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I can only say I was a bit shocked when I looked into the room that Sam has spent so much time on. I was expecting to see all sorts of toys and devices I seen on BDSM web pages but all I saw was a normal room. The only odd thing was a collar and chain lying on the floor a few feet inside the room. Sam crawled into the room and placed the collar around her neck and then attached the chain to a clasp and held out the chain to me. I took it in my hands and said to her.

“Slut you’ve spent a lot of time and effort on this ‘training room’ yet????”

“Please Master close and lock the door and I will show you the room.”

I did as she asked. Something in her voice let me know that there was more to this room then meets the eye. When I faced her again she looked up at me and said.

“Master, this room is to be your private sanctuary. A room only you should see and use to train your slut or discipline your mother. I have designed this room to look ordinary should we ever wish to use it to house a guest. May I show you your ‘training room’?”

I nodded and still holding her leash I played it out allowing her freedom to move about. She went first to the bed, a double with matching headboard and footboards both padded in rich red leather. She reached under the bed and must have activated some sort of switch because the mattress began to turn over revealing leather covered flat hard board with insets at the corners to which she’d attached leather restraints.

“This is a place where you may restrain your slut Sir.”

Then she moved to the footboard and swung it out like a door.

“Here you may wish to bend your slut over for better access to her ass.”

She then went to the walls and after making something click removed a large painting she’d hung revealing a mirror of the same size hidden behind.

“So you slut may always see how she is being trained, if that is your wish Master.”

She went to the closet and retrieved some sort of object then took it with her as she stood on the leather bed and reached up and fixed it to a hook cleverly hidden in the ceiling next to one of the inset lights. She let the object hang down and used her hands to put it in order.

“Master, this is a swing that you slut may be placed in that will give you full access to her cunt, her ass, her tits and her mouth. You slut may be asked to accept your cock in any of her holes while she is in this swing Master. You may also leave her this way while you discipline her as part of her training.”

Sam then moved to the far wall and moved a series of smaller painting from the wall revealing four eyebolts. Two high on the wall and two lower closer to the floor.

“Here my Master might elect to secure his slut by her arms and legs and further train her. His slut can either face the wall or face her Master.

The she asked me to open the other closet with the key she’d given me and inside was an array of toys.

“Master, I have put a selection of things in this closet that I hope you approve of. There is a selection of whips and paddles. Various styles of nipples clips, some anal plugs again varying in size and shape, dildo’s in different shapes colors and materials, a few even feel like a hard cock versus the cold plastic one I have in my strap on. There are chain, rope, leather and plastic bindings to allow you choice and other toys that you may enjoy using on your slut if she so earns it.”

I looked through the closet and could not imagine anything she’d missed, all the objects were familiar to me form my visits to adult on-line stores.

“Lastly, Master your slut has installed a series of cameras that will capture any of your sluts training as you may elect to record. These recordings may help your slut learn from her errors or you may use them to humiliate your slut by showing them to others.”

My cock was rock hard listening to Sam and seeing all she’d accomplished. I wanted to take her back to our bedroom and make love to her, but I knew this was her pride and joy. All the time and effort she’d put into this room made it very important to her and I weighed my response. As her lover I wanted to love her, as her Master I knew she’d want me to begin her training. I elected to please the slut in my sister and said to her.

“Select a device for me to use on your ass and tits, paddle whip crop whatever. Bring it to me then get in that nice device you’ve hung from the ceiling slut. You have a minute to get your self ready so move it slut.”

I released her leash to allow her to get herself set up. First she went to the closet and selected a short leather whip with multiple strands of leather cascading from the handle. I saw it could be used to tickle or to torture. Then she scrambled into the chair hanging above the bed and marveled at how every hole was at just the right height to allow my cock to fill it. As she settled in I went to the closet and selected a blindfold deciding that whatever I did to my slut it would come as a ankara escort surprise. As I stood next to her my feet on the flat board that would later turn back over and become a soft mattress I placed the material over her eyes and placed my slut in a dark void. Then I waited to allow her to wonder about my next move.

