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Aleksandr was not a messy man by any means but lately he had noticed that he was falling down on the job when it came to household tasks. In fact, most days he cursed himself for buying such a large house with nobody else to live in it with him but where he came from size meant money and money was power. Often times he wondered if five bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms was worth the constant upkeep. Tonight was spent just like every night for the past month with him scrubbing the stove and washing dishes until the neon numbers on the clock read 2:26 A.M. Normally it wouldn’t bother him to have to clean his own mess but staying up this late just to ensure his house would be clean and then have to wake up at 6:30 A.M and go to work was driving him mad. “Jesus Christ they’re done.” Those were his last words before climbing the large staircase and collapsing into bed.

-X- Four hours later -X-

His alarm was blaring the morning news in his ear he lazily stretched out an arm and did his best to hit the snooze though it only knocked the alarm clock to the floor and continued to go off. Deciding that an extra five minutes wasn’t worth the hassle he reluctantly left the warmth and comfort of his bed and started his morning routine with a hot shower and a shave followed by brushing his teeth and a thermos of coffee on his way out the door. His drive to work was usually met with heavy traffic though it seemed a bit ridiculous to have such massive traffic jams at 7 in the morning he put up with it for such a large salary.

Parking in his reserved spot he grabbed his briefcase from the passenger seat and shuffled his way inside, coffee in one hand and briefcase in the other. He yawned and politely waved at the receptionist on his way to the elevator.

“Good morning, sir.”

“Good morning, Alice.”

While he waited for the elevator he felt a firm pat on the back and that meant that the obnoxious accounts manager had something to say or knowing him brag about some overly exaggerated one night stand. He nodded lightly to him and stepped into the elevator and hit the 10th button for Nathan and the 20th for him.

“Mornin’ chief! Boy you look beat. Was she good and did you get her name?”

“Good morning Nate…very funny. I was up all night preparing for my presentation and that I can tolerate. What I find insufferable is cleaning house. You wouldn’t think a kitchen could get so dirty from one meal but I’ll be damned. I’m thinking it’s time to eat out of fast food containers and get a smaller place.”

“Nahhhhh don’t do that, chief. Why don’t you just do what I do? Go the lazy route!”

“That would mean….”

“I got this awesome maid and not only does she clean my place like a champ, she’s this smokin’ hot blonde and she has all the right things in all the right places.””

The bell rang and the elevator doors opened up and Nathan pulled a card from his wallet and gave it to him. He smiled and nodded as a silent thank you and headed up to his office to start work all over again. Sitting down at his desk he stared at the card for a while not really sure if that was the route that he wanted to go. Aleksandr was not a greedy man by any means so money wasn’t an issue but the idea of a stranger coming into his home wasn’t exactly a dream come true. He weighed the pros and cons for a little while longer and finally gave in and dialed the number and the phone immediately picked up.


“Hello…is this Mya?”

“The one and only! Well, the only one on the card. How are you?”

“I’m great. I was wondering if maybe you could find time to squeeze me into your schedule? My house is unusually large and cleaning it is…well it’s too much of a hassle for me anymore.”

“Sure! Whenever you have time I’ll stop by and we can do a walkthrough so I can see what I’m up against and go from there. Sound fair?”

“Are you busy this afternoon? Say around two?”

“Two it is. Now, where exactly am I going mister….”

“Baranova. Aleksandr Baranova. 2401 South Lexington. Green house.”


When Mya ended the call she was more than relieved. Since she had started her business she only had three clients and one was a sweet old lady with a heart of gold but on the other had she had two perverts one who always asked her to do things just to get her to bend over. As degrading and unsettling as it was this a decent paycheck and helping her save up to get a portfolio together so she could get her modeling career off the ground. She needed every dime that she could get, perverts or not. In fact, that was one thing that she was worried about this new guy and if he would be just as bad as the rest of them but that couldn’t worry her so much that she couldn’t do her job properly.

