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Part II

I met Elena just two months ago and it was turning out to be a very hot Northern California summer in more ways than one. The days were scorching and so was the sex with my 19-year old Colombian sex toy. I just couldn’t get enough of her.

An hour north of San Francisco where I lived, the weather had broken 100 degrees for the last five days in a row so a few of my friends decided that we should go to the city to cool off and party at a couple of our favorite bars. Steve, Chad, Mike and I piled into Scott’s BMW and drove into the city on a Friday night. When we got to the Golden Gate bridge we were relieved to see that the city was engulfed in a refreshing cool blanket of fog.

We started the night by doing Tequila shots at a bar on Union Street. A couple hours later I got a call on my cell phone from Elena. She had been dancing at her salsa club in the Mission district but was bored and wanted to see me. I told her to find a taxi and come over to join us. Twenty minutes later, she made her grand entrance and every guy in the place stopped mid-conversation to gawk at her as she strutted the length of the bar. She wore a form fitting coffee colored mini-dress that hugged every part of her petite perfect body like a glove. The plunging v-neck top of her dress hugged her gorgeous round breasts. Her body and hips wiggled as she moved toward us and you couldn’t miss those sexy open-toed high heels.

It was the first time that Scott had seen her and he leaned over to speak into my ear, “Dude is that her? Damn, she does look a little like Shakira.” Since I last saw her, she had lightened and straightened her normally wavy hair and it looked a bit longer this way. She saw me at the end of the bar and our eyes met. She came up and gave me a big kiss and then in her sexy Spanish accent said, “I missed you baby.”

The guys just stood there frozen and tongue twisted staring at her. I introduced them all and Mike bought her two shots of Tequila to try to get her caught up with us. A bit later, even the bartender bought her a couple of shots, winking and trying to flirt with her as he handed them to her. We were having a great time and Elena was fitting in just like she was one of the boys.

We were there for an hour or so and Elena asked if I would walk her to the restroom. I took her by the hand and we worked through the crowded bar. We found the restrooms in a hallway at the back of the long bar. When she came out of the ladies room, she wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered, “I want you so bad.” I gave her a big kiss and told her, “Me too, baby.” Then she looked up at me with this devilish grin, “I mean right now!” and she nodded toward the men’s room. I looked at her, laughed, and shook my head, “No way, it’s too small and there are too many guys going in and out. Besides, it wouldn’t be a very clean place to play.” Then she gave me this silly pouty face and then she looked over to a door at the end of the hall that had an Emergency Exit sign on it.

I thought about it for a second and then ted her toward the door not knowing exactly what to expect on the other side. I hesitated before pushing it open slowly, hoping that it wouldn’t set off some alarm. Fortunately, it didn’t. The door opened to a fire escape and there was a bare light bulb outside over the door illuminating a small flimsy metal platform. I pulled Elena outside with me and the door slammed shut behind us. We were on the second floor on the platform that was hanging high over a narrow alley and it was very dark below. I then realized that we had locked ourselves out of the building. Going down the escape ladder to the street below would be out of the question. But I decided to worry about that later.

Elena and I began to grope and claw at each other. I pulled open the front of her v-neck dress to expose her tits and then licked and sucked on them while she panted and moaned. Then with one hand I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. She reached down and wrapped her hand around it and I was already completely stiff. She lowered herself down to a squatting position, teetering on her high heels, and leaned back against the metal railing bolted to the edge of the platform. It looked a bit flimsy and I was hoping it wouldn’t break and send us to our death at the bottom of the dark alley. She proceed to suck and slurp on my cock with her trademark circular head twisting technique. Then I put my hands on each side of her head and slowly started to move my cock in and out of her mouth. It felt so damn good. I pulled out and rubbed my wet cock against her beautiful face. Her cheeks, chin, and forehead glistened with the wetness and I repeated it several times.

I pulled her back up to her feet and turned her around, facing her away from me. She held on to the rail and I lifted up her short skirt just above her ass. I licked my fingers and reached around to massage her clit gently while I rubbed my cock against the crack of her smooth tight round ass. She wiggled against me and moved her body seductively. Finally, I bent her forward just a bit and then slipped my cock slowly into her tight pussy. We gyrated together in rhythm and she danced against my groin. I could hear voices below from a group of people walking in the darkness through the alley below and they whistled and yelled something to us but we ignored them and they moved on.

I continued to thrust in and out of her, pulling my cock out occasionally to rub it against her smooth ass and then plunged back in to her. We were startled when suddenly the door opened and a guy peered out, “Ohh sorry, I was just coming out to have a smoke.” I recognized him as one of the bartenders. I grinned back at him, “No problem, we’ll be done here shorty. Would you mind keeping the door open a crack so we can get back in.” He offered to just stay there behind the door and stand guard for us and told me to just knock when we wanted back in. Then he closed the door. It Sex hikayeleri was a nice gesture but I had a feeling he was standing there with his ear against the door, listening to us.