I began easily enough, teasing her by merely dragging the short whip across her belly and then her thighs. I lightly swung it at her ass a few times then tickled her feet. When I dragged it across her pierced nipples she caught her breath and when I suddenly swung with a little force allowing the leather talons to leave small red streaks across her flat belly she moaned. Slowly but constantly I used the little whip on her, sometimes with some force sometimes gently grazing against her skin softer then a feather. The varying degrees of contact began to affect her and I could see how her pussy was opening, flowering as her moisture spread her petal like labia exposing her clit and the passage to her womb. Sam remained quiet only murmuring and moaning she never begged or asked me for anything. I stopped and went to the closet and selected a medium sized plug for her ass and coated it with a gel to ease its entry. I pushed it into her ass and her sphincter opened readily and accepted the plug then closed back down holding the device inside her. Sam moaned a bit louder as the plug seated itself in her ass and her pussy spasmed dampened.

I used the whip now more and on her ass, her tits and occasionally on her open and exposed clit. It wasn’t long before my slut tried to beg and plead for release, but I knew it was just her way of letting me know she wanted more. I went t the closet and selected a pair of nipple clamps and allowing the alligator clamps to seize her tender but engorged nubs. Sam’s mumbling took on more volume as the pain from her nipples meshed with the stripes I laid on her ass and tits. Her whole body was struggling in the swing and I was transfixed by how sexual she looked to me. Her eyes alone seduced me, begged me to take her and use her, spill my seed wherever I wanted. Her eyes were those of an obedient slut who lived for her Master’s pleasure.

I felt we’d experimented enough for now and I wanted to cum, so I stepped back from her, allowing the whip to rest on her belly and I stripped. Then I stepped back up and between her legs and slid my hard cock into her gaping cunt. Her expression of relief urged me on and I moved faster and faster, going deeper with each thrust until my cock was impacting with the walls of her cunt. Sam stopped muttering and clearly asked.

“Oh Master make your slut cum for you, let your slut cover your cock with her cum, let your slut’s body orgasm and engulf you and let your cum fill her sticky hole.”

She was making it difficult for me to hold back but I did until I could see her teetering on the brink. As I felt my own release flooding the length of my cock I pulled the clamps from her nipples then quickly yanked the plug from her ass, sending my little slut into her orgasm. Her whole body jumped with the combined sensations in her nipples and asshole as my cock jerked and spewed its product into her pussy.

Exhausted from the act, it was all I could do to help my slut down from her chair and carry to her our bed. It was still early in the day and we had the rest of the weekend to play in her training room. I just wanted to hold my slut, my sister and share this intimacy with her. She accepted my comfort and gave her own and we stayed interlocked for some time. When it was time, I moved away and over her, then placed my head between my sluts legs and licked at her well fucked and sticky cunt, swallowing not only her juices but my own cum as well. I was so intent on my task that it wasn’t till her legs wrapped themselves about my head that I knew she was into another orgasm. Not totally deafened by her thighs over my ears I heard her scream my name over and over again.

“Paul, Paul, Master. Oh I love you so much. Oh Paul, Oh Master I need your cock. Please stop and give me your cock.”

So intent was I in tasting my sister’s pussy that I had not realized how hard and ready I was and I rolled over and said.

“Ride me please, I want to see you bouncing on me. “

Faster then I imagined Sam rolled on top of me and rammed her wet juicy cunt on my cock, taking it all in then rubbing her clit against my pelvic bone and swaying her body from side to side so her tits were bouncing for me. She rode me slowly for a while and then asked me.

“Please take my tits and pull them, squeeze them, twist them, pinch my nipples, please now please.”

I reached up and used a hand on each of her firm tits, grabbing them, pulling them towards me then to the side away from each other all while Sam rode my with continually increased speed and devotion. Taking her nipple rings in my fingers I twisted her nipples till she yelped and the a little further and was rewarded with her cunt grasping escort ankara my cock and her pussy sucking at my member. The passion between us erupted and my hips were pounding up into her as she forced her ass back down on my cock. All too soon our bodies surrendered to the action and our orgasms met at our joined crotches. Sam fell on top of me and we both slept for hours. Then I pulled her into the shower and removed her collar then washed her gently, kissing her cleaned body and accepted the same gentle actions form her. Naked we stepped from the shower together and I asked.