Going into her bedroom she looked through her closet and tried to find something presentable that she could wear and decided on a bright red halter dress with a matching bolero jacket. Slipping into a pair of black flats she went into the bathroom to finish her look with her hair. She ataşehir escort tried several different styles and each time she tried a new one there was something about it she didn’t like. From victory rolls, to a chignon, even a simple bun just wouldn’t do. After a quick glance at the clock she realized she didn’t have a whole lot of time and went with a side-swept look.

Climbing into her Jeep she turned the key and just like always, it started right up. She found comfort in her Jeep knowing that it was reliable, safe, and compared to a lot of gas guzzling SUV’s it didn’t hurt her gas budget too bad. Adjusting her rear view mirror just a tad she pulled away and cursed out loud when she found herself in a traffic jam. Each moment was precious and now her chances of getting there early were shot and the only thing she could do now was hope that she could make it to her appointment on time. Mya was always punctual and that alone was admirable in today’s job market especially with her job. After taking several deep breaths she happened to glance down at her phone and saw that he had sent a text message asking if she would mind meeting a little earlier than that. Sliding out her keyboard she quickly sent a message back and said she would. After hitting send she stared at the traffic jam that moved maybe a few feet and just when all hope seemed lost it picked back up and cars seemed to rocket forward. It turned out to be just an accident and police and the fire department were clearing the road of all debris to avoid any further accidents.

Slowing way down when she turned onto Lexington she followed it for a while until she saw 2399 in bright red letters by the mailbox. Right next to that was a magnificent green house that fit the description and the address. Parking on the street her jaw dropped and heart pounded when a Rolls Royce Phantom slowed down and turned into the driveway right at 2401 and although she wasn’t submerged in the world of cars she knew enough to know Rolls Royce vehicles came with a hefty price tag which meant he was professional and she needed to be on her “A game” even though it was just a cleaning job, a job was a job and that was good enough for her. Climbing out of her jeep she made her way up the walk and stood at the bottom step and waited for him to get out. When he did get out, she had to fight to keep her jaw from dropping at the sheer sight of this man. One thing was certain, his deep voice and thick accent matched his size.

“Are you Mya?” He said as he closed his door and activated the alarm on the car that signaled it was active by two light beeps of the horn.

“That would be me, sir. You have a lovely home and this is only the outside.”

“You may end up rethinking this when you see the inside. By the way you look very lovely, Mya. Do you always dress like this when you come to work?”

“Well, not exactly, sir. I’ve always believed in dressing well when it comes to an interview- that’s what this is, isn’t it?”

“You are a very smart girl, Mya. I’ve always believed the same thing in fact, that is what got me my internship that eventually led to a six figure salary and a Phantom.”

Unlocking the door he pushed it open and waved an arm for her to enter first with a smile on his face. “Ladies first, after all.” Mya tried to hide her blush but a faint shade of pink tinted her cheeks as she stepped inside the massive home and he was right, it was much larger on the inside than it looked. Her jaw finally dropped as she made her way through the foyer and a strong hand touched her shoulder and pointed to the kitchen with a light nod.

“This is the room that gives me the most fits.”

“Well I have no idea why.” There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice but it was all in good fun and the gentle smile and chuckle that she drew from him assured her that he understood that she was in fact, making a joke out of it.

“What I need most is the basic things when it comes to a maid. Someone to clean the kitchen once in the morning and again in the evening. The shower needs daily attention to keep soap scum from building, and of course the carpets vacuumed, hardwood swept and mopped, and once a month I like to steam clean. Does any of this sound too much?”

“No sir. I’m glad to have the opportunity. Is that all you need? I don’t mean to interrupt I was just-“

“You weren’t interrupting. This, miss Mya, would be interrupting. You are asking questions and since you are asking I will answer with no, there is more than that but first could I ask you a question of my own?”

“Of course you can! Fire when ready.”

“Would you relax and stop being so nervous? Think of this as a….casual interview. You have the job I can assure you of that I just want you to be the one to make sure that you aren’t getting in over your head. Now as for what else I need I always need to look my best and I have a suit press and I need to make sure my suits are neatly pressed and hanged in my closet and I keep them color coded and I’ll show you what I use for kadıköy escort bayan business, leisure, and of course important events. Other than what I’ve said that is all I need. Any more questions?”

