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“Well, it looks like something’s making him happy,” Thalia remarked.

Maria looked at the sleeping Marcus’ face but saw no indication of joy. “What?” she asked, confused.

Thalia pointed to the tent in her brother’s loose gym shorts and then Maria unsuspectingly looked. Thalia grinned at the sight of Maria blushing bright red and then quickly averting her eyes.

“Thalia!” she quietly admonished, not wanting to wake him.

Thalia was three years younger than Marcus, and for nearly all her life, he had cared for and protected her. When he was only four, his mother had told him it was his job, and he took it a bit more to heart than the average brother would have.

When they shared a bedroom, she would sometime sneak into his bed at night, and he made no objection. Even when she eventually got her own room, there was still the rare occasion when she was afraid of something and sought refuge in his secure embrace for the night.

He always looked out for his little sister, and he knew that part of that meant helping to ensure that she could look out for herself, so he often wrestled and roughhoused with her, tho not too roughly. He wanted to make sure she grew up strong and capable.

That ambition took a hit when she was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disorder that slowly degraded her muscle tissue. It first presented as clumsiness but then became quite concerning.

She spent an increasing number of her early teen days in the hospital and then she was pretty much living there by fifteen.

It was all a blow to Marcus since this was something he was powerless against, but he remained dedicated to his sister and made it his mission to make sure she was never sad, even though she wasn’t expected to live past twenty. Or perhaps especially because of that.

She spent as much time as he could with her, and due to the lack of privacy, they began communicating certain things indirectly to each other. Not that it was intentional, but things that they didn’t want to say aloud were expressed thru passing comments and jokes.

They had to read between each other’s lines.

When the hospital had done all it could, their parents bought her the best hospital bed available so she could move back into their home and also hired a live-in nurse.

After Marcus turned 18, he moved out to live closer to the hospital, but this turn of events defeated the purpose, and since the nurse, Maria, was now using his old room, there was no place for him back at home.

On the upside, he still had a sofa available to him, if he needed to stay the night, but Thalia’s grand bed was wide enough to let them both comfortably nestle in next to each other, typically to watch a movie or read, but also to nap.

Maria was not much older than Marcus, but she looked a bit younger than him and was moderately attractive. She was gentle and reserved, but it took no time at all for her and Thalia to become fast friends, but Maria always kept it in the back of her mind that she was there to serve Thalia’s needs above all else.

Talking to Marcus and Maria separately, Thalia managed to squeeze out confirmation that they both found each other attractive, but that neither had any intentions toward the other.

In their own ways, both of them were dedicated to Thalia, after all, and she cherished them both for it.

Her brother was always her hero in her eyes, and she loved him more than anything. Perhaps more than she had anticipated, as she discovered on an occasion when her sheets needed to be changed, so he suddenly scooped her up in his arms and held her.

Much to her surprise, it was the first time she had experienced sexual arousal. She never outwardly acknowledged it, but it was the catalyst for her thinking differently about her brother.

To an extent, they were always pretty open with each other, and sex-adjacent topics often arose, in one form or another, tho typically thru innuendo for the sake of humor.

After that incident, she began becoming increasingly less subtle, but still nothing too bad. Maria was able to laugh along, figuratively and literally, but her professionalism forbade her to actually engage in any of it herself, tho she would have likely felt free to otherwise.

Thalia would sometimes privately tease her brother and Maria about their still unrealized mutual attraction, but that was largely a coping mechanism to deal with her own growing attraction.

In the later months of her seventeenth year, she became increasingly aware of her own mortality and all of the things that she would never get to experience in life, and an intimate relationship with a man was at the forefront.

Consciously, she would bring up qualities about her brother with Maria and extol his virtues, but in such a way that it seemed either innocent or something akin to a playful tease at Maria’s expense.

Unconsciously, however, Thalia was setting a stage and stoking a fire.

Thalia’s eighteenth birthday party was attended by her parents, Marcus, and Maria, and rus escort there was much joy, but within Thalia was an underlying current of dismay.

Her parents had to leave shortly after for a trip, but Marcus and of course Maria remained.