“How you doing, lover?”

“Master your slut feels great. I loved how you trained me and I think I will long for the time when you will allow me to be used in the room again.”

Then she embraced me and kissed me and I kissed her back. Then I said.

“I think I’d like to dress you slut, then take you out for a bit and expose you. Then perhaps we can command mom to come by later and together we can use your room on mom. Would my slut like that?”

“Master you know your slut loves any and every thing you ask of me, but yes, the idea of being exposed in public has me dripping already and know that you will dress me is a dream for this slut. I also would like to begin mom’s training.”

In the room I dressed my slut. I selected a corset that was a size or two small for her and it forced her tits up and barley covered her nipples. Slowly rolling her hose on her legs then clipping the garter hooks I them chose a dress for her that mirrored her corset top allowing the swelling tops of her breasts to be seen easily. If my slut raised her hands over her head one or both of her nipples would certainly pop free. The skirt of the dress wasn’t short, but it was slit up the middle and if she were not careful in sitting then her pussy would be exposed. I made her tied her hair behind her head in a ponytail, exposing her ears and the two letter S & T. The outfit would not work with the chain between her nipples but Sam would know what the S & T stood for and that would be enough to night.

“Slut. Are you pleased with what I put on you?”

“Oh yes Master, your slut is excited about the possibilities. May slut ask Master for a favor?”

“Yes, of course.”

“May your slut gather some clothing and may we make mom come with us after we’ve dressed her?”

“Yes, great idea. I’ll let you decide how to dress mom to make her feel humiliated when we take her out. It’s a good thing Dad is out of town this weekend. First call mom and tell her to be clean and naked when we get there, to leave the door open to be kneeling in the doorway waiting for us. Then maybe you can dress her in the front window further humiliating her.”

Sam slipped on the stilettos I’d laid out then gathered the pieces of mom’s outfit and we let. Walking to the car I saw just how difficult it was going to be for Sam to contain her tits and how she grinned to herself as she too made that connection. Sliding into the car Sam made no effort to cover her pussy and as I held the door for her I was treated to a view of my favorite pussy. Grinning up at me and seeing where my eyes had focused Sam said.

“Thank you Master. I appreciate the desire in your eyes.”

Mom had done as commanded and her still vibrant body looked great as she knelt naked waiting for us. Sam led her to the living room and after turning on all the lights she opened the drapes and stood mom on display as she dressed her. A garter and stockings were put on first then without a bra or panties a soft silk almost transparent dress was layered over mom’s naked form. Mom slipped on the stilettos Sam had brought then followed us to the car. Mom’s dress was short enough to make sitting an issue and the was her tits pushed out the dress a sear negligee could not have made her look any more naked, even in the moonlight.

We had dinner in a casual restaurant with high glass tables and bar stools for seats and both of my sluts worked hard to not look like they wanted anyone to see their pussies or tits when that is exactly what they wanted. I enjoyed the gaping looks of a number of men who made no effort to conceal their eyes while we finished our dinner. Then I suggested we get desert somewhere else and my sluts followed me to the car, at one point near the door, Sam pretended to falter and her left tits escaped her dress and while she quickly covered it up she did it slowly enough to allow a few men to see her exposed pierced nipple. I drove around the city and my sluts stayed quiet not daring to ask about my destination. Finally I spotted what I was looking for and parked the car.

“Mom. Give me a couple of twenties.”

As she handed me the three twenties I had her join me with Sam following behind. I approached a group of homeless men and pushed my mother in front of them.

“Guys, my mom wants to suck some cock and is willing to give the first three guys twenty dollars each if they will let her. She will also pull her ankara escort bayan dress down and let you play with her titties while my sister and I watch. Any takers?”

All of them begged for the opportunity so I said.

“OK lets see what you have and I’ll let my sister pick the cocks for her mother.”

