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You’ve probably noticed that I usually write from a man’s prospective. I’ve been asked why, and I usually refuse to answer. I will say here, that I write other forms of literature and I am still practicing my writing craft.

I admit a propensity in life for oral sex, both giving and receiving. Whether a cock is hard or soft makes no difference, but soft gives a chance to feel it grow in my mouth. What a feeling of power that has? During a blowjob, I have control over everything, how fast the man cums, even if he cums at all. I love running my tongue all about the shaft and that sensitive area under that wonderfully spongy, blunt, arrow like head. By now, I know where all the nerve endings are.

I especially like to taste the clear pre-cum lubricant that comes before the main course. In addition, the moans and groans when my man sees me lick it off his cock, makes me tremble with anticipation even now. In truth, don’t care for cum at all, but I always swallow. It’s natural, and my fellow likes it.

This is where it all started. My very first time, where I became hooked on blowjobs.

I was watching a new TV show that was filling an empty summer slot, when she made an appearance. Allie never just walks into a room. She flows. My sister’s method of entering was to naturally seduce the entire area, and every person inside all at once.

Without moving, she attracted attention. I’ve seen grown men tremble and stumble over themselves just talking to her. She has that round, baby face with the bright blue eyes and small nose that makes most males shit their pants with lust. I’ve seen many a poor bastard actually drool and wish those sex-heavy lips were clamped upon a fast hardening part of their anatomy.

Allie is a virgin, just past her eighteenth birthday. I know about the virgin part, because she tells me everything. Were identical enough that people can tell the resemblance very easily. I’m the oldest.

I marvel at how her joints are so fluid, while I’m stiff and awkward. She sat on the couch with barely a whisper of fabric, her body hot where the skin of her leg touched me.

“What you watchin’, porn?”

“You can see, dimwit,” I joked. “Besides mom and dad are home.”

“Yeah. I can see you’ve a hard on.”

I squirmed from her hand.

“I do not, and not so loud, they’ll hear.”

“They’re busy, pussy.”

“Doing what?”

Allie’s ocean tinted eyes stared at me from under yesterdays plucked eyebrow’s. She smacked me on the arm with a back-fist. Not hard enough to injure, but hard enough to hurt.

“Now, who’s the dimwit?” she said, as I rubbed my arm.

“Damn it, Allie, stop using those advanced techniques on me.”

“Have to practice on someone,” she said, a wicked looking grin reshaped those sexy lips.

“You’d like it if I had porn, wouldn’t you?”

“Let’s watch some.”

Shit, this was new. She’d never mentioned she liked watching other people having sex. If she could be blunt, so could I. “What kind do you like?”

She frowned, searching my face.

“You like . . . what?”

“Oh,” she said, as if it were an every day occurrence, “man, woman, oral.”

“My favorite too.”

“Duh, we’re twins.”

“Sorry, don’t have any.”

“Wait here.” She jumped from the couch in a flash, her bare feet making little padding sounds on the carpet as she trotted from the room.

I watched Allie’s butt dance under her blue-jean shorts. I love to study ass almost as much as I like oral sex, having never tried it except in my head. My sister’s beautiful butt cheeks tucked into those tight cut-off’s caused me to wonder, were they as firm as my dreams portrayed?

Before my eyes could adjust from her being gone, she was back. A DVD sailed across the room landing on my lap.

Laura Learns to Suck, in large golden letters blazed across the face of a girl with lips made for sucking. I flashed a glance at Allie comparing her to the girl in the picture. My sister had bigger tits, and I hadn’t noticed before, but she wasn’t wearing a bra tonight. My heart skipped a beat. Stop that, I chided myself. This is my sister for cripes sake.

The DVD tray popped out and I dropped the disk into the machine, turned the volume down on the TV so the repetitive music wouldn’t disturb our parents, and sat beside Allie. The credits zipped passed, and the movie began. Zero plot, no acting ability from the players and all of the men seemed to have huge dicks that the girls took down ankara escort with intense gusto.

