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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Chapter 16 — Taking Things to the Limit

I lay panting on one of Jake’s massage tables that he’d put out on the patio so various ‘guests’, like me, could do sexual performances for the others at his sex party. I hadn’t just gotten a massage. I’d gotten a nice massage and then been fucked to within an inch of my life by Cord and Doug, two of the handsome men who’d also nailed Grace and Candy earlier in the day. I had a gallon of sperm leaking out of my cunt from the two men, plus from Derek — Allie’s nerdy boyfriend, and from two others I’d also fucked before getting taken to the table for a demonstration of sloppy-seconds fucking.

A few feet away on another massage table, Allie was woman-on-top over a new man we’d met named Roy, and another new man, Ken, had slid into her ass, taking advantage of the various tubes of lubricant on a table near the massage tables. Her mouth was open in a silent scream as another orgasm nearly ripped her apart.

As the two men again started to pump together, in no particularly rhythm, Allie started to have more orgasms. She was a very active participant. She fucked back I was glad to see. She’d already become popular and desired at the party; not bad for a high school girl. Then again, maybe her popularity in this slightly older crowd wasbecause she was a high schooler.

Sheri, Maryann, and I had challenged Allie to fuck two men she’d never met, do an MMF or FFM, and have sex in a blatantly public situation. She was apparently satisfying several of our challenges with one threesome fuck under the spotlight. I wanted to eat her pussy later.

On the third massage able, Allie’s new male friend Derek was balls deep in Candy, my friend from Denver. I think I’d seen him with three other women earlier. Allie had been fixing him up with women, but now he seemed on his own. Derek was in high school and had remarkable recovery abilities, specifically, he almost didn’t need to recover. He was always ready. I’d been one of his earlier fucks, and he was indeed satisfying, if still naïve. I thought about taking him on as a cause to remove his blinders on the sexual and relationship part of life.

A number of other people were lying back on some of the chaises watching the sexual activity on the three tables. There’d been a continuous show of some kind on the tables since the sexual part of the evening had started. That had occurred right after dinner.

I sat up on the table and the two men I was with kissed me. They wanted to go in the pool to cool down, and I waved them to go ahead. “I’ll be there in a minute. I need to recuperate. You two are super. Thank you for the past forty minutes.”

I looked around the patio after I took in the other tables and on the chaises. Grace was in the spoon position on a chaise wilth the handsome waiter Todd. He was slowly moving his generous cock to and fro in her pussy, and holding her generous middle-age breasts in his hands as he kissed as much of her skin as he could reach. She looked in some kind of ecstasy.

Grace was an amazing woman. She’d been married to my client Mike for over twenty years. She’d been nineteen when they wed, but they both continued through college, even after they had their first child. After Mike graduated in computer science, he went to work for a local company in the I.T. department that he now headed.

Grace kept going in college and got her Ph.D. in anthropology. Somehow, by virtue of a tolerant husband and mature-acting children she got her doctorate, and that included spending some huge blocks of time in the Yukon and North Slope Alaska studying the Inupiat tribes.

Grace had told me how she’d even become sexually intimate with some of the men in the tribe in order to earn her place in their society. They shared her, but they also shared their wives with each other and with visitors.

Mike knew what was going on, and through Grace’s assistance, she set him up with one of the other doctoral students living in the city. They had a friends-with-benefits relationship, as Grace collected her research data. They continued even after Grace returned until Carol married

Mike and Grace took up with Carol and her husband David until they moved away because of his job. Owen and I had come into their lives at a time when they were hoping to find another couple to share themselves with. In turn, we found Chad and Candy for them.

Mike didn’t mind the two women he was sexually involved with going off to see the third, and also to participate in what he knew, through first-hand experience, was one of the best orgies ever. He was in a boring strategic planning meeting near Colorado Springs with the other executives of the company he worked for.

Chad had a similar meeting with his company, but with the possibility of hooking-up with one of the other women managers. He had Candy’s blessing to try anything.

Unless I’d missed something, Candy had already escort izmir been with five men who’d stayed at Jake’s home, and then had four more at the party. She’d just made Derek very happy and vice versa, if their sounds and moans were any indication.