The men pulled their cocks out and Sam held and inspected each one as my mother cringe with fear in her eyes. When Sam indicated the first one, I told mom to kneel down and she did. Then she opened her mouth and the dirty old homeless man pushed his wrinkly cock in her mouth. I could see the disgust and humiliation in my mom and she allowed the man to fuck her face and I grabbed her by the hair and said.

“You paid these men for a proper blow job mom, not suck them off or it will only go badly for you later.”

Mom got more active and as soon as the first guy came and filled her mouth he bent over and squeezed her tits then walked over to collect his twenty. Sam had lined up number two and he moved quickly to take his place inserting his slightly bigger cock into mom’s mouth. This one she sucked better and her also toyed with her nipples as she sucked. When he came his cum was too much for her and a lot of it spilled over her cheeks. I indicated that she should wipe it into her mouth with her hands and she did. The last guy was huge and also very dirty, it was obvious he’d been out in the streets for a while and mom gagged when she smelled then again when she tasted him but she tried her best to give the man her twenty dollars worth and found a way to swallow his cum too.

Back in the car and headed to our house I asked mom.

“You enjoy sucking this old men off?

“No, it was humiliating and I hope you never ask me to do that again.”

Sam reached back and slapped mom back and forth across her face and said.

“Your son is your Master slut. You may disagree with him but you will thank him properly for the gift he gave you.”

Then for good measure she tore the top of mom’s dress leaving her tits exposed and slapped her again in the face.

“I apologize Master for my insolence. Thank you for letting me show you what a disgraceful slut I am.”

Then Sam said.

“It’s obvious that you love what we are doing to you mom. I mean did you really think we’d believe you’d do what you did with Dad’s boss and his secretary for Dad’s benefit?”

“No, Mistress but it was a convenient excuse and it didn’t seem to matter the why of it. It either made me a slut, a submissive toy for someone or I already was and it was just proof. Yes, I love to be humiliated and if it weren’t for the smell and the fear of disease I would have let all of those poor lonely men fuck me too. Knowing that my own son and daughter are now my Master and Mistress and that you will both use and humiliate me makes me pleased. Thank you!”

I then said to mom.

“Well don’t count on us to keep you humiliated. I am just about done with using you. I’ll discipline you tonight so you can see the things my slut sister has assembled but my heart is with my sister and I will dedicated my time and sexual energy to her and the occasional slut she brings home for the night. Maybe on your birthdays I will let Sam abuse you for our entertainment and maybe a special session at Christmas but you need to understand that Sam and I have dedicated our lives to on another and while we will play some, we will not do so to the detriment of our love.”

Sam looked at me and I nodded.

“You see mom, I love Paul and I want to find a way to marry him and bind myself to him. I will always be his to command and he will always be my Master but that not because of our erotic needs only, its because I love and trust my brother and he loves and trusts me. Once college is over I hope to move somewhere with him where our sibling relationship will not be known to those we elect to make our friends. If possible I will give Paul children and we will live as man and wife, mother and father and whatever we need, either to be a slut or a Master will be ours and ours alone.”

We took mom to the room and secured her to the bed, then used a number of items on her including plugs and clamps, whips and feathers to keep her horny but we never let her cum. After a few hours of this we called her cab, dressed her as shabbily as we could them Sam took her out to the driver and handed him a hundred dollars she’d found in mom’s purse.

“Take her where you want and fuck her as long as you’d like, bring over some friends if you want and have her fucked, then take her home and you can keep the hundred. That is what you’d like isn’t it mom?”

“Yes, please driver take me and use me, find others too, I need a lot of hot cock tonight.”

I watched the cab leave and Sam return to the house and I looked her in the eyes and said.

“Let’s enjoy the room tomorrow and ourselves tonight. Let’s also consider where we can go to get married. I want you to be bound to me in as many ways as I can slut.”

“I feel bound to you regardless of the rings and rites Master but I am anxious to be your wife so yes, Master make love to your slut tonight and then train me more tomorrow. We will find a place to marry.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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