“Are you that big?”

I felt my face heat up and I wanted to laugh, “Yeah sure.”

“Show me.”

“Are you crazy? No.”

“I’ll show you my tits.”

“Seen them.”


“None of your business.”

“They’re my tits, and I have a right to know, you perv.”

The girl lead on the DVD was doing deep-throat on this guy’s eight incher. Her lips pulled on the loose skin over his cock like she was trying to get it deeper into her mouth. Maybe she couldn’t get enough, or the director wanted us to think that. The camera moved in for a close up of her lips rammed up against the actor’s belly, still trying for more. Her tongue slipped out, lapped the sensitive underside of his dick. She stayed that way until her eyes grew red and watery. The actress playing Laura popped off his cock gasping, saliva coated the man’s fleshy utensil like hot, slippery grease.

I groaned.

“Any girl ever do that to you?”

“Lots of times.”

Allie smiled, and I could tell she knew no one had.

“What do you think of a girl who gives blowjobs?”

I did a little double take, locked eyes with her.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you think girls who give blowjobs are easy or whores?”

“That’s dumb, why would I?”

“Just gathering information.”

“I think all guys love to have their cocks sucked, and any girl who would trust me enough to do that for me, would be very special.”

“That’s a good answer.”

“So why do you really ask?”

“What If I sucked cock?”

“That would be between you and the guy.” My mind reeled. “Allie, is that something you’ve done?”

“I thought you said it was between me and the guy?”

“Sorry, curiosity got me.”

She searched my face. What the hell, did Allie want from me? We talk but never like this.

“How would you feel knowing that your sister liked sucking cock?”

This was the first time I’d thought about my sister having sex with her sitting this close, let alone sucking some dude’s wang. There it was right out in the open, a huge strained chasm between us, and I didn’t want to fall in.

“I don’t know,” I said, thinking honesty was best. “I never thought of you –.”

“Sucking cock?”

“Yeah, that too.”

“Haven’t done it yet,” she said, and my heart stopped skipping, “but I want to see what it’s all about.”

“When you decide, find someone that you totally trust and really like, so that you know they won’t blab it all over the state.”

“Men do that?”

“Some will, so be careful.”

“You’re a man, would you tell?”

“Allie, I respect women, and if a girl ever liked me that much, to make me that lucky, that would be my secret.”

“As I thought,” she said, and hugged me.

“What’s that for?”

“Nothing, just love you.”

“Thanks sis, I love you too,” and I gave her a kiss on the top of the head. The clean smell of shampoo and rinse wafted into my nostrils, and something else. A tiny whiff of Allie.

“I’m going to bed. Good night.”

“Sleep well, sis.”

I watched her leave. Just before she turned the corner, she looked back over her shoulder, “Thanks,” she mouthed, and was gone. I was about to remind her to take the DVD, but thought I would finish watching it.


“Remember our talk last night?” Allie said, stepping into my room. She closed the door. Didn’t think about it at the time, but later remembered that I had heard that little snip of sound as the dead bolt closed.

“Can’t unforget it.”

“I’ve decided.”


“Who’s going benefit from my first blowjob, silly.”


“Don’t you want to know?”

“None of my business.”

“It is if it’s you.”

“Allie, you’re my sister. We can’t.”

“Who said?”


“It’s just oral sex, and you can’t get pregnant.”

“I’m male, we don’t get pregnant.”

“It was a funny. You have no sense of humor.”

“Maybe not, but what you’re thinking is incest.”

“Only if people knew, and you said you wouldn’t tell.”

I pulled the covers to my shoulders, as if she had x-ray vision and the bedspread was made of lead. With each word she’d spoken, my cock became stronger and bigger. I was afraid to accidently brush against it for fear it would crack, it was that solid.

“You said it should be someone that I care for, and I care for escort ankara you.”

“Not in that way, Allie. You should know the person really well.”

