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Readers are forewarned that this story contains graphic descriptions of sex between a father and his daughter. If incest offends or disgusts you, please enjoy your day, and read someone else’s story.

For those wishing to continue, let me explain that this story is a four part series about consensual sex between a father and daughter. This story is completely fictional. All of the characters are of legal age. I know that in most cases incest can have a devastating impact on families, but there are situations like this. I am in no way condoning these activities, but simply putting out the idea that not all persons involved in it are forever damaged. It does happen more than you might think.

I would like to thank editors Grania2 and smoothed for help throughout the process of developing this story.


My name is Greg. I was 18 years old when this all stated, but I looked much younger because of my size. My growth spurt hadn’t kicked in yet. I was always teased about this at school. Mom always blamed it on me being a “preemie.” Due to some medical complications I was born over a month early.

Still, I was going through the changes all guys do. During this time and place, parents didn’t often speak of the things we needed to hear. Girls might have gotten a warning from their moms to not be “that girl,” but that was about it. Guys were pretty much on their own. Sex was just something parents weren’t good at talking to their kids about.

Listening to guys at school had clued me in to parts of it. Sure, I was always playing with myself, but I was not all that sure how exactly the sex part with the girl worked just yet. I had heard all the colorful words, but I didn’t understand all the actions behind them.

I had been having wet dreams for a while. I’d wake up at night feeling really good, and the damp area of my underwear would be cooling by then. I felt really embarrassed about it all, and would quickly change. I’d stuff the soiled underwear deep into the dirty clothes hamper. I hoped by the time my mom did wash the spot would dry, or she’d figure a wet towel in the basket had dampened them.

My dad was a roofer, and worked steady, unless the weather was bad. He had been a strict father, and had been pretty tough on us. I had an older sister named Shelly.

Mom worked a lot. She had a good job at a local car assembly plant. It was good pay and steady. She was always gone though. She didn’t have enough time in, to get the good shifts, so she mostly worked in the evenings. She’d get home after midnight, sometimes even later if she stopped at the bar with her friends for drinks.

Anyway, this all started one day when I had been nosing around just being curious. I had gotten into my parents closet, and was just poking around when I discovered an old crumpled box on my dad’s side of the closet. It was on the upper shelf covered by some old hats. As I lifted the lid, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a stash of pornographic magazines. I knew right then, I should have gotten out of there. My head was pounding as I picked up the top one and flipped through the pages. My mouth was as dry dirt, and I remember shaking so bad, I thought I might lose my balance. I was standing on a chair to reach the shelf.

I grabbed the one magazine, got down, pulled the chair away and made a dash for the bathroom. Our house was small and had only one bathroom. It was about the only place that I could be alone. My bedroom door didn’t have a lock on it.

Shelly was outside in the yard. This was during the summer. Mom and Dad figured Shelly and I were responsible enough to be left alone during the day. Mom had gone to work early. She always got a lot of extra overtime hours in the summer.

Locking the door, I sat down on the cool linoleum, and with almost reverence, started studying the magazine. It had an old glossy cover. The pages were worn, and the corners all bent. I don’t think there was much text. If there was, I didn’t waste time with it.

The pictures inside were of everything. On the first few pages, women were laid out on beds showing guy’s sticking their dicks into them. I didn’t know much about sex then, but I knew your dick was supposed to go into the girl. I wasn’t even sure at the time what a girl’s private parts looked like.

As I paged through the book, my little dick was at full attention. I remember not even wanting to waste time getting out my pecker. I just shifted my jeans to make more room in the front, and kept on looking. I could not believe that girls actually did this kind of stuff for real. One page showed several girls with a dick in their mouth, as they sat on another one. I had to force myself to swallow every once and a while, just to wet my throat.

I was only about half way through when I heard the screen door slam. I knew Shelly was now in the house. I had to stop. I stood up and flushed the toilet just to cover my tracks. I stuffed the magazine under some towels by the sink, and tried to bend my pecker to where it didn’t show. Finally, I had to gaziantep minyon escort bayan just pull it up straight against my stomach and hope it wasn’t going to be noticed. I wasn’t particularly big or anything, but the little sucker was rock hard, and wouldn’t go down.

Shelly’s banging on the door startled me. She had to go.

