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Taylor spends the weekend at Cindy’s. She teases Kevin, giving him a view of her ass.

Cindy and Taylor each separately sneak into Kevin’s room and end up giving him a double blowjob. As before, all characters in the story are 18 or older.

Sorry for the delay! I really wanted to make this series finale something special for you guys. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Cindy woke up early the next morning, she blinked the sleep from her eyes as she realized something was touching her face. She reached out with her hand and was surprised to find her dads cock resting against her cheek. She had been sleeping perpendicular to him with her head by his crotch.

Memories of the night before came rushing through her mind, and she bit her lip and gave him a gentle squeeze. Before getting up to pee she gave his glands a gentle lick, savoring the salty taste that reminded her of his cum.

As she stood, she saw her best friend Taylor pressed up against him, with her hand on his chest and her head on his shoulder. Funny, I didn’t take her to be the snuggling type, Cindy thought.

Cindy decided she would make her dad breakfast in bed. She got up and grabbed one of Kevin’s T-shirts and headed for the kitchen. Cindy cooked 4 eggs over easy, half a package of bacon, some whole wheat toast with butter, and grabbed him a tall glass of orange juice. As she cooked, she reflected on what had happened last night.

Surprisingly, she didn’t feel too weird about having given her daddy a blowjob last night. In fact, she felt like she was really taking care of him. She smiled to herself, happy that she had made her dad feel less lonely.

As Cindy approached her father’s room with all the food in a tray, she paused in the doorway when she saw Kevin sitting up with his eyes closed and his head resting back with a very content look on his handsome face. His knees were raised up, creating a tent in the blanket so she couldn’t see the shape of his cock through the quilt. There’ll be time for more of that later, she thought to herself.

She knocked lightly on the door and Kevin’s eyes popped open as he turned to look at her. He smiled at her, and she smiled back at him. His warm lazy smile gave her butterflies in her stomach. “Good morning daddy,” she said as she held up the breakfast tray, and he beckoned her to the bed with a finger. She noticed that he didn’t straighten his legs as she approached so she could set the tray down on his lap, so she decided to set it down on the bed next to him where Taylor had been lying.

Cindy hadn’t even noticed that her friend wasn’t there. It’ll be nice to have a moment alone with daddy after last night anyways, she thought as she sighed, hoping Taylor was taking a long shower. Feeling confident, Cindy leaned forward, supporting her weight by putting a small hand on her father’s abs, and went in for a kiss. She gave him a gentle kiss and withdrew slightly to read his reaction. Kevin’s eyebrows furrowed slightly as if he was distracted by something.

This was when Cindy heard a lewd slurping sound from beneath the covers. Cindy turned and lifted the edge of the blanket to reveal Taylor crouched low on her hands and knees with her eyes closed, alternating between rubbing his large slippery cock all around her face and licking it from his balls to the tip of his shaft. She appeared to be in a trance. In fact, she didn’t even notice that Cindy could see her.

Cindy gasped and dropped the blanket, leaving Taylor to continue her work. Suddenly overcome with jealousy and frustration now that her special moment with her dad had been utterly stolen by Taylor, she turned and stormed out.

Kevin wanted to say something as his daughter walked away from him, but he couldn’t think of anything to say now that half of the blood from his brain now filled his fully hardened dick. He raised the blanket to see Taylor, now bobbing on him with her warm mouth and stroking him at the same time. Her knees were spread wide, and her round ass was up in the air, still adorned with the neon pink g-string from the night before.

Kevin had planned on interrupting her so he could go talk to Cindy, but he could feel his orgasm building quickly as Taylor’s free hand found his balls. Fuck she’s good at that, he thought. He tapped her shoulder lightly, indicating he was going to cum.

She doubled her efforts until she felt the first spurt of his warm cum into her mouth. She gripped the base of his pulsating shaft and slid as much of him down her throat as she could take. Kevin threw his head back as he exploded down her throat.

Taylor gagged a few times, but she held on for about 20 seconds as his orgasm subsided. She continued to stroke him gently as she allowed him to slip out of her throat and began suckling on the head of his cock. She gave him a wink then crawled out of the bed. Before heading back to Cindy’s room to take a shower, she slipped her g-string off and put it in the drawer of his nightstand. gaziantep escort

Kevin was still in a daze from his orgasm as he watched the sexually overcharged teen place her panties in his drawer. His gaze followed her voluptuous ass as she left his room without turning to look at him. What the hell have I gotten myself into? He thought to himself as she decided what his next move should be.