“In what way does it have to be? We’re twins, and we know each other as well or better than anyone else ever will,” she said. “I’m horny as hell from earlier, and I’m willing to suck your cock, right now.”

“Holy shit, sis. That’s crazy.”

“Said so didn’t I? You want your first blowjob to be the best, so throw off those covers, and I promise this will be the finest blowjob you will ever receive.”

“No. This isn’t right.”

“Don’t be so chicken,” she said, and before I could say anything she had her top in her hand swinging it around her finger. Her breasts we’re bigger than I remembered, and jiggled when she moved. The nipples were standing out and goose bumps rose on the rounded flesh of them. She tossed the top at me. Part of it landed on my shoulder, and part slid off my head. I grabbed it. And that’s what she wanted, my hands clear of the bedspread. Cool air hit my warm body and shivers racked my skin when she snapped the covers off. In an instant, she was on top, brushing her breasts across my face. She tried to force a nipple into my mouth. At that moment, I prayed for courage and strength, because I wanted to suck on that hardened bud. Wanted to do what she demanded. My cock was bursting and I was on fire with desire. Both her breasts were firm as they gathered across my lips and I wanted to drown in them.

“Allie, no. We can’t.”

My fingers wrapped around her small shoulders. They were solid from past Karate action, and I pushed upward, elevating her upper body above my head. That’s when I lost it. Staring me in the face were two wonderful mounds of pink flesh that begged to be manhandled and sucked. That’s also when reason came to her.

“Oh, all right. Let me go.”

I loosened my grip, and relief and disappointment came all at once.


In one quick dive when I released her, Allie twisted beside my hip, her mouth encircled my full standing cock, and a talented tongue slurped all over the head and down the shaft, and I was transfixed.

“Oh my, you are so nice,” Allie said, fondling my ridgepole with both hands. “You have large, beautiful balls.”

My entire body trembled like it was winter and the furnace wasn’t working. Her lips caressed both balls. She rooted in them with her nose. Anticipation ran rampant up and down my nerves. The first time being touched by those wonderful lips was fantastic. I must know what it’s like to be inside Allie’s warm sucking mouth again. I prayed she wasn’t done and knew what I needed.

Allie’s tongue licked up and over the head. Our eyes were padlocked. She saw my pleasure face and smiled.

“Oh, you like that?” she said, and did it again. A low moan escaped from deep in my belly. She teased mercilessly. Her nipples rubbed my upper legs every time she bobbed.

“Where did you –?”

“Learn to give a blowjob?” she finished for me. “This is a first time. How am I doing?”

“Fantastic, but I’m no expert.”

“Yeah, I know. I want it to be exceptional for you.”

“What will you do when I cum? Should I tell you when I get close?”

“Let’s just play it by ear.”

“Good as you make me feel right now,” I said, “it won’t be long.”

Allie took most of my cock into her hot, wet mouth. She then rolled her tongue around my shaft, sucking harder.


“Sorry,” she mumbled around my dick. She backed off on the sucking and it began deep down, slow, gathering strength, and I needed to be deep in Allie’s hot mouth. Before I could say anything, animal instinct took over. I grabbed her head and pulled her face into my belly. Allie gave a muffled squeal. At the same time as her lips met my stomach, I exploded. Her mouth worked on my cock, and her tongue went crazy. At the second splash of semen into her throat, I forced myself deeper. I could feel Allie gagging but I wasn’t going to stop. Nothing had ever felt this good. My entire body jerked as semen leaped from my balls. A third rope of cum went passed her tonsils and I was beyond caring about anything except the pleasure my lovely sister was giving me with her mouth. The fourth spasm was longer and stronger and I pushed further down her gullet. Both hands pulled her head hard into my stomach, her lips squashed flat into my pubic bone, my dick deep into her. I trembled and shook with excitement, the final release. Then I was done. ankara escort bayan

“Umm phm.” Allie’s head was shaking, her fists beat a ragged rhythm on my thighs, and she needed to be freed.