By nightfall, Marcus had fallen asleep at Thalia’s left, and Maria sat at her right. They talked quietly to avoid waking Marcus, and then the matter of an erection arose.

“I bet he’s dreaming about you,” Thalia teased.

“Oh, be quiet. He is not,” Maria insisted, still blushing. “Stop looking at it,” she added pulling Thalia’s face away from the sight, bringing a giggle with it.

“Yes, Maria,” was suddenly mumbled sleepily.

Thalia’s jaw dropped and her eyes shot directly to Maria’s.

Maria practically squeaked in shock and embarrassment, and her face turned the brightest red that Thalia had ever seen it.

“Oh, my god,” Thalia whispered, tho wanting to shout in ecstatic joy. Then she felt and heard him moving soon followed by the weight of his leg over hers. Her expression changed to confusion and her head turned quickly back to him.

Once Thalia realized he was grinding his bulge into her thigh, she clutched, if you could call it that, Maria’s hand completely unsure what to do.

They both watched in shock while he sluggishly humped her leg and his face pressed against her shoulder. They both gasped when his left hand slid across her stomach and absentmindedly groped.

“Oh, my god,” Thalia whispered again, but in a very different tone, and for a very different reason.

“Should we wake him up,” Maria asked desperately, but Thalia had no answer to provide.

Thalia’s attention was focused on the feel of hardness burrowing into her thigh, and soon the fact that she was suddenly quite warm between her legs.

Both girls were frozen for their own reasons and helpless to do anything but watch him.

‘It’s okay,’ Thalia thought. ‘He’ll eventually cum and then it will be over.’

She would soon find herself strikingly incorrect with him rolling onto his back again and clumsily pushing down his shorts and underwear.

Neither of them could tear their wide eyes away from the sight of him working his shaft. His hips undulated slightly and precum oozed out from the head of his cock.

Maria had secretly wondered what his dick looked like, and her imagination had not been too far off the mark. On only one occasion had she dared to masturbate to thoughts of him, and that memory was returning with a vengeance.

Soon, he grunted his climax and semen shot wildly into the air mostly landing back onto him, but one glob found its way onto Thalia’s thigh. He then fell motionless except for his gradually deflating dick.

After a moment to see if he would do anything else, Maria whispered frantically.

“What do we do? Do we wake him up?”

“Good god, no.” Thalia admonished with an equally frantic whisper.

“We can’t just leave him like that.”

After a moment to think, Thalia said, “Get the tissues. We’ll have to clean him up.”

“What?” Maria almost cried out in utter disbelief.

“I do NOT want him to know this ever happened if I can help it. He’s a heavy sleeper. We can do this.”

“That wasn’t the problem I had in mind, Thalia.”

“Just get the tissues. I’ll do it.”

Maria set the box of tissue in Thalia’s lap, Thalia pulled one out with a weak grip but soon discovered that she would be physically incapable of employing either the strength or precision required to accomplish the task.

“I can’t do it,” Thalia confessed. “You’ll have to do it,” she followed, handing Maria the lightly soiled tissue.

Maria recoiled, but eventually and hesitantly took the tissue. After working up the courage, she quietly walked around the foot of the bed to his side.

‘I’m a nurse. This shouldn’t be a big deal for me. I’ve had to clean up worse.’ She momentarily questioned her criteria for worse, in this instance.

While Maria carefully scooped and wipe globs and ropes of semen from Marcus’ clothes and body, Thalia pulled out another tissue and put forth her best effort to wipe up what was soaking into the thin leg of her pajamas.

Maria delicately lifted his flaccid penis to wipe it all around. She actively hoped that she would not trigger another erection, and then she remembered that it apparently literally was her that triggered the first one. A wave of heat washed through her, but Thalia missed the blush that time.

‘Focus!’ Maria ordered herself.

After several minutes and several tissues, he was cleaned up as well as could be expected, and they were left with only the matter of pulling his clothes back up. Thalia knew he was a heavy sleeper, but even he would not sleep through someone shoving and rolling his body in the manner required for this.

The facts were not lost on Maria either, as she’d had first-hand experience with this exact kind of thing.