I finally got my sea legs and got off the table. I went out of my way to walk by Grace on the way to the pool. I bent over and kissed her rather passionately. She kissed back.

I took a kickboard from the side of the pool and just floated into the water. I loved skinny-dipping.

Cord came up to me, and we shared a very tender kiss. “You are very special, Brie. I hope our paths cross often.”

My heart just soared with his affectionate compliment. He sure had my attention a few minutes ago. I was still full of his spunk, in fact.

I surreptitiously cleaned out my leaking pussy in the pool. I’d learned that sperm doesn’t survive more than a few seconds in the presence of all the pool chemicals, and since the fluid is mostly water, it disappears rapidly. Refreshed, I exited the pool and headed to the bar for some liquids.

At the bar was the pretty waitress-caterer who I’d briefly met early when we first arrived. Her name was Susan, and I remembered. She was lusciously naked. I greeted her, “Hi, Susan. Did you get to have some fun?”

She gave me a wonderful smile. “I have had the best time tonight. I hope it was all right. Several of the men really took a fancy to me, so I’ve kind of been on one of the chaises having the time of my life. I want to come back to these from now on. I’ll even work for free.”

“Tell Jake.”

“I already did. He was one of the guys that sent me to the moon. I’ve never had a man eat my pussy the way that he could. I’ve never had so many orgasms, and I thought I was the kind of girl that didn’t have them.”

“You just needed the right kind of stimulation. I hope the other men came close to the bar he set.”

“Oh, they did. It was like once I started, I couldn’t stop. I was just having a glass of wine. Would you like something.”

I indicated that a glass of wine would be the right drink. Susan served me.

“Is this your full-time job?”

Susan laughed, “Oh, no. I took this job as a lark. Please don’t tell Jake, but I took the job in order to check out him, the house, the boat, and the rest of the situation.”

“Check out? What do you mean?” My guard came up. Was she about to take advantage of Jake in some way?

“I work in personal security. I’m normally a bodyguard, but the executive that I was charged with just moved out of the area, so I’m on office duty temporarily. Jake contacted the company and asked about coverage. I was asked whether I wanted a new client. I said I’d check it out. I heard about the party and the caterers, so contacted them for a temp job tonight.”

I relaxed a little. “And what did you conclude?”

“I want the job. Jake is nice. The environment is contained. He even does most of his work from the house, which in my line of work is a big plus. We’ll check out you and all his friends, but I doubt there’s anything there for us or him to worry about.”

I said, “You know he’s engaged?”

“Yes, I had a long chat with Maryann. We hit it off, and that’ll be important in the long run.”

“Are the side services such as he gave you part of the job?”

She laughed, “They never have been, but I might make an exception. I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize his relationships with anybody, especially Maryann. On the other hand, I go both ways, so maybe she and I might connect once in a while.”

“What kind of training do you have?”

“I’m still being trained. It’s a constant endeavor. I know and use various kinds of weapons — guns, rifles, bows and crossbows, and I’m learning about knives right now. I’m a brown belt in Krav Maga, and I’m taking some extensions into urban street fighting right now. I’ll move up to black belt eventually.

“Beyond that is a lot of training, even in my college work, in intelligence work. Finding out ahead of time what people are thinking, plotting, and so forth. Head things off before they even begin, if you will.”

“Wow, that all sounds fascinating. You look in great shape.” Susan had a muscular body, but as she mentioned aspects of her training, I could see the unique definition that I’d at first overlooked.

Owen and Luke came up and joined us. I introduced Susan without saying anything other than she had a temporary job with the caterer for tonight’s gig. Susan gave me an appreciate smile. I wondered when she’d go to work for Jake.

Susan and I went off with the two men to adjacent chaises. In only a few seconds, both of us had male heads buried in our hot little snatches. Orgasms followed, and then some slow and romantic fucking. We switched partners several times, but it didn’t detract from the romantic nature of our couplings.

* * * * *

When I woke up Sunday morning in my apartment, I had a lot of company. I say morning, but it was about twenty izmir escort bayan minutes before noon. We hadn’t gotten home until about four a.m.