“Oh, shit. I’m so sorry Allie,” I said, releasing her head.

“Damn.” She drew in quick frayed breaths, gagged, and swallowed. Using an index finger and thumb she picked at a thin bridge of cum hanging from her lips to my cock. It wouldn’t accommodate her weak attentions, and she finally wrapped the line of spunk around her finger. “That hurt. What were you trying to do kill me?”

“Sis, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help myself. Your blowjob made my orgasm so intense I was out of my mind. Didn’t want to ever leave your wonderful mouth.”

Allie touched her swollen lips gingerly, and grinned.

“That really was something,” she said. “I will not soon forget.”

“Didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I’ll get over it,” she said. “Won’t say my first taste was tremendous, but it wasn’t terrible either.”

Our eyes met, and her lips broke into a smile, showing lots of teeth and I wondered if she was thinking of biting me.

“Don’t look so down. It’s all good. There’s a nice kind of after taste.” Then she brightened. “Kiss me so you can enjoy yourself too.” She was quick. Her lips were on mine in a flash, and her tongue explored the inside of my mouth before I could move. The kiss was full and sweet, and another first for us.

A light, but memorable taste of myself whisked to my brain, and I had to agree with her.

My emotions began to spike, and I kissed her back. One hand was in her hair, caressing a delicate ear lobe. The other hand cupped a full breast, and she gasped into my mouth like it was a first time. She broke the kiss then, and I thought she would run from the room. I gazed again at the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. They were two magnificent bowls of honey with nipples that didn’t look like anything I could correctly name. Gently I touched one, then the other and she moaned when I took one erection between my finger and thumb. I rotated it ever so softly, eliciting a mewing that came from somewhere deep within my sister’s throat. Then I worked both nipples, and she sucked in a huge breath of emotion. Her head fell onto my shoulder, and her teeth found the muscle, nipping in tune to my ministrations of her nipples.

“Oh,” she whispered. “Had I known you could do this to me, I would have attacked you long ago.”

“You can do it again, if you want.”

She slid down, kissing my belly, played with my belly button, and rubbed her face over my cock.

“I didn’t know that I would like touching a cock this much. Or . . . maybe, it’s just yours that I love. In any event, it really does things to me,” she said. “Oh, my, you’re leaking.” And, Allie soft tongue reached out and licked the top the head.


“Ahhh . . . Allie, that’s so good.”

“I’d share this with you, but I’m greedy and not going to give any up.” She giggled, and her forehead touched my stomach when her mouth opened and sucked me inside. Being inside that warm, wet mouth with her lovely tongue running up and down on my shaft sent me higher than I had been just a few minutes ago.

“I could do this forever,” she said, coming up for a breath.

“I would let you do this forever.”

I pushed upward with my hips, and my cock nestled between those welcoming breasts. I can’t describe the feeling, but the warmth and snuggled between those soft mounds drove my need four steps higher. Before I could say anything, Allie took the head and four inches back into her mouth, and I almost came right then. It took all of my energy to control myself. With my cock inside, she sucked like what I thought a baby calf might, and it started to boil again.

“Allie, stop,” I said, trying to pull out. Her lips hung on like a human rubber, doing things that an inanimate object could not, and there was no holding back. “Allie, I’m close.” I yanked out of her sucking mouth with a pop.

“Ahhh, oh Shitttt.”

My shot was smaller this time, but powerful. Allie laughed when it landed on her lips and she took it in, sucked for several long minutes. The laughter around my cock was delightful, and when I stopped spurting, Allie lifted her head, and I saw at what she was laughing. Her entire eye down to the tip her nose held a long rope of sperm.

“I’m not going to loose any of this,” she said, and managed to get most of it off and into her mouth with a finger.

I thought that was the sexist thing I had ever seen.

“You can bet your sweet ass, we’re going to do a whole lot more of this,” she said, and I lay back to catch my breath.

The End

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