He considered getting up to go talk to Cindy, but Taylor was probably in the room now, so he quickly disregarded that idea. He turned to look at the breakfast his daughter had prepared for him. The napkin was folded, and the eggs and bacon were roughly arranged into a smiley face. Kevin smiled. Cindy is the best thing in my life right now, I have to make sure no matter what happens with Taylor I preserve my relationship with my daughter.

Why did that bother me so much? Cindy thought to herself as she sat on her bed. She replayed the image of Taylor, lavishly licking her father’s cock with her eyes closed. Why should I feel jealous? I got to suck him last night. Before she could decide whether she had something legitimate to be mad about, or if she was just being immature, Taylor walked in, completely nude.

Taylor was stunning. Her full breasts and hourglass figure were hard to look away from. Cindy noticed a small black heart shape shaved into what was otherwise a bare pussy.

Did they fuck after she left the room? Cindy thought to herself in a panic. Why would that be a surprise? This was Taylor, and she had been openly sucking him off, why wouldn’t she have sex with him?

“What?” Taylor asked, after pausing to look at Cindy for a moment.

Cindy’s mouth had been partially open and looking as if she were about to say something. She composed herself a bit and turned her head and said, “Sorry, just not used to seeing other girls naked is all.”

“Oh, come on, we’ve been changing in front of each other since we were kids,” Taylor said as she walked over to her bag and reached in for a change of clothes. “What’s on your mind?” she asked.

“Nothing… I just… I saw you underneath the covers earlier…” Cindy said in a hushed tone. It was then she noticed that some of her dad’s cum was on her friend’s chin, which made her jealousy rise inside her.

“And?” Taylor asked without looking at her. “It’s not like you weren’t slobbering all over his knob last night after I joined you and Kev in bed.”

“I wish you wouldn’t make it sound so gross Taylor,” Cindy replied, regretting having brought any of this up. “Plus, I didn’t even do that much, it was mostly you anyways.”

“Ohh, so that’s what this is about,” Taylor said knowingly as she turned to look at Cindy. She sighed and said, “You know, we are best friends. You can tell me if you’re not comfortable with me messing around with your dad. But if I hadn’t joined you guys last night, there’s no way you would have blown him. C’mon, you can’t go back to being the old uptight Cindy after what happened last night,” Taylor said.

Cindy hesitated, not quite sure what to say.

“Plus, you can’t tell me that some part of you didn’t enjoy what you saw earlier,” Taylor said, gesturing to Cindy’s crotch.

Cindy looked down between her legs to see that her Kevin’s shirt had ridden up and now revealed her blue panties, which were clearly wet. She quickly pulled her knees together and pulled the shirt down.

Taylor chuckled to herself as she turned and walked into the bathroom.

Cindy sighed after hearing the shower start, then she looked down and parted her legs. She reached down to feel the front of her panties, she was completely soaked. She has a point, I guess. Alright, no more timid Cindy, she thought to herself.

* * * * *

After finishing his breakfast, Kevin rolled out of bed and took a shower. He had never thought of himself as the kind of guy to allow his dick to do his thinking for him, but it was hard to resist the two gorgeous teens. He made a few work calls, finding it hard to focus considering how his weekend was going so far. He couldn’t believe that he had received two blowjobs in the last 12 hours, and each had been mind blowing.

What had primarily occupied Kevin’s mind that morning, however, was the kiss that Cindy had given him. It had been soft and loving. It had certainly been more meaningful than the morning blowjob, even though Taylor’s efforts were definitely appreciated.

Two more nights, Kevin thought. This weekend is going to be a turning point for my relationship with Cindy and judging by her exit earlier I’m not off to a great start.

Kevin thought he’d surprise the girls by making lunch for them. He decided he’d make some grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, one of Cindy’s favorites. He also made himself a protein shake, then texted Cindy to let her know lunch would be ready in 15 minutes.