Elena giggled and then continued to gyrate her body against me and my cock worked in deeper. I loosened the tie strings on the back of her dress so that I could get my hands further into her top to get a firmer hold on her tits. After a few minutes I reached down and put my hand on her hips and pulled her tight against me. Seconds later, in perfect synchrony we both came together. My whole body shook as my cock pulsated and pumped a flood of seed deep inside of her. She squealed and our moans echoed loudly in the alley. I left my cock in her warm wet pussy for a bit and then finally pulled out but I kept my hand on the small of her back and rested my wet cock against the crack of her ass. I looked down and could see streams of my cum leaking down the inside side of her thigh and drip onto the metal platform. She turned around and squatted back down again and cleaned off the slippery remnants of juices from my cock.

Finally, I zipped back up and helped Elena arrange her dress and then knocked on the door. The bartender, true to his word, opened up and let us in. He winked at her and gave me a grin, “You guys were pretty noisy out there.” We both just passed by him and I turned to say thank you for helping us out. Elena told me to go ahead and get back to the guys while she cleaned up in the bathroom.

When I returned, they were doing around round of Tequila and handed me a shot. Steve looked at me and said, “What took you so long?” I downed my shot and answered, “We had sex on the fire escape.” They laughed as if I had just told them a bullshit lie and then Chad looked at me with a smirk on his face and said, “He’s so full of shit!” I just shrugged it off and did my shot. Elena eventually returned looking great with her new makeup freshly applied and an application of hot pink lipstick. Mike looked at her and asked, “So where have you been gorgeous?” and he handed her another shot and then said, “Ohhh and here, the bartender is in love with you so he bought us all another round. I’m so glad you came to join us” She smiled and said, “Sorry we took so long, but we decided to checkout the view from the fire escape out back.” Then she winked at me and downed her shot of Tequila. I saw their eyes go wide and their jaws drop. They looked at me and then each other. They now all knew that wasn’t bullshitting them.

We were having a great time and as usual, Elena was the center of attention talking about her modeling gigs and school, and anything else they wanted to know about her. But eventually, the place started getting even more packed so Chad blurted out, “Let’s go to a strip club”. Then he looked at Elena as if he had slipped up and said something dirty and disgusting in front of her. But she just shrugged her shoulders, smiled,and said, “Okay lets go. Or am I invited?”. They simultaneous all answered, “Of course, you are!”

We piled again into Scott’s BMW and Elena sat on my lap in the front seat. She smothered me in kisses along the way and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to reach up and sneak a feel of her fantastic tits. Fortunately, Elena had a fake ID that she borrowed from a friend. It really didn’t look anything like her but the bouncers never seemed to check it very carefully and she was easily able to get into most bars and clubs, especially in the city. As we entered the strip club, Chad ran into someone he knew and it turned out to be one of the club managers. He guided us over to a VIP section with a couch and two comfortable side chairs directly on one side of the main stage. We ordered drinks and Elena snuggled up next to me on the couch with Steve on the other side. Mike and Chad sat in the chairs.

It was a very upscale place and the girls were gorgeous. Everyone of them with perfect young bodies. Elena seemed to be enjoying the show, smiling and moving to the music. When she got up to go to the bathroom, Chad leaned over to me, grinned, and over the loud music said, “Hey, you know she should be up there. She has the body for it!” and he gazed at Elena’s ass as she walked away.Scott chimed in too, “Yeah, killer body. Love to watch your girl dancing up there.” Anything is possible, I thought to myself.

When Elena returned, she noticed that some of the guys around us were getting lap dances from the girls and she watched curiously. She leaned over to me and whispered, “I want to do that for you, later tonight”. I kissed her on the cheek and told her that I could hardly wait. A few minutes later, a beautiful long-haired blond in a stripper bikini outfit came over to our group. She introduced herself as Mandi and Scott took her up on an offer of a lap dance. She straddled Scott on the couch next to Elena. And we all watched her move as she sat on top of him. She then arched her back and started to grind against Scott’s groin and then slid her body up and down his chest. When the song ended, she smiled over at Elena and said, “How about a dance for you?” Elena was surprised by the offer and Scott quickly answered for her, “Yes, here is twenty for my dance, and I’ll cover two dances for her.” Mandi then she proceeded to put on a fantastic performance with Elena.

She started by straddling one of Elena’s legs and sliding the inside of her smooth thighs against Elena’s bare skin. Elena leaned back and moved a little to the music all the time looking into Mandi’s eyes. Mandi moved on top of her like she had done with Steve and started rubbing her tits up against Elena’s. I watched Elena slowly discreetly reach up and run her hand against Mandi’s smooth leg. Then Mandi leaned down and rubbed her face against Elena’s neck and cheek and bounce gently up and down as if they were engaged in an erotic lovemaking session. The two of them were driving us wild and I noticed a few guys at the other Sikiş hikayeleri tables looking over at them and completely ignoring the stripper working on the pole on the stage in front of us.