In my large bed were Owen and Susan. We’d had a cozy sleep. Beside the bed on a futon were Allie and Derek, her erstwhile high school boyfriend who had noteworthy stamina and recovery skills. On the pull-out sofa in my living room were Sheri and Blake, one of the other men she worked with at Knightsbridge. They were fucking.

I padded from the bathroom into the kitchen and got out my twenty-four-cup coffee urn and started a couple of gallons of high-test coffee. I was sure the aroma would awaken everyone.

My front door opened and Luke came in with a huge box of pastries and donuts from the nearby bakery. He looked bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I got a kiss and he whispered to me, “I stayed here last night. In case you don’t remember we fucked and also swapped with Owen and Susan. We all really like each other. I could see you were going to have breakfast problems so I went to the shop down the street.”

I kissed him. I was naked. “Thank you. I just got up.”

Allie and Derek appeared at the doorway to my bedroom. They were both naked. She said, “Can we use your bed to fuck?”

I nodded and waved them away. Seconds later, Owen and Susan appeared, also naked. I presumed that a couple fucking next to them was possibly disturbing, although she did have cum running down the inside of both legs. I handed her several tissues and nodded towards her lower half.

My whole apartment smelled like the inside of a French whore house, not that I know that smell for actually experiencing it, but I can guess. I didn’t recall that much sex after we got to my place, but I guess things had continued — were continuing.

Susan sat at my kitchen island, “Wow! Some of you never give up.” She gestured at the sofa bed where Blake and Sheri lay panting after their torrid intercourse. They’d been all but oblivious to the rest of us clustering on the other side of the room where my open plan kitchen was.

I told her, “We’re a pretty horny bunch. I think we all have very active libidos, and we act on our impulses. You didn’t look like you were exactly shying away from things sexual last night and apparently this morning.” I teased her.

“I’ve never done anything like the past twelve hours. I’m surprised at my own behavior, but then again, I never had so many orgasms or had so much fun. I guess I lacked the opportunity, and last night it appeared.”

“Just hang out with this crowd. I was a recluse until I decided to break out of my shell. I picked Sheri over there as my role model and coach. She’s been just super helping me, although many of the things she had me do took me way outside my comfort zone.”

Susan nodded.

Sheri and Blake came over and joined us. They both looked happy and were holding hands. Sheri tried to maintain a lot of body contact with him, and he liked that, wrapping his muscular arms around her nakedness as they got their cups of coffee and tuned into the conversation. As his arm wrapped around her, she took his hand and placed it over her bare breast so that he could fondle the breast and nipple. It was a sexy move that I made note of to remember.

There was a somewhat loud teenage moan from my bedroom. Allie had just had a large orgasm. It wasn’t like she hadn’t cum two-dozen times in the past twelve hours either. She was turning out to be one of the most orgasmic girls that I knew.

After we’d all eaten some of Luke’s purchases and drunk a lot of coffee, Allie asked, “Hey, is our having sex all done for the day?”

No one immediately responded, so I said, “I guess it is unless someone instigates something.”

Allie grinned, “I want to instigate then. I’d like to fuck Luke.”

Luke looked surprised but pleased.

I winked at Owen and said, “I’d like to try Derek. I liked our short encounter last night.”

Owen put his arms out to Sheri, and that left Blake and Susan smiling at each other.

The results were two couples in my king-size bed, one on the adjacent futon, and one on the sofa bed in the living room. Derek and I were in the living room.

Sheri had taught me about growers and show-ers. Derek was a grower. Flaccid, his cock was not especially impressive. I was becoming an expert because I’d now seen so many. As I sucked on him, tasting a lot of Allie, his cock swelled and swelled until I needed two hands to encapsulate most of him. I showed him my relatively new deep throating skills and he liked that. “You’ve got to teach Allie how to do that.”

I made sounds of agreement. After ensuring his readiness, I mounted the younger man, sliding his cock into my vagina as I started to ride his teenage body. I sure hoped he was legal. He looked even younger than Allie.

I asked Derek, “Do you have control?”

“What do you mean?”

“Can you control your orgasm? Can you get a girl on the edge and then wait until she starts her orgasm before you have yours? izmir escortlar That means you have to wait for her even though you might want to spurt much earlier.”