* * * * *

Cindy read the text on her phone as she was getting dressed. eskort gaziantep Cindy decided she’d shower in Kevin’s room while he made lunch so that she could be dressed around the same time as Taylor. She didn’t want her friend to be alone with him before she got another chance to “slobber on his knob,” as Taylor had so delicately put it.

She had seen the outfit that Taylor was planning on wearing today and knew that there would be some serious competition for her dad’s attention today. Cindy grabbed her hot pink tank top and the shortest skirt she had. It was black, and almost embarrassingly short. She only ever wore it right after she shaved her legs, and when Kevin wasn’t home.

As Cindy began the shower, she saw the brush on the counter just outside, and contemplated fucking herself with it again. Her pussy was still slick with arousal from watching her best friend blow her dad earlier. She quickly disregarded the notion as she remembered that she was trying to hurry and beat Taylor to the kitchen.

* * * * *

Kevin heard footsteps as he brought the sandwiches and soup out to the table. He nearly dropped a bowl of soup when he saw the two girls walking towards him. Taylor was wearing a white tank top that left some of her belly showing with a black bra, and some extremely short jeans shorts. He noticed two thin strips of black fabric just above each of her hips, indicating a g-string that was riding up on the sides.

He looked away from Taylor, to see Cindy wearing a comparatively skimpy outfit. His daughter’s outfit showed more leg than he had ever seen on her, aside from last night during the movie. She had pink lipstick on to match her tank top.

“Hey girls,” he said as they approached him. Taylor seated herself at the table, but Cindy rounded the table and walked up close to him. If she was angry with him about earlier, it didn’t show on his face.

Cindy got up on her tip toes and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek, then gave him a pretty smile before spinning and taking a seat next to him.

Maybe I’m in the clear after all, Kevin thought as he sat at the head of the table, facing the two gorgeous teens. He could still feel the warmth on his cheek where Cindy had kissed him.

Cindy knew that her dad only made this meal for her when he thought she was mad at him. It was probably subconscious on his part, but she noticed the pattern. She knew as she walked up to him that she didn’t really have anything to be mad about. If there was ever a time when he was allowed to be distracted from her, it would be when he was getting head. My timing for that kiss was pretty bad though, she thought as she began eating.

Cindy wasn’t sure why she’d kissed him that morning, or just now, she just knew that it felt right. It also feels right to have his cock in your mouth, she thought as she allowed her mind to wander for a moment. She felt her nipples harden slightly and her pussy dampened at the thought of feeling him in her mouth again.

Her thoughts were interrupted as her Kevin asked, “would anyone else like a protein shake?”

“No thanks daddy, you make them a bit heavy for me” Cindy replied as she continued eating.

“Already had one,” Taylor said, winking at Kevin.

Kevin’s face felt like it was heating up. He glanced at Cindy to see that she had stopped chewing and appeared to be frozen in place. What made it worse was that Taylor then used her middle finger to wipe a drop of tomato sauce off her lip and begin to suck on it in a slow and sensual manor. Then she continued eating with a wicked smirk on her face.

Kevin felt his basketball shorts shift as his member began to shift and swell slightly.

“You know what?” Cindy turned and said suddenly. “I feel like I could use a heavy protein shake today,” she continued as she began to put her hair up in a ponytail.

Much to the surprise of both Kevin and Taylor, Cindy scooted her chair out and slipped under the table. Kevin’s eyes went wide as he turned to look at Taylor, who had an equally shocked look on her face.

Cindy crawled on her hands and knees until she was between her dad’s legs. She wasn’t sure what had emboldened her, but she simply had to do something to wipe smirk off of Taylor’s face. Plus, if she didn’t get his cock back into her mouth soon, she was likely to simply tackle her dad at any moment.

Kevin was still holding his sandwich in his hand when he felt his daughter’s hands slide up from his shins, over his knees, and move up from there. He could feel the tip of his dick protrude from his underwear as he began to swell.

Cindy’s mouth began to water as she saw her dad’s cockhead reveal itself when she pulled his shorts up. It swayed heavily as she used one hand to pull up the shorts on one side, all the way to his crotch as she crouched low to take him into her mouth. Fuck I missed this, she thought as her lips stretched and engulfed the first gaziantep esmer escort few inches of his hanging member.