When the first song ended, Mandi stood up and turned around, facing away from Elena. She then backed up against her and started to grind her ass against Elena’s groin. Then she reached down to give herself a playful spank. Elena reached out rubbed her hands against Mandi’s smooth ass, something that the guys would never be allowed to do in a place like this. Mandi looked back at her and smiled. The four of us guys were staring and we were all wishing we could somehow join in. Then Mandi moved up closer and pressed her back against Elena’s chest and cupped her tits with her hands. She then tilted her head back against and pressed her cheek against Elena’s. She stayed and wiggled up against Elena’s body in rhythm to the music. I noticed Elena was whispering something into Mandi’s ear and Mandi leaned over and whispered back. But I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Fortunately, it was long song but it finally ended and Mandi stood up and gave Elena a sweet kiss on the check. Elena whispered something again to her and Mandi stood up and looked around like she was thinking about something or looking for someone. Then she reached down to Elena’s hand and pulled her up from the couch. Mandi looked at me and said, “We’ll be back in a few minutes.” And off they went to the back of the club and through the private door that the strippers and lap dancers came in and out of.

Mike moved over to me so I could hear him over the music and asked, “What that is all about? Where are they going?” I shrugged and shook my head, “I have no idea.” Steve then leaned in and said, “I think they went back to have sex in the dressing room.” We laughed but then all kinds of thoughts started running through my head. Could they really be getting in on back there? Was Elena going to show up on stage as a stripper.I had no idea what to expect from her but knew that anything was possible.

About fifteen minutes later our questions were answered. Elena had changed into a fluorescent green suspender one-piece bikini with a sheer crop blouse on top. Mandi was leading her by the hand back to our table. It was the kind of bikini that had no top to it except for the thin suspender straps that came over her shoulders and crossed in the back. Her tits would have been exposed bare except for the sheer tiny half-shirt that barely covered her breasts. Her ribs and entire tummy were exposed all the way down to the V front of the Brazilian style bikini bottom. Elena strutted across the room in her high heels and Mandi spun her around in a slow Salsa dance-like turn to show her body off in front of everyone. As she turned in a circle you could see Elena’s full ass cheeks exposed except for a tiny floss string of the fluorescent bikini that disappeared into the crack of her heart-shaped ass.

I was releived when Elena then came over to me and climbed onto my lap. She started moving to the music and grinding on top of me. Here she was, my hot Latina sex toy dressed like a stripper and doing a lap dance for me in the middle of a strip club. I was in ecstasy. She continued to rub her body and tits against me in perfect rhythm with the music while everyone watched. She was rubbing against my hard cock and I thought i was going to cum in my pants. I just couldn’t keep my hands off her body and finally worked my hands up under her blouse to cup her tits.

Eventually the club manager came over to polietly tell us that, unfortunately, we had to cool it or else leave since he could get in trouble for our public display. And I’m sure he probably didn’t know where it was all headed in full view of the customers. Elena strutted back to the dressing room, changed back to her dress and then came back a few minutes later with a small bag in her hand, “Mandi said I could keep the outfit. Let’s go.” I stood up and said goodbye and the guys all moaned and begged for us to stay. Elena apologized for us running out and I left Steve with some money and we left them in the club. Outside, we flagged a cab and jumped in the back. “Where exactly are we going?” I asked and Elena gave the driver directions to her apartment. I looked to her surprised and asked, “What about your mother?” She said not to worry that her mom was always sound asleep this time of night, was hard of hearing, and wouldn’t even notice as long as I left early before she woke up.

We kissed and groped each other in the back of the cab all the way across town and Elena asked me if I had enjoyed the show. I told her it was an unexpected treat and we laughed when I said how I wondered exactly what my friends must have thought of her. Then she asked if I thought she would make a good stripper. I said “You would be the main headline star of the place if you worked there” But went on to tell her that I’d have to think it over before I gave her my blessing for a new career choice.

We tiptoed into the apartment quietly and she told me to wait on the couch for a minute while she went to the bathroom. When she came back she had put on the green fluorescent bikini again but this time without the little shirt on. Her round nice tits were fully exposed. She strutted around the room in her heels showing off her body at different angles. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer so I stood up, unzipped, and pulled my pants and shirt off. I pulled her onto the couch, polled her bikini to one side and leaned down to suck on that beautiful smooth shaved pussy. I lapped and licked it all over and worked my tongue around her salty thighs and then down toward her tight little ass. I pushed my tongue in to her ass slowly as deep as I could as she wiggled her tight little body. Then I gently turned her over onto her stomach so I could get better access from behind. She buried her face into a pillow to muffle her Erotik hikaye moans.