“Hurry up,” yelled Shelly.

I was still pale, and my heart was pounding as I exited the bathroom.

“What do you want for lunch?” Shelly yelled from the bathroom.

I was making my way to my room when Shelly hollered, saying she was making hot dogs.

“Ok,” I said, even though I wasn’t a bit hungry.

As soon as I heard Shelly go back in the kitchen, I raced back to the bathroom to retrieve the magazine. As quietly as I could, I replaced it in the closet, making sure to put everything back the way I found it.

All through lunch I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had seen. Visions of those girls naked, and actually having sex played over and over in my head. I probably hadn’t said a word at all. Shelly startled me back to reality.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked.

“Nothin, Just ain’t hungry I guess,” I told her.

Shelly was a nice sister. We were always close. We didn’t have a lot of neighbors with kids our ages, so we had grown up as play buddies also. We had always been together when we were young. We really never had many fights or anything like that.

Mom and Dad did all the fighting. That was maybe why we stuck together so much.

Dad and Mom were always at each other about things. Honestly, it was probably a good thing Mom’s work kept her away so much. Dad was home in the evenings alone with us, and that was probably best.

Dad never did much at home. He’d work all day on someone else’s house, and he seemed pretty beat when he got home. Mom had shown Shelly how to cook early on. Most times we just ate simple meals Mom had gotten ready in the morning.

Dad was not one to cross. If you had chores, or homework to do, you have better have them done. He wasn’t a warm person you could talk to. Mostly he would just grab a beer and settle into the couch and watch TV.

“Coming outside?” Shelly asked.

“Naw,” I said. “I’ll just probably sort out some ball cards in my room.” I lied.

Nothing would keep me from getting another look in that box. She went out to the yard again.

As soon as I felt it was safe, I raced back to my parent’s room and dug into that box again. I couldn’t believe all the stuff in there. Mostly magazines, but other stuff too. There were some playing cards, like for poker or something. The edges of the cards were all worn and curled. The deck was just wrapped with a thin rubber band. I remember the top card being a joker and instead of the normal kind of picture there was a full color picture of a woman holding two dicks against her face. I pried the other cards away and was shocked as I realized each card was a different picture of sex positions on them. Real stuff too. Not just naked poses, but actual close-ups of girls doing sex. I held on to the cards and grabbed another magazine, and went to the bathroom again. I was sitting on the floor with the magazine in my lap, thumbing through the cards. Each one was a jaw dropping shot of some sex position I had never dreamt of before.

I was being careful to lay each card out in sequence on the cover of the magazine just in case Dad had an order to them. I must have had ten cards on my lap when the bathroom door burst open. In my hurry, I must have forgotten to lock the door right. Shelly had come back in the house without me hearing her.

“Shelly, God Damm!” I cried.

The door bounced against my legs. The magazine flipped off my lap and the cards slid off across the floor.

“What the hell Shelly, get out,” I yelled, trying to cover as much as I could, but it was useless.

Shelly just stood there for a moment not saying anything. I couldn’t think of anything to say either. Just awkward silence, and dread on my part. Finally she stooped down, and picked up one of the loose cards near her foot. It was one of a girl sucking on a guy’s huge cock. I could have died right then. She seemed to study the card for some time, and finally said something I’ve never forgotten.

“Do you like looking at this stuff?” she asked softly.

I started muttering something about, it not being mine.

“I’ve got to clean up the lunch mess,” she interrupted.

“We can talk after I’m done.” She handed me the card she was holding and left.

I didn’t think I had the strength to even get up off the floor. I just sat there wishing I were dead. Finally, I started rounding up the cards, trying to re-order them as if it mattered now. I walked back towards my room carrying the cards and magazine right out in the open.

I went in my room and sat on the edge of the bed. I was dreading the next few minutes. Finally, hearing Shelly in the hall, I knew nizip escort bayan it was coming.

Shelly walked into my room. She came over and just stood right in front of me. She didn’t seem especially mad, but I was too ashamed to even look her in the face. I remember sort of fidgeting with the edges of the cover of the magazine. After what seemed like an eternity of awkward silence, she reached out and put one hand on my shoulder and put the other right on the stuff in my lap. She sort of bent over and leaned real close into me. She spoke softly, almost at a whisper.

