave could take no more so when Traci stood back up he was right there to take her in his arms and passionately began kissing her. Her tongue forcefully pushed its way into his mouth to frantically dance with his.

Traci could feel his hardening cock press against her crotch and she ground up against it, desperate to have it in her. Dave unzipped the back of her dress and it fell to the floor leaving her naked except for her sandals which she kicked off on her way to the lounge chair. Dave ripped his own sweat soaked clothes off as he followed her to the padded chaise. They were both slick with sweat from the heat and their own passion. As Dave lay down on top of Traci he picked up an ice cube off the ground and brought it to her lips. She kissed and sucked on the cube like it was a small cock. He pulled it out of her mouth and rubbed it all around her lips before sliding it down her neck towards her heaving breasts. Traci was so hot that the cube left a trail of cool water in its wake and was gone by the time Dave got it to her right nipple. He picked up another cube and brought it to her swollen nipple. He heard a sharp intake of breath from Traci as he rubbed one nipple with the ice and sucked the other one into his mouth. She moaned as he nipped at it with his teeth and lashed it with his tongue. Soon this cube melted and he picked up another and switched sides, applying the ice to the left and sucking hard on the right. Traci was on fire at this point and her cunt dripped with lust. After the cube on her nipple melted away Dave slid his mouth downward towards her neatly trimmed slit. Traci spread her legs open for him as his tongue drew nearer her tunnel. Dave reached down and picked up 3 cubes from the ground and slid one after another into her cunt. Traci welcomed this invasion with a long moan. He moved up close to her pussy as it dripped melting ice water and sex sauce. He blew gently on it before burying his face in her sex. He pushed his tongue in deep and thirstily drank her freely flowing juice. He pulled out and began lapping at her sopping slit all around her labia and occasionally stabbing it in her hot hole. The air was heavy with humidity, the wet sounds of Dave’s maltepe escort ministrations and Traci’s Oohs and Aahs. Soon the cubes were completely melted but the fluid from her cunt didn’t dissipate and Dave continued to lap it up. When he finally licked his way up towards her clit Traci climaxed. She grabbed the back of his head as if to try and pull his head inside her cunt. She ground her pussy up and down his face as he tried to get her clit between his teeth. Once he found purchase he sucked it hard into his mouth. Traci screamed as her orgasm reached another level and Dave had to hang on for dear life while she bucked against his face.

As Traci was in the throws of climax Dave reluctantly pulled himself away from her dripping sex. His 8 inch cock was bobbing and throbbing uncontrollably as lust crazed blood coursed through it. He grabbed Traci by the thighs, pushed her open and with deadly precision sunk his shaft in to the hilt. Traci screamed in pleasure and Dave wondered if the neighbors could hear them. That thought quickly went away as she encouraged him to fuck her and to fuck her hard. And fuck her he did. He stood with his legs astride the chaise and with her legs pushed back to her chest he began to pump her full of cock. Dave repeatedly pulled almost completely out before plunging all the way back in, his sweaty balls slapping her equally sweaty ass. She was so wet and tight that her cunt made slurping and sucking sounds that mixed with both their moans and cries of pleasure. The chaise lounge groaned it’s disapproval as the weight and rocking momentum from their coupling put its structural integrity to the test. Dave began to alter his angle each time he penetrated her and his lust peaked as he began to piston his dick faster with each thrust. Traci gasped and began to babble incoherently as her second orgasm hit her like a freight train. She was pushing her cunt back at him almost as fast as he was pushing in as if to try to swallow him whole. Dave threw his head back and cried out as his own climax tore through him. He buried his cock and roared as his seed shot out deep into her tunnel. Again and again his prick pulsed and shot, once, twice, three, four times. He filled her to overflowing and they both grunted and groaned thru their mutual crescendo. Finally his stick reduced to a dribble of come and Traci began to get her breath back. He bent to kiss her full on the lips and his prick slipped out of her sopping pussy with a plop and they both began to giggle and then full out laugh at the mess they were, covered in their own juices and soaking with sweat.

Dave fell back on the chaise next to Traci’s. Slowly they both returned to their pre-sex state, although being naked next to Traci kept Dave in a semi state of arousal. Traci was able to get them both cold drinks without incident. They cooled off and talked about themselves. Dave was the confirmed bachelor. He didn’t see the need to rush into long term relationships, nor had he met the right woman to change his outlook on life. Plus his work kept him busy and he enjoyed the freedom that being successfully in business for himself afforded him. Traci told him how she married Scott for his money, and became his trophy wife. At first she was fine with the pendik escort bayan arrangement, but the last few years she came to regret her decision. She had never cheated on him until today, yet she didn’t feel the slightest guilt. After all she had just had the best sex she has had since college, almost 6 years ago.

Traci downed the rest of her drink and playfully tossed the remaining ice cubes at Dave. He jumped up and began to chase her around the pool. Traci jumped into the tepid water and Dave followed. She was a good swimmer and it took him a few minutes to finally catch her in the shallow end by the waterfall. He pinned her against the rocks and held her hands over her head. He bent to kiss her and they started their tongue tango once again. He began to get hard as her tongue played easy to get with his own. Dave relaxed his grip on Traci’s hands. All of a sudden she slipped from his grasp and went underwater, leaving him with his arms empty and his tongue hanging out. Quickly before he could react Traci took his cock in her mouth underneath the water and began to suck on it vigorously.

She had a good vacuum hold on it and bobbed her head up and down the shaft, almost taking it all the way down. Dave gasped with both surprise and pleasure. She let go after 20 seconds or so and came up for air. She smiled up at him, took a big gulp of air and slipped back under. His cock slid between her lips once again and she continued with a hard sucking motion, twisting her head with each journey down his shaft. After a few repetitions of sucking and coming up for air, she told him to sit up on the rock ledge so she could finish him off properly. Dave pulled himself out of the pool, twisted around and sat with his legs splayed and dangling in the water. His cock glistened with a mixture of beading water and slimy precum on the tip. Traci licked her lips and then extended her hot tongue to lap up his juice. She gave a MMM delicious sound and then took his length completely down her throat. Rapidly she rose up to the top, where she swirled her tongue around his swollen glans and just as fast swallowed him whole again. Dave was panting and groaning like it was his first time.

He couldn’t believe how good a cocksucking he was getting from such a beautiful woman. She sucked hard on his cock trying desperately to coax his love sauce from his tight ball sack. Dave cried out he was cumming and then shot a long stream of spunk down her throat. Traci pulled her mouth so just the tip was between her lips and she sucked and licked his sensitive head as his load spewed forth. Dave’s cock continued to pulse and shoot until he was spent, but Traci continued to lovingly lick and nip at his meat. Finally she let him go and seductively licked a stray rope of jizz off her chin. She pulled herself out of the pool and sat next to him. Dave’s head was still tilted back as he caught his breath. Traci raised herself up and gave him nice French kiss and Dave could taste his essence on her tongue.

Soon they came back to reality. Traci told him that Scott was due home soon and he would have to go. She hastily gathered her clothes together and headed for the house. She flashed him a great smile and said she really enjoyed the afternoon and hoped they could see more of each other in the future. Dave left in a daze, on cloud nine. A couple of blocks away he passed Scott in his Beamer. Dave waved hello, Scott didn’t wave back. Your loss, Dave thought to himself as visions of the afternoon came back to him, your loss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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