I licked my hand and wiped the wetness onto the head of my cock and then I moved behind her and started to press into her ass. She stopped me, sat up, turned around and whispered, “I want to try it on top.” So I sat back on the couch while she moved up to straddle me and I leaned forward to lick and suck on her perky nipples. Then she gently lowered herself onto me, slowly working my cock into her ass just a tiny bit at a time. She wiggled her body just slightly and I sank slowly into her. It was only the second time we had done anal sex and she was as tight as ever but I seemed to go in a little easier this time. I’m sure the Tequila and other drinks helped to relax her this time. Finally, I was in deep and she barely moved, just barely vibrating her body. She leaned down and put her mouth on my neck and sucked on it firmly with her lips and with just a nibble of her teeth. Then she moaned deeply as she let out a very intense and long orgasm.

Just after she stopped, I carefully lifted her and stood up with my arms under her thighs and my hands gripping her ass cheeks. Her long legs and high heels were dangling in the air behind my back. She whispered, “Please be gentle with me,” and she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck. I stood still for a moment and then slowly started to rock my body very gently with my cock just barely moving inside of her. I could feel her heavy breathing on the side of my face as I grunted. Then I carefully lowered her toward the floor and set her down gently on the carpet and maneuvered to my knees with my cock still fully buried deep into her ass. I lifted her long legs up and slightly to the right side and grabbed her by the ankles firmly with one hand and looked up briefly at her sexy painted nails in those open-toed heels. I slowly inched my cock in and out of her ever gently and she reached down to massage her own clit while letting out soft moans. Then I reached down and wrapped my hand around her left tit and ran my eyes up and down her smooth perfect body. She let out a squeal again with her second orgasm and it was too much for me as I felt that incredible tight grip of her on my cock. My cock began to pulsate and quiver and then I exploded. I tried to muffle the sound of my moaning as my cock pumped streams of seed deep into her ass. It seemed to last forever and it felt like my heart was beating out of my chest. Finally I stopped and just stood there looking down at her and thinking how lucky I was to get to play with such a beautiful and sexy girl.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw some movement and was shocked to see someone standing in the doorway. It was an older woman, her mother I gathered. She was standing there in a long flannel night shirt. When she saw me looking at her she started yelling in a very loud voice but it was in Spanish so I didn’t understand a thing she was saying. I just knew she was very angry and I suppose it was to be expected, catching her 19-year old daughter who was dressed like a stripper, laying there on the floor with a strange man’s cock buried deep into her ass. Elena spoke back to her and they went back and forth in Spanish. My cock softened pretty quickly this time and I pulled out. The mother finally yelled one last time turned around and slammed the door.

I didn’t really know what to do but I figured I better get the hell out of there. Elena told me to just wait while she went to go talk with her mother. I reminded her to change to something more appropriate first. I put my clothes on and Elena went to her room and changed into shorts and a t-shirt. Then she told me to stay on the couch and she went to her mother’s bedroom to calm her down. I could hear them talking excitedly and loud for quite a while and even though I was totally nervous, the effects of the Tequila had finally caught up to me and the sex had completely worn me out and I passed out right there on the couch.

When I woke up in the morning, I was alone on the couch and at first I couldn’t even remember where I was or how I had gotten there. Elena must have put a blanket over me and gone off to her room after having it out with her mother.

I looked around the room and was then was startled to see her mother sitting there on a chair next to the couch and just staring at me. She looked to be in her 70s and I supposed she must must have been 50 or older when Elena was born. When she saw that I was awake she started speaking loudly and seemed to be scolding me in Spanish.

Elena heard the commotion and came to my rescue. Elena explained to me that last night she had a long talk with her mother and explained to her that she was in love with me. Her mother then looked at me and Elena translated that here mother wanted to know how I felt about Elena. I said “Yes… of course. Tell her I am in love with you too,” and then it dawned on me that it was probably the first time we had even said anything like that to each other. There was a long pause and finally her mother mumbled something and then walked off into the kitchen. Elena sat down next to me and translated what her mother had said to her, “She says if you love me then you shouldn’t treat me like a street girl and make love to me on the floor. That a respectable man makes love to a woman, properly. In a bed. I smiled to Elena and said, “Okay, I can totally agree with that… Is that all? Elena went on “Well other than that she is okay with us being together.” There was a bit of a pause and I asked, “Even after seeing us like that last night?” Elena leaned over and kissed my cheek and said, “Yes, she says that if we love each other and you treat me well, then it’s all good”. I leaned back and let out a deep sigh of relief, “Whew.” Elena paused and then added, “Oh and also, she says that we must start the planning now and settle on the date that we are going to get married.” I looked at her straight face and finally said, “What? Are you being serious?”

* If you are interested in part three, please give me a positive rating and feel free to comment and I’ll continue to write about my first year with Elena.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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