“I understand,” she said “I know what you are going through.”

I was still bracing for an ass chewing, which I was sure would follow but she kept her quiet tone, and continued.

“Look, I know how you guys are,” she said.

“Sis, I’m sorry you saw this stuff,” I interrupted. “I was just curious and wanted to know about stuff the older guys at school are always talking about.”

“I understand,” she repeated. “Anyway, you know this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this stuff.”

My jaw must have dropped in my lap as I stuttered to say something. She knew about Dad’s stash.

“Huh,” I said, “You knew about this stuff?”

“Have for several years now,” she said sort of matter of fact.

I could have almost slid off the bed at this point. She already knew about this kind of stuff. Suddenly my eyes were on her and I was studying her face for a clue as to what she was up to.

“Why didn’t you ever say anything about it?” I asked.

“Because you weren’t ready yet,” she said.

“But how did you find it?” I stuttered.

“I’ve known all about sex for a couple of years now,” she said.

I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation with my sister. We were close, but I don’t think I would have ever discussed private stuff like this with her.

Shelly started to say something then paused. She seemed hesitant about something and at a loss for words. I was still watching her intently as she kind of turned away from me and took a couple steps toward the door. She caught the edge and quietly moved it closed. She had her back to me as I heard the door click shut. She kind of stayed there for a moment with her forehead leaning against the door. I knew something serious was on her mind. Finally she turned back and came right up beside me and sat down on the bed. Her face seemed only inches from mine. She took a deep breath, and shocked the hell out of me.

“Dad and I do sex all the time,” she blurted out.

“WHAT?” I must have shouted, because she hushed me.

“We’ve been doing it for about two years now,” she said.

“Naw, Huh, No way, I mean how? When? Does Mom know?” I was just kind of stuttering. I couldn’t believe any of this conversation.

“Quiet,” she scolded me. “Keep your voice down.”

I couldn’t believe this. She was having sex with Dad and worried about me making too much noise.

“Look,” she said, “it started a couple years ago.”

“Dad started coming-on to me when Mom was gone, which is like always.”

“You let him?” I whispered. “You let him stick his thing in you?”

“Well Duh!” she said.

“Does he squirt cum too?” I asked.

Shelly looked at me kind of funny and said, “Well what do you think he does silly, just go limp? He always gets his nut off with me,” she said, as though she was right proud of it.

I just couldn’t get used to Shelly talking like this. “His nut!” She had never let on that she was anything more that a shy, innocent young girl.

My sister, fucking my dad, this is incredible I thought. My own fears over being caught looking at dirty pictures were now gone. The conversation was now all about Shelly and Dad.

“When, how?” I pressed.

“Usually in the evenings if you’re out and gone somewhere,” she responded.

“Does Mom know?” I asked.

“Probably not,” said Shelly. “Not that she’d really care. I don’t know if Mom and Dad even do it anymore.”

“He’s always on to me. I don’t know if he’d have enough stuff left to do Mom too.” she sort of laughed nervously.

“Wow!” I said. “But, won’t you get a baby?”

“NO!” she answered real quickly, “Dad said he had an operation. He told me he was safe now”

“Isn’t he really big?” I asked.

I couldn’t believe the questions I was throwing at her, or the cool manner in which she replied.

“He stretched me out some at first, but now I can take him without a problem,” she answered.

“What does he do? I mean does he just jump on you and DO IT?” I persisted.

“Well no, silly, we usually fool around awhile before we get down to the fucking part,” She chided me.

“Fool around?” Huh, I wanted details now. “You mean like sucking off too,” I asked.

“Well most times.” she said.

“Where do you do it?” I asked.

“Lots of places, but mostly in Mom and Dad’s room now.” she said.

I was dumbfounded. This was incredible! Shelly and Dad were screwing nurdağı escort bayan away in Mom’s bed when she was at work, and me, stupid me, out playing ball or something somewhere.

My hormones were doing all the talking now. I had a million questions, and Shelly seemed Ok at answering all of them.

I’ve always thought later, that she was probably tired of keeping the secret, and ready to share it with someone.

All this time, damm! I thought. Sis was getting it on with Dad, and I was just wacking-off to my silly fantasies. Dad and she were actually doing IT!