“Only two, sir. My first question is do you have a family or anybody else that lives here? My second is when do I start.

Aleksandr chuckled and looked at the beautiful girl. There was something special about her though he couldn’t quite identify it. She looked like a delicate red flower in a patch of grass. Her beauty was vibrant that could stick out in a sea of people. Extending a hand he offered yet another warm smile.

“Everything is kept up but I’ll be having dinner tonight around six so about 7:30 would be appropriate. To answer your other question I live here alone so no worries of anybody else and in fact should you see someone else I’m sure you know to call the police and leave the house.”

Shaking his hand she nodded to let him know she understood and looked around one last time at the marvelous kitchen and drank in every detail. She ran her fingers over the black granite countertops and looked down at the white and black tile floor. “I think we are at an understanding and I will see you tonight at 7:30 sharp. This really is an amazing house. Is there some room filled with chests of gold and diamonds that I should know about?” Alek simply chuckled and led her out of the house and waved goodbye as he headed back to his car and back to work once more.


Returning to work he groaned when his stomach rumbled and he realized he hadn’t gotten a single bite to eat because he was showing Mya the house. He couldn’t help but want some good food but he wasn’t about to leave work just to eat and he wanted her to understand exactly what she was getting into. Groaning when he got on the elevator a hand blocked the doors when they went to close and Nate hopped in with him.

“So did you go ahead and give her a call or what?”

“Yeah, she’s going to be working for me as well now.”

“Is she working for you or are you going to be working her? She’s so hot dude the things I-“

“I’d like one conversation on the elevator to be about something other than sex and how girls look. She has a job to do and I’m sure she’s going to do just fine. I’m glad she doesn’t want extra for the size of the house it is big.”

Watching Nate get off with a rotten look on his face he went up to his floor and groaned once more. He was far too hungry for his own good and it would be a few hours before he would be able to get any dinner in him. He was relieved when he remembered that he had a pastrami sandwich left over from yesterdays lunch and that was something to be eaten with great haste. Sitting down at his desk he had just unwrapped his sandwich when his phone rang and it was Jeffrey the neighbor.

“Did you know that some weird little girl was at your house today? I saw her outside and she just rubs me wrong.”

“Jeffrey I let her in. If you are going to be the neighborhood gossip at least make sure you have your facts straight before you do, alright?”

He hit the intercom and told his secretary that he wasn’t taking calls for the next half hour. He did indeed get to devour his sandwich and though Nate was a little obnoxious about it he definitely was right. She looked truly beautiful and to him she looked like a pin up model and nothing slutty or classless but a beautiful, elegant model that could take your breath away and she definitely did even though he didn’t let it show. Now that he had his sandwich in him and thoughts of her cleared from his mind he decided that it was time to actually get some work done.

-X-four excruciatingly long hours later -X-

Grabbing his briefcase he left the office and said his goodbyes to everybody and made his way to his parking spot he put his briefcase back in its spot and left his prison-like building in the rear view mirror and headed straight for traffic which was surprisingly light, considering he took the back roads and found himself in his driveway with a beautiful blonde pin-up model waiting in her Jeep. Waving to her he watched her hop out and make her way up the walk and allow him to let her in.

“It’s barely six and you are already here? You like to be early, don’t you Mya?”

“Well I was thinking that I could cook you dinner tonight. You sounded so sad when you said you would be eating alone I couldn’t let you do that. So I am going to go in there and make something out of whatever you have.”

“That is…really sweet and kind of you Mya.”

“I don’t like it when people have to spend meals alone. Especially a suave, sophisticated man like yourself.”

He smiled and led her in and she quickly made her way to the kitchen and started rummaging through the fridge. She pulled out the ground pork and the ground beef as well as everything she needed to make spaghetti and meatballs. Little did she know, however, that it was one of his favorite dishes. “You’re not allowed in here, either!” She escort maltepe called out as she started mixing the meatballs together and adding the seasonings.