“There’s no way around this,” Maria said. “We’re going to escort rus have to wake him up. Or wait until he wakes up on his own. Either way, he’s going to find out.” Then a realization hit her. “And he’ll know I… handled… him.”

“Okay, okay. Let me think.” One of Thalia’s highest priorities was sparing him embarrassment. She just couldn’t bear humiliating him, but what could be done? What even remotely believable cover to be concocted for this situation?

“Maria?” Thalia finally said.


“You’re gonna have to take one for the team, girl.”


“You’re gonna have to do it.”

“Do what? Do what? What are you talking about?”

Thalia looked Maria in the eyes, immediately making Maria uneasy.

“Be honest. We both know that you’ve wanted to.”

Maria sensed impending doom.

“Wanted to what?” she asked slowly.

“I’ve seen how you look at him. I know you’ve been holding back for professional reasons.”

Maria was just afraid to speak, at that point.

“If you think about it, we’ll both be taking one for the team, because I’ll be an obvious accomplice. It’s not like I can get out of this.”

It started to sink in for Maria, and she knew Thalia was right. She couldn’t bring herself to think the words, nevermind speak them, but she knew what needed to be done.

When she arrived for her first day of work here, only Thalia and her parents were present. Maria was pleased that her patient was someone closer to her her own age and not terribly fat or otherwise physically difficult to deal with.

When Thalia told her that she had an older brother that often visited and would be dropping by later, Maria’s heart fluttered the tiniest bit, as the family was a rather attractive lot, so far. Not spectacular, but certainly much better than the people she was used to dealing with.

She had a hope in the back of her mind that he was single, although she knew better of having designs on such a relationship with a patient or a member of their family. Still, her heart lept at the first sight of him.

He was nothing you’d see in a magazine, but he had a fundamental handsomeness that was only magnified by his personality and his endless love for his sister.

At first, she found herself somewhat anxious in his presence and often left the two of them alone when he was there, but she grew more comfortable around him over time.

Although he was always friendly with her, there was a distinct barrier between them, and she resigned herself to remaining behind it. Over time, she developed her own love for him, and to her surprise, a bit of lust as well.

Given that she was essentially on-call 24/7, it was not in her best interests to engage in any non-essential activities that would distract her or otherwise keep her from performing at a moment’s notice, so actively entertaining sexual thoughts was something she chose to avoid.

However, after a couple of years of living with Thalia, she recognized that such a precaution was significantly less necessary, and so she decided to indulge.

Thalia had accidentally spilled some food onto her bed sheet, so the sheet would need to be quickly changed. The process typically took some time when dealing with someone bedridden, but Marcus wasted no time in lifting Thalia completely out of the bed to hold her until the job was complete.

Maria’s heart lept again at that display of compassion and strength, and she found herself a bit jealous of Thalia. That night, Maria lay in bed fantasizing about Marcus, and for the first time since becoming a nurse, she masturbated to a deeply satisfying orgasm. Physically satisfying, at least. It still was not Marcus himself that had given it to her.

With that dissatisfaction in mind, she decided to not indulge again and hoped to simply put it behind her, but that plan fell apart with Thalia’s slight mischievous streak and uncanny ability to read people.

Without Maria having to admit anything directly, Thalia somehow pulled the truth out, leaving Maria embarrassed but unable to hold it against the otherwise kind and caring girl. Thalia’s teasing was never excessive or malicious, and always revolved around some truth.

Seeing the bulge in Marcus’ shorts suddenly brought a number of those thoughts back, and hearing her own name leave his lips sent a jolt straight through her and directly to her groin.

She was torn between arousal and professionalism as she watched him unwittingly jack himself off in front of both her and his sister. She did not know how to process this situation. Jack was not her patient, and she couldn’t abandon Thalia, so she just froze.

Her fantasy would not leave her mind as she approached his limp dick and the mess of cum that she was expected to deal with. She had certainly wanted to feel him in her hand, but this was most definitely not what she’d had in mind.

And then Thalia dropped the real bomb. There was only one way to keep this situation from being mortifying rus escort bayan for everyone involved.

Maria’s mind began to calm as she changed her perspective. This was no longer a crisis but an opportunity. Perhaps there was hope. Perhaps the barrier between her and Marcus could be broken down. While not the start that she envisioned, it was the start that presented itself.