Incredible! I had completely forgotten about the stuff on my lap, which now paled in comparison to this news. I even left it lay on my bed for a moment forgetting completely about it.

“We really need to put this stuff back,” said Shelly, picking up the porno. “You don’t want Dad to catch you with this.”

“You’ve seen this stuff?” I asked.

“Sure, and a lots more.” Shelly smiled.

“What? MORE?” I asked

“Movies, videos, lots.” she replied.

“Where? Can I see? Please?” I was almost begging her.

“Maybe,” was her only reply, “Now let’s get this stuff back.”

At this point my balls were ready to explode.

“No, we have to talk about this more.” I begged.

“I want to see it,” I started to say..

“See it?” she laughed nervously, “You mean the sex?”

“Huh?” That thought had not crossed my mind. But now that she had brought up the idea, it stuck in my head.

Shelly knew exactly where the porno belonged. She had drug the chair over to the closet as if she’d done it a thousand times. She even arranged the box contents exactly as they had been. Jumping down off the chair, she was face to face with me now.

Whatever came over me, I’ll never know, but I said, “YES.”

“Yes what?” she said, looking at me strangely.

“Yes, I want to watch.”

Shelly looked stunned for a moment. She turned her head away and started to brush past me.

“Watch me what?” she asked.

I was so into all this at that point I figured “what the hell.”

“Really, I mean it.” I continued, following her.

Shelly seemed to be trying to get away from me at this point. Suddenly she stopped at the door and turned to me. “How? Really how could you watch? Dad would know”

“Not if you helped,” I said.

“Where? How?” she asked. .

“Here!” I said, “Right in here.” We were standing next to the bed in which he had apparently done “it” with her maybe a hundred times.

“I could hide in there,” I said pointing back to the closet.

“No way,” said Shelly “He’d see you.”

At this point I was so excited that I was desperately trying to formulate some plan, some way. I just sort of began making it up as I went.

“No he wouldn’t if I moved around the junk on Mom’s side. I could slip in here, and you could tell him I went to Rick’s.”

“You could do it in here, and I could watch. Then after he does you, I’ll slip out and “pretend to come home later.”

“Please, please, Shelly? I’ve never wanted anything so bad.” I said. “Please, I’ll never tell anyone or ask anything of you again? PLEASE?”

Shelly had moved back over to the closet again and was peering in. studying the mess inside.

For some reason Shelly didn’t seem outraged at my suggestion. Instead she actually seemed to be considering the possibility of it.

“How would you get out of the house?” she asked.

“Out my window,” I said, “It’s at the back of the house, and I can get to the woods without being seen.”

“Dunno,” she said shaking her head.

I knew I had her and with a little more begging, she might actually let me watch her do a fuck with Dad.

“Let me think about it, OK?” she said.

I figured I was better off not pushing the issue at this point, and let it rest.

What a day. I couldn’t believe these events. I went from a horny desperate kid with only his fist as an outlet for sex, to possibly getting to witness my first real fuck.

Dinner couldn’t come too soon for me. Dad usually got home around 5, and dinner was usually right away.

Dad’s pick-up pulled into the drive right after 5:15. He looked rough, and headed to the house. I stayed outside until Shelly called out that dinner was ready.

Shelly was cool to me during dinner, and didn’t say much. Dad even noticed, and asked about it.

“Nothing is wrong,” she said, when he asked. “Just quiet I guess.”

I wasn’t sure how to read Shelly, so I figured “I would grab the bull by the horns,” so to speak.

“Dad, Is it OK if I go to Rick’s tonight after supper?” I asked.

I gave a look to Shelly to see if she was following my lead.

“Chores done?” Dad barked.

“Yep!” I answered.

“Alright then, but not real late.” was the reply.

“YES!” I thought.

Shelly said nothing, and we finished dinner.

Dad said he was going to take a shower after dinner, which he did sometimes. This would be my chance to hide. Shelly seemed to still be undecided as I helped carry the dirty dishes to the sink.

“Take out the garbage when you leave Greg,” Dad shouted as he headed into the bathroom.

“Shelly?” I looked, pleading.

“That’s a good sign he’s horny,” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“Shower silly, He always wants to shower first, and then fuck,” she said.

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