“You have me ready to spurt now: I’m almost there.” he confessed.

“Hold off until I tell you.” I stopped our friction and allowed him a few moments to gain some semblance of control. He looked relieved, and wanted to accept my challenge.

“Can I eat you?” he said.

I slowly extracted from his cock and moved my pussy up his body to his mouth. He latched onto my cunt, and drove his tongue into me. He was a little rough. I think he had the idea to ‘Eat Pussy’ but none of the refinements.

I spent a few minutes explaining the geography and how to best cruise the hills, valleys, little flaps of skin, and the little man in the boat. I gave him the idea about repeatedly doing the alphabet on my pussy, and he asked whether I wanted upper or lower-case letters. I told him both. He was better after that, and after some concentration on my part he brought me to an orgasm. I doubt that he’d gotten to ‘Z’.

I explained to Derek what he’d done, and he looked proud of himself. I told him he had to do it again with his cock inside my pussy. We explored that option for the next fifteen minutes. He’d warn me when he felt he was close to a climax, and I’d back him down, but try to hold my own edge.

Eventually, I felt myself gearing up to something significant. I told Derek as I felt the final wave starting to crest, and he sped up his thrusts into my body.

Just as the fireworks started to fly for me, I guess I made some sounds signaling my wave had broken. Derek, got it. He slammed into me about ten times rapidly, and then I felt his teenage cock erupt and start to send gush after gush of his semen into me. He’d done it.

Derek’s orgasm drove mine to a new height, and I soared as I felt his thrusts and his nozzle filling my snug little cunt. I pulled him down on top of me and we shared a really passionate kiss.

As I slid from orgasm into afterglow, I praised him. “Derek, that was truly exquisite. You were magnificent. You are a great lover. Be sure to share what we just did with your girlfriend.”

He said, “Allie has never said that we were boyfriend-girlfriend.”

I chuckled, “You do what we just did to her, and it’ll be obvious.”

He asked, “Is it weird that she has sex with other men?”

I responded with a question, “Do you think it’s weird? You’ve had sex with me and several other women in the past twenty-four hours.”

He said, “Allie challenged me to have sex with all the girls at the party. I couldn’t do it, but I think I did nine of them last night, including with you.”

I teased, “And it was all really weird, huh?”

“No. No. It was a lot of fun. I know I’m not supposed to talk about it with anybody, but I bet that even the popular guys in school can’t equal that number.”

“It’s not a contest, Derek. The idea in our group is to grow your relationships and deliver pleasure to others that you like. I figure you like me, because you just deposited a gallon of ‘please me’ in my tight little cunt.”

He chuckled, “And that pleased you?”

“You know it. I assume that Allie is teaching you to clean up your messes?”

Derek didn’t answer, he just slid down my body until his head was right at my privates. I felt his fingers and then his tongue. Cleaning up turned out to be one of his specialties. He may have been the best of all the men I’d encountered.

Chapter 17 — Party Debrief

After most of the others left my apartment, I still had Sheri and Allie.

Sheri then announced that she wanted to critique how I did at the party, and wanted to hear me to critique Allie. The three of us had used the shower and were sitting around my living room with bath towels wrapped around us. I’d also washed my hair, so had a turban towel on my head.

Sheri said, “Brie, I thought last night and today about the areas I should use to judge your behavior. I made a list on my iPhone.” She took her cellphone and recalled her list. She announced, “My list has the following items on it, and I didn’t think of them all at the same time. I was thinking of this for a few days before when I thought about providing you some constructive feedback. They overlap and are probably not a full list.

“When you came to me and asked me to help you, you knew little about sex, relationships, and social situations. You excel in all those categories. I’ll elaborate a little as a way to praise some of the things I noticed.

You are very inclusive. You make sure the people around you have desirable partners and are fully engaged with them before you take care of yourself. That’s great, but remember that their happiness is their responsibility not yours, just as your happiness comes from inside you and how you view and interpret what’s happening in your life.

“You had some lofty goals, at least I thought so. You wanted to be like me, and I questioned whether that was advisable. I think that you’ve surpassed me sometimes, especially in some of our social-sexual situations. You truly love having sex, but then again, so do I. You display more eagerness about it than I think I do.

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