Thalia found herself unexpectedly jealous of Maria. Her eyes fixated on Maria’s hand slowly encircling Marcus’ floppy length. Maria gently pumped him, but it seemed to accomplish nothing.

To Thalia’s shock, Maria bent over and took him into her mouth. The sight made Thalia’s vagina twitch and a warm wave rush over her body.

Maria bobbed up and down intently and Marcus began to stir and grow before their eyes. Thalia looked to his face to see if he was waking up, but he was not. Did she even want him to? The plan depended on him discovering Maria in the act, but Thalia did not want the show to end.

Maria was enthralled by his mass moving back and forth through her mouth. The soft firmness resisted the pressure of her tongue and his size filled her mouth. There was a certain comfort in holding him within herself as if she were consuming him.

His legs moved and his hands grabbed Maria’s head. His moaning enticed Thalia and she absent-mindedly slid her right hand down between her legs. Back and forth, from Maria to his face, Thalia couldn’t take her eyes away.

Her hand slipped from outside to inside of her pajamas to touch herself directly, but she was disappointingly weak in her administration. She could do little more than tease herself.

Her left hand went up her shirt to play with her breasts and pinch her nipple as hard as she could, but that left her wanting as well.

Marcus’ body buckled in orgasm holding Maria’s head firmly in place as he shot load after load into her mouth. She struggled to keep from choking, but she did not try to resist him. At that moment, she wanted nothing more than to receive all that he had to offer her, and so she swallowed down every ounce and squeezed out whatever had remained.

Marcus was awake but momentarily frozen in confusion and the aftermath of orgasm. He released his hold as Maria lifted her head up from him to look him in the eyes and catch her breath.

She had a much different look about her, now. This was not the reserved and sweet Maria staring at him. Was this a dream?

He looked around the room and quickly noticed his sister with one hand between her legs and the other under her shirt. Her eyes were half-closed with desire and longing, and a sense of desperation was crystalized with two words.

“Help me.”

That’s all it took. Her protector. Her loving hero. The fact that she was his sister was circumstantial. All that mattered was that she needed him.

He rolled to his side and pushed his fingers under the waistband of her pajamas to meet her fingers which yielded to him.

His hand had the strength she needed to properly assault her clit and force itself inside her. She was dizzy with every rigid stroke.

Maria stood aside and just watched. She was surprised, at first, that he would do this to his own sister, but the more she thought about it, the less surprising it was. She briefly felt rejected by the fact that he had abandoned her so quickly to attend to his sister, but she couldn’t hold it against him. After all, his dedication to her is part of what made him so wonderful in Maria’s eyes.

Despite that, she still wished she was the one wrapped around his hand and filling the room with moans of pleasure.

Thalia’s eyes closed and she trembled with the first orgasm she’d ever experienced. It was a dream come true and she had wanted no one but Marcus to grant it.

He held his soaked fingers between their faces for both of them to see the glistening and sticky strands as his digits parted. The heady scent filled their nostrils, and then Thalia watched as he put them into his mouth. He had just given her more than she asked for.

Her taste was salty and a bit acidic. Not the divine nectar that he had hoped it would be, but perhaps that was an unreasonable expectation since she was not healthy. Still, it was hers, and he cherished it.

In anticipation of what might follow, Maria hugged Marcus from behind to show her support and approval and then felt so bold as to add a kiss on his cheek.

He turned to face her in response. Such a sweet smile she had. The only woman besides Thalia that he’d ever felt anything intimate for. He couldn’t believe his luck when seeing her for the first time.

He arrived expecting an old woman, but he was instead met by this demure and subtle beauty. What a bonus it was that he would be able to see her every day, but he recognized that she was there to do a job, so he maintained a certain literal and figurative distance.

Thalia had always been his one and only, but he found himself willing to make room in his heart for Maria. He made a point to avoid having overtly sexual thoughts about her, but there were times when she happened to bend over to pick something up or they closely walked passed each other.

She had definitely given him a fair share of boners, but he left her out of his fantasies, which made the wet dream quite unexpected.

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