Cindy began to slide her head forward and backward, fucking her face gently with her dad’s dick. She took more with each pass until he was hitting the back of her throat. He wasn’t yet fully hard, so she decided now would be a good time to practice taking him into her throat. She tilted her head down slightly and pressed forward, to her surprise his thick cock began to slide down her throat.

Holy shit I’m doing it! She thought excitedly. She only had a few inches to go when he began to grow to his full size. She swallowed and gagged as he hardened in her tight throat. She could see that she had coated his dick with thick saliva and decided to start stroking him. She licked around the head as she stroked him, marveling at how her fingers couldn’t touch around his girth. She had never felt anything so truly masculine in her life compared to her dad’s impressive cock and having her mouth on him turned her pussy absolutely on fire.

Taylor watched Kevin’s reactions to Cindy’s undoubtedly enthusiastic cock sucking for a while before deciding to leave them for some daddy-daughter time while she caught some rays outside.

Cindy removed her slick hand from his hard cock and began playing with her clit as she began to bob her pink lips on Kevin’s throbbing pole more frantically now that she was able to take more than half of him with every lunge. Kevin groaned, and lifted his leg to rest his foot on Cindy’s chair, giving her better access to his crotch. This freed her hand which had been holding up his shorts, and she sipped it into his briefs to gently pull out his shaved balls.

Cindy halted her bobbing for a moment, as she bent down to lick his balls while she began stroking him again with the other hand. I could do this all day, Cindy thought as she felt an orgasm begin to build up between her legs.

Kevin was wondering if his daughter had been a top 10 caliber porn star in a previous life. Either that or she was an exceptionally fast learner.

Cindy kept up her efforts for about 15 minutes before she decided that she wanted to look at him. She gave him a subtle push, indicating she wanted him to back his chair up.

He slid back, and she followed, never taking his cock from her mouth. He put his foot up on the table, and she got up on her knees. She looked at her dad, he had a lazy expression on his face as he let out another groan.

As she switched from sucking his cock to sucking his balls, she paused for a moment to ask, “How do you want me to make you cum daddy?”

Cindy had used a quiet innocent tone in her voice which made his balls boil. Kevin looked down into his daughter’s gorgeous blue eyes as she sucked his left nut into her mouth, massaging it with her tongue. “Keep sucking daddy’s balls baby… just like that,” he replied as he ran a hand into her blonde hair.

“Long strokes… yeah, just like that… squeeze a bit harder,” Kevin continued as she tailored her motions to maximize his pleasure. He could feel his orgasm building up quickly.

Cindy could feel his balls pull closer to his body as he began to shake. She continued to stare into his eyes as she withdrew from his balls and held her mouth open for him, sticking her tongue out slightly. “Cum in my mouth please daddy,” she begged in the sexiest voice he had ever heard.

The view was too much for him. The let out a sigh as the first spurt of cum shot out of his cock across her cheek, missing her mouth completely. She quickly adjusted her aim, pointing him so that the next blast went straight onto her waiting tongue.

As her dad’s cum shot into her mouth, she shuddered as her orgasm rocked her body. She knew she wouldn’t be able to aim him in that state, so she wrapped her lips around the tip of his pulsating cock as he continued to blast into her. She swallowed again and again trying to keep up with him, but some overflowed and escaped her lips, running down her chin. She continued to stroke him as he came, until he stopped shaking.

Their simultaneous orgasms had left them breathless. Cindy used her finger to wipe off her cheek and draw his cum into her mouth before resuming her sucking. She liked how it felt when he slowly softened in her mouth. It wasn’t as fun as him hardening in her mouth, but it gave her a sense of satisfaction, like she had truly taken care of him.

She tasted something different suddenly as her warm mouth slide across his shaft, a sweeter flavor in contrast with Kevin’s musky salty taste. Apparently, while she had been distracted by the feeling of his cock in her mouth, she had begun to stroke him with both of her hands, including the one she had been masturbating with. Cindy had tasted herself for the first time.

She removed her mouth from her dad’s dick, immediately missing the feeling of him, yet her attention had turned to her hand. Girls do it in porn all the time, she thought. Maybe there’s something to it.

Cindy knew that she’d eventually talk herself out of it if she thought about it too much, so she quickly slipped a finger into her mouth. She was delighted to find that the flavor was indeed sweet. Although it was hard to tell when she could still taste her dad’s cum.

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