Between the pasta, meatballs, and making sauce from scratch dinner took her a long hour and a half. She looked over her shoulder and narrowed her eyes when she saw him standing there in pajama pants and a tee shirt.

“How long have you been in here mister peeker?”

“Long enough to smell something really good. I just took a shower…you know that would explain the wet hair and smelling good.”

She put his plate on the table and he took the liberty of pouring two glasses of rich wed wine to go with it. Sitting down he stared at the heaping mound of pasta covered in the rich sauce and golf ball sized meatballs and dug in. She spent the first little bit watching him eat but soon joined in and giggled when his plate was practically gone.

“Now go along and do something while I do all the dishes and get this place spic and span.”

He would do just that but when he got up he took his plate to the sink where she was already rinsing pans. Reaching across her to put his plate in the sink his forearm brushed lightly against her chest and he could have sworn her nipples were rock hard! Going back into the living room he sat down and watched some television but his mind was on her breasts and though he tried not to think about them he was getting hard as a rock.

“Mya I’m going to go up to my room. Lock the door on your way out, would you?”

He didn’t wait for her to answer back he was too turned on at this point. Going into his room he locked the door and put in a DVD that had a strawberry blonde girl on her knees completely naked with a face full of cum. He turned the volume down to where he could hear it but it wasn’t easily heard by anybody outside his room. Sitting on the bed he pulled his cock from the opening in his pajama pants and quickly started stroking his cock furiously though the beautiful strawberry blonde faded and he thought about Mya taking him down her throat. It wasn’t even a full six minutes and he had exploded all over his hand, the bottom of his shirt, and of course his pajama pants.

Panting heavily he froze when he heard her coming up the stairs and he turned the television off and smiled when he heard her heading to the bathroom giving him enough time to change his clothes and then get on fresh ones though he had no idea how to explain why his clothes needed to be washed especially when he already took a shower. Instead of entering she lightly tapped on the door and cleared her throat.

“The dishes are done and I put the leftovers in a bowl for you tomorrow. I’m going to go home now did you need anything?”

“No…I’m fine….you can go on…”

“Are you alright, Mr. B?”

“Yeah…everything is great. You can go home thank you.”


She indeed did go home but the entire way there she couldn’t help but wonder if he had purposely meant to touch her chest by reaching across her or if that was accident. It seemed innocent enough so why should she worry? It wasn’t like he was groping her or trying to have his way with her at the sink or something. So instead of making a big deal she went home seeing as how he was the last visit of the day and took a long hot bath and then went to bed by the time the clock ready 10:30 P.M.

That morning when Mya woke up she got dressed today was a work day so it was a simple pair of blue jeans and a red tee shirt and a pair of tennis shoes. She visited each of her houses and checked off every item off of their lists and anxiously got to Aleksandr’s house and quickly went to work. She worked vigorously until it was time to leave she was surprised by him coming in the door.

“Oh, hello Mr. Baranova. I was just leaving I’ve completed everything you asked and even did your laundry. Is there anything else?”

“You know you are working extra hard and if you keep this pace up you’re looking at a raise. I don’t think you get paid nearly enough, to tell you the truth.”

“Thank you, Mr.-“

“You can call me Aleksandr, or Alek. Pick which ever feels most comfortable for you.”

“Al…right Mr…I mean Alek.”

He smiled and when she went to leave he brushed up against her, this time his hand swung back and brushed against her ass and it felt so firm and all he could think of was her beautiful body uncovered and naked. He went about his lunchtime habits as usual and if it meant getting to see his beautiful maid more often he would come home every day for lunch. He ate his spaghetti and meatballs but for some reason all he wanted was Mya in the kitchen again. Luckily for him, he would get to see her that night.


As she went about her day all Mya could think about was the second coincidence that she couldn’t quite get over. How could his hand just barely brush across her ass today, and yesterday his arm touched her breasts? She couldn’t stop thinking about him and how badly she wanted to just ask him if he wanted her and if he did to just say it. Fortunately for her the rest of her day went swimmingly and she wasn’t held up by anybody other than Nathan who kept offering her drinks and complimenting her. It was clear what he wanted but it was clear to her what he was not going to get.

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